Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 4

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 4

Written By Zeeman

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She raced out of the house acting like the pro she’s not!

Good thing i already loosened the hop of the bike before coming in.
I will actually see how she’s gonna succeed in this mission.

Why did i also miss the target!
Why am i always missing the damn target!
Now boss is pissed off and I’m sure he won’t give me task anytime soon.

I was the most loved when Mia
wasn’t here but she just came and ruined everything!
I was boss favorite but now he has switched to her.

“I wonder why you now miss targets..what are you probably thinking about?” Robbie asked and i sent him a glare.
“Shut the hell up” I yelled before barging to my room.

Even Robbie is now seeing me as a weakling.
Damn! What will little Anne think of me?
She’ll also prefer Mia to me?

I should just kill this girl already but i know boss will kill me too.

“I need to shower” I muttered as i walked into my room.


“Good job Mia” I heard from my deep slumber.

Good job?

My eyes popped open and i quickly got up from my bed.
I slid my feet into my footwear and hurried out of my room, praying it isn’t what I’m thinking.

I got to the living room and met everyone of them holding a glass cup of wine each.

“Come pour yourself a glass of wine Carla, Mia accomplished your leftover mission” Boss said.

Mission accomplished?

But i loosened the hop of the racing bike!
How come?

I switched my gaze to Mia who was smiling happily,i fumed in anger.

“The racing bike actually stopped on the way” She said and i sighed.
“Really?” Boss asked.
“Yes boss, but i didn’t waste time before boarding a cab” She said.
“Good of you” Boss said and others smiled.

My anger escalated and i turned to walk back to my room.
“Carla” boss called and i stopped.
I turned back to him.
“Come have some wine with us” He said.
“Okay boss” I faked a smile, before going to pour myself some wine.

“You always get job done!” Anne said admiringly to Mia who shrugged and sipped her wine.
“I would love to be like you” She said.
“I will train you to be better than me” Mia said.
“Thank you” Anne giggled happily.

“There’s no task for now so i can say you’re free to enjoy your weekend” Boss said.
“Yaaaaay” They exclaimed happily.

We all bowed before boss as he walked back to his room.

“Why don’t we go chill in the beach” Joel suggested.
“Yeah” They chorused.
“Carla?” Robbie asked.
“Huh…I caught a cold,i won’t be going with you guys” i said, dropping my glass cup of wine.

“Okay, everyone go dress up” Joel said excitedly and they all trooped into their various rooms.

They aren’t even bothered that I’m not coming along.
Of course the case would have been different if it was Mia.

I should just go back to sleep…..
But why do i feel like going with them!




“I didn’t know you’ll be coming with Eric” I said as i opened the door for Katy and Eric.
“Yeah…i brought her along” Eric said as they walked in.

“Thanks for your help earlier” I said to the both of them and then shut the door.
“It’s fine” Eric said but Katy said nothing.

We settled down on the couch, Eric picked the pack of juice on the table and gulped it down his throat.

“I hope you weren’t hurt from the emergency you were called for?” I asked Katy.
“Nah! It was fun actually. Another set of thugs” She laughed.

“Well…I’m glad we have thugs not assassins” Eric said and i nodded in agreement.
“Where are your crutches?” Katy asked.
“I think they are still behind the couch” I said.
“Behind the couch?” She asked.

“Yeah..i had to do that when dad came unannounced” I said and she bursted into laughter.
“Really?” Eric chuckled.
“Yeah, and all i did was to limp about since then. I’ve even forgotten about the crutches” I said.

“Damn! It’s time your dad realized you’re no longer a kid” Eric said.
“And it’s time you realized he’s the only one that old man have left. Who wouldn’t be worried in that case” Katy said and adjusted the little purse on her laps .

“Whatever…I’m starving” Eric said to me.
“Get up and get a meal yourself,get one for me too” I said and he sent me a playful glare.

“I’ll just go prepare something for everyone” Katy said and stood up.
“Thanks Katy” I said.
“Thank yo Katherine” Eric smiled happily and i shook my head.

He jumped on the couch beside me immediately Katy left for the kitchen.

“I’m not interested in your stupid talks” I said and he grinned.
“Who wants to talk to you,i wanted to admire the teddy bear” He said, picking up the teddy bear beside me.


“Don’t you think Katy will be a good wife to whoever marries her” He said.
“I thought you don’t want to talk to me” I said and picked my phone up.
“Com’on…i was just joking buddy” He said, throwing the teddy bear on another couch.
I shrugged and started scrolling through my apps.

“Don’t you think Katy will be a good wife to whoever marries her?” He repeated.
“Of course she will be. Her husband will be a very lucky man” I said and smiled when i noticed the frown on Eric’s face.
I know what he’s trying to drive at.
I don’t just know why he won’t relent.

“Don’t you wanna be the lucky man?” He asked.
“Of course,i want to be a lucky man, everyone wants to be lucky” I said.
“Ah!” He sighed in frustration.
“What?” I asked.
“You know what i mean buddy? Stop trying to wave the issue aside” He said.

“How’s Sabrina?” I asked.

Sabrina is Eric’s fiancee and they’ll be getting married soon…

“She’s fine but that’s not what I’m talking about buddy .. I mean..” He was saying.
“Damn! Is Katy preparing soup? The aroma is tantalizing” I said.

“Darrel!” He frowned.
“Aren’t you perceiving it?” I asked and continued scrolling through my apps.
I clicked on a game and stylishly watched as he picked up the remote control.
He switched on the TV and i laughed out loud.

“You’re a bastard” He said and started hitting me playfully.

All i did was laugh hard…

🍭🍭A week later🍭🍭

“I’ll be transferred to new York?” I asked in surprise.
I’m standing before boss in his well equipped office.
He just told me I’ll be transferred to New York to help out in capturing the anonymous assassin.

“Yes Darrel, they requested for our help because they know we are capable,i won’t want to disappoint them and you’re the only one i trust to fish out the assassin and that’s the reason i chose you.
You’re free to reject it actually cause we can’t make you go there against your will” He said.

“No boss, I’ll be glad to do what you asked of me. If i don’t,I’m afraid more innocent lives will be lost. ” I said.

Boss nodded and smiled…

“You’ll be leaving by next week,they already made accommodation for you over there,your flight will be booked immediately i inform them of your coming. Thanks Darrel for wanting to put your life at risk” Boss said.
“That’s what my job requires so i shouldn’t shy away from it” I said.

“You impress me a lot and I’m glad to have you as one of the CIA agent in our quarter” He said and i smiled.
“Thanks boss”

“I’ll be the only one going right?” I asked.

“Yes,for now, but I’m gonna send someone to join you if things starts getting intense”
“Okay boss” I said.
“You can leave” He said and i saluted before walking out of his office.

I’m happy I’ll be going to save innocent lives but I’m having mixed feelings too.


“OMG! You mean,you’re going to New York to hunt that cruel assassin” Katy said in shock, dropping her spoon in the process.
Eric sighed sadly.

We are having lunch in our office cafeteria,i just broke the news to them.

“Yeah..I’ll be leaving by next week” I said.
“I’ll come with you” Katy said.
“No Katy,boss said I’ll go there by myself and he’s gonna send someone to join me later on” I said.
“I’ll be the one to join you later on” She said and i smiled.
“I’ll be glad” I said.

“But this assassin kills every detective in charge of her case!” Eric said worriedly.
“OMG!!” Katy exclaimed.
“That’s because they’re not capable,I’ll make sure i don’t get killed. Trust me” I said.

“Well…i trust you, you’re surely the one capable to do the job” Eric said.
“I believe you can do it” Katy said.

“Thanks guys…now let’s cheer up,we shouldn’t feel down by that” I said but could still read the worry in their expression.
“Com’on guys, let’s eat . Our lunch is getting cold” I said.
“I lost my appetite already” Katy said.

“Com’on Katy, you know you’ve always wanted justice for the innocent lives that has been taken by this same assassin” I said.
“I know but, might get hurt” She said.

“Remember you’ll come join me later” I said and she smiled.
“Good! Now let’s eat up” I said and dragged her cheeks playfully.
She giggled.

“How’s your dad gonna take it?” Eric asked and my eyes widened.

I didn’t even thought of that!

“Geez!” Katy exclaimed.


📞Darrel! You’re going nowhere! ” Dad yelled,over the phone.

📞Dad,calm down” I said getting up from the couch. I just got home and the first thing i did was to call Dad and break the news to him.

📞I repeat! You’re not going to New York,that assassin is a desperate one who kills the detectives in charge of her case and you want to go there! Do you wanna get killed?

📞Dad,i won’t get killed. I can’t get killed. I have to go to prevent upcoming death of innocent lives.

📞You wanna prevent people’s lives by putting yours at risk!

📞That’s the nature of my job Dad.

📞You still insist on going?

📞Yes Dad.. please,i just needed to inform you.

📞 Okay,i know what to do” He said and disconnected the call.

I sighed and dropped my phone.
I knew he wasn’t gonna take it well but he will, as time goes on.

I started un-bottening my shirt as i walked to my room.

••{Next morning}••

I completed my dressing by sliding my feet into my brown shoes.
I stood in front of the mirror and adjusted my tie.
My hair is well styled…

I picked the criminal file that i was working on yesternight, I’ll go complete it at the office.
My phone was inside my pocket already,i picked my car key and started walking out of my room.

I increased my pace when i heard the landline ring in the living room.
The only person that calls me on the landline is Dad.
I smiled,he might have given in about letting me go to New York.

I got to the living room and truly dad was the one calling.
My smile brightened as i picked it up.

📞Good morning Dad.

📞 Morning son,how was your night.

📞Fine” I smiled,he’s talking calmly which means he has given in.

📞Do you still insist on going to New York?” He asked.

📞Yes Dad, please.

📞Okay then,i have a surprise for you outside,you should go check it out.

📞A surprise?

📞Yeah…i have to go” He said.

I sighed, wondering what surprise it might be.
What’s dad up to this time?

I dropped the file and quickly walked to the door.
I unlocked it and pulled it open and truly there was a surprise or rather ‘surprises’.

More than ten bodyguards stood by my doorstep,armed.

“Excuse me” I said.

“We’re sorry but Mr Holden ordered us not to let you out of your house” One of them said.


“Dad,why do you have to do this!!!” I yelled angrily and stomped back into the house.



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