What am I doing here?. I thought as I bit my lips hardly staring at Erick’s door and doorbell, few minutes ago I was so confident about myself running all the way here to tell Erick I do feel the same way about him but now, I don’t know where all those morale went.
I gulped down heavily and slowly raised my index finger to press the doorbell.
I finally pushed the doorbell with a hitch breath and after a few seconds the door opened.

“wh-where’s Erick?” I asked Daniel who stood at the door with a bowl of ice-cream in his right hand and a spoon on his left hand.
“he’s… He’s not here right now” Daniel replied.
“oh” I said feeling disappointed.
“he went for an interview, and he left here not to long ago, and as you can see I’m just hanging out here by myself”. He smiled showing me the ice-cream.
“well. Okay tell him I came or don’t worry I’ll call him and tell him myself” I said about to go but he stopped me by holding my arm with his left hand.
“you can’t just go!” he said.
“huh!.. Why?” I asked as I gazed at his hand on mine.
“you just came” he finally let’s go of me. “and you’re coming from a far place and you can’t just leave cause Erick’s not here, at least it’s different when there’s no one here but I’m here, just take me as Erick’s brother and come in and have a cold drink, the sun isn’t very forgiving”
“c’mon” he said gesturing his head for me to come inside.
“ohh… Okay!” I said as I slowly walked in.
Being with Daniel!!! God I don’t like this, it’s uncomfortable. He’s like Mount Everest and I’m like a mole hill beside him.
I got in the familiar living room and I slowly walked to one of the couch and sat down there quietly.
“ice cream?” he asked.
“no thanks” I smiled forcefully.
“okay, I promised you a cold drink, so I have to get you one” he said dropping his Ice cream and heading to the kitchen.
Why do I feel like I’m in a stranger’s house.

“here” he said as he came back with a can of coke in front of me.
“It’s really cold” he added with a smile when I grabbed it.
“thanks” I said.
“no problems, just doing anything I can for my twin’s brother girlfriend” Daniel smiled, sitting down and grabbing his ice-cream.
Twin brother? Please!
“he’s–I’m–not his girlf–
“don’t tell me you’re not cause you definitely are” Daniel interrupted me smirking and rubbing his forehead.
“what… Do you mean?” I asked taking a big sip from my coke. Why Is everyone keeps saying he’s my boyfriend when we’re not even dating.
“what do you mean, what do I mean? Erick told you about his feelings and you’re not rejecting him or accepting it either, so that only means one thing, you like him too but you don’t know how to tell him cause maybe this is your first time you’ve felt this way… And also if you didn’t feel the same way, you would have rejected him completely, but for the past few weeks you’ve been rejecting him in a way that say ‘wait for me, I’ll be back’. You like Erick, I didn’t know before but now I clearly see it” Daniel said and my eyes widen at his speech.
How is he this Smart?
“well you’re right, I do like Erick… Like So much” I said, somehow feeling comfortable saying it to him.
“see?” he breathed out finally eating his ice cream which is now melting.
“And yes like you said I am afraid to tell him that cause it is my first time liking someone and…
“you just can’t believe it’s too real to be true”
“exactly.” I said authentically looking at the floor.
“June we’re not that tight friends but I can read the minds of my friends, tight or not tight, as long as you’re my friend I can proclaim a prophecy from you” Daniel said and I looked at him weirdly.
What the hell is he blabbing about, when did he become a prophet and since when did ‘we’ became friends.
“I’m just joking, I don’t read minds or see any prophecy” Daniel laughed.
“I know” I said dryly. “you just see what everyone else is seeing” I added and he smiled with a nod.
“so Erick knows I like him that way?” I asked.
“oh” was the only thing I could say.
“so how you going to confess to him?” Daniel smirked.
“what do you mean?” I asked.
“stop asking me what I mean you know exactly what I mean”
“you said, confess to him? I’m just going to tell him how I feel, I don’t need to say any word fancier than the ones coming from my heart already, so asking me how I am going to confess is just confusing” I said slowly and he shrugged.
“anyways, do you want to watch anything?” he asked grabbing the television remote.
“no thanks, actually I think it’s time I leave” I said standing up.
“but it’s Erick’s first interview, it’s happening live in about two seconds, I’ve been calculating the time, and you’re leaving now!?” Danie asked calmly.
“well I didn’t know it was about Erick” I said sitting down again.
“I know you wouldn’t leave when you heard Erick’s name” Daniel smiled in a cheesy way making me roll my eyes.
He ignored my eye roll and grabbed his phone, connecting his phone to the TV, I watched as his forehead furrowed in anger as he tapped his phone.
“dang it!” He sighed after his phone failed to connect to the TV,
“this is the fifth time now and it’s still failing to connect” Daniel sighed angrily.
“maybe, you’re doing it wrong” I said as he tapped and dropped his phone angrily.
“I’m not doing anything wrong and, the interview might be over by now it’s late” Daniel said and I nod. And stood up
“I’ll just watch the full video on YouTube later” I said and he shrugged.
“okay, I have to go.” I said grabbing my phone.
“uhh okay!” he said standing up too… “your next competition, when is it happening?” he asked.
“Next Week Tuesday, we’re just going to sing any song we like and that’s just it, we wait for whatever results to come out”. I explained and he nods.
“okay good bye” I said walking to the door.
“good bye, it was nice hanging out with you!” Daniel yelled behind me. “at least I found out how you really feel for my twin brother” he added and I shook my head negatively as I turned the door knob and hurried out.
I’m glad I met Daniel, at least I didn’t come and go and got my energy wasted.
I got in the bus and goodness it’s been becoming noisy these days. And I just found out the noise is about Erick and Daniel.

“I mean just look at him he’s a god” a lady said in front of me.
“what are you talking about Daniel’s still the winner of best face of two thousand and eighteen. How can you compare this amature with Daniel’s beauty” another lady said balancing her child on her thighs .
“well they haven’t done the best face of two thousands and nineteen yet so don’t boast” the first lady said while I walked passed them to the back of the bus to sit.
A girl who sat beside me kept smiling at her phone with a head phone around her head, and when I peeked at her phone not meaning to invade her privacy.
I was surprised to see Erick on her screen with a woman talking to him.
It must be his interview! I thought.
I wish she isn’t putting on headphones, I could have heard what he’s saying.
I got to my stop and trekked home, my journey was just meaningless, well I wouldn’t call it meaningless since I met Daniel and told him how I feel about Erick. Now I’m starting to fee strange about telling him all that.
I got inside my room and plopped down on my bed and immediately my fingers grabbed my phone and I immediately went to YouTube..
I tapped the search box and typed Erick-J interview’ and immediately it popped on the screen. His first interview, oh I can’t wait to watch it.
I laid on my bed and played the video.
Erick seemed confident as he was introduced in the camera and he waved hi with a smile.
“whoa” the interviewer smiled as Erick sat opposite her “you’re more handsome in real life” the woman added and they both shared a small laugh
“thanks” Erick smiled.
“so Erick-J thank you for coming to qulies show tonight, everyone wants to know about you, I do too and you’ve already gotten so much fans with just a small period of time and those fans out there are going to be the interviewer not me cause this video is going live and here on my tablet Is fans bombarding my notifications with questions already!” the woman said and laughed nervously as she glance down at her tablet.
“well I’m so glad to be an interviewee here” Erick said and shared a laugh with the woman.
Erick was asked a lot of questions from the interviewer who was reading the question from her tablet which was from fans. He was asked about his food, favourite place in the world and he strangely answered, “a rooftop house”
“what’s do you mean by a rooftop house?” the interviewer asked.
“no you asked for my favourite place in the world and I said it!” Erick said and the woman blinked bewilderingly. Which made me laugh .
Erick is so silly…
I continued watching the video and he was asked a lot of silly questions from fans until the woman dropped her tablet and smiled at Erick.
“your fans time are up, now it’s my turn to ask questions Erick-J” the woman said and Erick shrugged.
“sure, blast me” Erick smiled.

“how much do you love singing and dancing?” the woman asked and Erick laughed.
“singing is great actually, it helps with a lot of thing in you, you can let out all your feelings and emotions through singing”.
“and dancing?”.
“dancing is great too” Erick bit his lips to stop himself from laughing.
The woman smiled and breathed out.
“So you saw that your debut got 20.5million views and that’s a lot of views under twenty four hours, it even surpassed Daniel’s debut last year, so when you saw how popular you’re becoming how did it feel?” the woman smiled.
“it felt great, like so great, I didn’t expect that much views actually, and I also want to thank all my fans for that” Erick said and the woman smiled “Awwn you’re so sweet”.

“okay here’s another question, everyone knows you’re the son of Mr Dhousten the CEO of DH entertainment, like who wouldn’t when you both look so deadly alike, it’s even scary you guys aren’t twin, it’s just that you’re way younger” the woman stated making Erick laugh.
“like you’ve got an amazing voice, your voice is outstanding and I don’t get why your father the CEO of DH hid you, why didn’t he let the world know he has an outstanding gifted son, why did he hid you and why did he decide to expose you now?”.
“my father didn’t hide me! He had really wanted me to become who I am now, but I was the one who hid myself” Erick said and moved his hair back and I was surprised by the woman’s reaction to that.
“okay Erick-J why did you hide yourself, were you afraid you weren’t confident enough or you just didn’t want to show yourself then?” the woman asked..
“I… I didn’t know why I did so. I was just being silly then, even if I was being confronted by my father, I still didn’t want to… It was just the silly me talking then, we all have that silliness in Us” Erick smiled making the woman smile too.
“okay what made you give up that silliness and decide to show everyone who Erick-J really is?”.

“well I met someone and that person made me realise life isn’t only about choices, Life is not about what I’ve done, what I should’ve done, what I could’ve done… it’s about what I can do and what I will do. That person made me realize that they’re a lot of things in life we’re yet to find out, so we need to take a hold of everything good thing in front of us, and that person made me realise I can be this and be here today with also some threatening words” Erick said with a smile.
He’s talking about me… I cleaned my sudden tears and continued watching.
“is that someone a male or female?” the woman asked teasingly but she actually meant it.
“That… That is kind of private” Erick smiled.
“well since its private, I see it’s a female” the woman laughed.
“actually, it’s both” Erick interrupted her hysteric laugh.
“that someone is both male and female?” the woman asked and Erick nod.
“wow I don’t know if i should you weird for saying that or call myself weird for asking you that” the woman said and shared a small laugh with Erick.
“and lastly Erick-J before the show comes to end, this is the last question”.
“okay” Erick smiled.

“Why the name Erick-J…?” the woman breathed out, “is it a middle name or your mom’s name or your dad’s?”.
“it’s neither of those and I’m sorry that’s private too” Erick smiled even more.
“bummer” the woman said sadly too and laughed after it.

“that’s it everyone! Give it up for Erick-J…”
I turned off my phone and sighed happily…
I closed my eyes to process my heart beating fast and the excitement building up in my tummy..
Why did I watch this… It’s making me feel different about myself.
My phone ring and I flinched and grabbed it. My excitement worsen when I saw “Erick” on the screen.
“hey?..” I said with a nervous laugh and I don’t get why I’m nervous.
“hey?” He mimicked me and I laughed and apologized.
“so. I heard from Daniel you came over to my place today!” Erick say, his voice sounding sharp and clear.
“yes, but unfortunately you were busy with your first interview!” I said and he laughed and I didn’t know if it’s my head or the phone cause his voice sounded so real like he was here.
“Yeah I know, I’m sorry for not being Around, you just wasted your time”.
“what? No you don’t have to apologize it’s okay, and it wasn’t a waste a time actually cause i met Daniel and he offered me coke, I drank and we talked,” I rushed my words.
“talked? Talked about what?” he yelled and I was sure I heard his voice not from the phone but from outside my door. So I slowly stood up from my bed and walked to the door.
“we just talked about how different kinds of coke tasted.” I lied, he can’t know we talked about him.
“yeah right?” he scoffed.
“where are you now?” I asked as I placed my hand on the doorknob.
“why do you ask?” he said and I sighed, cut off the conversion and opened the door, to see him standing there wearing all black. And he laughed when I as I gave him a look.
“oops! busted” were his words..
I smiled immediately and walked up to him to give him a hug.
Now! it’s my turn
T. B. C


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