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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 34

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 34

Written By Zeeman

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“This ward is Mia’s ward!” I said.
“Yeah,she’s my girlfriend. Mia Cunnane ” He said, shocking me to the bone.

The flower dropped from my hand and my i felt a sudden rise of headache.
He smiled, looking satisfied before walking away.

I shouldn’t believe anything he said right?

Is he the one that makes her heart race?
He’s the guy!
My stomach tightened and i rested on the wall for a while.

My gaze fell on the rose flower on the floor.
Tears build up in my eyes as i smashed it with my shoes.

She told me she’s not in a relationship.
She lied to me!
How could i even believe everything she says.

I wish i had not felt anything for her.
I held back my tears and started walking away from the door.
I thought i could get a chance with her.
I like her so much and for the first time in years,i made up my mind that i want to be in a relationship.

With Mia.

When there are thousands of girls i could have, just by the snap of my finger.
She’s beautiful,cool and simple. Those are the main attributes i love in a lady.

No lady caught my interest since i ended my relationship with Susan.
But everything changed when i met Mia.
She made my heart sway again but unfortunately she can’t be mine.

I came here for a mission but i fell in love instead.
I didn’t regret that i fell in love cause i thought I’ll finally make Mia mine but now I’m regretting why i didn’t concentrate more on my mission.
Why i allowed my heart to direct me like a fool.
I’m such a weakling,i can never blame Steve for saying that.

She doesn’t even know about my feelings for her.
Do i expect her to remain single?
Of course not!
I thought our feeling was mutual,i thought i was the one she was talking about when she said a man do make her heart race.

I was wrong.
I’m so foolish to think i was the one.

Did they started dating recently?

I shouldn’t be hurt this much but right now my heart is in so much pain.
I didn’t even felt this way when i ended my relationship with Susan.

I got to the hospital cafeteria and sat down.
“What would you like to take?” A waitress asked.
“Whiskey” I said and she nodded before walking away.

I’m starving,I’ve not had anything since yesternight but i doubt if i’ll be able to eat now.
I just need a drink to clear my head and also clear my feelings for her.

The whiskey arrived and i poured some into the cup.
I gulped it all down my throat and it felt good.

I poured more,more and more.


“He’s not at home either” Nath said.
I sighed worriedly.

It’s 4:30pm already, Darrel promised to be back soon.
I couldn’t have my lunch because i can’t find Darrel.
I’ve called Luke and he said Darrel already left the police department hours ago.

His phone is off.

“Where could he be?” I asked Nath.
“I just hope he isn’t in danger. What if that assassin has hurt him” Nath said.
“No! She has not” i said.
“How did you know?” He asked..
“Huh? I mean, she might have not. I hope he’s fine wherever he is” I said.

I’m this worried cause i can’t find Darrel who has been gone for hours.
What if i kill him,then i will see him no more.!

I felt huge pain slashed my heart.
Can i bear not to see Darrel again forever?

Tears filled my eyes and i tried hard not to make it fall.
My heart felt heavy and I have a feeling Darrel is sad somewhere.
He should just come to me. I need to see him.
I need to feel him.

“Mia,I’ll go search for him but you need to eat first” Nath said.
“I don’t want to” I said.
“You don’t have a choice Mia. You need to, please. You’re just recovering you know” He said.
“How can i eat when I’m not sure of Darrel’s safety. I can’t, don’t force me to eat anymore!” I said.

The door opened and i sat up on the bed thinking it’s Darrel.
I couldn’t hide my disappointment when i saw doc Mart walked in.

“You’ve not had your lunch?” He asked in surprise.
“I can’t!” I said.
“You need to, it’ll help your recovery” He said.
“Darrel is no where to be found and I’ll just sit here eating?” I asked.
“It’s just hours since he left, he’s not a kid, he’s gonna return soon.”
“Darrel doesn’t switch off his phone, something is wrong” I said.

He sighed. “Are you sure you’re just his housekeeper?”
“Of course i am!”
” Nath please proceed with the search” I said.
“Promise me you’ll eat” He said.
“I will” I lied.
“I know you won’t but let’s leave that for now. Keep calling him while i go in search for him” Nath said before walking out of the ward.

I picked my phone and redialled his number.

Same thing!!

“Uh…Can i see your arm?” Doc Mart asked.
I’ve forgotten he’s in the ward with me.
“My arm?” I asked.
“Yeah” He said and i stretched it to him.
“No,the other one” He said and that got me thinking.

“You can use any of my arm for anything you wanna do,why do you want this?” I asked.
“I actually want to inspect the scar on it” He said taking me by surprise.
“Why?” I asked.
“Medical purpose” He said.
“You mean it’s written in the document to inspect the scar on any patient brought in here?” I asked irritably.

“I need to inspect it Ms Mia,it seems it’s not fully healed” He said.
“I know” I said.
“Does that mean it’s a fresh scar?” He asked.
“Do i owe you answers? You’re just a doctor signed to treat me. Don’t pry into my privacy” I said.

“You can leave now” I said and he bowed a little before walking out of my ward.
I hissed loudly and started redialling Darrel’s number.

I heard the door opened again…

“What the hell do you want aga…” I was saying but stopped when i saw Darrel.
I threw my phone on the bed and jumped to my feet.

“Darrel” I called, rushing to him.
He smelled of alcohol and that got me by surprise cause Darrel rarely drink.
He looks stable but his look is not friendly.

He raked his hand through his hair and went to sit on the chair.
“Darrel where have you been?” I asked but he didn’t respond.

I’m glad he’s finally here.
My heart seems to be coming together now.

“We’ve been worried about you” I said standing in front of him.

“Darrel just answer me! Are you hurt?” I asked and he nodded.
“OMG! Where?” I asked and he pointed to his chest.
“Your chest? I’ll go call doc Mart” I said, about rushing to the door when he pulled me back.

“I’m just joking” He said hoarsely and i sighed in relief.
“Where have you been? Your phone is off” I said.
“I saw the guy…” He said.
“The guy?” I asked,lost.
“The guy who makes your heart race.” He said.

The guy?
But,you’re the one!!

“Who?” I asked.
“I saw him walked out of this ward. He told me you’re his girlfriend” Darrel smiled coldly and my heart pounded.


“You lied to me! Mia,you lied to me, you said you weren’t in a relationship!” He half yelled.
“I did not lie Darrel! Im not in any freaking relationship! That guy is the pesterer i told you about, he’s not the guy who makes my heart race” I said and watched his facial expression.


“I did not lie Darrel! Im not in any freaking relationship! That guy is the pesterer i told you about, he’s not the guy who makes my heart race” She said and i held my breath for few seconds.

She’s not in a relationship!
That dude is a pesterer!

I laughed out as excitement rose in me.
I was wrong all this while and i even drank because of that.

Does that mean i still have a chance?
But that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a guy somewhere who’s making her heart race.
I can make her heart race too.

“I’m sorry for making you guys worried” I said.
“Did that guy said anything else to you?” I asked.
“No,he didn’t but i didn’t feel at ease with him. He’s a bad person” I said and she sighed.
“I would have punched his face if i knew he was the pesterer” I said and she laughed.

“How did he know you’re here?” I asked and she shrugged.
“I don’t know either” She said.
“That means he tails you” I said.
“Isn’t that what pesterers do” She laughed.

I dragged her soft cheeks playfully and she laughed harder.
I smiled happily, seeing her laugh made my increased my feelings for her.
My heart is starting to pump properly.

I was sad hours ago but now I’m happy with the lady who made me sad.

“Why did you drink? you rarely drink” She said, her laughter subsiding.
“I just needed to clear my head” I said .
“And you think drinking is the solution,you should have just talked to me” She said.
“I’ll do that next time” I said.

“Look,i didn’t even touched my lunch” She pouted, pointing to the covered plate on the large stool.
“Aww! I’m sorry but…”
“What?” She asked.
“I’m starving, we’re eating it together” I said.
“Of course” She smiled,adjusting the curls on my forehead.
I felt like pulling her close and kissing her.

Nath suddenly bursted in.

“No! I’m included,we are all eating it together” He said sweating profusely.

We laughed.


📞You mean, tonight is the mission?” I asked boss over the phone.

📞 Yeah.

📞How come it’s tonight!” I nearly yelled.

Nath and Darrel already went home to make dinner.

📞Gosh! Didn’t you checked your email!

📞I..i didn’t.

📞What the hell were you thinking!

📞Boss,im hospitalised.

📞And? Will you freaking get up and start preparing for the mission you have tonight! ” Boss yelled.

📞Okay boss” I said and disconnected the call.

What am i gonna do?

I scrolled through my apps and clicked on my email..
The message stared at me.

Surprisingly,im not feeling that vibe again.
I’m always happy whenever i have a mission.
That feeling you get when you’re about to do something you love,that’s what i do feel but now…

Could it be because I’m hospitalised?
Yeah…i guess that’s it.

I glanced at the address and the name of the person.
I stood up from the bed and started performing some exercises.


I yawned and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

We finished having dinner minutes ago.
Nath is already asleep and it seems the liquor Darrel took is affecting him.
He’s starting to doze off beside me.

I just need to wait for some minutes.
I’ll still need to go home and get my outfit and other necessary things.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw Darrel already asleep,he’s not dozing anymore.

I slowly brought out my legs from the blanket and shifted quietly to the edge of the bed.
I looked at him again before picking my flip flops in my hand.

I didn’t bother putting it on before walking to the door stealthily.
i breathed in relief when i held the door knob.

“Mia,where are you going to?” Darrel asked suddenly, startling the day living out of me.
My heart pounded against my chest as i turned slowly.


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