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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 29

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 29

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


“You’re kidding me! Tell me you’re messing with me Ed!” Oscar exclaimed and punched my arm with so much force I winced.
“Ow, that hurts. But nope, not kidding.”
“Y—you. . .you’re wicked man! You got guts, I mean you. . .” he trailed off and just stared at me clutching the neck of his guitar tight.
Chuckling, I figured out how mad, bewildered, surprised he was at me. I practically dumped all of my responsibilities on him. I acted spontaneously when all of my life I’ve been the organized one. The by-the-book one. I’ve been the obedient one whom father could trust to make the right decisions. Good eldest brother.
I never realized what I was missing out on life.
Since I saw Margaret’s photo in Umbria’s phone I guess I stopped thinking with my head, but my heart. I want to spend every moment of my life with her and damn the consequences.
“Look bro, I’m terribly sorry if I allowed you to do something you greatly wouldn’t like to do. But I love her. I really do.”
He snorted.
This little brother of mine doesn’t believe in love.
“You’re just acting. Wait till you fall in love. It’s a strange and wonderful thing. And it can certainly make fools out of us all.”
“Nope, definitely not me. I’m a ladies man you know. I’ll keep it that way.”
“Well that doesn’t sound like what I see with ummmmmmm….”
“Hey, don’t go there,” he warned. I laughed at his frowning face.
A pause. “You’re going to run away again.”
I grinned and nodded. “You’d cover for me right?”
“Pffft! Fine, okay. But what about Stephanie, and father?”
“I’ll worry about that later.”
Okay, that stupid witchy girl still doesn’t want to give me leads on Umbria. Maybe I’ll have to deal with her myself in some other way.
I’m walking as fast as possible to get out of the dirty place and into my clean jeep where I won’t have a battle of smells.
In the sanitation of my car, I groaned and cursed and hit my steering wheel in anger.
That evil girl has come again. The girl that keeps paying me for information about Umbria. In Queensland we have an unwritten code; “We stick together no matter what”
I never really liked Umbria because she always perched herself up on a high stool as if she’s too good for us all. She’s bad too. Even though she works hard, goes to a fancy school at the capital or whatever. There was a time that she was like the rest of us even if she didnt sleep around. A time that the love for money had pushed her to do the extreme. A time that Tom had pushed her to do the extreme.
It’s info like that this bad bitch wants.
And I’ll betray the code.
I want Carl, it’s as simple as that. I’ve always wanted him, even though he was too nice. But he was in love with Umbria for as long as I can remember, waiting for the day she’d notice him. Umbria is the reason Carl never looked at another girl, not that he didn’t have a fair share of chicks in his bed.
Yet even now, after she’d rejected him. After she’d moved onto a fat-pocket guy. He still wants her back!
Can’t let that happen.
But I can’t tell all either.
What to do?
Then I saw him.
Why didn’t I think of this before!
Author Happy
Here’s this stupid boy, bragging about something he shouldn’t in the first place. Something trivial. Something he should have forgotten about!
“Whoa, so you telling me you kissed her!?” Stanley echoed disbelievingly.
“That Umbria girl’s a tough one, I’ll believe that you kissed an armadillo from a muddy swamp instead. I bet she slapped you!” Chris added in his dramatic fashion.
Oscar smacked his lips and took a swig from a glass of margarita spiffed with tequila. “She didn’t. On the contrary, she wanted more.”
Stan blew a small whistle while Chris guffawed loudly. “So. . .you win huh? What now? You can’t just take a ‘small kiss’ and call quits. Take more li—”
“Do you guys even hear yourselves!?” I cut in annoyed, standing to my feet, making them all look at me.
“We’ve been with Umbria for a month and some now. We know she’s tough, and she’s a workaholic. We know she doesn’t get much breathing space due to Jessica and Tiffany’s bullying. Sure, y’all made that stupid comment about having her fall at Oscar’s feet because she was toughing it all up. But I expected you to be mature than this, forget it. I exp—”
“Whoa there buddy, Vic. You’re sounding
like some saint, knight in shinning armour something. Do you have feelings for her?” Stan cut in.
They all gazed at me.
Oscar’s eyes darkened as he dropped his glass and stood up to face me, hand on waist.
“Yeah Vic. I’ve been dying to ask you this question too. You two holding hands, talking privately. Go on, answer. Do you have feelings for Umbria?”
Chuckling, I replied instead, “Are you jealous?”
His eyes narrowed.
If he’s jealous then it’ll mean that I was right all along. He does have feelings for Umbria. Making him realize it would be the million dollar task because Oscar was a stubborn guy, and he hates love. But if he realizes he loves her he wouldn’t hurt her the way he’s planning to.
“Why should I be? And why are you evading the question?”
“Let me talk to you privately,” I said with a pointed look at Stan and Chris.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m out anyway.” Stan picked up his keys and Gucci pullover and went out.
Chris grabbed his headphone. “You guys like to be secretive, especially you Victor. It makes Stan and I feel bored you know? Loosen up.”
“I’m not the guy whom nobody knows his true identity,” I said with a pointed look at Oscar who was still scowling at me.
“Oh, good point Vic. I’m outta here.” he went up the elevator to the rooms.
Now Oscar and I were left alone.
“I don’t have feelings for Umbria. But you do,” I began immediately with no preamble.
He scoffed and threw his head sideways, making his hair scatter. “You’re telling me shit Victor.”
“It’s fact buddy. Why do you think you feel jealous when we’re together? Or when that Carl guy comes for delivery at the cafeteria and Umbria watches him sadly? Because you want to be the only one —”
“You’re crazy,” he downed his drink completely finishing it, then bend down and poured a refill.
“God, I wish you weren’t so hardheaded to listen to me!”
He sipped his drink quietly.
“You’re moody. What’s wrong?”
” ‘Prince Oscar Oswald of Primrose’ is very near to becoming public knowledge. It’ll be bye bye carefreeness hello Royal shits. But that’s not the thing. You say I’ve got feelings for Umbria huh? I’m going to prove to you that I don’t. Including you Stan and Chris hiding behind doors!” he yelled, and they laughed. They came out, scratching their heads. This made me laugh too. Even Oscar smiled.
“You got us. Soooo…” they plopped on the couch and watched TV.
“Oscar I don’t want you hurting her. She doesn’t deserve this,” I whispered.
He sighed. “It’s not all about Umbria Victor. This love and feelings makes me unsettled. I’m afraid you’re right. I know you’ve started dating Audrey, but each time I see you two together…. I don’t know. I can’t develop feelings for Umbria. I don’t want to.”
“Love’s natural, let it chart it’s course —”
“The hell I will.”
“Wait…check this out guys. Isn’t that…” Chris turned to Oscar, “…Edward?”
Our eyes settled on the TV.
On the news strip at the base of the screen the story was told of Prince Edward seen with a woman somewhere near Sunrise.
What about his engagement to Stephanie Greenfield, the governor of Nevada’s daughter?
Was it called off?
What of the peace treaty between Nevada and Primrose New York?
Prince Edward is not known for being a Playboy so this is so unusual.
“Shit,” Oscar cursed and ran out.
🏰 🏰
“How could you do that! Allowing that to spread on trashy tabloids!?” father thundered, fury in his eyes, shock and surprise on his face. “The paparazzi will have a field day now! Is that why for three days now you’ve been scarce in Primrose? What would Gresham Greenfield say? And how would his daughter Stephanie feel?”
“But father I love this girl!” I cut in, not able to bear it anymore.
“You what?” he asked. “Don’t be stupid boy. The engagement to Stephanie had been made. You agreed to marry her once you’re made king. I’ll never let you have the title if you continue with that girl.”
“Then let Oscar have it.”
“Excuse me?” Oscar blurted as he stepped into the court.
Aw come on, he shouldn’t have heard that.
Father stared at both of us with disappointment in his eyes. Both of his sons have disappointed him. He zeroed in on Oscar.
“Did you know about this?”
“He didn’t. Look, all my life I’ve been doing what you wanted. Going where you wanted. Can’t I be free, just once, to make a decision of my own! I’ll still be king. But I won’t marry Stephanie. I don’t love her.”
I watched as Edward and father exchanged words.
I was hoping he would understand how Edward feels. This is exactly what he and mom passed through when they fell in love against his royalty demands. People always get hurt in love no matter what. But still mom held on, even though she was looked down on as a second. Mom was hurt. She cried most of the time. Queen Fiona wasn’t mean to her, no. It was a matter of the heart.
I sighed
I walked out and slammed the door.
Then I saw Umbria, talking with Diana as they ate cookies and laughed. Feelings for you? Sure there were. Lust when we first met, although it’s still there in the chemistry I feel when we’re in same place or near each other.
But that’s all I could allow.
“Oscar!” Diana called. “We’re a week to my birthday remember? September’s already up, and October tenth’s coming up soon. I’ll be tenth on the tenth, how cool is that?”
“Super cool princess. I’m excited too.” I grinned. Then I glanced at Umbria, she shot me a scowl and looked away.
What’s up with her?

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