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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 26

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 26

Written By Zeeman

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💬I’m sorry Darrel,i won’t be coming back. I’ve gone back to California…” My eyes got blurry with tears again and i felt huge pain in my heart as i clicked on send.

‘Sent’ I stared at my screen and it was like my heart crumbled at the same time.

Boss walked out of the dark room without sparing me a glance.
I saw Carla trying to hold her laughter and i had to resist the urge to beat the day living out of her.

“Mi..” Anne was saying.
“I want to be alone” I said and stood up,glad that my tears didn’t fall before i left the dark room.
I walked straight to my room with heavy heart.

Why should this bother me so much.
Shouldn’t i be happy that i won’t be going back there.
Why am i feeling so sad.

Is it because I’m gonna be missing Nath?
Or Darrel?

No!,it’s because i wanna be the one to kill Darrel myself.
That’s the reason i wanna go back right?

I opened the door to my room and stepped in.
Here doesn’t feel like Darrel’s house.
That place is more beautiful, cozy and comfortable.

Mia remember you once loved this room.

I don’t feel like i belong here anymore.
I’ve spent years here but never felt the way i do feel when I’m in Darrel’s house.

I sat on the bed with a sigh.

I wonder when my arm will heal,I’m glad the pain reduced though.
But am i really not going back to Darrel.
I’m missing him already,I’ve gotten used to seeing his face all the time.

He’s hurt.
How’s he gonna cope?
Nath is with him but I’m sure he needs my presence the most.

I seriously wanna go back.

I carefully placed my wounded arm on the bed, rested my head on the headboard and closed my eyes with different thought running through my mind.

My whole thought is centered on Darrel.

I heard the door opening slowly.
“Anne,i said wanna be alo..” I was saying but stopped when i opened my eyes to see boss.
“Boss” I called and sat upright.

Boss rarely enters anyone’s room.

“Sit boss” I said.
“Do i need to sit?” He asked and i nodded.
He sat on my dressing stool and faced me.

“You weren’t so happy when i wanted to send you to Darrel Holden but now you’re insisting on going back. You cried Mia,you cried,just because you wanna go back” He said.
“I..i don’t know why i cried boss,i guess I’m starting to get emotional” I said.
“That’s exactly why i don’t want to send you back. Mia,you’re starting to get weak Mia,i saw weakness in you when i came to rescue you yesternight”

“I was shot boss,that was what made me weak” I said.
“You never allow yourself to get shot Mia! Darrel is making you weak!” He yelled.
“Darrel is not making me weak boss. He’s not!” I said, nearly yelling too.

“Get up,come to the dark room immediately” He said and walked out of my room.


“Who the hell ordered the new ninja outfit i sent to Mia?” Boss asked.

We were all gathered in the dark room for the second time.

“I did boss” Carla said with her head bowed.
“Why the hell did you purchased a lesser one. The one that can’t absorb enough bullets!” Boss yelled.
“I’m sorry boss,i never ordered for the lesser one,im sure it was a wrong delivery. I will make a complaint immediately” She said.

“You never seem to get anything right. What if Mia had gotten killed,what if those fools had shot her in the stomach. I removed three bullets from her arm! ” Boss yelled.
“I’m sorry boss” Carla went on her knees.

“Anne,order a new ninja outfit now! I’ll inspect it before you give it to Mia”
“Okay boss” Anne bowed and walked to the landline on the table.

She started making the order.

“Carla,any more mistake from you,i promise i won’t spare you” Boss said and removed his angry gaze on Carla only to place it on me.

“Mia you’re going back” He said i don’t know why excitement rose in me.
I’m gonna see Nath again! And Darrel too.
I nearly smiled but scolded myself.

Why am i this happy cause I’ll be returning to Darrel’s house.
I’m not happy because of that,I’m happy because I’ll be going back to kill him right?

“Okay boss” I said.
“You won’t be going now though, you’ll leave after a week. Your arm would have healed by then and Darrel won’t suspect a thing but till then you mustn’t make any contact with Darrel”

I badly wanna know how he’s faring.

“Alright boss,but don’t you think i should inform him that I’ll be coming back”
“Do not”
“Okay boss”
“You really need to prepare,i don’t know who the hell is giving them information and what have you gotten about Darrel?” He asked.

“Boss, Darrel doesn’t let out informations. I tried severally but he inserted lock in all his devices” I said.
“That’s expected,but you need to try all you can and make sure you concentrate on what you’re sent there for. I’m noticing some changes about you that i do not like”

I’m noticing some changes about myself too.

“Everyone can leave” He said and sat on his high chair.

We all turned to walk out of the room when i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

My mind went tp Darrel immediately and i was about bringing out my phone when Joel interrupted me.

“Mia,we need to talk” He said.
“Yeah,we really need to”.


“Mia sent this?” Nath asked in shock and i nodded.
“Why?” He asked sadly dropping my phone on the couch.

“I..i don’t know” I shouted,angry at myself for feeling so down just because Mia is gone.

Who’s she?
She’s just a housekeeper!
A live-in housekeeper!

I can’t believe i cried just because Mia left.
Why the hell did i have to?
When did i turned so weak!
I wasn’t even this weak when i fought with that anonymous guy.
But just a text message, a quit text message from Mia made me feel like a heavy luggage was dropped on me.

“Agent Darrel,your bandage is soaked with blood again” Nath said.
I nodded and remembered how Mia do change my bandage.
That worry look in her beautiful eyes.
Her smile and smooth laughter.

How could she just leave like that!

“How could she!” I yelled and sighed when i noticed i said that aloud.
Nath gave me an astonishing look.
“Agent D. Why are you so pissed just because Mia left? You weren’t even this pissed when you got hurt” He said and i cleared my throat.

“I..i..i mean who’s gonna be cooking for us and cleaning the house” I said.
“We can employ another housekeeper,so many people will be willing to work here but is Mia really gone? I don’t remember opening the gate for her” He said.
“She’s gone! I searched her room and the whole house when i received her message”

“I didn’t open the gate for anyone ” Nath insisted.
“She might have opened it herself,the funny thing is she didn’t take any of her thing with her.
“She might be playing a prank on you” Nath smiled and i wished she really was.

“I don’t think she is, Mia would have rushed over when i told her i was hurt”
“Let’s see what happens,i still think she might be playing a prank on you”
“She’s not,she didn’t even replied my messages after seeing it”

I hand-combed my hair and jolted in pain immediately i touched my sore wound.

Everything happened yesternight…
I never knew the assassin had a team.
I thought she was the only one working.

This is getting more complicated and I’m disappointed in myself not to have come up with anything for the past two weeks.
It’s time i sat up and do this!

She keeps slipping off my fingers anytime i try to capture her.
I should have captured her yesternight but those fools ran off leaving me behind.

Are they cops at all?
Katy and Eric would have helped me in such occurrence.
I wish they were the ones i was made to team up with. We would capture the assassin within the blinking of an eye.

My cheeks hurt badly.
That giant beat me up badly.
I guess he’s the one who trained that assassin.

“I think you need to go back to the hospital. You need care and rest” Nath said.
“I’m not going back,I’m gonna take care of myself” I said.
“You should have just stayed in the hospital, your wounds need utmost care”

I rushed out of the hospital when i received Mia’s message.

“I will ask for a nurse to come treat me at home” I said.
“Should i get you something to eat?” He asked and that made me remembered Mia.

Is she really gone?

I picked up my phone and started texting her again.

💬If this is a prank,you gat me.

Come back home already” I clicked on send .


I kept wondering what could made her leave without even informing Nath.

She might have wanted to inform me but didn’t find me in my room.
Or is she pissed that i left the house without informing her?
Of course not!

What if she’s in danger?

I glanced at my phone again…

Seen but no reply..


🌼🌼A week later🌼🌼


I sighed softly, rubbing my forehead as cool breeze blew into my hair.

The house is no fun anymore,
I don’t even get to eat delicious meals.
I don’t have a gist mate…i just sit here lonely all day just because Mia is gone.

I’m still surprised.
I thought it was a prank but not anymore.
Mia is gone for real.
I’m worried about agent D. cause he seems so down about Mia’s absence.

Even though they are yet to admit it,i know they both have feelings for each other.
It’s so obvious and i wonder why they both haven’t noticed.
They might be trying to deny the feeling now but sooner or later, they’ll admit it.

I don’t think that’s possible anymore now that Mia is gone.
She didn’t even pick any of her thing before she left.
I feel something is wrong somewhere.

Everything seems mysterious.

I stood up from my chair when i heard a knock on the gate.

Are the cops here again?

I unbolted the gate and pulled it open.
I nearly slapped myself when i think i saw Mia standing by the gate.
Have i missed her that much to mistake another person’s face for hers.

I blinked my eyes and looked again.

Same thing!

“Nath” I heard her called and this time, i was sure i wasn’t mistaken.

“Mia” i screamed happily and hugged her tightly.
She hugged me back and let out a laugh.

“I missed you” She smiled.
“Is this really you?” I asked.
“Of course” She laughed.
She’s looking more beautiful than ever.
“Where have you been?” I asked.

There’s no time for long talk,i need to call agent Darrel.

“Agent D. Mia is here” I said happily, dragging Mia in.

The front door opened and he stepped out.

“Nath, Don’t joke with m…” Agent D. Was saying but stopped when he saw Mia.

The look on his face was unreadable.
He stood rooted on the spot, so as Mia.

Their gazes were locked on each other and i enjoyed looking from him to her.

Can’t they just notice the chemistry between them!

I shifted back and cleared my throat when they started walking towards each other.

“Mia” I heard agent D. Whispered before pulling her into a hug.



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