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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 39

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 39

Written By Zeeman

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She interlocked her arm with mine and we both started walking to the door.
Just then i saw two shadows on the wall.

“Wh..” I was saying but suddenly realized the shadows are no longer there.
“Mia,did you see that?” I asked.
“What?” She asked.
“The shadows”
“It’s ours”
“It’s not ours,I’m very sure of that” I said.
“You must be hallucinating then,cause i didn’t see any shadow.” She said.

I sighed, it might be hallucination truly.

“Let’s go” I smiled.


I saw the two shadows on the wall and knew immediately it was Joel and Anne.

What the hell are they doing here!
And how dare they come into the living room to the extent of almost exposing theirselves.

What if i hadn’t made Darrel believe it was just imagination. He would have searched the nooks and crannies of the house and find them.
I need to give boss a call once i come back.

They almost made the excitement running in my veins disappeared.

This dress is making me feel so special.
I actually have more than enough money to get dozens of this dress but half of my money has always gone into the orphanage.

I wonder why i took time in getting dressed.
I wanted to look beautiful for Darrel?

I’m so satisfied by the look on his face when i stepped down from the stairs.
That look spoke volumes.

‘you are stunning’ he had said making me feel like a queen.
He also stole my breath with his looks tonight.

He has never looked more handsome.
Darrel, i don’t know what you’re doing to me but whatever it is, I like it.
No! I love it.

I smiled as we stepped outside..
Nath rushed to us with his mouth wide opened.

“OMG! Is this agent D.? Is this Mia?” He asked sarcastically.
“Nah! This is not agent D. But agent C. ” Darrel said, cracking me up.
“Of course this is agent C. Agent D. have never looked this handsome” Nath said.
“Really?” D. Asked.
“Yeah” Nath grinned.

“I think i will start wearing tuxedo and styling my hair when I’m at home, doing nothing but sitting in the living room and watching movies in my TUXEDO” Darrel said and i chuckled.
“That will be perfect” Nath said..
“Silly!” Darrel said.

“But to be sincere, do you know you both could pass for the most beautiful latest couple in the whole of New York city?” Nath said and my heart raced even though i knew he was just teasing.
I wonder why Darrel’s hold on me tightened.

I tried to read the expression on his face but couldn’t.

“You both should just stay that way, i wanna take some shots of you” Nath said bringing out his phone.
“Com’on Nath” I said.
“We’re running late already” Darrel said.
“Hold on, you both can’t leave just like that,you should have a picture of this day.” He said.
“True” Darrel said and we both posed.

Nath started capturing..

“It’s okay Nath!” I exclaimed.
He has taken up to fifteen shots.
“Great! You need to see this pictures,so lovely” He smiled satisfactorily.

“That will be later, we need to leave now. ” Darrel said opening the car door for me.
I stepped into the front passenger’s seat and fastened my seat belt.
Darrel got behind the wheels while Nath opened the gate.

We glanced at each other and he smiled at me.
My stomach sparked up and i ended on smiling back at him.


“Chill Joel” I said as he threatened to go beat up Darrel.
“He’s taking her to a date! When she’s nothing but his housekeeper, can’t he just select any other person but her” Joel shouted furiously.

The gatekeeper is taking some pictures of them and i must say they look beautiful together.

Boss actually sent us here tonight to inform Mia to report to Pine estate tomorrow.
We came in through her window but couldn’t find her.
We decided to sneak into the living room thinking that agent will be asleep but we were surprised to find the both of them glammed up, ready to step out.
I was stunned by Mia’s appearance .
So beautiful.
I’ve never seen her look so beautiful.

I’m sure she didn’t own that dress.
Darrel definitely bought it for her.

What the hell is going on between this two?

“Oh no” Joel whispered gritting his teeth beside me.
We both hid behind the couch when Darrel saw our shadows.

We watched Mia convinced him it was just hallucination.

I sighed in relief and came out of my hiding place when they both walked out.


“Let’s go report back to boss” I said to Joel who kept yelling even after they drove out.

I know how much he likes Mia but he should just accept the fact that she doesn’t like him.
He should move on already.

He started walking to the door…
“That’s not the way Joel” I said.
“Which way then?” He asked.
“Mia’s window, the gatekeeper will definitely see us if we go through the door” I said.
“Can’t we just kill him and leave” He said furiously and i shook my head.

“Please” I said.
He turned and started walking towards Mia room while i wondered what’s going on between Mia and Darrel Holden.
The looks they both exchanged is..just unexplainable.


Darrel drove into the parking lot.
There were a lot cars parked there too.

He turned off the ignition and stepped out of the car.
He quickly came over to open the car door for me.
He stretched out his hand and i placed mine on his while i stepped down from the car.

He closed the car door and we both walked towards the entrance,hand in hand.
I smiled when i heard music playing softly inside.

Darrel stretched the invite to the doorman.
He glanced at it before paving way for us to go in.

We walked in and found everyone’s gaze on us.
They whispered amongst themselves but i could grasp what they were whispering .


‘they are beautiful!’

‘whose son and daughter are they?’

‘they are the most beautiful couple here’

I glanced at Darrel and he sighed.
“We shouldn’t have come here after all” He said.

“Ohh… Darrel, you’re here” Mr Holden said, walking towards us.
He smiled and faced everyone”This is my son and his fiancee”
I let out a gasp but quickly comported myself.

‘wow’ They all chorused.
“Mr Holden led us to our seats after we’ve greeted almost everyone.
They’ve all resumed whatever they were doing before we came in.

This whole place smells wealth..

Some couples were on the dancing floor, some sat and drank,some walked around the room while some chattered in circles.

So beautiful and amazing.

“Dad, how could you say that?” Darrel half yelled at his dad.
“Shut up and don’t you dare yell at me! ” His father said.

We sat and we were served chilled drinks and barbecue.

“Everyone has been asking me why my son is yet to get married, so you better play along” Mr Holden said.
“Arrrgh!” Darrel sighed.
“Dad, you’re asking me to play along. What of Mia! Do you think she likes this?” Darrel said.

“It’s fine Darrel,let’s just do this for the sake of Dad” I said.
“Good! Thanks Mia, for offering to protect my reputation here” Mr Holden said and i nodded.
“By the way,you look beautiful tonight” He said and i smiled.
“Thanks Mr Holden” I said.

“Me?” Darrel asked.
“I mean, how do i look tonight?” He asked.
“Of course you’re ugly as always” Mr Holden said and i stifled my laughter.
“Dad!” Darrel frowned.

“Com’on! Do i need to tell you,you’re the most handsome guy here. Look,almost all the ladies gaze are on you” He said, making me glance around.
Truly, ladies are looking in Darrel’s direction and i couldn’t help the little jealousy popping in me.

“I’m used to that” Darrel said.
“I know but are you used to the fact that the guys gaze are on Mia” Mr Holden said.

Yeah,i know that.

“Why the hell are they staring at her!” Darrel said.
“Hey! She’s not your real fiancee so why are you getting worked up”
“She’s my friend and i have to protect her” He said.
“From?” His dad asked and Darrel gulped his drink in response.

“Imagine if i hadn’t introduced her as your fiancee. Those guys will have surrounded this table and there’s nothing you will do about it”
“Yeah” Darrel scoffed.

“You both should come with me,i need to introduce you to my friend,he just arrived” He said.
“Again!” Darrel exclaimed before receiving a glare from his dad.

We both stood up and i was surprised at the rate Darrel quickly tuck my hand in his.

We both walked behind Mr Holden.
He stopped in front of a table where a man was seated.
One of them looked familiar though.

“Mr Walker, meet my son and his fiancee” Mr Holden said.

Mr Walker?
Caroline’s dad!

Darrel and i glanced at each other.

“Hi Mr Walker” Darrel greeted while i bowed in greeting.
“Hello have your seat” Mr Walker smiled.

Darrel and i sat opposite him.

“Ohh… Mr Elvis is here.. I need to go say hi” Mr Holden said and walked away.

“I must commend that your fiancee is really beautiful” Mr Walker said.
“Thanks sir” I smiled.
“So, who’s your father?” Mr Walker asked me.
“My father?” I asked.
“Ohh…i mean your last name?” He asked.
“Cunnane” I said.
“That name doesn’t ring a bell, what’s your father’s position in this country?” He asked and i glanced at Darrel.

“Her father runs a cafeteria” Darrel said.
“What!” He exclaimed disgustingly.
“Is anything wrong with that Mr Walker?” Darrel asked.
“How could you date a daughter of nobody when your father holds a high position in the society” He said.

“You wanna know the reason?” Darrel asked.
“Of course” Mr Walker said.
“Love. I love her, so much” Darrel said and i felt a tingling feeling in my stomach.
I knew he’s just trying to play along but that sincerity in his voice gat me.

“There’s nothing wrong with me dating her. You called her father a nobody cause he runs a cafeteria? Do you think if wishes were horses,beggars won’t ride? You’re not in this position today because of how capable you’re, you’re here today because of grace, if everyone has the grace you have,do you think there will be one poor person in the world?

Just imagine yourself in their shoes, how are you gonna feel if someone calls you a nobody, of course you’ll feel bad.

Why didn’t i choose the daughter of noble men like you?
Why do you think i chose her?
That should tell you money is not everything.
Don’t ever discourage anyone from getting married to whomever they choose. For them to choose that person,you should know they truly love that person.

My father accepted my choice cause he respects my decision, every parents in this world should respect their children choices,if not, that child might end up getting hurt” Darrel finally concluded, leaving Mr Walker speechless and remorseful.

I smiled inwardly as Darrel winked at me.
I know he said that because of Nath.

“We’ll leave to dance now sir” Darrel said and grabbed my hand.
We both stood up and walked down to the dancing floor.

“I’m glad we did that for Nath” Darrel said.
“I’m glad too” I smiled.

“Let’s dance” He said and stretched his hand to me.
I took it and we both started dancing to the rhythm of the song.

All I’m seeing is Darrel, his breathtaking face under the beautiful chandelier.
Everything seems so beautiful and i felt butterflies rose in my stomach.

My heart longed for him and i really wished he could feel the same way for me too.
I can’t deny it any longer.

I’m in love.
Mia, you’re in love with Darrel.

“Mia” Darrel called.
“I love you” He said and my heart struck.


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