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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 28

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 28

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


Cool, wet breeze blew in from the Atlantic across the water surface of the water and over our skin as we laid on a mat on the strangely hot but cool beach sand. This is like the best day of my entire life, my entire closed up life spent in crushing on and loving a guy that could never be mine.
But he’s right here with you.
Yeah, he is. And I’m even running my fingers through his hair. His black hair is so smooth, soft and silky.
“Look over there,” he said and pointed to kids a little well over sixteen playing in the water. “At that age I was practically learning how to sign peace treaties and do public declaration,” he added and sat up.
“That was a bummer,” I replied, sitting up too.
Never in my wildest dream did I conjure this up. Me. . .and the Prince. . . together on some remote island where people barely knew who either of us was. We were ordinary. Perhaps lovers come to have a good time.
At first it all happened like a dream.
I’d received a loooong call from him the night before. Sweet talks that I never thought I’d hear. And then he told me that the date was still on. We were leaving early. Quite early.
And so I’d showered and dressed and walked stealthily out of the house to a spot beside Bruce’s B&B where we were asked to meet. His car was packed there. I mean, it felt queer going on a date that hour of the morning. He’d said he’ll explain.
Boy! How shocked was I when, after we’d driven for an hour or so and stopped for breakfast in a simple town away from Primrose, he told me who he was by just taking off the cap he wore.
Prince Edward, future King Oswald III of Primrose, seated across me having a simple breakfast of toast, eggs and coffee at a simple inn!
Initially, apart from being shell shocked, I was mad. Mad at the thought that this was another play along. Not like I would have bothered, a moment with him, wasn’t that my dream? But he’d taken my hands in his, looked me in the eyes and said…….
I smiled again as I recalled it.
“I don’t how or whether this is even possible, but I’ve got such strong feelings for you right from when I’d seen you at the Queenslanders protest to the government for. It was just a flash. And then again when your friend Umbria was with us the other day. I had to see you. Look, I don’t know where we might go with this, but I want us to try. Be together.”
But who wouldn’t say, “Damn the consequences ”?
I wonder what exactly he’d say if I told him about the feelings I’d harboured for him all along. I won’t. We keeping things light. Going with the flow. Like the tides and waves of the waters.
I flinched a little when I felt his fingers at the base of my throat, trailing upwards to cup my chin and turn me to him.
I smiled.
“Thought I told you not to think about anything else. You’re spoiling the moment,” he whispered.
“I’m sorry your— Ed.”
I keep slipping.
“I just. . .it’s just so magical for me,” I said before I could stop myself.
He smiled too, revealing a perfectly deepened dimple.
“Then let it continue.”
He leaned closer and kissed me.
It’s the first time we’ve kissed.
Although he started gently, the kiss soon turned passionately heated, it was all we could do to keep things from escalating.
Author Happy©
Iris, Edward’s PA, had already taken me through a painstaking tour on how these foreign meetings went, what I did, and everything. In the end, when Queen Fiona asked if I’d go, I refused immediately. First off I’d mess up big time. Second off, sticking to Oscar like superglue didn’t seem very appealing at the moment, especially now that I’m trying to understand what he meant by “I win”. But he, just like he always does, came out and said he didn’t want Iris but me.
Damn, do you always have to so bossy and imposing?
When I showered and changed, I wore a grey shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt courtesy of Iris. And I carried the clipboard filled with schedules. I was sitting on a lounge chair going through it when I heard footsteps. I looked up. And I didn’t recognize whom I saw.
His hair was completely gelled back, making his stroked eyebrows and dark eyes visible. And he wore formals. I’ve Never seen him in formals. I had to force my eyes up to his face, to see that he had his lopsided grin.
“How’d I look?” he asked.
With staff and the King somewhere in here,watching us and waits for my reply?
Heh heh heh.
Well it’ll be good to burst his bubble.
“Black doesn’t suit you. And with that hair gelled back, you look absolutely —”
“Charming?” he cut in.
“—Ridiculous,” I finished.
Stifled laughter went around, making me feel proud especially when I saw the shock showing on his handsome face.
Yeah… it’s always good to have oversized egos deflated sometimes😁 .
“Whatever. Let’s go,” he said gruffly and stomped off, with uniformed guards following him, and an even greater number flanking the king who was going somewhere else. Air of importance.
As I made to leave, I heard Queen Fiona say to Miss Pearl Gareth, Oscar’s governess, ”She’s a hot one. He’s probably found his match.”
The woman laughed in agreement. “It doesn’t seem either of them is close to admitting it.”
“Give them more time, already she’s succeeded in drawing him out of his real shell, and reducing his exploits with the ladies.”
I didn’t hear those ones though.
We were already in the car, speeding us to the airport where we’re taking the royal private jet that would fly us to Washington DC.
And men, I’m nervous.
Oscar seemed to be too.
He was quiet all through.
Thankfully, as king Oswald II mentioned, the press weren’t going to be in on the meeting. So apart from the “Men of The Round Table” no one would know that Prince Edward didn’t attend the meeting because he was missing.
Or that Osos was Prince Oscar Oswald.
“Hey,” I whisper-called when he kept sitting rigidly in silence. “Remember what I told you?”
Because I was expecting him to ignore me, it was a shocker when he nodded and gave a very small smile.
“Yeah.” A few seconds later, “Thanks. For being you. At least having me think about went or not I should roughen up my hair makes going to DC look easier in comparison.”
We laughed.
That eased the tension so that even as he made calls to Victor and whoever and I typed away on the laptop (not mine), the air wasn’t so thick anymore.
I win.
Something told me this was something I wouldn’t like.
Maybe he meant… no, no, no. Perhaps…
Then it hit me; two times Oscar had claimed he could make me fall for him when I denied it. I remember the second vividly. The night we were returning from Sparkeys after Victor said he likes me.
God, I’m busted.
It was all a game. A manoeuvre. It’s true he won. Bet he doesn’t know that yet. And I’m not going to give him the satisfaction.
Two can play this game of winning and loosing honey😏.
🌊 🌊 🌊
We watched the sun set over the horizon🌆 from the front porch of a diner where we’d had dinner of chicken chow mein. The sky was bathed in gold and bronze.
“They make me think of a treasure,” I said.
Edward intertwined his fingers in mine. ”They make me think of you, ” he murmured looking into my eyes.
Blushing I ducked. “I’m not the one with amber eyes.”
He chuckled and brushed his lips at the back of my hand . The tingles traveled throughout me.
”I’ll miss you. The day’s over already. It’s back to the real world.”
I smiled. “I can wait.”
Soon we were on the road back from sunny beachy Miami to Primrose.
It was dark when we reached, he stopped me by the spot he picked me In the day.
He turned to me.
Our faces edged closer until our lips met in deep, long kiss, tasting, drinking, stroking, teasing.
We broke apart, breaths mingling.
“Good night,” I said.
“Yeah. You too.”
I watched him drive off.
My heart swelled with feeling.
Best date ever.
Mom stared wide-eyed at me as I smilingly floated to my room. I know she’d soon ask me.
I’ll simply tell her I’m in love.
I don’t want to think of repercussions our differences in social classes would bring.
We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.
🏰 🏰 🏰
“It went well. Luckily those men were diplomatic people. Although they’re waiting for public announcement,” I explained to father at dinner that evening.
He nodded.
Still he looked displeased.
I know I’m not the ideal son to him, the ideal prince. Edward is. Everyone’s still worried over his whereabouts.
“I miss Eddie,” Diana whined.
Queen Fiona cooed soft words to her.
“And the motion, did they move for or against it?” he asked.
“For. I managed to convince them. Primrose as a whole needs standardization. Queens in particular.”
Tish, can’t believe I’m discussing monarch business over dinner.
“Queensland, isn’t that where Umbria lives?” Fiona asked with a sly face.
Oh great!
Mental groan.
“Yeah. Could be.”
I scrolled through my phone.
Damn, just a full day of royalty and I’ve missed out a lotta things.
Stanley and Christopher, best buddies that they are, were on a weekend break in Connecticut surrounded by bevy of beauties. Playboys of the century.
There was Tiffany’s weekend spree photos. And Jessica’s runway project for Mandy Teens Couture. Classy. But muleheaded.
“…by tomorrow. Up on the balcony,” said father.
“Huh, what?”
He snorted and fumed. He pushed Away and got up, tall imposing politician.
“You’re two and a half months up. You’re due soon. Things are getting tight.”
He winced and staggered and bit and I rushed forward to aid him. He straightened and walked out.
“Is he sick?” I asked Fiona.
“No. Fatigued.” she got up too. “Good night kids.”
She kissed Diana and smiled at me, I nodded in response.
I rolled Diana to her room and tucked her in. Gloomy because Edward is not here. We’re keeping the news as discrete as possible before the paparazzi descend on us like a swarm of bees.
In my bed, I looked through Umbria’s photos that I’d taken on the plane when she wasn’t looking.
I smiled.
It was well into dawn, the early hours of the morning.
I’m tipsy.
Teetering on being completely drunk. And Lucy keeps filling up the glass.
I laughed.
I feel like the biblical prodigal son. Only that I’m never going to be good again. Until I had Umbria for myself.
Lucy placed a forceful, rough kiss on my lips. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer.
“Yo, still thinkin’ ‘ bout her?”
I sighed.
Lucy screwed up her face. “Thought I take care o’you? Why don’t you want to forget Umbria? I tell you she’s moved on with some other guy, richer, handsomer, everything you’ll never be and more!” she yell.
“You’ve got no right to yell at me, or talk about Umbria in that way! Because she’s way more better than you. You, you’re a whore,” I yanked her hands up.
Loud music blaring from the jukeboxes muffled most of our sounds as well as others in here, so that it was a man, a bitch and their slutty businesses.
“You shovin’ it in my face huh? Well I didn’t give myself to you to have you insult me!” she glared, jerked her arms off and stormed away.
I caught her and forcefully kissed her, biting her lips especially as she kept fighting back.
“Stop! If when you fuck me you keep imagining it’s Umbria then go to hell!” she spat.
“Don’t be daft Lucy, you want this as much as I do,” I growled and crushed her to myself.
She felt me against her.
Soon we found a room.
With both of us furious it was hard and fast.
Then I left.
Today’s Sunday.
Day off.
I’ll spend the whole day in bed fantasizing about…..

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