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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 28

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 28

Written By Zeeman

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“Who’s shouting by the gate?” I heard Darrel said from the office.


“No one, i guess it’s Nath” I said, swallowing hard.
“Okay” He said.

I sighed in relief and rushed out of the door.
I met Nath by the gate, trying to close it. It’s obvious he was trying not to allow Joel in.


“Nath” I called, rushing to him.
He turned to me with a frustrated look.
“There’s this guy at the gate insisting to see you” He said.
“Yeah, please open the gate” I said.
“I can’t, i was ordered not to allow any stranger in” He said.
“I will go meet him outside and please can you keep it from Darrel” I said.

“Who’s he? Your boyfriend?” Nath asked and i shook my head.
“He’s just a friend”
“Open this gate!” Joel banged the gate harder.
“Geez!” I exclaimed.
“Go meet him…go meet him,he’s a psycho” Nath said opening the gate.

I walked out of the gate and Nath quickly locked it.

I faced Joel with an angry look ..

“What the hell is wrong with you!” I yelled.
He brushed back his hair with his fingers.
“I’m sorry but Mia,you can’t just leave me and come to him” He said, pissing me off more.

“I was never with you! Do you want to ruin what I’m sent here for! Joel,have you gone out of your mind?”
“Yes i have. I love you Mia, please” He said.
“But i don’t love you” I said, hoping Darrel won’t come out anytime soon .
“I don’t need you to love me,I’m sure you will get to once we start dating. Please” He said.

“I told you i won’t have this talk with you anymore,i can’t seem to get why you came down here just for that. Is boss aware of your coming?” I asked.
“He’s not and I’m willing to serve any punishment for it. ”

I sighed…” I’m sorry but i don’t love you and i can’t be in a loveless relationship”
“It’s won’t be a loveless relationship cause i love you,you don’t have to love me” He said.
“Does that even seem right to you?”
“Of course it does…”

“Can you please leave now,I’m busy inside” I said.
“You’re rejecting me because of him right?” He asked.
“Who?” I asked even though i know who he’s talking about.
“That bulldog” He scoffed.
“He’s not a bulldog!” I yelled in anger making him shift back in fear.

“W..why, you yelled at me because of him?”
“I’m sorry but don’t call him a bulldog cause he’s not one” I said and glanced around.
“Why don’t you just kill him and come back” He said.
“I’m not killing him!” I said.
“You’re not killing him?” He asked.
“Lower your voice please…i do not mean that I’m not killing him,it’s not just time yet” i said in a whisper.

“You’re still gonna live here for two months?” He asked.
“Boss said so”
He sighed and gritted his teeth..
“I’ll wait” He said.
“For what?”
“For your love”

“You don’t have to wait Joel and can you please leave now. I won’t want Darrel to meet you here” I said.
“Bye” He said and walked away..
I felt his pain but there’s nothing i can do.

In life, you don’t always get everything you want.

“Nath open the gate” I knocked lightly.
“Is the psycho gone?” He asked.
“Com’on he’s not a psycho and yes he’s gone” I said and heard him opening the gate.

I walked in and saw Darrel walking out of the door at the same time.
I breathed in and quickly thought of a lie.

“Who was at the gate?” He asked.
“A delivery guy” I said.
“Yeah…a psycho one at that” Nath said behind me.
“We didn’t ordered for anything,or did any of you did?” He asked.
“It was a wrong delivery” I said and Nath coughed, holding his chest in the process.

I shook my head and shot him a look.
“Your secret is safe with me” He whispered to me, grinning like a jolly-panda.

“Let’s go continue with the cleaning” I said and walked to Darrel.
We both walked inside the house.


“Wow! Sparkling sparkling sparkling clean” I smiled.
We just finished cleaning the office and it’s looking much more better.

“I did the most work” Darrel said.
“Com’on i did”
“I did”
“Nah! I did”
“I did!”
“I scrubbed the floor,the wall…” I was saying but he interrupted me.
“I wiped the table, arranged the files,dust the chairs” He said.

“Ohhkay…how about this; the person who did the most work will make dinner” I said, watching his face closely.
I almost laughed when he raised his brow and gave me a ‘are-you-serious’ look.
“You did the most work, i only wiped the table” He said and i laughed.

“Time for dinner” He smiled.
“Yeah,go make dinner,you did the most work” I teased watching his raised brow.
“Com’on,you did the most work,you scrubbed the floor and all,that’s one hell of a hard work so you are making dinner dear” He smiled.
I chuckled…”Good”

“Now that my office is looking clean,I’ll work overnight after having dinner. There’s so much work for me to do” He said.
“The assassin case?” I asked and he nodded.

Darrel can’t you just let go of my case!
You will never capture me.

“I’ll go make dinner then” I said.
“I’ll come help you” He said.
“I insist” He quickly added before i could protest.
“Okay,come on” I said.


She’s back mehn!

I smiled as i sliced the onions… she’s walking about in the kitchen bringing out the remaining ingredient for our dinner.

I thought i won’t see her anymore but she’s right here with me.
I wouldn’t have believed if i was told i will be with Mia tonight.
I had lost hope of ever seeing her and it made me sick cause i couldn’t cope without her.

The whole house always remind me of her presence.

She came back looking more beautiful, seizing my heart the more.
She brought back life into the house and just her presence made us happy.
She’s indeed a gem.

Being apart from her for a week made me realize how much i like and admire her.
Her beauty is heart-stopping and it’s so simple for anyone to admire her but deep inside me i know it’s not only her beauty that got to me.
There’s something else…

“Slice the onions D. You said you wanted to help” She said, jolting me out of my thoughts.
“Ohh..yes!” I said and resumed slicing the onions.
“What are you stir-frying?” I asked.
“Come see yourself” She smiled and i tried peeping into it.

“Damn! You’re not even stir-frying anything” I said and she laughed.
“Anyone who heard you said ‘stir-frying’ would think you’re the best chef in the whole city” She teased.
“Geez!” I rolled my eyes.

“I really need to learn various delicacies” i said.
“Chef Mia is always here for you” She smiled.
“I’m glad” I said.
“The Onions please” she said.

I’m so happy seeing her face,her face do give me new burst of strength and a funny feeling in my chest.
“Let’s hurry if we don’t want Nath dancing in again” She said and we laughed.


I cleaned the table while Mia washed the dishes in the kitchen.
We just finished having dinner,a very delicious one at that .

I finished cleaning the table and i walked back to the kitchen.
Mia was rinsing the last plate,she placed it on the drainboard and wiped her hands off the napkin.

“Hey,you’re done” I said.
“Yeah” She turned and yawned.
“You’re going to bed now?” I asked.
“Yeah, do you want me to do anything else for you?” She asked.
“Nah, goodnight” I said.

She really needs to rest.

“Goodnight” She said and walked out of the kitchen.
I washed my hands and dried it before walking to my office.

I have to keep my promise of working overnight but first i need coffee.


“Anne” I smiled as i saw her climbed in through my window.
She sighed and dropped the paper bag containing my new ninja outfit.
She was putting on mask.

“Hey babe” She sat beside me on the bed.
“I thought you weren’t coming again” I said.
“Ohh…boss released me to come now” She said.
“How’s boss?” I asked.
“Stone faced as always” she said and i laughed.

“So did he believed your lie?”
“Yeah,he did” I said.
“He’s such a fool” She said.
“He isn’t,he only trusted me” I said feeling kinda guilty.

“And why are you not removing your mask?” I asked.
“Boss told me not to, that guy might have installed a CCTV while you were gone”
“He didn’t,I’ve checked the whole room”
“Yeah” I said dragging the paper bag closer.

I brought out the ninja wear and sighed satisfactorily.
This looks thick enough but none can ever be like my very first one.

I walked to my drawer,bent and pulled it open.
I folded the outfit perfectly in it before pushing it close.

I was about standing up to go join Anne on the bed when the door suddenly opened.
My heart jumped out of my chest when i saw Darrel standing by the door, holding his pistol and pointing it at Anne.

Sweat poured out of my face and i was clueless on what to do.
My hands shook and i immediaty felt sick to the stomach.

“I knew you’ll come around soon,but why didn’t you come to me? how dare you try to hurt her” He yelled at Anne.
I couldn’t turn but i knew she was now on her feet.

Why didn’t i locked the door in the first place.

“D.. Da..rr..el” i stammered.
“Stay where you’re Mia, I’ll capture her tonight” He said determinedly.

“Drop your gun!” He said to Anne.
My chest rose and fell and i shut my eyes tightly when i heard gunshot.
My throat tightened in pain and i knew one of them is dead.

I should be hoping it’s Darrel but why am i hoping it’s not him.
There was silence and the strength to open my eyes flew away.

“Mia” I heard Anne called and i knew she had shot Darrel.
It felt like my heart was uprooted and my closed eyes turned watery.
My eyes opened but was blinded instantly with tears.

“Why the hell did you shoot him!!!” I yelled.


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