Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 35

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 35

Written By Zeeman

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“Mia,where are you going to?” Darrel asked suddenly, startling the day living out of me.
My heart pounded against my chest as i turned slowly.

His eyes was now clearly opened and he was sitting up on the bed.

“I..i wanted to pee” I said.
“The bathroom is over there,you don’t have to go out of the door” He said.
“Uh…Yeah” I said thinking of a cover up.
“I did not want to disturb you guys, you both are tired and you need to rest” I said.

“Ohh…you shouldn’t bother about that, Mia” He yawned.

He should sleep already!

“I will use this bathroom then,you can go back to sleep” I said.
“No,i need to watch you sleep. Once you’re done,come to bed” He said.
“Just sleep if you want to,I’ll be fine” I said to him before walking into the bathroom.

I shut the little door behind me and sighed deeply.
I dropped my flip flops and walked to the wall mirror.

I’m still looking the way i use to,so what’s wrong?
Where’s that passion?
Am i also becoming weak?

It should be because I’m hospitalised,I’m yet to get well enough.
That’s it right?

I turned on the faucet, placed my palms under the running water and splashed some water on my face.
I splashed more and more till i felt a bit okay.

Water scrolled down my face and i looked around for a napkin to wipe my face with.

Darrel should be asleep now.

I walked to the door and picked my flip flops.
Even if i succeed in getting out of this ward,the gatekeeper might not let me out.

Well… he’s not gonna know I’m a patient right?

I opened the door slowly and brought out my head first.

Haha…Darrel is deeply asleep.
I’m glad he took that liquor.

I walked out of the bathroom and closed the door slowly.
I inhaled when Nath turned in his bed.
My eyes went to the face cap beside him.
I might need that.

I walked to his bed and picked it up gently.
I walked to the door without making a sound.
I wore the face cap over my hair and adjusted it properly.

I need to go now before Darrel wakes again.

I twisted the door knob and pulled it open.
The stupid door made a sound and i quickly turned back to see if any of them was awake.

Thank goodness.

I walked out of the door and closed it after me.
I hurried across the hallway and i had to pull the face cap down when i saw doc Mart approaching.

He walked past me with two nurses rushing after him.
I guess there’s an emergency…

I walked into the reception and glanced at the…nurses chatting.
Till i got to the door,none of them took notice of me.

Greatest nurses in the world.

This hospital isn’t safe.
Anyone can just come in and go out.

So unruly!

I stepped out of the door and started walking to the gate thinking of the excuse to give to the gatekeeper.

I hope he does not recognize me though.

“Hi” I said to the gatekeeper.
“Hello” He smiled.
“I need to get something for my brother who’s admitted here” I said.
“Ohh…Alright” He said and opened the gate.
“Thanks” I walked out and sighed in relief.

I’ll need to take a cab home .
Do i have cash with me?

Yeah,i do.

I saw a cab approaching and quickly waved it to a stop.


I alighted in front of the house, I handed the cabman his pay and watched him drive away.

I turned to the gate and of course it’s locked.
I saw my car parked in a distance.
They brought it already.

I glanced around before walking towards the wall that led to my window.

‘Did i closed my window? I hope not’ I thought as i began climbing the wall.
It was a bit difficult for me but i managed to get to my window…

Thank goodness it’s not locked!

I shifted the curtain and quickly hopped in.

I sat on the bed and rested for a while.
I pulled off the face cap and placed it on the bed.

Why do i feel tired after climbing the wall?
Is it because I’ve not recovered fully?
Yeah! That should be it.

I brushed back my hair with my hands before standing up from the bed.
I walked into the bathroom and got the key of the drawer from the cabinet.

I walked back to my room and inserted the key into the last drawer lock.

What if i had not locked this particular drawer and kept the key far away.
Darrel would have found out while searching for my undies and i would have been locked up like Steve.


I pulled the drawer opened and stared at my costume.

‘It hurt me deeply whenever i hear of the innocent people dieing by her hand. What if any of her relative is being murdered that way? Or what if she is murdered that way’ I shuddered as Darrel’s words rang in my head.

“Damn!” I exhaled deeply.

I shouldn’t think about that now..
I should better hurry and return to the hospital before they notice my absence.

I pulled off my clothes and started getting into my ninja outfit.


I was sliding down the rope minutes later clad in my ninja outfit and mask.
I didn’t bothered putting on a wig.

My boot touched the ground and i disconnected the rope and started walking towards my car.


I pushed the brown gate and it gave way.

I almost thought the gate was locked.
Don’t they have a gatekeeper?

They do!
Boss mentioned it.

Good for him though!
I would have hurt him or kill him on the spot.
He should be grateful.

I walked towards the front porch with my eyes sticking around.
I confirmed there was no one in sight before sliding my skeleton key into the key lock.


I barged into their bedroom and pointed the pistol to the direction of the bed.

They were sleeping!
The couple I’m here to kill are peacefully asleep.

‘No one wishes to die but she keeps murdering them in cold blood without considering the pain of their family. Loosing a close one can be so painful’ I recalled Darrel’s words and breathed in.

I placed my finger on the trigger and for the first time in years,i hesitated before shooting.
I shot them twice each on their heads.

I didn’t wait any longer,i walked out of their room and headed to the entrance door.
I’m feeling so weak now,i need to leave real fast.

I opened the door and stepped out.
The compound is dead silent, i wonder where the gatekeeper is.

I walked to the gate and opened it.
I was about stepping out when i saw the gatekeeper rushing out of his room.


I stood and waited for him to notice me.

He did! and gasped,he turned about to run but dragged him back and knocked him out.

He sprawled on the floor like one who is affected with a contagious disease.

I shook my head and walked out of the gate wondering why i didn’t feel the urge to kill him.

I got to my car and hop in.

I sighed and twisted the key in the ignition.
I started driving away..

I’m not myself anymore…i know that!
I pulled off my mask and rubbed my face.

I connected the wiretap..

📎Mission accomplished.

I disconnected it and concentrated on driving.
I’ve never had second thought when I’m about to kill but tonight i couldn’t believe i felt pity for those couple.

I felt pity! For the first time.
I felt pity for the first time in years after my dad turned me into a monster.

Tears filled my eyes as memories came flashing back into my head.
I parked by the road side and placed my head on the steering wheel, letting out my tears.

I cried more as those memories played in front of me like a movie.

°°Don. You’re doing this to your own daughter!°° my mum’s voice sounded in my ears.
°°She’s not my daughter! You bitch!°° My dad said and right there i saw him took a knife and stabbed Mum in the face.

My scream echoed the whole house.

I opened my eyes and realized i was screaming in the car too.
I wiped my tears and turned on the ignition.

I can do anything to just forget this memories.
The pain i feel whenever i remember is almost unbearable.

I sniffed and got back on the road.
Different thought filled my head as i drove into the night.


I slowly opened to the door to my ward and peeped in.

They were still asleep.

I walked in and closed the door behind me.
Im now changed into my normal outfit.
I tip toed to the bed and crawled under the blanket.

I smiled, glad Darrel nor Nath was awake.
I dropped Nath’s face cap beside him before turning to the wall clock.



I dropped my gaze on Darrel’s sleeping face and felt my breath caught in my throat.

Can i actually call him sleeping beauty?

My lashes is not even this long and curled.
This is the second time we’ll be sleeping beside each other..
Darrel is so perfect in looks, i don’t get easily moved by guys but he broke that yoke.
I’m attracted to him.

My toes curled as i stared at his lips.
I couldn’t help but smile as i remembered how he kissed me.
So romantic😊

I know we’re not dating but I’ll allow him kiss me over and over again.

I raised my finger and placed it gently on his lips.
I made it stay for seconds before placing that same finger on my lips.

I grinned and felt like doing it again but he suddenly moved and i shut my eyes instantly.
I balanced my breathing to make it look like I’m sleeping.

I felt his hand smooching my hair and I’m glad the blanket hid my shivery body.
His hand left my hair to my eyes,his finger brushed my lashes and i tried hard to be stable.
His hand moved to my nose and then…my lips.

My body tightened in what seems like excitement,i felt like drawing him close.

Is he aware that I’m awake?
I guess not.

His finger roamed my lips for a while and it felt as though he was kissing me.

I couldn’t control my breathing anymore.
It came out fast but suddenly stopped the moment i felt his lips on mine.
It took all the strength in me not to respond.

He’ll know I’m awake and stop kissing me.
I want him to continue ‘forever’ .

The kiss wasn’t deep but it made my whole body feel alive..

I heard Nath yawned loudly and Darrel quickly stopped the kiss..

“What a gatekeeper!” He murmured and i nearly laughed..

“Is she having a dream? Why’s she smiling in her sleep?” He said quietly.

Damn! Stop smiling Mia!

God,i can’t hold my laughter anymore.
I coughed to cover my laughter and quickly turned to the other side of the bed.

Darrel adjusted the blanket properly on my body.
I opened my eyes and smiled widely.
Nath is sleeping soundly on his bed.
I should give him a hard knock tomorrow for disrupting our sleep.

I quickly closed my eyes when i felt Darrel’s hand smooching my hair again.

You’re so sweet D.


The strong smell of coffee awoke me.
I stretched and yawned before opening my eyes.

It’s morning.

“Hey! You’ve slept enough” Darrel said, appearing in front of me.
I smiled.
“Help me up” I pouted, he smiled and did.

I noticed Nath was not in bed after i sat up.

“Where’s Nath?” I asked.
“He went home to freshen up” He said and i took a good look at him.
He’s clad in fresh clothes and his hair is styled.

Darrel can actually go bald and still be handsome.

“You’ve freshened up?” I asked.
“So soon” I said.
“I think you need to check the time?” He said and i did.


“9am” I said.
“Yep” He said.
“Wow! You should have woken me up” I said.
“I wanted to but you looked kinda tired so doc Mart said to let you be. Your breakfast is here but you’ll have coffee first, freshen up and then have your breakfast” He said.
“Okay” I said.

He handed a cup of creamy coffee to me and i gladly took it .
I took a sip and smiled.

“It’s from the hospital right?”
“Nah, i made it at home. You might not like the hospital coffee” He said and i smiled.
“Thanks” I said.

My cheeks flushed when i remembered what happened yesternight.
I stared at him and he looked so innocent.

I know you kissed me okay?

The door opened and doc Mart walked in.

“Good morning” I greeted and he responded.

I dropped my coffee as he was about to test me with his stethoscope.

“Did you probably stressed yourself last night?” He asked.
“” I said.
“You sure?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said slowly.

“Well, i thought i could discharge you today but that won’t be possible anymore. Your body is stressed and it needs more medical care. I’ll be back” He said and walked out.

“Did you went to get anything yourself last night? You should have woke me up to get it for you. Why the hell did i slept in the first place” He said.
“I didn’t went to get anything Darrel. I was in bed. It happens that way at times” I said.
“Okay but are you okay? Do you feel pains?” He asked.

“No, com’on” I smiled and picked my cup of coffee.

He watched me gulped down my coffee.
“I brought your clothes too” He said.
“Thanks D.” I said.

“I will go receive some fresh hair while you have your bath” He said.



I was returning back to Mia’s ward after spending some minutes outside.

“Hey” A nurse stopped me.
“Hi” I said.
“That lady in the ward,is she your girlfriend?” She asked.
“No” I said.
‘i wish’ I added inwardly.

“Well…i saw her..walked out of the hospital yesternight” She said.
“You must be mistaken” I said.
“I’m not, I saw her,she even put on a face cap” She said.
“You’re mistaken,she didn’t step out of the ward yesternight” I said and walked away but i turned and walked back to her.

“You’ve believed me right?” She said.
“No! I just want to tell you to always mind your business! Face what you’re here for” I said and smirked at her expression before walking away.



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