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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 2

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 2

A story written by HAPPY




🎵Break the chains that bind me
🎵Though they’ll begin to find me
🎵I’ll leave my past behind me….
I sniffed and wiped at my eyes.
Stupid tears, I can’t cry over that woman who doesn’t deserve to be a mother!
With a strong mind, I focused on completing the lyrics of my favourite song which I’d been putting together, a song that told myself of the freedom I’ll have in future.
I’m Umbria Lee.
I’m a baker.
I’m a freelance singer.
And although my mom, for some reason, had been blaming me for all the misfortunes that had befallen us, sometimes I knew I couldn’t Blame her.
Dad had been the hustler, the backbone, before his unfortunate accident which affected his spine.
He can’t walk again, because we couldn’t raise money for his treatment. Relatives bailed out on us when we needed them most!
And that hurt pretty bad.
That’s why…I’m gonna show them all. I’m gonna prove to Hannah, and everyone else, that the Lees…we’re somebody.
The baking competition is just the thing.
I picked up my phone and googled the stuff, reading every details about it as I could.
The competition… the people will bake a cake for the princess’s tenth birthday.
The winner’ll get the sum of a Million dollars. That’s huge, it could cover my family living for a year and some! Plus the chance to go train in the baking school and attend any school of my choice.
I laughed.
Was I really going to say no to this?
Of course not!
I’ll just dial Maggie and tell her the news.
“Hey Maggie!”
“Um, don’t tell me you’re still up?” she sounded sleepy.
“Of course I am! I’m gonna draw up some pretty cool designs of cakes, put together the tastiest ingredients, the most amazing colours and —”
“Wait a sec, you’re gonna do it?” she cut me off.
“Yeah girl!”
“Yaaaayyyy! Gosh I’m glad you’ll… I mean it’s like a chance of a lifetime!”
“I know. But just a favor… in case I pass….could you look after my dad for me? I can’t trust him with Hannah.”
She inhaled. “Of course Um. Uncle George is like a father to me too.”
Yeah, Maggie’s dad died in a construction site…the same way my dad got crippled. She lives with her mom.
“Thanks so much,” I breathed out. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”
“Good night Um, and catch some sleep!”
“Ha ha ha, you’re not mom! But OK.”
“Stupid,” she laughed and quickly hung up.
She knew I won’t sleep.
I excitedly brought out my big sketchpad and little jotter and began drawing.
🐓 🐓 🐓
⛅ ⛅ ⛅
Damn, can’t somebody get sleep!
Yawning and wiping off drool from my mouth, I sneaked a peek to my alarm.
05: 43 am.
If I recalled correctly, I slept off at three. That’s just two hours.
“I’m coming!” I yelled and jumped off the bed to the door, yanking it open to reveal a frowning mom.
“Good morning mom.”
“Save it. Here,” she dumped a basket of clothes at my feet. “Launder those. And get breakfast set for your father.”
“This early?”
“It’s not like you care,” I muttered and bend to carry the basket.
“What was that?”
“Nothing,” I replied and walked past her.
I finished hand washing the clothes and set them to dry.
It’s almost six thirty, I’ll have to be at the bakes.
I went into dad’s room and knock. His soft voice told me to come in.
“Good morning daddy,” I greeted happily and kissed his cheeks.
He sat on a wheelchair. It’s quite worn out and sometimes the wheels get stuck and cannot be pushed. We borrowed it, we can’t afford a new one.
But all that’s gonna change.
“My princess sounds overexcited this morning,” he chuckled.
“Mmm hmmm,” I grinned and sat on his bed after setting his breakfast tray on a stool. I cut a chunk of the omelette and fed him.
After chewing, he asked, “You don’t wanna share with your old man, huh? Is it another boyfriend?”
“What, no dad. I’m sworn off boyfriends. It’s something better. Guess!”
He grinned. “You managed to discover what makes Bruce B’s belly so big! He eats his breads!”
“No dad…” I reeled with laughter till I held my stomach. “You’re kidding around but I’m serious. Okay, guess who’s been nominated for the Royal Primrose Baking Competition.”
I sat with hands in laps waiting as he thought.
“Nuh uh.”
“Err…Jenifer Lopez?”
“Daddy you’re messing with me. That’s total crazy. Its me!”
He smiled calmly and hugged me. “I know princess. And I’m proud of you. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”
“Thanks dad. I love you.”
“Love you too princess.”
“Enjoy your breakfast. I gotta run, I’m late. Bye.”
I waved and ran out.
This part of the country’s always sunny and bright. Something that I definitely didn’t like. I prefer the cool snow of the city where I hung out and lived my chosen life: as a normal guy who loves his music and hasn’t got a care in the world.
Except making sure he doesn’t harm his vocals.
I got down from the limo after the driver opened the door, and pulled off my sunshades to squint at the palace building. So nice and magnificent.
Lining the walkway were guards in uniforms, rifles on one arm. At the entrance were maidens also uniformed, holding baskets of confetti which they threw around. They looked sexy. Good bodies. I winked at one, and she blushed. Good, I’ll check that out later.
And there in the centre was my family.
My father, the king.
My stepmother, the Queen.
My stepbrother, the crowned Prince.
As the driver offloaded, I walked towards them with my guitar bag across my back.
Fiona, the queen, already had her hands outstretched and I stepped willingly into them.
“Welcome home, Oscar,” she whispered.
“Thank you, your highness.”
Her smile became sad at my use of your highness, instead of mom. Although she was as good as one can be, she could never take the place of my mother, who died while giving birth to my little sister, Diana.
Painful memory. Let it lie.
“Welcome back son,” father said with a disapproving glance at my guitar bag.
“Thanks father.”
“Well well well…. the mighty Osos had decided to return home,” Edward, my stepbrother who’s older than me boomed while we embraced, slapped backs and laughed. “Yeah,” I replied, “and maybe you can finally tell me that you love my songs.”
“Psh, in your dreams man, in your dreams. Welcome back to the Royal palace,” he said grandly.
“Tun tun tun…..” I sang, and we laughed.
Fiona smiled and shook her head.
Father scoffed. He’d never agreed with the life I chose to live.
“Where’s Diana?” I asked.
“She’s inside. She’s excited over seeing you, and is glad you’ll be attending her tenth birthday,” Fiona said.
“Yup, couldn’t miss it for the world.”
Being a musician is what I love doing.
Not being a boring Prince with duties to perform. And I don’t even have duties because Edward is the firstborn.
According to what my mom told me, King Oswald II had fallen in love with her when they were in college in Washington DC. But he was forced to marry Fiona as his duty, because he’s the daughter of the Duke who was friends with King Oswald I. Fiona had given him Edward. But he and my mom, Glenda met again years later and started up an affair; he ended up marrying her as his second wife when she was pregnant with me against his parents wishes. Mom and Queen Fiona became good friends though.
Then she got pregnant with Diana when I was nine and a half.
The due date came unexpectedly….. there were complications….. she had to be operated on to remove the baby.
She died.
And Diana became paralyzed in her lower left side.
Again, painful memory. Let it lie.
But ever since then, I knew I’ve never cared for love, or this Royal shits. I’ve only cared for women, my dear sister, and my love for music which made me forget😭.
“Knock knock….” I said jokingly and placed two knocks on the door.
o could hear Diana’s excited squeal, and she cleared her throat.
“Who is it?” she called out.
“It’s the interrupting cow from your favourite TV show. Mooooo”🐮
She burst out laughing and her companion opened the door.
” Oscar!!!! ”
She flailed her arms about, and I carried her out of her wheelchair in a hug, spinning around as she giggled endlessly.
“You’re way bigger than last time,” I commented.
“I’ve been growing for you!”
“Aww…” Edward cooed. “So finally Oscar’s back….everyone forgets the big brother.”
“Nope Edward… I haven’t forgotten you. What’s your name?”
Edward rolled his eyes at Diana’s cuteness. “I’ll tell you later. Right now, I’ve got a board meeting to attend with father and —”
“Get those shitty talk outta here.”
“Ooh Oscar, bad language,” Edward said as he closed the door behind him.
I gently put Diana back on her seat.
“Excuse us,” in told the companion, who bowed and left.
“Got any new puppets?” Diana asked. “I’ve missed you so much. I got Mr Dinaldtelly to keep me company,” she held up the last doll I got her.
“That’s lovely. Now you and Mr Donaldtelly can tell me all about your adventure while I’ve been away!”
“Well done Umbria, for accepting to go. Now you’ll have to prepare yourself for a week before you travel. And I’ve already submitted your name into the competition,” said Bruce B.
“You did, what if I said no?” I asked and looked over the paper.
“I knew you wouldn’t.”
He tapped my shoulder and returned to his position receiving and arranging orders.
‘So you’re going huh?” Louisa asked.
”What happened, when you refused earlier! Let me guess, you’re gonna go spread your legs for the Prince, ” she sneered.
“Louisa!” Carl hissed.
“You should be ashamed to say that, Prince Edward is even betrothed!” Maggie said.
“Don’t mind her guys, she just need some clear head.”
I scooped a handful of flour and poured on her. “There, now your head’s as clear as white. Literally.”
Carl and I laughed out while Maggie chuckled

“How dare you Umbria!” she seethed.
“Chit chat. Come on guys, let’s get back to work. We’re closing early today cause it’s Sunday”
“Um ” Carl Call me as I was about stepping out. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”
“Later Carl, I wanna get busy,” I smiled.
“OK,” he breathed out.
I shrugged and began arranging the scones on a tray.
My phone buzzed.
I looked at the caller ID and froze.
‘Who’s it?” Maggie asked.
“It’s Tom,” I whispered.
Tom I’d my recent ex. I wonder why he’s calling

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