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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 39

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 39

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


Edward and I sat facing each other in a not so expensive restaurant, talking and chatting over glasses of drinks. As we spoke, my mind drifted to what Stephanie Greenfield told me the night of princess Diana’s birthday.
“So you’ve succeeded in ensnaring the heart of the crowned Prince of primrose huh? Well FYI it’s every girls dream to meet their prince charming, but it doesn’t mean you’ll ride off into the sunset. I’m telling you now, stay away from Prince Edward. A shantytowner like you has no place among kings. Take it from a friend.”
She had spoken softly, but there was undeniably a hidden threat lacing her words.
Now I feel cheap somehow. Like I’ve come between an important union — their engagement.
Tears rolled down my eyes:
“Edward’s and I engagement was prearranged, we were betrothed about seven years ago. And you think coming in to ruin the pretty picture would get you him?” she asked softly.
“Look milady, I’m sorry if I caused uh, hitches with your seven years plan, but I love Edward very much and—”
“And you think he loves you too?” she chuckled. “All the Oswalds…they’re players. It’s in the gene honey. Edward had been a little stuck up lately, and unlike his brother he conducts his affairs discreetly. But that’s all they are: affairs. You’re not any different.”  
” Hey, ” Edward nudged me gently. “What’s wrong?”
That’s when I realized I zoned off long enough not to hear what he’d been saying for about five minutes.
“Uhm, nothing,” I whispered and smiled.
I picked on my food.
I thought.
So he’d been the perfect definition of loving since we started dating, but as Stephanie Greenfield said, was it all part of the script?
Practical Margaret Kent would push the table aside, thank Edward for his time and expenses, blow him a kiss for effect and walk off, never looking back.
Suddenly practical Margaret didn’t seem too appealing.
“Darl you’re not eating, if you don’t like the food I can asked the waiter to —”
“Do you really love me?” I finally breathed out.
For a second he looked flustered. “Why would you ask that… of course I do. Very much,” he kissed my knuckles.
I moistened my lips.
I know what I’m about to say, or do, is totally nuts and crazy but ever since that night I spent every of my waking hours and nights thinking it through. Edward and my relationship was romantic alright, with the hugs and the kissed. But even that was not enough. He was too busy and there was a limit to how often he was seen with me. I wanted more. And now even more is Impossible.
I cleared my throat.
“I— I want you t-to prove it,” I said.
He frowned. “Maggie I’d do it over and over again. I’d do anything you want Just to show you. It hurts that somehow you’re doubting me. Or does Stephanie have anything to do with this?”
”No….I want—I want you to make love to me,” I breathed, and his eyes widened a little.
I know he’s kind of surprised because I’d made it clear from the start of our relationship that I wasn’t really ready for it. Now I’m as sure as sure can be. If eventually we broke up or got separated, I wanted it to be with no regrets. None at all.
“Are you sure?” he finally asked, looking doubtful, but whether it’s my imagination or not I thought I saw a slight curl of his lips.
I reached out for his hands.
Finally he let the smile take over as he made his way to settle this bills. Few eyes on us, he took my hands and led me out to his car.
“Very well thank you,” Lady Liz replied to my question about how she was doing and took a sip of her juice. She smiled at me.
“And you honey? How’re you?”
“I’m okay,” I shrugged.
“Mmm, and how’s my stubborn nephew treating you hmm?”
“Ah,” I chuckled. “Okay I guess.”
“You guess?”
“No, no. Oscar’s just great.” I decided to tell her about the math assignment and we were laughing happily together later.
“That boy…always been a smart one. He’s too modest to let people know. And Jessica…” Liz tutted disappointingly, “never really liked her. I’m not supposed to say this though,” she winked. I grinned. “Too pretentious. And did you say you’re running for school’s queen sweetie?”
“Yup, I’m not so sure about it. Feel like its something I should really do. You think I’m up for it?”
“You’ll do just fine.” she squeezed my hands.
I asked about Tessy and Freddy.
“Oh, they’re up somewhere with Diana. It’s siesta time but I’m sure they’re probably messing around with her toys. So you’re wondering why I called you over.”
I nodded.
She set her glass on the table.
“How’s your dad? He’s walking well now right?”
I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Why’s she asking that? “Not perfectly but good enough. He’s fine.”
“And your mom?”
“Fine too.” I hesitated when I saw that Lady Liz required more detailed answers. Perhaps Oscar already told her about me, or Diana. How much should I tell her? “She’s…. sort of partial to me. Oh I shouldn’t say partial because there’s no other kid. But sometimes I….. I feel she doesn’t….”
“Love you?”
I nodded. “Yes milady.”
“Your father, George Lee?”
I nodded again.
She looked thoughtful for a while. “Tell me about your childhood.”
And I began to explain everything, leaving out the stupid encounter with Tom. Told about my friends, likes, dislikes, multiple jobs, everything. By the time I was done she was crying.
Which is weird. I know my story’s quite touching but it’s never made anyone cry before. Not that I told anyone except Oscar and maybe Audrey.
“Uhm, milady? I should have spared you the sob story.”
“I’m… I’m so sorry sweetie.” she dabbed at her eyes with a kerchief.
“Uh, it’s okay. Really. It’s not your fault.”
”You don’t get it sweetie, it’s all my fault. I knew, I shouldn’t have… oh god!”
Not knowing what else to do I sat and watched her.
Queen Fiona walked in just then looking as grim as Lady Liz.
“Your highness,” I made a slight head bow. Lady Liz looked up at Queen Fiona who nodded sullenly
“I…I ….take me to your father,” Lady Liz said.
All through the drive in which I sat at the back seat with Lady Liz while a driver and a bodyguard sat in front, Lady Liz kept sobbing and once she hugged me and kept saying that she’s sorry. I’m as confused as hell. She took one car so that the media or public won’t get a hint as to who was going to Queensland to do what.
When we arrived, they parked at the curb and four of us walked down to our house. Queenslanders stared at me and my convoy. I know they’re wondering why I always turn up with a rich person (Audrey and Jessica) or with royalties (Oscar, and now, Lady Liz). Well, I’ve always told them I’m important.
I knocked on the door, then remembered that I normally push it open, and stepped in.
“Jeez dad, we’ve got visitors! Get that chips bowl over to the kitchen and straighten out the cushions and throw pillows —”
“And who’s this visitor that made my daughter forget her manners eh? Tell me, your rich boyfriend?” he winked. Dad doesn’t know who exactly I’m, should I say, dating. Just that he’s a rich guy from school. I didn’t tell him because Oscar and I aren’t exactly dating. I still haven’t agreed into being his girlfriend. I thought about the necklace which was safely tucked into my school shirt and hidden by the collar.
“No, somebody!”
He got up with his crutches. “Now, now deegee, you shouldn’t —”
“Hello, George.”
From the kitchen I saw dad freeze, and one crutch fell from his hand as he stared dumbfounded at Lady Liz who had a sad smile on her face.
She nodded.
Okay, what’s going on?
“You know each other?” I asked suspiciously.
“Deegee maybe you should step out for a while, go see Margaret.” dad said without looking at me.
“But dad I —”.
” Umbria just go okay, ” Lady Liz added softly, and I picked up my bag and stormed out. I glared at the two guards standing like gladiators beside my door and went to Maggie’s. She wasn’t in so I headed to Carl’s.
People asked me stupid questions about my “August” visitor and I glared in reply.
Whatever’s going on, I’ve this bad feeling it’s something not good.
We’d eaten at a restaurant before now, but as we drove to a hotel I could feel the tension between us cackling like an electric whip lash. This wasn’t going to be my first time having sex, but it’s been so long I’d abstained that I felt nervous. Of course Edward knew about this. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other well enough. Edward squeezed my hand and smiled a smile that held two meanings: one of assurance that everything will be okay, and the other with promise of sensual pleasures to come.
After checking in, Edward said, “I promise you won’t regret it.”
And he kissed me before a rational thought could settle.
A kiss different from any other we’ve shared. Before long our clothes were gone in a frenzy of heat and excitement.
I stroked my arms up the silken steel of his back and shoulders. The feel of him lying over me was a blessed weight but I wanted much more. So much more. My inner core was aching for his full possession; the needs he had awakened and temporarily satiated were back with a hunger that was even more urgent and ravenous. i could feel it clawing at me as his mouth came back down to mine, his tongue mimicking the act of making love with such blistering accuracy I felt the pressure building like an ache.
He left my mouth to move down my body, taking my clothes with it. His mouth found my breast, caressed it hotly with his lips and tongue, circling the nipple, teasing it with soft little bites that made the base of my spine melt like molten wax. He moved to the other breast, subjecting it to the same exquisite torture until my back was arching like a sensuous cat. Just when I thought I could take no more he upped the ante. He trailed his mouth down between my breasts, dipped his tongue into the shallow cave of my belly button and then went lower.
I clutched at the bedcovers to anchor myrself as his tongue gently parted me. The sensations were so soft at first I thought it would not amount to much. But then he changed the pressure, varying it, reading my body, gauging my reactions to tailor his sensual assault to maximum effect. The sensations built to a crescendo and then were triggered into a cataclysmic explosion that shook my body like a rag doll.
When he came back to my mouth I could taste my saltiness on his lips. He deepened the kiss and I played tag with his tongue, gaining confidence with him as the passion I could feel in his body rose to fever-pitch. He dealt with the issue of a condom with a deftness I could only imagine came from extensive experience.
But right now i didn’t care a blink for any of his other partners. This was between us.
Here and now.
And right here and now I could feel the sheathed length of him at my entrance. I could hear his low deep murmur of reassurance as he slowly eased my legs apart to enter me. i could hear my own soft gasp as my body resisted him at first, but then, with his gentle coaxing and slow progression, I welcomed him fully. The flood of pleasure at receiving him moved through my body like the rush of a warm wave. It rippled over me as he began to move. Slowly at first, not too deep, letting me get used to the length and breadth of him.
I was swept up in a whirlwind of mind-blowing sensations. The sensuous glide of Ed’s hands on my breasts and on my belly. The way he kissed me with such tenderness and yet such heady passion made me feel like the most special, most beautiful girl in the world. The way his tongue played with mine, teasing it into a playful duel that made my lower body ache for release all over again. He moved to caress me between my thighs with his fingers, that final stroking enough to send me flying into a sea of pleasure. My whole body shook with the power of my orgasm, heightened by the hard thick presence of him moving with such rhythmic motion. My climax triggered his release. I felt every powerful pump of it as he emptied and wished that somehow it would never end, that we were just two ordinary people in love without the burden of background rules to weight us down. I felt him shudder in my arms, his long tall body tensing and then completely relaxing in the afterglow.
We made love again and again, each time feeling like the first, until we were pleasurably sore.
He kissed my forehead and rolled over, scooping me in his arms as we slept.
Not for long.
Minutes of laying awake and thinking later, I got dressed and crept out.

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