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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 3

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 3

A story written by HAPPY




“Why’s Tom calling you?” Maggie asked coming to me.
“Good question, I’ve no idea,” I whispered back.
Should I pick the call?
We’re over, right?
At that instant Dua Lipa’s New Rules came to mind:
🎶One, don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling cause he’s drunk and alone…🎶
That does it.
I slammed the phone on the counter and brought out a basket of ingredients.
“You’re not picking,” said Maggie.
“Nope, Tom and I are done. If he’s looking for another dumbass to fuck about with, it’s definitely not gonna be me. Again.”
“That’s the spirit girl,” Maggie smiled and I nodded.
That afternoon, only Carl and I headed home.
Mag had to go to the grocery store for some foodstuffs. She’s always late when it comes to shopping, be it just an onion🌿.
I adjusted the strap of my handbag over my shoulder and sneaked a glance at Carl’s face.
“OK, spill.”
I stopped in the middle of the road, hands on waist akimbo style.
“What?” he asked.
“Spill out whatever is bothering you. You’ve been weirdly quiet for days now especially when were walking alone. What is it?”
He scratched at the back of his head and chuckled nervously.
“I’m not really sure you’ll wanna hear this now, Um. And especially not from me.”
“Why, it’s something bad or discouraging?” my brows furrowed.
“No, uh…..” he swallowed. ” Look, I know you’re sworn off boyfriends and relationships stuff right now…. though not all guys are like Zach, Wayne and Tom.”
This is getting uncomfortable and awkward. Why would he wanna bring up my past boyfriends when he knows how uncomfortable I am about it all?
“Umbria, you’re a…very pretty girl and….. boy, I can’t do this!” he muttered.
Peering at him, I frowned.
“Do what?”
“Nothing Um. Look, here’s my junction. I’m off, see you tomorrow eve,” he waved and left briskly without giving me a chance to talk.
Okay….. that was super weird.
I kicked stones as I walked along.
Was Carl trying to tell me he likes me?
No,no Umbria! That’s too far!
Carl is my best boyfriend. He can’t.
Or can he?
Come to think of it, there’s this way he looks at me and quickly averts his gaze when I turn around.
But whatever.
Nothing anyone can do about it😒.
I made pasta 🍝 for dad’s lunch. As much as I’d have loved to keep him company, I’ve gotta work on my cake designs and ingredients.
And later I’ll have to sing in the streets by sundown to raise a little money to buy stuff I’ll need, and stuff for daddy before I leave next week.
Gosh, I’m so giddy that I haven’t noticed that’s a lotta work!
I kicked off my shoes and laid on the floor with my big sketchpad spread out and some colour pencils.
Then my phone. I plugged in my earphones, listening to cool music by Sia. I like her songs.
They help me think, or focus.
🏰 🏰.
“…..I’m Pinocchio, I don’t tell lies! The big bad wolf went that way!”
Pinocchio’s nose suddenly became long, causing Diana to laugh out loud.
“Pinocchio can’t lie, Oscar. His nose gives him away,” she said amidst laughs.
We’re in her room.
All the toys I got for her were strewn about, and my big puppet bag sat in a corner besides me. As usual, I was making a puppet show for Diana, it’s one of the things we both enjoy doing. The ability to control things and know that it’s being controlled totally by us.
This one’s the story of Pinocchio and the three little pigs.
Puppet strings were wrapped all around my fingers as I made Pinocchio to jump, walk and talk.
“Yeah….but just watch it all,” I said and put my head back in the box.
The three little pigs laughed.
“You can’t fool us none. Your nose’s become a few inches longer anytime you lie,” said Porky.
“No it doesn’t…….”
Pinocchio nose become another inch longer.
“Pinocchio should stop telling lies to the three little pigs!” Diana said.
I laughed and untangled the puppets from my fingers, and came out from under the show box.
My shirtsleeves were folded to my elbows and I’d unbuttoned the one’s from my neck.
“Seems that Pinocchio got on your nerves, princess,” I said to her.
“He lies. I don’t like lairs!” she pouted and folded her arms.
“Like me?” I asked.
“Me. I lie about my identity. Nobody knows that I’m the Prince. They don’t even know that there’s another Prince. I’m just plainly Osos, famous solo singer based in new York🗽.”
“Awww Oscar, come let me hug you.”
With a baby smile, I placed my head on her laps as she ran her fingers through my hair.
“You’re not lying, and I could never hate you! It’s just the circumstances, right?”
I smiled at her smartness. “Right.”
I kissed her cheeks.
“Thanks baby sis.”
I got off the floor. “I’ll be heading out for a stroll now. Wanna come along?”
“No….they know I’m the princess. It’ll be odd if I’m seen with you.”
“Right. I’ll be back, and I’ll tell the story of Edward’s childhood, you’d like that one?”
“Yes,” she giggled.
🏡 🏡.
Can’t believe this, I rarely get enough sleep, imagine dozing off in the shower, then slipping and almost falling down!
I dressed in a simple loose fitting gown, and a coat to cover my hair and hide my face a little. Although there’s no point. Everyone in Queens knows about Umbria, the Music Girl.
I picked up a jar which would hold my pays, and left the house after telling dad.
💫 💫.
🎵There’s that darkest place of your heart
🎵Feels like a raging storm on a dark night
🎵The brokenness of the heart
🎵Lightening slicing through a tree…
🎵You feel all Hope’s lost
🎵But like every storm you face
🎵The morning will surely come
🎵And the pains…..
🎵They’ll wash away….
I leaned against a wall, and pulled my baseball cap properly on my head to hide my face, listening to the most beautiful, and amazing voice I’ve ever heard, apart from mine😉
Jessica couldn’t even measure up.
Not that Jessica’s a singer, she’s just naïve.
Passersby dropped money into a jar that stood in front of the girl whose face I couldn’t see, because of her hood.
Other people actually stood to watch her sing. Her graceful movements and demos.
I have to know her.
It’s gut feeling. And my gut’s is always 96% right.
Patiently, I waited a until the people dispersed.
She stooped to gather the money.
I walked to her, and dropped a bundled note by the jar.
She paused an looked up.
“You sang pretty well. You got talent.”
“Oh, thank you. But this is too much for me,” she said, trying to put the money back into my palm while I squeezed it back in hers.
I felt that spark surge through me at the brief contact, and seems she did too.
“Sorry,” she mumbled.
“Keep the money, please?”
She nodded.
I took a brief look around. Poor environment.
“You’re song had feeling. Is it experience?”
“I don’t talk about such to stranger guys,” she snapped.
“Touchy on the subject, aren’t we?” I chuckled.
“None of your damned business,” she seethed and bundled up her pay, walking away like I’m gonna eat her.
Well, I’ll be seeing her around.
She had a nice voice.
She’ll make a perfect bait.
I slapped my forehead.
And I didn’t get her name.
Way to go Os.
I should make a video call to the guys when I get home, missed them a lot.
Okay mystery girl, you’ve just gotten added on my list of todos.
Smirking to myself, I found my way back to the palace for dinner and a good night’s sleep.
🏡 🏡.
This is good.
If I just keep up the singing for this week, I’ll save enough up before next week.
I put all the money in the jar and hid it under my box.
I wore my nightie, took out my phone and stared at the photo of Osos.
That’s just him plainly.
He’s the picture I showed Maggie the other time.
I’m not crushing, I’ve learnt my lesson.
I’m not going to think that he’s handsome.
Or has really cool lips and smile.
Or mesmerizing blue eyes.
Nope, not going to think of those.
Neither will I think of that arrogant jerk who thought he could buy me off with a wad of dollars!
So, it’s official.
I’m crushing on the dollars.
Not the rude jerk whose face I didn’t see😣.

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