Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 22

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 22

Written By Zeeman

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I quickly tried to get up but he drew me back making my lips finally touched his.


My eyes widened in shock and none of us moved.
My heart accelerated at an alarming rate and i felt so weak against his chest.
I can’t believe my lips is pressed against Darrel’s who isn’t even moving but staring right into my eyes with his heart beating against my breast.

I couldn’t explain what i was feeling at the moment,I’ve never felt it before.
I know i should pull away but his lips seems so soft.

We remained that way for some minutes before i jolted back to my senses.
I quickly pulled away from him and stood up.
My cheeks went flushed and i turned, resisting the urge to walk away.
My heart was beating fast and loud,the feel of his lips on mine lingered and i can’t deny that i liked it.

“Mia” He called softly and i pressed my lips together tightly before turning.
“I..i” I stuttered.
“I’m sorry” He said,his expression unreadable.
“For what?” I asked, trying to make what just happened look normal but it wasn’t!

It wasn’t!
My lips just touched Darrel’s and i felt sparks.


“Fo..for pulling you back,i actually wanted to prevent you from falling again. I’m sorry” He said and hand-combed his hair.
“It’s fine. I remember you called me. Why?” I asked.
“Can you believe the assassin assassinated another person yesterday” He said.
“Yesterday?” I asked.
“Yeah,in the mid day” He said.

That’s Anne.

“Are you sure she’s the one?” I asked.
“Of course,who else kills like a bitch” He said and i rubbed my palms together.
“It might not be her,it might just be another person” I said.
“She’s the one Mia” He said.
“Can you prove that to me. She’s not a serial killer so why must everyone always tag her whenever someone is found dead” I said and he gave me a kinda suspicious look.
“Why are you defending her?” He asked.


“No.. i’m not. I’m just saying she might not be the only killer in this city,there are more assassins who also kill but then everyone think it’s this same assassin” I said lightly.
“Well,you’re right but it’s the same bullets we keep extracting from the dead bodies, and even now,the bullets of yesterday’s assassination has been sent to the lab and it has been confirmed to be the same bullets” He said.
“Ohh… fine then” I said.

“Were you busy in your room?” He asked.
“Not really..I was on a call”
“With your brother?”
“Yeah” I replied slowly.
“Do you wanna return to the call?” He asked.
“Is there anything you want me to do for you?” I asked.

“No! I wanna stroll down the street,you wanna accompany me?” He asked.
“You’ve be indoors since you resumed” He added.
“Okay then,am i good to go?” I asked.
“Of course and do i need to change my footwear?” He asked and i glanced at it.
“Y..yeah! Wear something less homey” I said.
“Exactly what i was thinking,I’ll be right back” He flashed me a smile before hurrying up the stairs.

I walked to the living room, adjusting my gown and putting my hair back in place.

I heard his footsteps on his stairs and in seconds he was in the living room.
“So, how’s this one?” He asked and i turned to look at his footwear,i noticed he has changed into a black hoodie too.

“Great!” I smiled.
“Okay,let’s go” He dipped his phone in his pocket and we both walked out of the house.
“Is Nath coming with us?” I asked Darrel as he closed the door.
“If he wants to” He said.

We headed to the gate where Nath was seated, deeply buried in whatever he was doing on his phone.

“Hey” Darrel called and he looked up.
“Agent D. Mia,you both going somewhere?” He asked.
“Yeah,we wanna stroll down the street. Wanna come along?” Darrel asked.
“No. I’m quite busy here” He grinned.
“On your phone?” I asked and he nodded.

“Doing what?” Darrel asked.
“Chatting with..”
“Caroline” Darrel completed it and they give each other a knowing smile.
“Who’s Caroline?” I asked.
“My girlfriend” Nath said proudly.
“Wow! Really? You never told me about her” I said.
“I was planning to. I’m sorry” He said.
“No it’s fine” I smiled.

“We’ll head out then” Darrel said.
Nath quickly stood up and unbolted the gate.
“I could have done that myself” Darrel said.
“No,it’s my job” Nath said.

Darrel and i stepped out and i saw Nath winked at me before closing the gate.

I wonder why.

Darrel and i walked side by side in silence and that moment kept replaying in my head.
The moment our lips touched.

“So..i realised i don’t know much about you” Darrel said.
“There’s actually nothing much to know about me” i said.
“I wanna know the little about you” He said.
“I told you already during the interview” I said.
“I wanna know more” He insisted and i sighed.

“Okay. I stay in California with my parents and brother. My father..” my throat tightened but i continued “is a kung fu master”

“Really?” Darrel asked astonished.
I nodded.
“You’re gonna take me to him someday, I’ve always wanted to learn kung fu” He said amusingly and i laughed.
“I bet you’ll run off on your first day of training”
“Really?” He asked.
“I should stay back then” He said with a little fear in his eyes that i laughed.

“Your fighting skill is great” I said.
“Have you seen me fought?” He asked.
“Y..huh? No but i know your fighting skills will be great” I said.
“It’s not very great” He shrugged.
“It’s fine if you still wanna learn kung fu though. I’ll take you to my dad” I teased and he sent a playful glare my way.
I laughed again.

“So…my father is a kung fu master and my brother too” i said trying to hide the sadness in my voice.
“Wow! I bet people are always scared to come close to you” He said.
“Exactly! My brother is overprotective of me,i liked it at first but i got fed up later on. I had no friends and i was always lonely and bored” I said.

“He chases your friends away?”
“No,they run off theirselves whenever they see him” I said and he bursted into laughter, i laughed too.
“My mother is a chef,she owns a small restaurant just beside our house”
“You family stays at California,why did you come to New York?” He asked.
“I attended college in New York and after that,i got a job…that was the beginning of my stay in New York” I said.

“Nice story” he smiled.
“Thanks but i don’t think i know anything about you” I said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah, except for the fact that you’re Darrel Holden,a CIA agent” I said.
“Ohh…okay, I’ll gladly tell you more about myself” He said and then took my hand in his.

It felt good and i couldn’t stop my smile.

I realised we’ve strolled farther than we intended but we kept strolling anyway.
I was enjoying every bit of it.

“I’m the only child of my parents, my mum is late though” He said.
“Ohh…I’m so sorry about that” I said.
“It’s fine, She slipped from the stairs and..” He said.
“So sorry” i said.

“My dad is rated among the wealthiest in California” He said without any pride.
“Wow! Really?”
“Yeah” He smiled.
“Why did you become a CIA agent then? You have riches to last you for a lifetime even without working”

“A lot of people say that but i know my reasons for choosing this line of profession.” He said.
“Your life is at risk and you’re the only one your father have left, shouldn’t you quit” I said.
“I know,but im not quitting” he said.

Then you should accept your death in good fate then…

His hold tightened round my hand like he knew what i was thinking.
I glanced up at him and he gave me a killer smile that almost made me melt.
I quickly faced my feet with flushed cheeks, scolding myself for behaving so stupid.

“You’re not aware of your beauty. Are you?” He asked and my cheeks color deepened.
I didn’t say anything.
“Even ladies that are not as beautiful as you walk with their heads high but you’re just very humble” He said.
“Thanks” I muttered in smiles.

I felt a tiny drop of water on my skin but shrugged it off.
There came another, another, was increasing rapidly.

“It’s drizzling” Darrel said.
“Wow” my smile widened.


“It’s drizzling” I said.
“Wow” She smiled and i found her more amusing.

I couldn’t describe what i felt when our lips touched.
I actually pulled her back intentionally to make her lips touch mine cause i couldn’t resist the heat she built up in me when she fell on my chest.

It was.. incredible.

It took all the strength in me not to kiss her then and I’m glad i didn’t or rather,i regret i didn’t.
I’m mad at myself for pulling her back though.

Why did i do that?

“Rain is starting to pour” Mia said happily jolting me out of my thoughts.


The downpour was starting to get heavy but i was surprised Mia seems happy instead of trying to find shelter.
Her soaked hair stuck to her cheeks and some found abode on her forehead.
I watched drops of water trailed from her face down to her cleavage.
Her dress clung tightly to her body and i swallowed by just looking at her lush figure.

“Let’s board a cab home” I shouted so she could hear me in the heavy rain.
“No, let’s walk home” She said loudly and laughed,she slipped her hand from mine, turned and started running towards the direction of the house.

I stood and watched her.

Why’s she so excited about rain?
I shivered and my teeth clattered,that was when i realised how soaked i was.

“Darrel let’s go home” She shouted from a distance, waving at me.
I smiled and started running to her, I got to her and she grabbed my hand and started dragging me home.

My heart felt more drawn to her and i couldn’t help but smile all along.



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