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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 10

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 10

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


Beads of perspiration decorated my forehead, arms, face and neck as I did pull ups and chin ups in the gym at the penthouse that morning. Workout is always an effective way to get my mind out of things angering things, while music is usually to soothe my emotions. Because right now I felt like punching something….or someone.
I left the crossbar and moved over to the boxing dummy, while wrapping bandages around my knuckles. I took one look at the boxing gloves and discarded it.
I began to punch the dummy hanging from chains from the ceiling.
I punched and punched, excreting all my anger and frustrations on that piece of thing .
Father’s at it again
He’s started hampering on me taking royal duties serious, officially announcing my royal heritage to the world and kissing my music career and carefree lifestyle good bye.
Music is my life.
It’s one thing that reminds me about mom without causing pains!
Everything royalty… just reminds me of the hurt mom endured just because she was in love with royalty.
And girls….girls are just the same species. Again, I learnt from mom’s mistakes. Women were careless about hurting others feelings just to get what they wanted. Which is why I find it difficult to accept queen Fiona’s offer to mother me. Not that she was bad, cause mom never mentioned. But there’s no how she didn’t feel that twinge of jealously over father being all lovey dovey to her.
Damn, what am I even thinking!!!
I gave two final punches and stepped away, unwrapping the bandages. As I massaged my hurting knuckles, I stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.
A glance at the wall clock told me that I was super late for school already. The guys had all gone, because I purposely slept in.
I contemplated not going to school because of my foul mood.
But……there’s Project Umbria to work on.
Now there’s a happy thought.
The dame is either playing the ignorance, hard to get, or there’s something up with her behavior. But I know that I’m attracted to her, her voice, face, hair, body, personality, and I intend to explore that attraction until it waned.
After that, I’ll dump her ass and move on to the next target.😏 😏
I headed for a shower.
Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS brought to you by Happy’s Library.
Author Happy©
💓 💓
School’s been fun lately I guess.
Audrey’s been a nice girl and friend, and I considered taking her to meet Maggie. I have a feeling they’ll get along just fine.
That morning, I happened to remember that the principal liked my pastries, so I packaged some in a Bruce B’s Bakes and Breakfast bag and gave it to him. To my credit he loved it, and required special delivery from the bakery to his house everyday! Bruce would be so happy.
It’s still first week, so we’re all in the central grade.
I sat at my desk, listening absentmindedly as the teacher droned on and on about calculus. I’m a smart girl naturally, but school subjects usually bore me out. I spent the whole period writing out music lyrics. I’m at the back so I won’t be easily noticed. I discovered that all the COVS boys were present in class except Osos. Not like I’m bothered.
“Jessica isn’t happy about you being all nice to me,” I told Audrey as we walked to our lockers to stash books away for break.
“That’s her problem. I get tired of her sometimes, to be honest,” Audrey replied.
I locked my locker, and made to walk away when I saw Jessica and Caroline blocking my path, devilish looks on their faces.
“Seriously???” I uttered in annoyance.
She smirked and walked to me. “Hey Umbria. You’re still in Primrose huh?”
“Obviously, unless you’re blind to my uniform.”
“Well that’s good.” she snapped her fingers, and a Caroline handed her a paper, which she gave me. “That’s the rules, newbie. Break any of ’em, and you’ve got the entire Primrosers to deal with. And let me make this clear to you, stay away from Osos. He’s my boyfriend, I’m warning you,” she pointed a pink painted nail in my face.
“Look at you, Jessy. You’re here advertising your boyfriend to me. If he’s yours, won’t he stick to you and quit flirting around right in your face? You’re scared because it’s obvious that you’ll loose him; perhaps he wasn’t yours in the first place—”
I didn’t complete my statement when I felt a hot slap across my cheeks from Jessica.
Angered, I lunged forward to attack her but I was held again by two macho guys.
I bucked and kicked. “Release me you ninnies, I’m gonna kick this bitch’s ass so hard right now —”
Another slap.
“Cheap slut!” Jessica spat at me. Her stilettoed👠foot jammed into my ribs and I groaned. “Jessica stop!” Audrey yelled.
“Shut up Aud. Now listen here slum girl. I’m not gonna warn you again. Rather, I’d make your life hell in this school if you cross me again.”
She and Caroline giggled, while the macho guys roughly pushed me to the ground. Obviously they weren’t done with me.
While other students watched, the two guys beat me up until I lost all strength to fight again.
Audrey pleaded with Jessica on my behalf, but Jessica paid a deaf ear.
My school bag was out of reach, and hazily, I could see my books strewn about.
Just when I thought they’d kill me, I heard soft gasps as one of the huge guys was forcefully dragged off me, and the other was yanked away with equal force.
Audrey hurried to me and helped me sat up. That’s when through my blurry vision I saw Osos and Victor engaged in a brawl with the other huge guys.
Jessica kept screaming for them to stop.
Eventually, they stopped. Already students had gotten it recorded for the school blog.
“Osos what’re you doing!!!?” Jessica screamed.
“Get out of here, all of you! And if I see what happened here on Primrose’s blog, you’ll be sorry!” I heard Victor say. The students began to clear.
“Jessica Are you crazy?” Osos demanded, breathing heavily.
“No Osos, you’re the one I should ask. You’ve never interrupted the way I handle things in this school. What’s wrong with you now?” she demanded angrily.
Victor and Audrey helped me up and I began gathering up my stuff.
I sent a hateful glare to Caroline who was shaking behind Jessica.
Osos and Jessica were engaged in a stare off.
Then Jessica scoffed, rolled her eyes and walked up to him.
“Don’t be mad at me, okay? I was only doing what I thought best to protect you,” she purred, stroking his ears. Then she kissed him, and sent a smirk my way.
Hissing, I bundled my bag and stormed out with Audrey and Victor calling out to me.
“This school’s fucked up, big time!” I yelled as they caught up with me.
“What happened back there?” Victor asked.
“Well, Jessica approached Umbria and began to —” Audrey began but I cut in.
” They tried to kill me, that’s what! Is this how things are done? Where the teachers?”
“The central grade is mostly students run, so the admin block’s on the other side,” Audrey replied.
“Oh yeah? Well that’s stupid. If she thinks that she can pick on me just cause I’m….. just in the name of a guy, well she thought wrong! You hear that Jessy? Think again!” I yelled.
“Look Umbria just —”
“And yeah; here’s a message for Mr High and Mighty. Tell him to stay away from me!”
So saying, I grabbed my bag and stormed out on them.
Everything’s just messed up!
I stopped at a quite corner behind a building and sat on the floor, letting the pent up tears at my pathetic life flow.
“Hey,” someone said.
I looked up to see Osos squatting in front of me, with his face a soft expression and his eyes staring into mine……
🎸Pulling Her🎸
Written by Happy
💓~~~chapter ten b~~~👌
✋ ✋
Immediately, I turned away and swiped at the trails of tears from my eyes and cheeks. I can’t let anybody see me weak. Can’t let anybody see my tears.
Then I returned my gaze to him, a ready frown in place.
“You okay?”
I rolled my eyes and made to stand up hurriedly, but he just held me in place with both hands on each of my arms.
“Hey hey, what’s the rush?” he asked softly.
“Look, I’m not in the mood for any kind of games Osos—”
“Oscar,” he cut in.
“Huh?” I asked, a bit baffled.
“Oscar, my name?” he replied, more like asked.
“Whatever. I’m not in the mood for any kind of games that your girlfriend wants to play —”
“Jessica’s not my girlfriend,” he cut in again.
“Will you stop interrupting me! And what you just said right now, sounds like a headline in a newspaper struggling for fame and recognition in the midst of big guns by coming up with tall stories…..” I trailed off. I’ve just forgotten what we’re talking about.
He seemed to notice too, because the starting of a smile curled his lips.
“Do you always talk this much that you loose thought on the topic at hand?” he asked amusingly.
“Yes,” I snapped, “when I’m angry. And I happen to be really angry right now. Let go of me, Oscar. Now.”
He left me, and we both stood up.
“Jessica’s all out for me in this school. And it’s all because of you. I wanna have a peaceful final year, not a drama filled one, okay? So stay away from me.”
He shrugged. “Can’t do that.”
“Why? Did you even hear a word I said!?”
He nodded. “See you around.”
And just like that, he left.
Damn all this, this guy’s seriously is getting on my nerves. 😠
Grabbing my schoolbag, I trotted unsteadily back to class, ignoring the glances and sniggers sent my way.
Just two hours to go…..
🕐 🕜 🕑
When I got home that day, mom was out. But sure enough, there was a truckload of chores waiting for me.
I sent a clipped greeting to dad, and him knowing me very well, he figured something was off with me.
“Something wrong?” he asked.
I shook my head , then changed my mind and said yes. “It’s boys trouble at school.”
His eyebrows raised as if to say really.
” It’s just…. ” I sighed and got up. “Schooling at Primrose’s gonna be a shitload than I expected.”
He smiled and squeezed my hands reassuringly.
🏢 🏢
“How’s this one Caroline? My neck’s gonna be fuzzy, and it’ll shine so much drawing attention to me. The party’s gonna be like my stage,” I gushed, holding up a fur and sparkle lined pink mink coat.
We’re in my bedroom, trying out outfits for a party we’re invited to. My room’s mostly pink, I love it.
Different clothes littered my bed.
“Yah, but Jessy are you seriously pretending that the episode at school didn’t happen?”
“Mmm…Tiffany’s gonna be jealous, I’ll steal the spotlight of her show,” I said, admiring my mink, pretending I haven’t heard her.
” WHAT, CAROLINE!!? Do you have to fucking remind me that my own boyfriend fought off my goons, thwarted my rules all to save that good for nothing slum girl? Osos doesn’t fight, he doesn’t even involve in my stuff.”
”Well the fact that he did, even the usually quiet Victor, could mean that she’s something more —”
“Shut up Caroline!” I threw the coat away. “I’m a fucking Barbie, pretty face, pretty curves, pink feet in perfect shoes! I’ve got money, I’ve got fame, I’ve got everything and more that that slum girl would only dream of having! She’s playing with fire if she thinks she can get Osos to look at her for a second!”
I took a deep breath after my rant and resumed selecting an outfit when Audrey entered, just ending a phone call.
“Whatcha doing, sister?”
“Tiffany’s party,” I replied.
She nodded and sat on my bed, texting and smiling. She’s talking to her crush Victor I’m sure.
“Oh, I invited Umbria to the party.”
“Say what?” Caroline asked.
Audrey nodded.
I scoffed. “You just had to ruin my night, Aud.”
“Umbria is a nice girl, Jes. If only you could stop bullying her and get to know her.”
“Sure, but please don’t bully her anymore okay? It’s not her fault you know, every one knows that Osos and his friends are pussy pleasers.”
I scoffed again.
🌼 🌺 🌼
👗 Umbria👟
My fingers hurt from hand washing all the clothes in the laundry basket.
I checked my time.
It’s evening already.
Audrey invited me for the weekend party a friend of hers, Tiffany is holding. I don’t do parties ever since my third breakup, but when I told Maggie she was beside herself with making me look good.
I’d just finished having a shower when her knock came.
“Hurry, hurry or you’ll be late!” she began immediately I opened. “Your mom’s over at my mom’s, you know how they are when they’re spreading town’s gossips. Where’s dad?”
“Asleep, I left him a message.”
In my room, I pulled out a jean trousers👖 and tee-shirt👕.
“What’s that Um! It’s a rich peoples party! After what they did to you today, you gotta show em you’ve got class and style.”
Margaret showed me a green dress👗.
“Curtis got it for me last year, I haven’t gotten around to wearing it.”
Curtis was her boyfriend since she was in highschool, they broke up because they realized that they’re good friends, not meant to be lovers.
I shook my head. “I’m going there as me, Umbria Lee. I’m not changing just to fit in.”
“Fine, I’ll still save this one. Who knows, you might need it for your future date with Os—”
I sent her a glare that threatened her to finish the statement. She chuckled. “Down girl. But I’m telling you. Guys like that…. they always get what they want. Typical bad boys type. Perhaps you’re the one to change him, perhaps by this time next month you’ll find out that there’s more to him than he lets people see, and you two will fall helplessly in love that —”
“Ho no, Maggie. After the experience with Tom, I’m done trying to change guys. Besides, you told me that I should be careful not to get my heart broken!”
“Yes, and I’m also telling you, Osos is different.”
She tapped my shoulders and smiled.
Get dressed. You’ll run late.”
🍸 🍷
When I arrived at the location Audrey texted me, I discovered that it was actually a club, they called it SPARKEYS. I hung my bag across my chest and peeped inside. Loud music boomed from every corner.
The lights were dim blinking colour from a neon disco ball.
Gosh, what am I doing!
I don’t belong here yet.
Everyone inside were dressed expensively. But Umbria, you’re you okay? You’re the jeans loving girl who doesn’t give a damn about others because you’re the only girl in your world…..your world of determination, making money and living your dreams.
Exactly, this isn’t my world yet.
I turned around and nearly bumped into somebody.
“Hey Umbria. You here?”
“Yeah, Audrey invited me over. She said most Primrose students gather here every weekend for fun and stuff, but I Haven’t seen her, so I’ll be off now. Chow!”
I ducked past him, he held me back.
“Aud’s inside. I’ll take you to her,” he offered.
“No, that’s not necessary… I uh….headache. Yeah, headache. Loud music tends to make it worse,” I gave a nervous laugh.
He smiled. ”You’re dodging.”
“What?? No……”
He chuckled. “Come on. You can stick with me if you don’t feel comfortable.”
I sighed. Victor’s a good guy.
“Yeah, thanks.”
He held my hands as we walked inside.
He waved and hollered greetings to guys I recognized from our class, and caught air kisses from crushing ladies, while I received death glares.
Whoa girls, he’s just a friend helping out okay?
I spotted Audrey, and she waved coming towards us.
“Hi Victor,” she said quietly.
“Hey,” Victor replied.
“Umbria! You made it,” she smiled, then her smile froze as she stared at something.
I followed her gaze; it landed on mine and Victor’s interlinked hands.

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