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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 17

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 17

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


The last thing I needed right now was to deal with a bunch of entertainment seeking fellows , jealous girls and good looking but not so pleasant guys. Reluctantly, I took a few steps towards the hallway entrance, then stopped and turned back to Oscar who was picking out some stuff from his car and locked it.
“You good?” he asked me, as if he didn’t notice our small crowd. As upset as I was about this whole thing, I couldn’t help but notice that in that moment, he looked like the kind of guy Aphrodite would go for; being the goddess of beauty and all that.
For the millionth time, I asked myself, what was it about him that seemed to keep drawing me closer?

*Everything that should take you farther away* my mind whispered.

I nodded to his question, pushing those thoughts to the darkest recess of my mind and locking it up.
“Apart from my jittery nerves being all over the place due to the attention your ‘charismatic gesture’ I made air quotes with my index and middle fingers, ” then sure, I’m veeery good.”

A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips, but he bowed his head. When he raised it up again the smile was full blown.
He always looks very good when he smiles.
“So you’re upset now?” he asked.
I scoffed. “Duh! Obviously. How’d you expect me to make it to class? They’ll press me for something to gossip.”
I ran my hand through my hair, the hair I hadn’t even combed.
This morning can’t get any worse😪.

“Then let’s,” Oscar said.
“Let’s what?” I asked as he edged closer to me, invading my personal space.
I found my self moving back until his arm around my waist stopped me mid track.
Butterflies in my tummy were on the loose……
While I tried to steady my rapidly beating heart because his nearness was doing something to my insides, he leaned down.

His face was just inches away from mine.

“Let’s give them something to gossip about,” his voice dropped to a raspy whisper as his eyes moved between my lips and my eyes, and I found my self going weak in the knees….weak generally and lacking the willpower to tell him to stop….whatever it was he wanted to do😶
Murmurs and mumbles erupted from the students. I couldn’t make out anything they said apart from *OMG he’s gonna kiss her!*

OMG he’s gonna kiss me???😳
My eyes flew closed.
Then they flew open as he chuckled softly.

“You’re scared?” he said.
“Nope. I don’t want you to kiss me,” I replied rushing my words on exhalation.
It’s true.
I didn’t want him to kiss me.
I’m trying to remember why it is that I should maintain my distance from him.
Even the simplest of pecks on the cheeks would blur that line.

“You’re sure?” he asked unbelievably.
“Yup, very sure. Let go of me now. I don’t like the attention.”

His hands uncurled from around me and he took a step back, smile still pasted in place.
“You’re one peculiar girl Umbria. Most of’em are dying to have me touch their pencil. And you….?”
“You have no idea, Oscar. But let’s not do that again okay? I just wanna lay low here in Primrose. And thanks for the ride.”
I was babbling away.
Better get outta here before I do something stupider than biting my tongue.

I adjusted my backpack, squared my shoulder and proceeded to the hallway.
*Gosh it’s Umbria! Is she seriously dating the Osos of the COVS!?*

*No I don’t think so, definitely a fling.*

*Like Jessica Rogers was. I mean, if rich popular Jessica was just a fling for Osos, who’s poor little Umbria attending Primrose on a scholarship award to him?*

*But maybe Osos likes her. I mean they came to school together.*

*Oh pu-leeze, he’s just toying with her. Girls like Umbria are so not his type*

“Exactly!” Jessica announced, catwalking into the scene with Caroline and Tiffany beside her.
Oh gawd, here we go again.

“Girls like Umbria are not his type. It would do her a lot of good to get that into her thick skull,” she said with a pointed look at me.
“Come on Jessica not again,” I muttered, walking around the crowd.
“Hey, when Jessica’s talking to you, you listen,” one of the guys whom I recognized as her macho guy said restraining me from moving with a hand on my shoulder.

I groaned and paused as her pink wedged foot led her to me.
“Umbria Lee, Umbria Lee, Umbria Lee, what am I gonna do to get you stay away from Osos?”

I laughed inwardly.
She claims to be his girlfriend, yet she doesn’t even know his real name. Some girlfriend she is.

Out loud, I blew air. “Pfft Jessy, are we gonna do this again? Please just go get a chain, tie yourself to his side and leave me be!”

“You really don’t know who I am Umbria. Osos is mine alone, even if he made that…announcement in the cafeteria the other day, he’s still mine. He was probably suffering from your shantytown charms. I can make your life a living hell in Primrose you don’t know.”
“Oh I know your types Jessica, all talks and no acts. Bring on whatever you got , it won’t take a thing away from me.”

“Umbria!” said Victor.
“Yeah?” I replied.
When the students saw him coming, most of them retreated while some took a few shots. They respect the COVS everywhere.
“What’s — Jessica seriously?” he asked standing beside me.
Jessica rolled her eyes. “Don’t meddle Victor, okay?”

“Jessica just stop this it’s getting old OK? Get over the fact that Osos is through with you and move on.”

“It’s okay Victor. What was it you called me for?”

“I wanted to talk to you…. but some other time.”
“Come on, tell me. I’m curious now,” I said smiling.
Jessica hissed and trotted away.

”Some other time Um.”
“Hi Umbria,” Audrey said coming over.
“Hey Victor.”
“Hi Audrey.”
“Am I like…. interrupting something?” she asked softly.
“No! Victor and I just…. were here?”
“I see,” she said.
Victor said something and left.
Audrey looked at me and shook her head sadly. “We’ve never spoken, but it seems like he doesn’t like me!”

I rubbed her shoulder soothingly.
“Let’s get to class. Were late as it is. I’ve got Chemistry. You?”

“We’ve all got chemistry. Let’s go.”
Author Happy©
“Work hard y’all, remember that were becoming more popular each day all thanks to Umbria. And at her principal’s request were going to make some deliveries to Primrose college. Work everybody! Chop chop!” Bruce B poked his head out of the kitchen to announce before ducking back in.
” Yeah, more like thanks to Umbria I get double work ration, you’d better pay us extra Bruce B!” Louisa yelled, carrying a breakfast tray to the diner area which was crowded than normal.

Yeah, Bruce’s right.
Umbria’s famous primrose cake did attract customers here. Too bad they haven’t tasted it yet.
But still we offer them good pastries.

Sighing, I leaned back against the counter and loosened my apron, dumping it harshly on the doornail.

“Chom, why the long face?” Margaret asked as she arranged some scones on the display stand, then wiped the counter clean before setting about arranging three tea trays with banana muffins, buttered breads and toasts.

”It’s Umbria Maggie. I….. ” I signed and punched the wall.
“Whoa, take it easy there before you break something. I know you like her, don’t you?”

“It’s not just like, Maggie. But its useless. And the problem is I know it’s useless, but my heart won’t accept that. It’s like it has a mind of its own.”

She smiled. “Give it time Carl. If she likes you too, shell come around.”

“But I’ve messed up big time. Even though Um says it’s cool, I know she’s gonna keep her distance.”

“Carl….the batch is ready. You’re up for delivery. Primrose college, OK? Primrose college, get that? Primrose col—”

“Yes Bruce, I get you! Geez!”

Maggie laughed. “Easy Carl.”

Now I’m gonna have to do delivery in her school.
I’m just hoping I don’t see her with that guy!😤

🕜 🕔 🕣 🕑 🕠 🕘

All through the day, Oscar kept finding ways to annoy me.
Not directly though.
He’d always made it a point to sit beside or behind me whenever we had a general subject in the central grade.

We’re now in English and literature class.
The teacher, Mrs Yul, who looked to be in her early thirties, well dressed and beautiful, was droning on and on about about Romeo and Juliet; the significant of their love story, the major theme and plots.
I was trying my damnedest to focus; even though I got my scholarship from the baking competition, I wanted to prove to myself that I’m worthy of schooling in Primrose.

But how on earth was I gonna do that, when Oscar made it his part-time job to pull at every string of my hair, which I just remember I’d forgotten to brush??
“Stop it, please,” I whispered.
“Stop what, this?” he asked, pulling again.
“Yes! Oscar I don’t want detention, I’m trying to focus.”

Thankfully, he stopped.
But then he slipped a paper onto my desk.

Curious and annoyed, I opened it:
📄Romeo and Juliet….. Oscar and Umbria sounds better. Only, ours isn’t some boring tragic love story. More like a hot romance. *wink*📄

I hurriedly closed the paper as if I didn’t see it, and gosh, am I blushing???

I refused to turn back.
But I was shaking all over.

Jessica, who was watching us all this while groaned aloud angrily and hit her fists on her desk.

“Miss Rogers!” the teacher chastised.
“Mrs Yul, are you teaching a class, or breeding a room for a stupid romantic idiot?” she fired angrily with a glare at me.

How’s the literature class??
♪Who will be my Romeo and I’ll be ur Juliet???😂 😂
<b>Author Happy
<3 y’all.
🎻Pulling Her🎸
Written by Happy
🍩~~~chapter eighteen ~~~🍪
💌 💌
The teacher gazed mouth ajar at Jessica who was still glaring at me; I was busy staring at the board while placing my elbow on the book which had the letter in it.
“What are you talking about Miss Rogers!” Mrs Yul repeated.
“Ask her…that Umbria. She’s flirting with Osos in class,” Jessica flipped her blond curls and sat back down, crossing her legs.
I hate it when girls do the hair flip thing.

“Miss Lee, is that true!?” Mrs Yul demanded.
“Uhm….well I wasn’t…. no ma’am….” I stuttered. For some stupid reason I can’t quite place my finger on, I couldn’t form a corrigible sentence to defend myself.

“I’m going to have to send you out for detention,” Mrs Yul said.
I sighed, and looked at Jessica who was smirking and checking her nails while Caroline gave me a devils smile beside her.
Thanks a lot, Oscar!

Not looking at him, I packed up my books and made to get up when he said, “Chill Mrs Yul. Umbria wasn’t flirting with me. Pfft, as if she can. I was the one doing the flirting. Jessica’s just looking for attention. And yeah, Jessica. Next time you intend to tell a fib, make me look good okay?” he said, then gave a very sweet smile to the teacher after winking at me.
My mouth was a bit open.
And Mrs Yul was smiling like a teenager!

“Osos you know that’s rude. Don’t make me give you guys detention card,” she said less sternly.

“Please ma’am, I’m sorry I won’t do—”
“We’ll go for the detention. After all, we did commit,” Oscar said in a sad tone.
He got to his feet, hung his oh so beautiful satchel bag across his chest.
Damn this guy, here I was trying to avoid getting detention and he —
“Come on Umbria. Let’s go. Class must go on,” he said still in that fake sad tone of his.

He grabbed my hand when I made no move to move and pulled me out.
Awwww…….😡 Not awwww!

⛳ ⛳
“Do you realize what you’ve just done!” I yelled and jerked my arm away from his light grip once we were outside and on the road to detention each with our card shinning bright for any interested party to see.

“Yeah, I just saved you from a boring literature class,” he shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.
“You’re crazy!” I yelled again, my voice kicking up a notch higher as I punched his arm.
I’m sooooo furious right now!

“Hey, did you just hit me?” he asked.
“Of course I did, and amma do it again because….. uugghh!”
I stomped my feet, anything to let out the fury.
He laughed a short laugh that my brain captured quickly and held his hand out to me.
“Come,” he said simply.
“Anyplace but detention room,” he said quietly.
This guy has a serious case of mood swings. One moment he’s proud and flirty and a Playboy, the next he’s moody and angry at the world, the next he’s standing up for me.
I took his hand against my better judgment.
As we walked, I kept staring at him.
Again, against my better judgment.
I want to know what makes him tick.
His background…. everything.
What’s the reason for his sadness, when he has everything I could only dream of having?

🎦 🎦
Only the sound of the door closing brought me back to real life as I looked around and discovered that we’re in the music studio.
“What’re we doing here?” I asked, walking in slowly as I took good look at the instrument arranged in such precise order.
Guitars, acoustics, pianos, drum kits, banjos, percussion instruments.
“I spend most of the school hours here when I want to think,” he said in his serious tone.
“Oh, so that’s why I hardly see you in class. Good one.”
He smiled a small smile. “Do you always look for me? You always miss me that much?” he asked softly.
“Wha———no! I have a knack for noticing details,” I said.
I watched him pick up a guitar, sit on a stool and pluck a few strings producing sweet notes.
” Tell me about yourself Umbria, ” he said.
“Just curious as to why you fall asleep everyday in school. The cafeteria,” he played the guitar, “the classroom,” he played the guitar, “the labs,” he played the guitar again, then looked up at me.
Oh boy.

Sighing, I sat down opposite him. “I get exhausted is all.”
“Just like that?”
I nodded.
He played some more. “It’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me. But there’s something I do know.”
“You do?” I asked in surprise. What could he know about me, other than me living where I live?

“You like me a lot,” he said and winked.
I gasped. “I don’t Oscar! Funny that you actually brought me here to tell me that! Do you play very often?” I asked, changing the subject. He knew I was veering it away from me but he played along.
A pause.
“Oscar is something wrong? You seem moody,” I tried.
“Sing me your song,” he said, also changing the subject.
Guess I deserved that.
For lack of what to say, I cleared my throat and began singing softly:

🎵They say once bitten twice shy
🎵I’ve been bitten three times by that cruel bug
🎵And the stings they hurt so much
🎵Scars on my heart, they say it’s a permanent tattoo
🎵And it is from these tattoo I know…..

I trailed off when I realized what I’m singing.
About my heartbreak and why I shouldn’t trust guys anymore.
Here I am doing the opposite.
Stupid, stupid girl!
Oscar looked up gazing directly into my eyes, unflinchingly, unmoving.

I was lost.
What’s going on?
He’s mesmerizing me.
He’s spinning a web in my brain to cloud my better judgment.
Umbria there’s no special girl for guys like Oscar, and it’ll be your fourth heartbreak if you allow yourself to be deceived.
Still, our gazes were locked, and as it seemed neither of us wanted to break contact.
Until the bell went.
“Come on, let’s grab a bite,” he got up.
“No thanks, I’m fine,” I replied.
“I’m not asking you Umbria, I’m telling you. Come with me now, else I’ll carry you out on my shoulder, with your butt up in the air—”
“OK, OK fine. Just stop teasing already. And after lunch today, ull have to stay away from me, remember what I told you about —”
“Chitchat,” he cut in dully.
“About —”
“Chit chat babe! I’m hungry!”

🍝 🍖
Lunch recess with the COVS is something I look forward to, knowing I’ll get free food.
But I don’t like the attention it gets me.
Here I was, planning to finish senior high at Primrose college quietly and unnoticed, only to be hanging out with the most popular guys, and becoming the bullseye in the target practice of Jessica Rogers and her chihuahuas.

I’d had to stop by my locker to retrieve some stuff, so Oscar went on ahead.
When I was about entering the cafeteria, I spotted something familiar; BBB delivery bike.
Oh….so Bruce B had accepted the principal’s offer to deliver pastries to our school. Maybe it’s the other man who’s delivering. I should say hi.

As I got in, almost everyone was having a taste of cookies🍪, doughnuts🍩, cakes🍰, hamburgers🍔, and jelly🍮 that I’d recognize anywhere.

I saw a familiar figure hefting a box📦 behind the counter and into a door.
I don’t think so.
I sat at the table.
“You should try this Umbria, it’s really good,” Chris said in between mouthfuls.
I giggled. “You don’t say. I made them,” I replied.
“Really?” Stan asked.
I nodded.
“Wow, they’re nice,” Victor commended, looking at me. “When did you make them, cause they’re still fresh?”
“Thanks. I uh….do them every morning before coming —”
“You’re kidding,” Oscar cut in.
“Nope. I’m not,” I said.
The guy came out again.
It is Carl!
And he’d just seen me.
I smiled, but he didn’t smile back.
“Excuse me guys, I wanna go meet someone,” I said standing up.
“That guy?” Oscar asked, jerking his head towards Carl.
“You know him?” Victor and Oscar echoed at the same time, then exchanged glances.
” ’course I do. What’s up with all the questions?”

🚶 🚶
“Carl!” I called, waving at him because he was going out the exit.
He looked like he didn’t wanna see me.
I was hurrying to catch up with him when suddenly I felt hot, spicy noodles all over my face and blinding my eyes……🍝 👀

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