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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 8

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 8

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


🏬 📚.
“Coming mom!”
I hurried outta the kitchen where I was making breakfast and lunch for the refrigerator and went into Hannah’s room where she was busy piling heap of clothes and chores for me.
“I want you to get these all washed and —”
“But mom, most of them aren’t dirty!” I protested.
“And who asked for your opinion?” she snapped.
“Hannah let the girl be! She’ll be late on her first day,” dad spoke from his position on the bed. His wheelchair was besides him. I haven’t touched the money yet, I’m still drawing up a budget for it’s expenditure.
Hannah scowled at me and rolled her eyes without speaking.
I took that as the cue for me to leave.
“Do them when you get back,” she said.
“Whatever,” I replied and shut the door.
💮 💠 💢
I stood in front of the mirror, admiring myself in my Primrose uniform.
👟 👚
The pink long sleeved shirt was body hugging, and the maroon pleated skirt stopped somewhere at my thighs, way above my knees. The light pink socks with maroon stripes reached up to my knees and stopped just below the skirt , showing a little hip skin. The necktie was maroon too. I wore my black boots👟. Gosh, I look like a rich girl and I’m super nervous about attending the school.
*No way, Um. Nothing beats you*
That’s right.
With renewed boldness, I tied my hair in a ponytail, hung my 🎒 backpack across a shoulder, and hurried out after bidding dad good bye and listening to his little speech on how I should be a good girl and not let any guy deceive me the way Harry, Wayne and Tom did.
He didn’t need to tell me twice.
I walked all the way to Bruce’s Bakes and Breakfast where Maggie was the only one getting things set. As usual.
“Hello Maggie,” I breathed and dropped my bag on the counter, tying on an apron.
“Wow….Umbria you look good!” she exclaimed wide eyed. “I didn’t even recognise you, thought twas some rich sophomore that lost her way in the slums!”
I laughed and began wiping the table tops, putting fresh cakes and snacks on display, and arranging fresh flowers on the tables.
“I’m uncomfortable in this uniform,” I said. “See my thighs!”
She laughed. “You look great. Now drop that dish rag and go to Primrose. You’ll be late.”
‘”OK OK,”
“Hope you got enough sleep last night?”
“I barely slept a wink. Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep in school.”
“You won’t. Take care, okay? And keep a truckload of stories for me.”
“Will do. Bye.”
On my way out I nearly bumped into Carl, who stared at me for well over ten minutes before telling me that I looked good. I thanked him and rushed out. I’m super late, the bus leaves here around seven. This was seven oh six.
I ran to the bus stop, waving at neighbors who congratulated me on entering Primrose college.
The bus 🚌 was about moving when I reached.
I ended up standing throughout the ride. Because I didn’t wanna get my new uniform rumpled.
Or because there was barely space.
I heard murmurs….. well, I’m the only Primrose student riding a bus.
Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS brought to you by Happy’s Library.
Author Happy©
🏰 🏰.
I breezed into the dinning room where father, queen Fiona, Edward and Diana sat having breakfast and sat on my seat, dropping my guitar bag on the seat next to mine. I turned down the volume of the headphone I wore and put it around my neck.
“What’s up guys? Father, your highness, good morning.”
Father made a gruff noise in response and eyed my guitar, while Fiona smiled and asked about my night.
Edward chuckled. “You know it’s nice having you for breakfast once in a while,” he said and sipped his tea☕.
“Mmm,” I replied. Edward wore a red button up shirt, gold cuffs and buttons, Royal crest, and shoulder brush. The perfect Prince I’ll never be.
“Oscar, Umbria’s resuming Primrose today,” said Diana.
“She is?” I asked, feigning ignorance. Actually I knew quite well that she was. I’ve been kinda anticipating it.
“Yep. I can’t wait to see her again.”
“She’s a nice girl,” Fiona added. “Thoughtful and all.”
“Very nice,” Edward concurred.
I don’t care for stuff like that.
I gulped down my tea and took a🍪 cookie from the tray.
“Gotta go now.”
“Honey, I was thinking of giving a contract to the bakery Umbria works. Maybe they’ll be supplying all our pastries and stuff,” Fiona said to father.
He replied something which I couldn’t hear because I was already out the door🚪.
The staff bowed as I passed to the garage, got in my black Austin Mardi 🚗and drove out.
Usually the guys and I go to school in our limo when were at the penthouse. Other times we use our cars when we’re at home.
🏫 🏫.
The huge maroon gates were wide opened when I arrived. I could see students in uniforms milling about, talking in groups, driving in in fancy cars and bikes. All the school buildings were tall.
Cautiously, I walked in and waved to the security at the gate. He called me back and asked for my ID🆔 card. I explained that I resumed today, and he realized I was the scholarship students so he let me pass happily, but said I should try getting one before the week runs out. He directed me to the administrative block where I could meet the principal and get necessary documents. I thanked him.
I kept walking till I got to the principal’s office. The secretary there buzzed me in.
“Good morning sir,” I said.
He looked up, then smiled.
“Umbria Lee?”
I nodded, then changed and said, “Yes sir.”
“Welcome to Primrose college….”
He talked for a little while, telling me what to do and what not to do, and then gave me my school map. “Primrose is a school of different talents, so for today you’ll be in the central grade, until you decide exactly where your talents lie, and you’ll be transferred. Study hard.”
“Thank you.”
“And oh…” I paused, and he grinned a bit widely, “your primrose cake, the best I’ve ever tasted! You’ve got talent.”
I giggled. “Thanks a lot, sir.”
📜 📜
School map… school map….
More like a jumble of mess!
I’ve never really been good at geography even at Queens High where I was. The teacher was a tall but lanky black man who rapped, rather than spoke. Eventually, I ended up skipping his classes chainly and got an F in the subject. Whateves. It’s not like I plot maps when drawing icings😒.
I stopped walking and studied the gibberish of a map.
Wait, maybe it’s upside down!
I turned it, and it began to make sense. Not really, but at least.
Central grade……
While walking, I simultaneously glance at the map.
And because I wasn’t looking, I tripped over and branch, stumbled and caught myself before falling.
Wait, it isn’t a branch, unless branches wore long socks and pink wedges.
Laughter’s floated around me.
I stood to my full height to see two handful of students laughing their asses out😂 😂 😀 😄 😅 😆.
Gosh, embarrassment on my first day?
“Well well well, if it isn’t the famous Umbria Lee,” a female voice sneered.
I looked by my side to see the owner of the shoe: a living barbie doll. Blonde hair, blue eyes👀, perfect nose👃, polished lips👄, polished nails 💅 and the high cheek bones of the one and only Jessica Rogers.
Oh my god, I murmured to myself.
Beside her were two girls, all blonde and similar to her.
This was a classic highschool routine; I experience same at Queens. Pretty girls who made it their mission to torture and bully plain ones.
Well, not me.
“Of course I’m Umbria Lee, I knew that already. But obviously you didn’t, because obviously your head’s full of hot air and mush for you to realize that there was a person headed this way, and you should’ve just tucked your foot under your butt and let me pass in peace,” I snapped, wiping imaginary dust from my self.
The gathered students oooohed, and more were attracted to the scene.
“Excuse me bitch, do you know who I am?” Jessica asked disbelievingly😟 😲.
I scoffed and threw my face away.
She snapped her fingers.
“Caroline!” she ordered.
The other blonde who I’m assuming is Caroline stepped forward.
“This is Jessica Rogers, daughter of senator Rogers; famous teenage model whose pay a day can buy your whole goddamned life; whose command is law in this —”
“Chitchat,” I cut in, rolling my eyes. “Look, Jessy — can I Call you Jessy?— I’d have loved to stand idly around and chat with you, but I’ve got this freaking map to study so I can find central grade or whatever, and I’m already going nuts because of it. Trust me, you don’t wanna get on my bad side.”
I made to walk away, but she snapped her fingers again and before I knew it, two random guys💪 were holding each of my arms to keep me in place.
“What the fuck is this?” I protested.
“I’ll pardon you today because you’re new. But get this👂; I’m the Queen here. I run things. And I’m warning you now to stay away from anything that’s mine. If you had the audacity to kiss my boyfriend in front of the whole world —”
“You’re crazy, you know that? Here I was, thinking you waited specially to ambush me for some better reason, and your hampering on old news? Oh puh-leeze, Jessy, get a life!”
I jerked away from her two honchos.💪
“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a class to find.” Then I yelled, “Okay everyone, shows over. Break it up, break it up!”
Murmuring, they began to disperse slowly.
Without a backward glance, I adjusted my bag and continued on my quest to find my classroom.
Queen of the school.
What a joke!🙊

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