Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 27

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 27

Written By Zeeman

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“Agent D. Mia is here” Nath said happily, dragging me in.

My heart thumbed faster as i waited for Darrel to come out.
I have been waiting by the gate for hours, nervous to knock.
I don’t know what Darrel is gonna say .

Is he still gonna accept me back?

I’ve missed this house.
I glanced at the happy Nath beside me and smiled.
I miss him too.

The front door opened and i quickly turned with my heart beating fast.
Darrel stepped out of the door and my breath caught in my throat.
Those eyes..

That feeling is back again.

“Nath don’t joke with m..” He was saying but stopped when he noticed my presence.
He wore a perplexed look and i was almost sure he won’t employ me again.

He look a bit sick but that didn’t affect his looks.
His dark eyes peered into mine and i couldn’t help but feel my heart dancing.

My whole body responded to his piercing gaze and i tried to control my breathing.
Why is he always doing this to me?
I love the feeling though and he’s the only one capable of making me feel this way.

I miss him.
I freaking miss Darrel and i feel like hugging him tight right now.

I blinked twice to snap out of my thoughts when i saw him walking towards me slowly.
I moved my legs too and started walking towards him.

We stood in front of each other and i could swear the heat i was feeling increased when he whispered my name and hugged me tightly.

Tears blinded my eyes as i hugged him back.
I rested on his hard body and sniffed his natural scent.
My tears poured and i wonder why I’m this stupid.

I’m crying again!
I’m freaking crying again cause I’m hugging Darrel.
I came back into this house with a made up mind.
I decided i won’t allow him make me feel weak again but here i am crying just because I’m hugging him.

Well it’s just tears right?
It doesn’t mean I’m weak.
I’m only crying cause i miss him right?
I shouldn’t even cry cause i miss him. I’ll see him no more once I’ve killed him.
What will i do then?

Suddenly,the pain of killing this guy filled my heart.
He has been so nice to me.
Well…he wouldn’t be nice to me if he knows who i really am.

“I missed you Mia” He said as we disengaged from the hug.
He was still holding me.
“I..i miss you too” I said.
“You cried” He said and wiped my cheeks with his palm.
I smiled and gently touched his plastered head.

“I’m sorry for leaving” I said and he nodded.
“I’m glad you’re back” He smiled and tucked my hair behind my ears.
“My parents were sick and…”
“Shhh” He interrupted me.
“You don’t have to explain anything to me, though I’ve been worried sick but you need to settle down before anything” He said.

“Your head…did you faced that assassin again?” I asked and he nodded.
“I nearly captured her,i never knew she had a team” He said.
“Really?” I feigned surprise.
“Yeah, i wish i can discuss more with you but you know as i CIA agent,i shouldn’t disclose information” He said.
“Of course” I smiled.

“How come you look more handsome even with the big plaster” I teased.
“Well..i will always look handsome even if my head is cut off my body” He said and we both laughed.

Nath cleared his throat behind us and we both turned to look at him.
He was leaning on the gate with his legs crossed and a funny look on his face.

We laughed hard and i feel totally happy.
My burdened heart sprang free, this people are capable of making a sad person happy.

“Nat..” I was saying but he interrupted me.
“Do not say anything … I miss your soup” He winked and clicked his tongue.


“I’m so happy you’re back” Darrel smiled resting his arm on the breakfast table in the kitchen.
I’m preparing home-made soup and baguette for lunch.
Darrel insisted that i rest but he later gave in to my plea.

“Im glad I’m back too, I’m sorry i made you worried” I said.
“Yeah,you made us worried for a week” he said.
“I was suddenly called that my parents were sick, i had to rush down to California,i was not even in my right senses when i texted you” I said.

“I hope they are okay now” He said.
“Yeah they are” I smiled and stared at the boiling soup.
“How did you opened the gate? Did you jumped off the building?” He asked jokingly.

Yeah i did.
I slid down the building.

“I opened the gate myself”
“Where did you get the key?”
“I..i it was not locked,it was only bolted” I said.
“Okay” He smiled and i noticed he was looking better.
I’m feeling better too.

“Pass me the tomato paste, please” I said.
“Alright chef Mia” He said and we laughed.


“Delicious,i missed your meals” Darrel said, dishing out more soup.
“But i miss you more” He added with a wink.

I covered my blush by biting into my baguette.

“I’m very sure Nath is gonna request for more,He was never satisfied with my own delicious meals” Darrel said and i laughed.
“Point of correction…your horrible meals” I said and laughed more.
“Am i really that bad in cooking?”
“Of course,you need to attend cooking class. How do you cope when you were in California?” I asked.
“ best friend Katy prepare my meals” he said.
“Your best friend?”
“Yeah,i miss her so much”
“Ohh” I said dryly.

“You’ve never received any call in my presence” He said out of nowhere.
“Yeah..i don’t have friends and my family does not like to disturb me with calls cause they know I’m always working” I said.
“That’s fine, i would love to see the pictures of your brother and parents” He smiled.

They are all dead!
And none of their pictures is on my phone,i only have them in frames.

“I’ll show them to you later” I said.
“I can’t wait” He said.

“Of course you can’t. I hope your wounds hurt less now?” I asked.
” Yeah”
“But,who do you think could be giving you those informations about the assassin’s missions ?” I asked.
“The assassin of course. She loves daring me” He said.
“No,she’s not the one…i mean,she might not be the one” I said.

“I’ll need an IT genius, i need to track that email,I’ll request for one from the CIA leader” He said.

“I want more…i want more” Nath danced to the dining room interrupting my next question.
I sighed and turned to Darrel who has started laughing.

So cute..
I miss his face and deep black hair that’s always bouncing at any slightest movement.

“Souppppp…i want moreeeeee” Nath said.


“Geez,your office looks so untidy” I smirked.
“Yeah,I’ve not been here for some days” He said.
“Why?” I asked.

It can’t be because of me right?

“I..i was a bit sick so i wasn’t able to visit my office but I’m fully okay now” He smiled.
“Because I’m here?” I asked and he nodded.
“Wow!” I found myself smiling.

I’m special to him.

“You can leave,I’ll arrange the office”
“No,let’s do it together” He said.
“It’s my work Darrel” I said.
“And I’m offering to help you.. please” He said and i shrugged.

“Okay then, will you arrange the table while i sort the floor?”
“Of course” He said and eagerly set to work.

My phone beeped in the pocket of my shorts.
I glanced at Darrel who has started clearing the table.

“I’ll go get the broom and other cleaning tools” I said.
“Okay” He said.

I walked out of the office and closed the door behind me before bringing out my phone.
It’s a message from Joel.

💬Come tell this your damn gatekeeper to let me in!

You can’t just leave me and come back to that bulldog!💬

“Who’s shouting by the gate?” I heard Darrel said from the office.




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