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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 23

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 23

Written By Zeeman

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“Darrel let’s go home” She shouted from a distance, waving at me.
I smiled and started running to her, I got to her and she grabbed my hand and started dragging me home.

My heart felt more drawn to her and i couldn’t help but smile all along.


We both walked into the house drenched.

“Geez,I’m sorry i made you walk in the rain” I said to her as we moved further into the living room.
“No,it’s fine. I love it,I’ve always loved walking in the rain” She smiled, shifting some curly strands off her forehead.
“It was fun walking with you” i said.
“Same here. Let’s go get out of our wet clothes,then I’ll make hot coffee” She said.

“Okay” I said and shivered.
“Are you cold?” She asked with furrowed brows.
“I’m not” I lied.
I’m not really a fan of rain.
“I’m sorry,we should have taken cab when you said so but i was selfish” She said.
“ I’m perfectly fine” I said trying to hold the sneeze that was coming but it was a strong one, i couldn’t hold it.

I sneezed hardly and after seeing the look that crossed Mia’s face,i felt like cutting off my nose.

“Darrel I’m sorry” She held my hand and this time my heart shivered not my body.
The worried look on her face made me smile inwardly.

She cares about me!

“I’m fine Mia” I said.
“No you’re not” she said and i couldn’t hide my surprise when she traced my forehead with her finger.
“OMG I’m so sorry,y..your hair..your plaster is wet already, you’ll need to change it” She said.
“Okay” I said.

“Please,go run a hot bath,I’ll bring your coffee to you” She said and turned, rushing towards the direction of the kitchen in wet clothes.
“Mia” I called and she turned.
“Where are you going to?” I asked.
“The kitchen,you need hot coffee” She said.
“Com’on, you also need one but you can’t go into the kitchen drenched,you know it’s dangerous” I said.

“Okay, I’ll quickly go get out of this dress then” She said and turned to the direction of the stairs.
“Mia,you don’t have to feel sorry” I said.
“I have to. Please go have a hot bath, you’re starting to shiver again” She said.

I nodded and watched her disappeared up the stairs.

She might not allow me want go into the rain with her ever again.
She don’t have to feel sorry,i also enjoyed the moment.

“Darrel, won’t you come have the hot bath” She said loudly.
“I’m coming” I answered, and hurriedly climbed the stairs.

I saw her by the door of her room with her head out.
“You can go in,I’ll go have a bath now” I said to her.
“Please do so,i don’t want you getting sick” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks” I said.

She nodded and got back into her room, shutting the door.

I opened the door of my room and walked in.
I peeled off my hoodie and dropped it in the laundry basket.
I picked my towel and walked into the bathroom.

I’ve always used the shower but i guess I’m gonna try out the tub today.
I hung my towel on the rack and slipped out of my trouser and shorts.
I filled the bathtub with hot soapy water before sliding in.


I put on my robe and tied it lightly.

I warpped my hair in a towel and sponged out the water in it as i made my way back to my room .
I was surprised when i saw the steaming coffee doused with cream, on my bedside stool and i was more surprised to see Mia sitting by the edge of my bed, she has changed already.

I stopped squeezing my hair with the towel when she glanced up and smiled at me.

She stood up and i got a good look at her changed outfit.

Just a yellow t-shirt and black pants,her hair is in the normal ponytail,her face bare of makeup yet she looks so breathtaking.
She stole my breath for some minutes and i would have kept staring if she hadn’t spoken up.

“I’m glad you already had a hot bath. You look more better” She said.
“I hope you ran a hot bath too?” I asked and threw the wet towel in my laundry basket.
“Nah! I ran a cold bath” She said.
“Really? Weren’t you also cold?” I asked.
“I was not, i don’t take hot bath after walking in the rain. I love to feel it on my body over and over again” she grinned and i almost wondered what type of person she is.

She can’t be a spirit.
Can she?

“This is the first time I’ll be hearing that” I adjusted my robe.
“I wish you knew my brother,he sleeps in the rain” She said and i gasped.
“Yeah” She nodded.
I’ve noticed this sad expression that crosses her face whenever she mentions her brother.
She’s probably missing him.

“Our family cherish rain a lot, it’s in our lineage and it was passed down to us” She said.
“My father is from China,my mum is just a normal American”
“Wow!” I exclaimed in amusement.

“Your coffee is getting cold” She said.
“Oh” i said, hiding my disappointment. I wish she could continue.
I sat on the bed and picked my cup of coffee.

“Have you had yours?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Why?” I asked.
“I don’t want to,i’m okay” She said.
“You need hot coffee too ” I said.
“Sincerely, i don’t feel like taking coffee”
“You sure?” I asked.
“We can share this if you’re feeling too lazy to make another one” I said and she laughed and the laughter kinda hit a soft spot in me.

“Making coffee is not very hard. Besides,there’s still a lot of coffee in the kitchen,i just don’t feel like taking coffee” She said.
“Okay” I said and started gulping mine.
“Once you’re done,I’m gonna change your plaster and maybe dress your wound” She said pushing forward the first aid box in her hand.
“Really? I didn’t even noticed you have that in your hand” I said.
“I did” She said and placed it on my bed.

I quickly gulped the remaining coffee.
I’m eager to feel her touch on my forehead again.


“What would you like to have for lunch?” She asked after she was done dressing my wound and massaging my forehead.
It didn’t hurt a bit and i found grinning all through.

“Anything is fine by me” I said.
“Just choose a meal,I’m gonna make it” I said.
“Cook anything” I insisted.
“Pasta?” She asked.
“Fine” I said.

“I’ll be in the kitchen then” She said and started walking to the door.
“Wait” I said and she stopped .
“I’ll join you” I stood up.
“No objection” I added.
“You gat me” She laughed.

“You’ll continue the story of your family” I said.
“As you wish” She smiled and we both walked out of my room.

I couldn’t stop grinning.


That girl is a bitch!!
A complete bitch!!!

How could she ruin my plan!
How could Darrel be such a weakling.
I thought he will capture her!
I still can’t believe she defeated those ugly looking cops.
Are they even worthy to be called cops?

They should have shot her eyes,legs,stomach,head.
They should have just shot her all over but the stupid thing is always putting on bulletproof.

‘well,it won’t be so anymore’ I laughed.
I am the one who got her new bulletproof ninja outfit and i ordered for a cheaper one which means it won’t be able to absorb much bullets.
She’ll probably think it’s as strong as the former one, she’ll allow them shoot at her and then she’ll be a dead meat.

I laughed harder.

“Carla are you okay?” Anne asked outside my door.
“Fuck off! you this freaking little bitch” I said and heard her retreating footsteps.

I hissed and got up from my dressing stool.

I won’t hesitate to message Darrel once there’s another mission for Mia.
He’ll capture her and then I’ll appear,he will have no choice but to fall for my beauty and then we kick it off from there.

We will get married and have kids.

‘How could you be this smart Carla’ I laughed happily and rushed to my laptop to check more of Darrel’s picture.

This guy is strikingly handsome.

🌼🌼A week later🌼🌼

🎫 California…


I chewed on my fries as i waited for Eric to join me.
He’s ordering his lunch .

I miss Darrel.

“Snap out of it!” Eric said jolting me upright.
He placed his tray of lunch on the table before sitting.

“You’re looking worried. Thinking about Darrel again?” He asked and i nodded.
“Com’on Darrel is fine over there” He said.
“He’s not, he just got hurt last week by that nincompoop called assassin” I said feeling like grabbing the so called lady’s neck!

“Darrel gets hurt when he’s here too” Eric said.
“Yeah but i do watch over him, there’s no one to watch over him there” I said worriedly.
“His housekeeper and gatekeeper do watch over him and moreover Darrel is not a kid who needs watching over” He said biting into his burger.

“That housekeeper is still with him?” I asked.
“Yeah and he told me she’s a nice lady” Eric said and stopped chewing his burger to look at me.
“I mean…she acts like any housekeeper will” He said.

“I don’t like her” I said bluntly.
“You’ve only seen her picture and you already took a dislike for her. That’s bad” Eric said.
“Sincerely,I’m not comfortable with her staying with Darrel” I said.

“I know you’re not but everything is gonna end soon and Darrel is gonna come back to California”
“What if that assassin keeps hurting him” I dropped my fork and rested my chin on my palms.
“Getting hurt is better than getting killed. We have to pray for Darrel. He’s not safe over there”

“I don’t want anything happening to him” I said and felt tears building up in my eyes.
If Darrel dies then my whole life is over.
I love him.

“He’ll be fine. We know how strong he is”
“He called me this noon and i almost told him i love him” I said.
“You should tell him already Katy. He needs to know about your feelings for him”
“You think so?”

“Eric” I called.
I need to tell him about my plan..
“Huh?” He asked gulping his milkshake.

“I will go to New York” I said.
“Yeah, you will,once boss says you should join Darrel” He said.
“No,I’m going without boss order and I’ll be leaving soon” I said.
“What!” He exclaimed.
“Katy you can’t” He said.

“I will Eric, soon.” I smiled.


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