Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 15

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 15

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


📚 📚
It took a great deal of fortitude for me to suppress the urge to roll my eyes at Oscar.
He stood there, leaning with one leg propped up against the orangey metal lockers, hands dipped in his pants pocket and head cocked to one side to show me his signature lopsided grin.
Today he looked different; his hair was not the usual curly mane of white blond he left it to be. Instead it with gelled to the back, making his surreal ensnaring eyes quite visible. For some strange reason, his face carried an air of seriousness that, mixed with that playboyishness of his, was incredibly hot and difficult to resist.
How on earth had I failed to register the fact that this was Osos of the COVS boys who had girls flocking around him, dying to throw themselves at him first chance they get. But somehow, this guy in front of me was different from Osos. And he’d chosen me to be his interest at the moment.
*Or conques-tee,* my mind chirped in.
Damn Umbria…. I can’t even believe I’m thinking all this about this guy. Oscar. A totally different person. I don’t know how I failed to notice his handsomeness all this while, but I knew that now I have to put extra effort in avoiding him, because I know my history with handsome guy. I might’ve bundled up my heart and tied it up in a complicated mess of strings so no guy could ever have access.
I’m gonna keep it that way.
“Earth to Umbria,” he murmured softly, snapped his fingers in my face with a concerned look on his.
“You OK? You just zoned off,” he said.
“I uh….gee, look at the time,” I pointed to my bare wrist and he raised an eyebrow, “I’m l8 4 calculus,” I blurted out and made to pass by him. Effortlessly, he grabbed my elbow and pulled me back to him. I couldn’t Deny the ripple of shock I felt at the contact, but like all ripples it disappeared. Or maybe I’d imagined it. What’s he doing to me? I thought I hated him?
“What’s the hurry?” he asked, deliberately focusing his gaze on my lips until I had to lick it because it felt dry, but regretted instantly when his eyes followed the movement.
“See, I’ve got difficulty understanding calculus and sciences lie geography, so…..” I tilted my head to the exit. He wasn’t letting go anytime soon.
“maybe I could help out. I’m a whizkid in those,” he said softly.
”Ha! And I’m Albert Einstein, ” I snorted. Hmm….sarcasm😏
“I’m serious, Umbria. There’s a lot about me you don’t know.”
Gosh…. what’s happening? This new Oscar, I…..can’t…..comprehend.
“Sorry, I thought we were being sarcastic. Could you let go of my arm now, please?”
“My singing proposal….. I’m no more doing it for the birthday. But still I want it to be you.”
“Oh, I can’t, I’m really busy and —”
“Say yes,” he insisted imperiously, making me think of a prince used to getting whatever he wants.
“No! Look, you don’t get to boss me around like that cause you’re rich and perhaps used to getting ur way all the time. Just leave me be.”
He leaned in to my ear. “Not a chance, baby,” he whispered.
Then he released me, and smirked on seeing my stunned state.
Then I snapped to and hung my bag as I trotted away.
I should remember this: Osos or Oscar, he was still a player.
And although Osos was easier to handle considering the fact that he stuck to the rules of the Playboy game, Oscar was unpredictable.
But I’m made of sterner stuff.
I’m the wiser now.
I’ll stay away from him. I’ll run. Definitely.
Come on Umbria, give yourself a high five you’re so smart.
Classes passed by in a blur for the rest of the day, and soon I found myself in the science lab. The teacher had just rounded up lessons and we’re packing up. Already the twelfth graders had been divided into their talents classes, so we meet in central grade for general lessons, and the lab or studio for suitable ones.
I’ve decided to stick with baking.
Because Oscar was in the music class. I didn’t want to be seeing more of him than necessary.
“Umbria,” Audrey said to me as I packed up.
“Hi Aud, what’s up?” I replied jovially.
“I need your help. Recently you’re close to the COVS Boys….. and that includes Victor. Could you like…. put in a good word about me to him? I don’t know what else to do to get him notice me,” she sighed.
I held her shoulder. “Aud, Victor’ll look at you one day. You just have to be patient. Stuff like this takes time,” I replied.

Or maybe it’s because you want him for yourself. Maybe Jessy’s right; you want all the boys falling for you just cause you think you’re smart and pretty.
I hope I’m wrong Umbria, because I really like you. But I’m starting to have my doubts.
I smiled sweetly at her, and hugged her. “Thanks Um, but just try OK?”
” I’ll,” she replied and picked her bag up.

Audrey thinks I’m a fool keeping her as my friend when obviously Jessica has been brainwashing her with tall stories about me and the COVS Boys.
What she doesn’t know is that I wanna watch how she’ll make a fool outta herself in the process.
I like you Audrey, but if you wanna allow your head to be messed with, then go ahead. Evil twin sisters.
It was time for lunch, and I realized that I had no money.
As usual, I packed my stuff to a lone corner table and sat down, bowing my head. I’ll just rest, I’m not gonna sleep, I told myself.
😴 😴 😴
“Wha…. what? I’m awake, I’m awake,” I mumbled stupidly when someone tapped me.
So I slept.
Why can’t I defy nature for once in my crammed life!
Finally, I looked up to see a serious faced Oscar; not even the lopsided grin.
“You’re hungry,” he stated, instead of asked.
”Mind your…. ” YAWNNNN, I yawned sleepily, “Business,” I completed.
Without acknowledging me, he picked up my stuff, too my hand and led me to their tables, ignoring my protests.
Students were murmuring.
“Stop, Osc…..Osos. You do not get to do that —”
“Sit,” he said simply, and I found myself slumping onto the bench like some remote controlled android.
The weekend’s stress is taking a toll on me is all.
He ordered a meal for me, and pushed the tray towards me, telling me to eat with his eyes.
And I did.
Not even the great Umbria resists free food🍝.
While we ate, I made small talk with Christopher and Stanley and Victor.
Oscar kept his gaze focused on his phone with a headset around his neck.
Look away Umbria.
I’d gone halfway into my lunch when Jessica got up from her table and sashayed over to ours, her eyes glinting with unmasked fury and jealousy. I’ve been watching her ever since Oscar had taken my hands and brought me here.
Her eyes groved for a place to sit and found none.
She settled for wrapping her arms around his chest, rubbing seductively.
“Baby , why’d you have her in my sit? Tell her to get off, she’s soiling the atmosphere with that slum smell,” she purred out loud enough for me, and the cafeteria to hear.
Scoffing I rolled my eyes.
“Hello. Jessy I’m right here. You should’ve just told me instead of performing that slutty attitude,” I snapped and made to stand up.
All this while Oscar had his gaze on his phone and nodded to his music.
He didn’t even acknowledge Jessica.
But at my movement to get up have looked up at me, piercing me with his intense gaze.
“Sit Umbria,” he said softly but commandingly.
”But I —”
“Umbria don’t go anywhere just sit down, OK?” Victor cooed.
“Osos what’s the meaning of all this huh? Why do you keep defending this girl…. why are you letting her replace me!” Jessica asked, more like yelled as I returned my butt happily download to the seat.
Still, Oscar ignored her.
Why is he doing this…. for me?
“Answer me Osos dammit!” she demanded angrily. “I am your girlfriend!”
“No you’re not. You’ve never even been,” have finally replied as he took off the headphone from his ear and let it hang around his neck. “Several moments of sex doesn’t mean you’re my girlfriend Jessica, it doesn’t mean we’re dating either. In fact, it doesn’t mean anything at all to me. And now, congratulations. I’m done with you, so you finally have the chance to stay away from me. And let me say this again; if I ever find you, Tiffany or your clique picking on Umbria, you’ll answer to me,” he finished off sternly.
“Osos….you can’t be serious! You can’t just dump me like that because of… th—”
“Jessica he already did. Now beat it, we’re trying to have lunch here,” Stan said.
“Yeah, go on. Shoo,” Chris added, and he and Stan burst out in boyish guffaws.
Jessica stuttered for a minute, not knowing what to say because everyone was ignoring her.
Finally she glared daggers at me.
“It’s her, right?” she asked no one in particular. “She is the new slut huh?” Jessica laughed. “Umbria you’ve seen it there right? Well enjoy it while it lasts. Because in Osos life, every girl comes and goes.” she eyed me like I’m a piece of trash. “Funny enough, you might not last a night!” she snapped her finger and Caroline appeared like a puppy. Together they marched out with Audrey trailing behind.
Shaking my head, I made to continue eating when Vic asked, “You okay?”
“I’m fine why won’t I be?” I replied smilingly.
Back I felt eyes boring into my profile as Victor spoke to me.
I turned to see Oscar.
He was staring at me.
I quickly looked away.
Then I sneaked a peek back at him to find him concentrated on his phone.
Down I imagine that?
Had he seriously gotten under my skin that I conjure up impossible thoughts about him? All this is because his personality had changed so much I hardly recognize him.
I then realized that Victor had been talking all this while I was thinking. About Oscar.
“Oh my, sorry I didn’t hear you.”
Victor sighed. “Forget it.”
Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS by Author Happy®
🏡 🏡
As I walked home from school, Jessica’s words played over and over in my head.
That I’m his latest slut.
I shook my head.
No matter what. Doesn’t she realize I’m not interested in guys? How’s it my fault Oscar had never been in a relationship with her in the first place?
And now I knew this was war.
No matter what Oscar said, Jessica was all out for me in Primrose. Hope I’ll be strong enough to resist her.
🏰 🏰
As I’d planned earlier, I stopped by the palace.
The gatekeeper buzzed me in and led me to the entrance, where another uniformed guard took over and led me through the door, and a uniformed maid took me to the biggest sitting room I’ve ever seen.
One day Umbria. Just one day. You will be as rich as this, that you wouldn’t have a care in the world.
”You should sit while you wait for the queen, ” the maid said.
“Oh uhm, sure.”
Minutes later, Queen Fiona came down the stairs, wearing a royal blue dress flared at her ankles to hide her feet.
“Hello Umbria,” she smiled.
“Your majesty,” I quickly shuffled to my feet and bowed.
She smiled again and ushered me up the stairs to a balcony where tea stuff and cookies were served.
“Please, join me to tea,” she offered, delicately pointing over them.
“Uhm, I couldn’t —”
“You’re just returning from school I see. You’ll be stressed out. Dine with me, and we’ll discuss why I invited you over through your bakery.”
I nodded.
With delicate and precise movements she poured the tea into two teacups.
Added cream.
“Sugar?” she asked me, and I nodded.
I took the cup and saucer she gave me, picked up a piece of bagel and tasted it.
“My apple tart bagel,” I exclaimed.
“Exactly. We’ve been receiving all our pastry supply from Bruce’s… yours in particular. Diana loves it so. So I decided, why not hire you at once?” she smiled and dropped her tea gently.
“I’d be honoured,’ I said feelingly.
” Good. You can start tomorrow. Diana promised to have only your confectioneries for breakfast and supper. She’s asleep now. Ull see her tomorrow. ”

“Okay. Thanks so much your Majesty, this will help me a lot.”

“Mmm. And I hope you won’t be bothered when the description of your work changes alongside the line?”

“No, not at all.” I need all the money I can get.

“Good.” she had this secret smilingly on her face that got me wondering what I’d gotten myself into.

🎻 🎸
I’ve got a few hours before I go out with the guys for fun
Sitting in my room. I feel like I’m living my old life again , where I’d stay all day in my room, composing music’s and receiving training on how to be a good Prince as well as home schooling

That we all before I’d rebelled and stole my freedom what I turned sixteen.
And now, father had finally managed to clip my wings.
Not yet.

🎵I’ve been waiting for a magic moment
🎵Could this be a magic moment
🎵Maybe it’s a magic moment then….
I played some tunes on my guitar, sitting cross legged on my bed.
As I thought of Umbria.
And how difficult it seemed it’ll be to get her.
And why I was so determined to get her.
Umbria is the first girl I’ve spent more than a day trying to catch. Normally I don’t go film hard to get girl’s. But her….
Sighing, I played the notes of the solo of the song, as the words for the second part flow in.
🎶The flowers I see everyday
🎶I could watch them grow for a thousand everydays
🎶Your presence among the thorns and thistles….

I trailed off.
As if by some inaudible command I dropped the guitar and padded across the room barefoot to the window and looked down, into the garden beneath my window.
Queen Fiona.
And Umbria.
She ran her hands through the primroses growing there as she listened to whatever the queen said.
What’s she doing here?

From nowhere words to complete the second solo came:
🎶Like a fallen angel among men

I grabbed my guitar and stroked the strings, enjoying the feel of them against my fingertips. I love working with strings.
I sat on the window.
🎶Then I’ll believe in magic
🎶Cause like diamond among obsidians
🎶You’re the magic I see.

🎼 🎼
While the queen spoke, I admired the primrose garden.
Then I heard the soft notes of a guitar music flowing from above.
I knocked that tune. I heard it. before when I came for the baking competition, standing in this same garden.
Under that window highup.

Who could that be?

The queen smiled at me.
”Something the matter? ”
“Yes ”

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