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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 21

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 21

Written By Zeeman

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“Anne” I gasped and quickly bolted the door.
“Hey” She smiled.

I sighed and walked towards her on the bed.
“I never knew you’ll come this early” I said glancing at the paper bag beside her.
“Yeah,boss said to come meet you now” She said.
“Okay,so how are you and everyone?” I asked, dragging the stool beside the bed before sitting on it.

“We’re all fine, everyone is missing you and guess what?” She said excitedly.
“What?” I asked.
“I had a mission this afternoon and i accomplished it” She smiled.
“Wow..high five girl” I said and we exchanged high-five.
“So how did you manage to do it. I could remember how shivery you were on your first day” I teased and she pouted.

She did it so funnily that i laughed.

“Mia,are you watching a movie again?” Darrel asked, outside my door, startling Anne and i.
“Geez! That guy is a demon” Anne whispered and i don’t know why i almost defended him.
“Y..yes Darrel,i don’t feel like sleeping yet” I said.
“You should have come down to join me then” He said.
“I don’t want to disturb you” I said.
“Com’on,stop saying that. You never disturb me Mia. I hope you’ll be joining me from tonight onward” He said and i glanced at Anne.

She was chuckling silently.

“Y..yeah, goodnight” I faked a yawn.
“Okay, goodnight” He said and i heard the door of his room opened and closed.

I sighed and turned back to Anne.
She was still chuckling.
“What?” I asked with a frown.
“How do you cope with him? I bet he asks questions every minute” She said.

“Nah! He’s actually the only person i know that treats his employees like family. He’s a cute and sweet guy” I found myself saying.
“Really?” Anne asked.
“Of course but he’s one hell of a stubborn guy. I wish he’ll let go of my case” I said folding in my lower lip.
“That reminds me, how in the world did you manage to defeat more than ten cops and more than four CIA agents?” She asked curiously.

I smiled. “Well…all thanks to my years of training”
“Your years of training? You’re the supernatural being here if i should say” She said.
“Anne,I’ve been with boss since i was eighteen, before then my elder brother was a great kungfu fighter” I said and tried not to remember my dark memories.
“Really? Your elder brother? You’ve never talked about him” She said..
“He’s dead” I said trying to swallow the lump in my throat.
“, I’m so sorry about that” She said.
“It’s fine, i forced a smile.

“So,you managed to defeat them by fighting them all?” She asked.
“Nah! I shot seven of them, i killed about three with my fists and i intentionally spared some people” I said.
“Wow! I want to be like you Mia” She said and i smiled.
“Well…i wish you would be a better version of me” I said.

“So who’s training you now?” I asked.
“Robbie, and i beat him almost every time” She said and i laughed hard,i quickly had to tone it down with fear that Darrel might hear.
“Robbie is a genius only with his laptop”
“Of course, but boss will be training me soon” She grinned.

“Wait,are you crushing on boss?” I asked and her cheeks turned red.
“No” She said but her cheeks didn’t agree with her.
I smiled “You are”
“I’m not!”
“You are!”
“I’m not!”
“Okay,i am” She agreed and i sighed.
“It’s normal right?” She asked.

“It is but i guess you should try to lessen your likeness for him” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
“He would never notice you” I said.
‘He’s homosexual’ I added inwardly.
“Do you like him too?” She asked.
“Of course i like him,he has been so nice to me” I said.
“No,i mean do you have feelings for boss?” She asked.
“Nah!” I said.
“With the years you’ve spent with him?” She asked.
“Yeah, Boss is someone worth falling for but i have never. I don’t know why though” I said.

“Then i’ll also gonna erase my feelings for him then”
“That would be perfect” I said.
“Joel said i should give this to you” She said and brought out a bunch of flowers and a note.
She winked as she gave it to me.
“Smells nice” I smiled as i sniffed the roses.

“Well…I’ll be leaving now” Anne said.
“Ohh and i guess you won’t be coming anytime soon” I said,a bit sadly.
“I guess so, except you need something and boss wants me to bring it to you” She said and stood up.

I stood up too and pulled her into a hug.
“Bye” She waved when we disengaged from the hug .
“Tell Joel,i appreciate his gift” I said.
“I will”
“Bye” I said and watched as she disappeared through the window.

I sat on the bed and opened the bed and opened the note;

💞I never got the chance,

💞To tell you what i have for you is more than a crush.

💞I love you Mia, I’ve always loved you but the courage to utter it was never there.

💞I want us to be together once you’re back.

💞Please don’t say no!


I sighed softly and rubbed my forehead.

Joel loves me?
Why didn’t he tell me long ago?
I don’t even have any sort of feelings for him. My heart is locked up already.
I can’t love anymore.

He said i shouldn’t say no.

It’s been years Mia, why don’t you give someone a chance.
Someone i don’t love? No!
I don’t want to be in a one sided relationship.
The love i have for Joel is nothing but as friendship love.

I stood up and walked to the drawer,i opened it and hid the letter in it.
I don’t even have a vase to keep the flower.
I walked into the bathroom and got a bowl of water,placed the flower in it and made it stay by my window.

Now to my new ninja outfit…

I picked the paper bag and poured the content on the bed.
The first thing my eyes switched to was my ninja outfit and i nearly screamed in excitement.

It’s exactly the same!!

Come to think of it, a woman invented this.
Women are great!
Yass! We are great.

We gat the most awesome creativity in the world.

I smiled as i saw my new sets of wigs and bullets.

Well…I’ll surely need more bullets starting from tonight..

💥💥Next morning.


“Mia” I knocked on her door.
No response!
I knocked again.
“Mia” I called,about opening her door.
“Am in the kitchen” She called from downstairs.

I left her door and started walking down the stairs.

“Hey.. good morning” I walked into the kitchen.
“Good morning” she smiled.
“What are you fixing for breakfast?” I asked.
“Egg salad sandwich. I think you should give me a list of meals to make for breakfast” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
“I don’t feel comfortable cooking what i like,im just an employee here,i don’t own this house” She said and i smiled.

“Com’on,i don’t own this house either,cook whatever you feel like,I’ll definitely like it. I eat anything” I said.
“Including poo?” She asked sarcastically and we both laughed.

It felt so good.

Her hair swayed in the process and for a moment,i was struck by her beauty.

“You’re beautiful” I found myself saying.
“Huh?” She asked.
“I mean… you’re beautiful” I said and she looked a bit surprised by my compliment.
“T..thanks” She said and turned back to the meal she was making.
“I’ll go shower ” I said and she nodded.

I walked out of kitchen, realizing i don’t know much about Mia.
I shouldn’t pry into her life,she’s a private person.

Well…i better shower quick and have my breakfast.
I need to return to my office…i have so much work to do.


“Can you please help me make coffee and bring it to my office” I said to Mia.

We just finished having breakfast.
“Of course. Lemme go make it now” She said and stood up from the dining chair.
“Thanks” i said,got up and walked to my office.

I sat on my swirled chair and rested my back.
My gaze fell on my table and i noticed how untidy it is.

This was not how i arranged the files and notepads. Why’s my laptop not completely closed.
Did Mia come in here?
Yeah…she said she cleaned it but it’s not looking clean at all.

The door opened and she walked in with my coffee.

“Mia,did you came in here after cleaning it?” I asked.
“Yes,i did. I wanted to tidy it all over again but i got distracted,I’m sorry” She said.
“Ohh..No it’s fine” I said.
“I can quickly tidy it now” She said and dropped my coffee on the table in front of me”
“No,I’ll do it” i said.
“I will”
“Don’t bother, I will” I said.
“I will” She insisted.

“Thanks Mia but I’ll love to arrange it my way” I said.
“Are you sure?”
“Okay,do you need anything else?”
“No thanks, I’ll call you when i do” I said.
“Alright” She said and walked out of my office.

I sipped my coffee slowly..

I should call Katy.


📞Joel,try to understand me.

📞Mia,I’m trying to. I love you so much, please don’t turn me down.

I sighed and adjusted on my bed.

📞I..i Joel,i don’t want to hurt your feelings.

📞Mia,i love you.

📞I..i don..

“Mia” I heard Darrel called from downstairs.

📞Joel,I’ll call you back” I disconnected the call and rushed out of my room.

I saw Darrel standing by the edge of the stairs looking worried.

What went wrong?

I started hurrying down the stairs and i had almost gotten to him when i tripped.
My eyes widened and i held a scream as i started falling.

I saw Darrel trying to catch me but he missed a step and fell hard on his back.
I finally landed with my eyes closed but i noticed it wasn’t as hard as the floor and what’s that hard thing piercing my lap?
I opened my eyes and almost got the shock of life when i realised i was laying on Darrel’s chest.

We stared at each other with our heart beating fast in our chests.
My breathing hitched when i realised that our lips were almost touching.

Oh my God.

I quickly tried to get up but he drew me back making my lips finally touched his.



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