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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 25

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 25

Written By Zeeman

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Your hands up!” I heard the deep voice of Darrel and in seconds,he was standing in front of me pointing his pistol at my forehead.
I saw Luke, Edwin and Steve surround me too.

“Remove your mask!” Darrel ordered.!

Mia,you can’t be this weak,you only got shot in one arm! But it’s freaking painful!
My arm felt like it was not part of my body anymore.

“Remove your mask or I’m gonna remove it for you” Steve said and i felt my stomach tighten in anger.

I groaned as i looked around,i held my bleeding arm and slowly stood up,i kicked Steve hard in the face.
He staggered back while i quickly thought of a way to attack Luke and Edwin who were looking shocked.

“You make any more move and i shoot you to death!” Darrel threatened pointing my pistol at me.
I also have my pistol with me but i can’t shoot,i don’t want to kill any of them.

This isn’t you!

I don’t care about lives regardless of how close i am to the person,i kill whomever i want.

I haven’t even accomplished my mission,but i know i shouldn’t bother myself cause these fools would have gotten the residents out of the damn building.

I shifted back, getting weaker each passing minute.
The bullets were seering deep into my arm.
My breathing came out faster and my eyes were starting to get blur.

Luke brought out handcuff and walked to me.
I raised my pistol and hit it hard on his temple.

He groaned in pain and fell on the floor.
Darrel rushed to me with so much fury in his eyes.
My pistol dropped from my hand and i sighed.
I couldn’t stand any longer, i was about hitting the floor when strong hands caught me.

I couldn’t see clearly but the fragrance was familiar.
I tried hard to recollect..

I opened my eyes clearly and glanced at him.
He’s the one!
It’s boss.

I smiled happily knowing I’m safe.
“Who are you?” Darrel asked pointing his pistol at boss forehead.
Boss laughed and i was forced to laugh too but i didn’t.

Even if Darrel is almost my match,he isn’t boss match. More of him can’t defeat boss.
“Should i kill him?” Boss whispered to me and i shook my head.
“Okay,I’m just gonna teach him a little lesson” He said and i glanced at Darrel who looked as confused as hell.

Geez !
I can’t see the Luke and co anymore,they left Darrel behind.

“J. Take her into the car” Boss said loudly.

Joel is here?

I heard running footsteps but i didn’t glance in that direction.
I was looking at Darrel who shifted his pistol to Joel.

“You better don’t try to shoot or you’ll waste the remaining bullets in your damn gun” Joel said and damn!
I missed his voice.

I tried to stand on my feet but Joel quickly grabbed me and carried me in his arms.
I feel uncomfortable looking at his face now cause he already confessed his feelings to me.

He’s putting on a face mask though.

“Mia, you’ll be fine huh?” He asked and i nodded.
I closed my eyes but i could still feel his gaze on my face.

I heard someone groaning in the distance and i knew Darrel will return home hurt again.

Why do i feel bad and sorry about it.

“Open the car door Robbie” I heard Joel said and popped open my eyes.
“Robbie” I called happily amidst pains.

I missed him.

“OMG Mia,are you okay?” He asked opening the car door.
Joel carried me into the backseat and made me rest my head on his laps.
He removed his face mask.

“Get something to wrap around that arm before the bullets spread more” Robbie said.
“There’s noth…” Joel was saying but quickly pulled off his t-shirt.
He tightened it round my arm and for a while the pain reduced but suddenly started again in full force.

“Thanks Joel” I said and he nodded.
“Anne and Carla are worried at home” Robbie said,he already got into the driver’s seat obviously waiting for boss.
“How did you know…?”
“I was just surveying the area on my laptop when i saw what was happening” He said.

“Don’t talk anymore Mia, blood is seeping out of your arm at a fast rate” Joel said worriedly and i nodded.

I’ve gotten shot before but it wasn’t this painful and to think Darrel shot me made it more painful.

The car door opened and boss sat in the front passenger seat,he closed the car door and told Robbie to drive.
My heart beat faster when i saw his bloodstained hand.

“Boss,did you hurt him?” I asked.
“Yeah i did. I didn’t plan on hurting him that much but he’s a stubborn ass who wouldn’t surrender. I would have killed him if you had not told me not to”
“Mia told you not to kill him?” Joel asked and boss nodded.

“Mia why?” Joel asked me and i could sense anger in his voice.
‘I don’t know!’

“I..i want to be the one to kill him myself” I said.
“Ohh…okay” He smiled.
“Boss what about the person I’m to assassinate?” I asked.
“Robbie figured out the hotel he was hiding and i sent Anne to complete the mission” He said and i smiled.

Anne will be so happy.

“I’m sorry for not….” I was saying but got interrupted by boss.
“Com’on Mia,none of this is your fault. You tried, and i appreciate your effort” He said.
“Thanks boss” I said.

I closed my eyes, thinking about the state Darrel will be now.



“How dare you Carla! How dare you do that!” Robbie yelled in my face.
“Keep your voice low and don’t yell at me all because of a freaking bitch who got what she deserved!” I yelled back.

We were in my room and i made sure the door is bolted.
Robbie already figured out I’m the one who gives information to Darrel.

“You just betrayed us,what do you think boss will do if he finds out you’re the one giving information to Darrel” He said.
“I didn’t mean to betray boss,i only wanted her to get what she deserved” I said.
“And to your delight,she have right?” He asked. I ignored him and sat on my dressing stool.

“Why would you have so much hate for a teammate? What if Darrel had captured her yesternight? Do you think we will still be safe in this building? Why don’t you think deeply before doing anything” He said.
“Robbie, please just let me be” I rolled my eyes.

“I should let you be while Mia is writhing in pain in her room, and you caused it” He said.
“Why are so worked up about this?”
“Why shouldn’t i be?” He asked.

I sighed and faced the mirror, i won’t deny that i feel better after seeing how hurt Mia is.
Darrel didn’t fail me completely this time.

“If not for my likeness for you,i would have informed boss” Robbie said.
“Ohh… really, go ahead then” I said.
“Carla, don’t ever try this again” He said.
“I will.” I said ‘until she get caught’ I added inwardly.
“And i promise you the next time it happens,I’m gonna inform boss”

“Like i care and please get the hell out of my room”
“Don’t act like you don’t care,you know what boss is gonna do to you. He won’t spare you” He said.
“Robbie,out of my room please” I said.
“I care for you and i won’t want you dead. Don’t try this again Carla” He said before walking out and shutting the door behind him.



I blinked my eyes opened and the first thing i saw was a white ceiling.

White ceiling?
I don’t have a white ceiling in my room and what’s this pain I’m feeling in my arm.

It took a while for me to register everything.

I’m in my room at Pine estate after getting shot a night before.
Boss came to rescue me and fought Darrel in the process.

Is he okay?

“Mia” I heard Anne called.
I haven’t removed my gaze from the ceiling and i wanted to when i heard her voice only to discover that I’m feeling pains in my neck too.

“Ah!” I groaned.
“Are you okay Mia?” Anne asked.
“Yeah,come help me sit up” I said and she quickly did so.

I sat on the bed and rested my head against the headboard, it was then i glanced at my arm which was deeply wrapped with bandage.
I was feeling pains but not as huge as yesterday’s.

“Did you changed my ninja outfit?” I asked when i noticed i was on pajamas.
She nodded.
“Are you okay? Is your arm still hurting terribly?” She asked.
“No Anne,the pain subsided already,I’m just feeling little pain in my neck” I said, noticing her baggy eyes.
“I will get you painkiller after you’re done with your breakfast. Joel went to get you coffee, we both stayed with you all night” She said.
“Thanks Anne” I smiled.

“I hope you accomplished the mission?” I asked and she smiled.
“Yes i did, it was because of him you got shot so i blew off his skull too” She said.
“Good” I smiled.

The door opened and and i saw Joel walked in with steaming coffee in hand.
Robbie walked in behind him.

“Hey, you’re awake” Joel smiled and came to peck me on both cheeks.
“Yeah” i said and realised i was starving after staring at the coffee in his hand.
“Who looks more beautiful after getting shot” Robbie said twisting his face in the process.

We all laughed.

“Here, have your coffee” Joel said and i collected it after muttering ‘thanks’
I gulped it down slowly, savouring the rich taste.

I’ve always loved Joel’s coffee.

“So how are you feeling now?” Robbie asked.
“Much more better” I said and continued seeping the coffee trying not to look in Joel’s direction.
He was staring intensely at me..

“I missed seeing your face,thank God you got shot,i wouldn’t have seen you for the next two months and some weeks” Robbie said.
“Thank God i got shot? I feel like knocking off your head right now” I said.

🔉Go ahead babe” He sang dancing to no beat.

We all laughed again.

“There’s a lot to discuss with you but I’ll leave that till later” Robbie said.
“Okay Rob”
“I need to go sort out some things on my laptop” He said.
“The great IT genius” I hailed and he winked before whisking himself out of the door.

I smiled and gulped my remaining coffee,i dropped the coffee cup on my bedside table.

“Gosh! I need to go inform boss that you’re awake” Anne said and also walked out, leaving Joel and i .
He sat beside me on the bed and took my palm in his.

“Anne told me you were with me all night. Thanks Joel” I said.
“It’s fine,you know i can do anything for you right?” He asked and i nodded.
“I missed you” He said looking at me in a way he has never before.

Should i call it a romantic look??

There was silence and i had to break it before he does cause i perfectly know what he’s going to talk about.

“I missed my room” I said glancing around.
“Mia, you read my letter right?” He asked.
“Yeah i did. I’m starving can i have breakfast?” I asked.
“Don’t try to wave our discussion Mia. I love you” He said and i stared at him, speechless.

I never thought he would brave up to say it to my face and now i can see the sincerity in his eyes.
He loves me truly.
Joel loves me.

He’s a fine guy and i don’t know why my heart is not opening to him.
I don’t feel anything when I’m with him.
I only love Joel as a friend but telling him that will break his heart.

“Joel,can we talk about it later? I need to bath now and eat” I said and he hesitated before nodding.


“Robbie why haven’t you found out about the person giving that damn agent our information.” Boss half yelled.

We were all gathered in the dark room.

“I’m sorry boss, I’ll do that soon” Robbie said and i wondered why he shot Carla that look.
“It’s unlike you Robbie” Boss said,more calmly this time.
“I’m sorry boss. I tried to hack into it but it was blocked, i promise to figure it out soon ”
“You better do” Boss said and turned to me.

“You are not going back to that house again” He said sternly and my heart sank.
“Boss why?” I asked.
“You’re not just going back there anymore” He said.
“Boss please,i wanna go back. I need to accomplish the mission you sent me there for. Please boss” I said.

“No! I’ll do that myself, you’re not going back there” He said with a note of finality.
Tears rushed to my eyes and i wondered when i became this emotional.

I’m not gonna be seeing Nath again and Darrel too.!
I’m starting to miss them already.
I can’t just leave like that. I can’t,i need to go back.

“Boss, please” I went on my knees and everyone looked surprised.
“Mia,he almost killed you!” Joel said.
“Why are you so bent on going back?” Boss asked.
“I need to accomplish the mission” I said but somehow, i felt that wasn’t the reason.

What’s the reason then?

“ answer still remains no! You’re not going back” Boss said.

My phone beeped in the pocket of my shorts and i knew it was a message Darrel.
He’s the only one that has my contact apart from my team.

I slowly brought out my phone, unlocked it and clicked on the message.

💬 Mia,where are you?

I’m hurt.

I read the short message over and over again till i noticed i was crying.
i nearly yelled at boss.

Why did he hurt him!

What the hell is wrong with me??
Darrel is our enemy for crying out loud!

“Tell him now that you’re not coming back” Boss said.
“Do not try to defy me!” He said angrily,his voice echoing the dark room.
I wiped my tears and started typing.

💬I’m sorry Darrel,i won’t be coming back. I’ve gone back to California…” My eyes got blurry with tears again and i felt huge pain in my heart as i clicked on send.

‘Sent’ I stared at my screen and it was like my heart crumbled at the same time.


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