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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 16

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 16

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


“And where are you coming from as late as this?” Hannah’s annoyed tone greeted me as I opened the door and stepped into the house that evening.

Through the dim light from a lamp I casted my eyes on the single wall clock decorating the small mantelpiece and read the time. 07:56pm. I’m pretty late home, because I was so engrossed in talking to Queen Fiona, and then I had to return to school to grab my calculus text which I’d forgotten. I did all these on foot; and that’s so not a hobby😒.

I groaned. “Not now mom, please? I’m so exhausted.”

“Exhausted you say? Why won’t you be when instead of working to raise money for feeding after you squandered everything on that useless operation , you spread your legs sleeping with all the rich guys in ur school,” she spat out venomously.
“Mom!!” was all I could utter; unbelievably and flabbergasted.

“Don’t mom me. You know, it’s good. How much did you make today? Show me.”

I just stared at her, feeling hurt.

“What, you’re not gonna show me huh? Or perhaps you were dumb not to receive payment ? Dumb and get the preggies. Dumb like your dad!”

“Mom stop it!” I yelled angrily this time. “If there’s two things I won’t tolerate even after you being so cruel to me is you insulting dad, and calling me a hoochie mama!”

“Isn’t he? Aren’t you? Three boyfriends who left you with nothing after they’d used you! What’d you call that huh?”
I wanted to reply, but I saw a bottle beside her.
She’s started drinking again after stopping for a while.

Scoffing loudly, I hurried to my room feeling tired to exchange words. Obviously what Hannah wanted was a fight. I’m not giving it to her.
Not today.

I slammed the door to mom’s continuous rants.

Sitting on my bed,I cupped my cheeks in my face a sobbed softly; why couldn’t Hannah try to act more like a mother and a wife? why did she enjoy antagonising everything I did! Why?

I felt a headache coming on. To avoid complications and a migraine which I usually have but I’m not used to, I stripped myself off my uniform, washed it and left it in the bathroom to dry. Hopefully I’ll get it ironed tomorrow. I had a quick cool bath. I changed into a pair of jeans and purple t-shirt , then took some money from my baking savings and left the house, ignoring Hannah.
Stopping at a fast food eatery, I bought some chicken fajitas pasta, had it wrapped in takeaway. Clutching it tightly, I walked all the way to the hospital. It’s late for a decent bus here in Queensland, and a cab’s way too expensive.

Dad and I had dinner together, while I had a small talk with nurse Bela. The doctor said he was still having difficulties, and he was still undergoing treatment.
But I know dad, he’s a fighter. Like me. We both always come out strong.
“You’re looking dull daughter. What’s wrong?” dad asked me after dinner. He laid on the bed, while I sat beside him clutching his hands.
I shook my head.
“Is it your mom?” he asked again.
Sighing, I nodded. “She’s drinking again.”
Dad sighed too, and squeezed my hands.
Then I told him about my new job at the palace. He was happy for me, but sad at the same time that I had to suffer working different jobs, when I’m supposed to eat, sleep and worry about sleepovers, boyfriends and those sort of girlish things.
I smiled.
Copyright, Author Happy©
Hope you’re all bearing with me OK? Still on the No Light issue…. so baddd😭. 😭. 😭. 😭. 😭.

And yeah, Ghost readers are returning in full force. If its that, hmmm, better change oh. Ion know why it’s so hard for you to leave even the simplest comment.
Hmmm…ghost readers are indirectly giving me the greenlight to drop this story. Maybe I should stop wasting the little. battery percentage I get on posting and instead leave it for phonecalls and researches.
Okkk……if that’s what u want..🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚤 🚶 🚤
Moving on….

🌞 🌞
Like The Flash, I awoke the next day and dashed off to the house after greeting dad a good morning and buying him breakfast.


I’d finished cleaning the tables and setting fresh flowers all around. Because I was early, I did a little bit of the day’s baking and had it All set out on the kitchen worktables to rise. That’s when Maggie came in.
“Hey best friend,” she called.
“Hi best friend,” I replied, taking off my apron.
“How’s uncle George?”
“He’s doing well. I got the job at the palace…. I’ll need the extra cash,” I announced.
“aaaaahhhhh,” she squealed, jumping on tippy toes before hugging me tightly. “Oh me gosh, you’ll get to meet Prince Edward! My best friend…. in the palace. How’s that for a headline?” she grinned, holding my waist and picturing the headline in the air.

I laughed. “Sounds boring, but you’re always boring then again.”
“Thanks. So….damn we haven’t even had time to talk recently, what with all these going on. How’s your lover boys?”

“Lover boys?”😟

” Yeah, your secret admire….and your celebrity crush, Osos?” she winked😉.
“You’re crazy.”
“I’m serious. If you’re gonna start with the boyfriend stuff—”
“I’m not.”
“Whatever. But this evening, appointment. We’re gonna cuddle at my house, eat pizzas and fajitas, drink lemonade and get drunk, and then we’ll spill all our recent occurrences the past weeks. Got it?” she asked with a stern face.

“Got it.” I hugged her then, because sometimes I wonder how my life would’ve been without Margaret. “Thanks Mag. You’re the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for.”
“I know, I’m great. Now run along. You’ll be late. You don’t wanna let old Devil Jessica have all the fun.”😁
” Nope, I certainly don’t. “😈

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS by Author Happy©
🏡 🏡

I checked my pink school shirt for any of those brownish lines that results from water leaving wet trails on clothes that refuse to dry normally.
Luckily, there was none.
I slipped it on, tucking it into my maroon short skirt. I wore my socks, limping on each foot until I nearly fell over. Then I wore my boots. I packed up my hair in a messy ponytail that left many loose strands around my face.
I put a brush in my bag. I’ll take care of that at school.
I also put my necktie inside.

I’m so damn late.
I’m sure the early bus must’ve left the bus stop.
Now I’m gonna have to commute, and I’ll be super late.
Well, I’d better get started.

Closing the door quietly behind me so as not to wake mom who was sleeping off a hangover up, I hung my backpack, but paused when I noticed a nondescript black car packed at the junction curb.
It should’ve been invisible, but it was too shiny for the simple environment of Queensland….like gold in the soil.
Just as I was wondering, the tinted glass winded down and a hand came out to wave me over.
What’s he doing here?

Still unsure, I took cautious steps.
I’d heard stories of men who appeared in rich vehicles to lure unsuspecting kids or girls whom they’ll kidnap, sell into trafficking to the child or sex industry.

Jeez Umbria isn’t that too intense?
Sometimes when I’m scared or nervous my mind works in overdrive😑.

“Hey Dumbria,” someone’s sneering voice called me.
Great, it’s Lucy.
Lucy Hamper is like the bad girl in our street. She has a clique of girls who were Batman family; sleep or laze about all day, and then ‘work’ all night.
Give it up for the Hoochie Mamas.

“Hey Slutcy,” I called back.
She was crouched behind an alley.
She ignored my snarky reply; obviously she wanted something.
“That rich nigger parked at the curb, he yo boyfriend?”


“Good, cause amma hit on him. Try bringing him around more often…..maybe then we could be friends.”

“Ha! In your dream Lulu. I’m running late for school. Talk later.”
In reply, she puffed smoke in my direction. I scoffed and ran towards the car.

“Oscar, what’re you doing here? If anyone recognizes you I’m telling you you’re not gonna make it out here alive,” I said when I stopped at the driver’s side.

“That’s why I brought this old car.”

“Old?😕” This looked like something straight from the car dealerships!

“Yeah. Hop on in. Something told me I might come in handy for you today. You’re late for school.”

Still dazed as to why he’d taken the trouble to come all the way here, I turned around to the back seat and made to climb in.

“Come on, if you camp out there, who’ll I talk to? My whole charismatic gesture will be in vain.” he said.


Getting into the front seat, I studied him as he brought the engine to life and guided the car smoothly out of the curb.

He’s still the serious Oscar; or should I say he’s still Oscar. Not Osos. It didn’t make sense….. why would he go through the trouble….

“Thanks,” I said.
He nodded. “It sorta struck me this morning that you commute to and from school, right?”
” I take the bus, unless I’m late. Like today.”

“Slept in huh?”
I shook my head. “Been busy.”
We talked for a while about random things, and then stopped talking all together because this was all weird for me and way out of my comfort zone.

Does it help that he kept stealing…. or taking glances at me even when he’s well aware I’m looking, or that I’m suddenly regretting not brushing
my hair earlier on, or wearing my necktie?

He began humming a tune, that my brain immediately registered.
🎵I’ve been w8ing for a magic moment
🎵Could this be a magic moment
🎵Maybe it’s a magic moment then….

I know this song, the one that I hear each time I’m in the primrose garden at the palace.
I turned sharply to him.

“Sing out the song!”
“What song?” he asked.
“The one you were humming just now.”
He stared at me, like I’m an alien from outer space asking him to let me wipe off his memory, and he’s like, ‘What the fuck, Mr Alien!?’

I wasn’t humming any song, Umbria.”
“You were!”
“I wasn’t. Maybe you’re thinking about me more than I thought,” he said with a smirk, and a wink.
We arrived the quite school. Lesson was probably going on. He drove to his usual spot in the parking lot, and I opened the door before he even parked.
I scoffed and turned away. “In your dreams man!” I said and slammed the door.
Only to be met by approximately a cross section of the twelve graders, all phones out and murmurings.

What’d the big deal?” I wondered.
That’s when Oscar came out of the car, his serious face back on.

Wait a minute; I’d just come outta a ride with the Osos.
Now THAT would make a good headline Maggie😒

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