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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 38

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 38

Written By Zeeman

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Mr Holden, your son is not gonna get hurt but get killed.

“I’m inviting you both to the dinner party I’ll be having with my business associates tomorrow” He said.
“We’re not chanced Dad” Darrel said.
“Okay then,I’m just gonna expose your home address to the press” He said and continued eating.

“Dad! Do you have to threaten me?” Darrel asked.
“So,will you come or not?” He asked and Darrel glanced at me.
“I will” He said reluctantly. “But i don’t know if Mia will want to. I can’t force her” He added.

“I want to” I said.

Do i even have a dress.

“Really?” Darrel smiled.
“Yeah” I nodded.
“Okay,I’ll be expecting you both. I’ll send you more informations about the location”
“I’ve never heard of people getting threatened cause they refused to attend a dinner party” Darrel said.

“Well,you heard it today” Mr Holden smiled.
“Tch!” Darrel rolled his eyes.
“Thanks for the delicious meal Mia” Mr Holden said gulping down his glass cup of water.

“I’ll be leaving soon” He said.
“Won’t you be spending the night here?” Darrel asked.
“Nah! I already booked a room in a hotel. ” He said.
“This place is big enough for you Dad. I promise i won’t disturb you” D. Said.

“I would like to stay here too but i can’t, have you forgotten you don’t own this house,it’s an official building and no one should even come visit you not to talk of staying overnight” He said.
“That’s true,but you’re my Dad!”
“Our relationship doesn’t matter. I need to go now ” He said and Darrel groaned.

“Can i have some meal packed for me. I don’t know how their meal is gonna taste at the hotel. I wouldn’t like to have a running stomach?” He said.

“Okay Sir” I said and walked to the kitchen.
I walked back to dining when i finished packing the meal.
I met Mr Holden already on his feet.

“Oh, thanks Mia” He smiled.
“You shouldn’t thank me Sir” I said.
“I should dear” He said.
“i need to leave now” He added.

Darrel dropped his spoon and stood up after his dad.
We both walked him outside.

Regardless of how wealthy he is, he’s not a bit arrogant.
Caroline proved me wrong first then Mr Holden.
I used to believe wealthy people are damn arrogant.

We got outside and met the bodyguards chatting with Nath..
“Hey guys, we’re leaving” Mr Holden called out to them and they both rushed over.

I handed the meal to one of them.

“I’m sorry for talking to you both that way but you don’t have to follow him around like ducks” Darrel said to the bodyguards.
“Darrel!” His dad scolded.
“You’re repeating what you just apologised to them for” He said.
“I’m sorry Dad” Darrel said..


“Thanks for coming Sir,it was nice having you around” I said.
He smiled. ” I’ll need to know more about you”
“Alright sir” I said.

“You shouldn’t have come at all when you knew you’ll be leaving soon” Darrel said.

“I need to go rest Darrel, we’ll see tomorrow night okay?” He said.
“Alright Dad. Bye” Darrel said.

One of the bodyguards opened the car door and Mr Holden stepped in like the notable man he is.
“Bye sir” I waved.
“Bye” He waved back before the car door was closed.

The bodyguards got in , one behind the wheel, another sitting with him at the back.
Nath quickly opened the gate and we watched them drove out.

Darrel smiled.

“Your Dad is so jovial” I said.
“Yeah, i never knew I’ll see him today, i thought it’ll be after I’m done with my mission. I was starting to miss him” He said.
“Why don’t you quit what you’re here for and do what your father wants” I said.
“Even if i plan on doing anything close to that, I’ll need to accomplish what I’m here for” He said.

I shrugged “Fine then”

Nath walked to us, smiling.

“That meal was delicious” He said.
“Thank you” I smiled.
“Agent D. You’re obviously the younger version of your dad” Nath said.
“People do say that but i think you need to see my mum” Darrel said.

“Yeah, i got most of my looks from my mum” He said.
“Wow! I’ll love to see your mum too. Will she also be coming here soon? Gosh! I can’t wait to see her” Nath said excitedly and i wished i had stopped him from saying that.

” My mum is late” Darrel said.
“Oh. . my God!” Nath exclaimed.
“I’m so sorry about that” He added sadly.
“It’s fine, it happened long ago and I’ve gotten over it” Darrel said.
“Im so sorry,i wouldn’t have said that if i knew” Nath said and Darrel smiled.

“Com’on i brought up my Mum first” He said.
“Once more, I’m so sorry about that” Nath said and Darrel nodded.
“I need to go finish up my meal” Darrel said walking to the door.

“I’ll join you soon D. ” I said.
“Okay,take your time” he said before walking in.

“Damn! I never knew his mother is dead” Nath said.
“She is. And he kinda get emotional whenever he mentions his mother” I said.
“Arrrgh! I talk too much right?” Nath asked and i nodded.

“I’ll be going inside, will see you later” I said.
“Okay” He said.

I walked inside the house and closed the door behind me.
I headed to the dining room and saw Darrel staring at the untouched meal in front of him.

He said he was coming in to resume his meal.

“Darrel” I called.
“Huh?” He raised up his head and i saw how red his eyes were.

He cried.
I knew he would.

“You cried?” I asked and he nodded.
I sighed and patted his back.
I feel like hugging him.
“I understand how you feel” I said.

Is this how the relatives of the people I’ve killed felt after years of loosing their loved ones.
The pain never heals?

I sighed sadly and sat on the dining chair.
“I know how mentioning mum makes me feel yet i can’t stop talking about her” He said.
“That shows how much you love her. She’ll be glad you’ve not forgotten her,you still talk about her. That’s true love” I said.
“Really?” He asked.

“,Smile, you should know this sad face does not suit you” I said and he smiled.

“Good!” I said.
“But you must finish up the meal you said you wanted to” I added.
“Of course i will” He said and resumed eating.

I smiled happily as i watched him eat.

“Do i look more handsome when eating?”
“Nah! You look uglier” I teased and he frowned.
“Geez! You look more like a wolf when frowning” I said and he quickly loosened his face to a smile.

I laughed and he did too.
After he was done eating, i packed the plates into the kitchen and started washing.

I need to go search through my clothes for the one I’m gonna put on to the dinner party.
I should have brought more clothes here.

I wiped my hands off a napkin when i was done washing.
I walked out of the kitchen and got to the living room.
Seems Darrel has gone to his room already.

I headed to the stairs and started climbing it to my room.

‘do i even need to search through my clothes?’ I thought as i opened the door to my room.
I opened my wardrobe and realised i don’t even have much clothes to search through.

“What would i wear to the dinner party?” I said sadly.
“I don’t even have shoes!”


I searched the house for Darrel but didn’t see him.
I walked out of the door and met Nath walking to his door.

“Nath,did you see Darrel?” I asked.
“Yeah,he went out in his car” He said.
“Ohh.. okay” I said and walked back in, wondering where he went to without telling me.

I should go ahead and prepare dinner then.
I walked into the kitchen and decided to just make a light meal for dinner.


I was setting the table when Darrel arrived.

“Hey” He said walking into the dining room with two shopping bags.
I guess he went to get some things for himself.

“I searched the whole house for you” i said.
“I’m sorry i didn’t told you before leaving, i went to get something” He said.
“Okay. Dinner is ready” I said.
“You’ve served Nath his right?” He asked.
“Of course” I said.

“Have this” he said stretching the shopping bags to me.
“I should take it to your room?” I asked.
“Nah! They’re for you. I got you some dresses and shoes” He said leaving me speechless.

I stared at him in disbelief.

“ mean you got dresses and shoes for me?”
“Yes Mia,they are for you” He said and i found myself screaming and hugging him tightly.


She screamed and hugged me tightly.
I smiled.
I’m glad i did this for her.

I heard her complaining about not having anything to wear.
I actually planned on getting dresses for her but her complaint hastened my plan.

If only she know,I’ll do anything for her .
Any freaking thing.

“Thanks so much Darrel, thank you” She said happily, releasing herself from my arms.
She held the shopping bags tightly.

“I hope they’ll suit you,i only described your body size and for the shoes,i know your size” I said.
“I really appreciate this. Thanks Darrel” She said.
“Stop the thanks already” I said.
“I can’t. I should go check these out” she said happily, jumping to the stairs.

“Let’s have dinner first” I called after her.
“I’m coming” She said and i smiled.

❤️💅❤️ NEXT DAY.

I sat in the living room, waiting for Mia.
It’s time for the dinner party and i’m dressed up in my tuxedo, nice shoes with my hair styled cutely.

I brought three dresses for her but i liked the red one best and i wish she’ll wear that one.
Well… anyone she chooses to wear,i wish it suits her perfectly.

My heart stopped for a second when i heard the click of shoes on the stairs.

She’s coming.
I wiped my forehead with my palm and swallowed hard before facing the direction of the stairs.

My mouth dropped as i stared at a complete different person walking towards me.
Of course,it’s no different person.
It’s Mia! She’s putting on the red dinner gown that’s laced with stone.
Aside the fact that it suit her,it brought out those deadly curves I’ve never seen before.
Should i just thrash those baggy clothes she wears?

My gaze left her body to her face.
She applied little touch of make up to her already perfect face making it more than perfect and her hair….
I’ve never seen a bun look so beautiful.

She smiled as she walked to me.
I slowly stood up.

“You’re stunning” I said.
“Thank you” she smiled happily..
“You look breathtaking too” She said and my heart danced.
“Thank you” I said.

She interlocked her arm with mine and we both started walking to the door.
Just then i saw two shadows on the wall.


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