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Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 11

Pulling Her HEARTSTRINGS Episode 11

A story written by HAPPY



Henry ogbonna (CMILT) – Biography


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“Yo Vic!” Stanley called from the bar counter where the other COVS boys were. They motioned him over and he left after giving my hand a squeeze😕.
“Umbria, what was that about?” Audrey finally asked. “You and Victor holding hands?”
“Oh, psssh. I didn’t want to come in. He met me outside and convinced me that you’re in. I actually wanted to run when he held me.”
“So there’s nothing up with you two?”
“Goodness Aud, no. I’m sworn off boys.”
She nodded, then changed her countenance to a smiling one. “You know I was kinda mad. I like Victor, but he doesn’t seem to notice me. In fact, he doesn’t seem to notice anyone. Which is why twas a shocker seeing you two holding hands.”
I shrugged. “No harms done. You look good by the way.”
“Thanks. Come on, I’ll officially introduce you to Tiffany.”
I didn’t wanna go, but she tugged on me, taking me along.
Jessica, Caroline, Tiffany and two other girls were chilling at a table, drinks and glasses on top.
They stop chattering when they saw me.
“Oh, if it isn’t the infamous Umbria Lee,” Tiffany said, more like sneered.
I rolled my eyes as their eyes roved over me.
“Sit with us,” Tiffany said.
Audrey nudged me into a sit, and she sat on another empty one.
I was subjected to their belittling stares; stares that laughed at you, mocked you, made you feel worthless and embarrassed about your very existence.
Somehow, I found myself being affected.
I’m in plain t-shirts and faded jeans. They’re all dressed classically.
“Drink, Umbria,” Juli, one of the girls said, handing me a glass.🍺
“I’m sorry, is it alcoholic?” I asked.
“Whoa whoa, you don’t drink alcohol?” Karie spat.
“Uhm, no.”
They burst out giggling.
“Stop,” Audrey hissed and gave me a glass of citrus.
Tiffany, another Barbie doll lookalike with blonde curls, made-up face and polished nails, silenced her girls. All this while, Jessica is sending me death glares.
“So, Umbria. Where’d’you live?”
“Queensland,” I replied simply and sipped my drink.
“That shantytown??? Eww,” said Juli, and highfived with Karie.
“That shantytown’s my home,” I replied, unable to contain it any longer.
“Ooh, touchy,” Caroline giggled.
“Let me get something straight; you come from the slums, that breed for hooligans and thugs, and you don’t drink alcohol? You must be their holy Mary,” Tiffany sneered.
They laughed.
“You know I’m not gonna allow y’all to sit here and insult me,” I said.
“Oh, but we’re trying to know you better, to know exactly what you’ve got, that makes you keep your eyes out for my Boyfriend,” Jessica finally spoke up, looking at me with all hatred.
“Look, Audrey is this why you called me over?” I asked.
“No Umbria. Girls stop making her feel uncomfortable,” Audrey pleaded.
“Shut up Audrey. You’re dumb! Defending a whore.” said Jessica.
“Whore!” I repeated dumbfounded.
“Didn’t you see? She knows of you’re crushing on Victor, that’s why she’s got her claws out for him. Same thing with Osos. She’s a slut. Well I’m not surprised, it’s in slum peoples DNA.”
I slapped Jessica.
Immediately, all the girls except Tiffany stood up.
“You dare—”
“Yes, and I’ll do it again. I’m sick and tired of your catfights and jealousy. Leave me out of it!”
I ran off
Juli and Karie and Caroline made to come after me, but Tiffany and Jessica told them not to.
I was rushing to the restroom when Audrey caught up with me.
”Umbria I’m sorry —”
“Audrey, tell your friends it was nice meeting them. But I hope I never see them again!”
I ran out the door.
Victor’s voice called me.
“U okay?” he asked.
I swiped angrily at my eyes
“I’m fine,” I choked out.
“No you’re not, come on. Let’s get you outta here.”
Being emotionally weak to argue, I let him take me to the table where Stan and Chris were engaged in a loud argument about whatever.
“Hey….Umbria! What’s popping?” Stan asked.
“She’s moody, dimwit,” Chris snapped and I almost laughed but my sorrow was heavy.
“Don’t try anything foolish with her OK? I’ll be right back,” Victor said and left while pressing his phone.
I dumped my bag on the table, and placed my head on my palm as I sulked, trying my best not to cry openly.
“Hey uhm, I know you’re in a bad mood right now, but tell us what happened?” Chris spoke.
I sniffed.
“Or better still, drink this. It’ll help you forget whatever trauma,” Stanley said and offered me a glass.
Absentmindedly, I took it and drank a long gulp.
“Those girls….. witches if you ask me,” I mumbled.
I drank again and gulped down the whole glass.
My head was spinning. I’m not used to alcohol, but in that moment of dizziness I seemed to forget.
If it’s possible, I want to forget every pain of my life.
“More!” I ordered, slapping the glass on the table.
“Which girls?”
Filled glass, I drank.
“Jessica….. Tiffany……. Caroline…… Osos…..”
“Osos isn’t a girl,” Stan said.
I drank. “Suffers……more drink!”
“I think she’s drunk,” Stanley said to Christopher.
“Yeah. Maybe she’s not used to alcohol.”
“More wine,” I practically cried out.
Stanley shook his head.
“No Umbria, you’ve had too much to drink already. Just…. relax.”
I can’t believe I’m missing our weekend club just because of some dumb royal family meeting dad forced us to attend; I didn’t even get anything discussed. Just that Edward was going to England on some ambassador mission with dad, and that his wedding was scheduled sometime afterwards….
My phone rang. Father glared at me, but when I saw it was Victor, I picked up anyway.”
“Vic, what’s up?”
“Bro you gotta come now, Sparkeys.”
He explained in summary what he thought happened. “Hurry.”
“On my way, tell Umbria to hang on” I replied, snatched my keys from the tabletop and rushed out while putting my jacket on.
“I’ll be back soon,” I said.
“Oscar, I forbid you to step out of that door!” father threatened.
“Bro come on,” Edward coaxed.
“I really have to go; a friend of mine, she’s in trouble right now. Dad!”
Queen Fiona searched my gaze, then smiled and asked dad to release me, which he hesitantly did.
I got into my car and zoomed off.
“Edward, Your highness, this is good news.” said Fiona.
“News!!!” the king bellowed and humphed.
“How is it good news, mother?” Edward asked, leaning forward.
“It’s that Umbria girl he’s rushing off to save,” said Fiona.
“Who, the baker?” Oswald asked.
“Yes. His reaction to that particular girl is different. Which means Oscar’s gradually falling in love.”
“You’re right, mother,” Edward smiled.
“So all we’ve gotta do is make it easier. Because so far, love’s the only thing that can tame our dear boy.”
“What happened?” I asked Victor as soon as I alighted and he led me into the club.
“It’s Jessica again, she’d been bullied,” Victor explained.
We got to our table which was at the extreme area of the club where it’s just us, only to see Chris and Stanley struggling to heft Umbria onto the chair from the floor.
“What happened to her?” I asked, going forward to assist them.
“She’s drunk,” said Christopher.
“How come? Just a simple work guys, watch her. You can’t do that simple thing!”
“We didn’t know she was soft to alcohol,” Stanley defended.
Then Umbria woke up, throwing her arms around me.
“Oscar…..” she said in a small voice. “Oscar……”
“Sshhh, Umbria. Calm down,” I said, because she’s at the verge of crying.
She left me a made to run, but she staggered and nearly fell but I caught her.
“JESSICA!!!” she yelled over the loudspeakers; God her scream is too loud. “Jessica, I’ve got your boyfriend right here! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT THAT!!! HUH???”
Her words were slurping like a drunk’s own.
This attracted the attention of the others as they stopped their music and gathered at our corner.
“Osos! What’re you doing? Get away from her!” Jessica yelled.
Umbria was jerking to and fro, it’s difficult keeping her steady. “Guys, help out,” I told the boys.
“NO!” Umbria said when they touched her, and she ran to me, hugging me tight.
“Osos what crazy drama is this?” Jessica yelled, stomping her foot.
Cameras out.
“Jessica when will you learn to stop bullying innocent girls huh?” I questioned lowly, holding on to Umbria who’s snuggling in my neck.
Jessica groaned and marched forward to drag Umbria and throw her away, but before I could intervene Umbria gave her a very hot backhand slap on the face.
Jessica screamed, and her girlfriends gathered to help her.
“Osos you’re crazy! Why are you being all patriotic and Knight in Shinning Armour to the good for nothing —”
“Shut up Tiff,” Victor said from behind.
“Me?” Tiffany repeated.
“Yeah, and listen to this all you people! I don’t wanna hear about anymore bully towards Umbria, directly or in. This is gonna be the last time, else any one who so much as lay a finger or bad words on her, will have me to deal with. Now get lost y’all, and don’t let me see tonight’s incident trending on any social media platform. I’ll track you down and make sure you haven’t even got a social media life to talk about. Am I clear?”
“He asked if he’s clear,” Stanley ordered.
“Okay everyone, show’s over. Get your crazy butts outta the way,” Chris said.
I carried Umbria in my arms and walked out.
“Osos —”
“Not now, Jessica,” I cut in.
With Victor’s help, I placed Umbria in my car.
Her hand still held on to my shirt collar.
“Pull me closer,” she murmured, tugging on my shirtsleeve, “pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover,” she said again, eyes closed.
I chuckled. “As much as I’d have loved to take you up on that offer baby…..maybe some other time.”
I gently uncurled her fingers and made her liedown.
Then I shut the door, got into the driver seat and drove off after the others.
I considered taking her home, but that would be suspicious and odd, so I took her to our penthouse.
Gently, I laid Umbria’s sleeping 😴form on the bed in the guestroom.
I took off her shoes.👟
Then covered her up with the blanket.
Her phone rang in her bag👜 which Vic kept beside her bed.
I took it out and recognized the name Maggie. Her friend. I picked.
“Um, finally. What’s up, you’re not back? Your father’s worried sick about you; me too, even Carl. Are you okay?” she paused.
I took a deep breath. They care so much. “Uh, actually it isn’t Umbria speaking —”
”Calm down, I’m a friend from school. Umbria accidentally got drunk, and I had to bring her home. She’s asleep, but she’s fine.”
“Oh gosh, that hardheaded girl….thanks. Uhm, who’re you?”
“A friend,” I repeated. “She’ll be home tomorrow. Don’t worry.”
“0kay, thanks.”📱
Carl….could he be her boyfriend?😒
Humph, not my business.

“You really care for this girl,” Victor pointed out as he came in, handing me a glass of scotch🍺.
I stood, twirling the drink in the glass, admiring her sleeping frame.
She looked so innocent😌 asleep; not like the tigress 🐯she is when awake.
But they both were extremely beautiful.
Not that hot beauty gotten from artificial stuff, but a gentle beauty that seemed to call out to me…. and anyone she beckoned to.
She looked to be in pain, and a teardrop💧 escaped her eyes.
Umbria….. who are you?
What’re you doing to me without so much as an effort?
Victor tapped my shoulder.
“Let’s get some sleep man. You’re drooling😋,” he said.
“You’re crazy, you know that?” I said and closed the door.
He chuckled.
The boys and I spent the night watching most of our music videos, and talking about our next big hit.
We’ll contact our manager and agent, and I suggested Umbria to them.
Perhaps one day they’ll get to hear her sing.

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