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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 5

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 5

Written By Zeeman

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“Dad,why do you have to do this!!!” I yelled angrily and stomped back into the house.

Sweat gathered on my forehead and i wiped it off and sighed.

Seriously dad!
I don’t just want to hurt this bodyguards cause they’re not my match in a battle of fist.

Well…guess i have to make use of my back door today.
I picked the file on the couch and headed for the front door first.
I locked it and threw the key on the table,any of them might decide to check on me later on.

I turned back and hurried to my room to take the back door key…I’m running late for work.
I got to my room and opened the drawer,i took hold of the key and hurried out.

I smiled as i inserted the key into the lock.
Dad would think i was in the house all day.
I should go see him after work today.

I slipped out of the door and quietly locked it back.


“Hey buddy” Eric said as i got to his table.
“What’s up”
“I’m good” He said.
“You won’t believe what my Dad did this morning” I said.
“What?” He laughed.
“We’ll talk later,i should be seated in my office now” I said.

I waved at my junior colleagues who saluted as i walked on.

I got to Katy’s table and met her drinking coffee,there was another cup of coffee on her table which i carried.
That alerted her of my presence,she smiled.
“Good morning” She said.
“Morning Miss Katy” I said in a professional way and we both chuckled.

“How was your night?” She asked.
“Chilly” I said and started gulping the coffee.
She always keep coffee for me on her table every morning.

“Dad actually surprised me this morning” I said dropping the cup of coffee.
“Yeah… we’ll talk about it later” I said.
“Okay boss” She said dramatically and i smiled.

I used to sit on the chair beside hers before i was promoted,i now own a office.

“See ya” I waved and walked to my office.
I opened the door and stepped in.
I love how cozy my office is.

I dropped the file on my table and plopped on my swirling chair.
“No time to waste” I muttered before loosening my tie a bit.

I started work Immediately..


“I’m glad i have a back door ” I said to Katy and Eric with a mouthful of fries.
“I knew your dad won’t take it well” Katy said.
“I can’t believe he sent bodyguards to your house” Eric laughed.
I shrugged…”I was surprised too”.

“Darrel, you’re good with your fist,why didn’t you deal with them?” Eric asked and Katy snorted.
“Yeah but i decided to let them be” I said.
“So how were you able to take your car?” Katy asked.
“I actually took a cab” I said.
“I’m going to be dropping you at home then” Katy said.

“Nah! I have to go to Dad’s place” I said.
“For what?” Eric asked.
“To convince him” I said.
“Do you really need his permission to go?” He asked.
“I don’t,I’m old enough to decide on my own but he’s my father. It’ll be unfair to go there without his consent” I said.
“Yeah” Katy said.

“All i just need to do is convince him” I said.
“Your dad doesn’t yield easily” Eric said.
“I know that buddy. That man is one stubborn Dad” I said.

“You’ll be going next week right?” Katy asked.
“Yeah but i don’t know when exactly. Boss asked me to see him in his office. I guess that’s what he’s gonna be discussing with me”
“Seriously I’m gonna miss you buddy” Eric said sadly.
“Me too”

We both turned to Katy when we heard her sniff.
Damn! She’s in tears.

“Katy, com’on” I said and passed her my handkerchief.
She wiped her tears.

“Remember you’ll come join me later on” I said and took hold of her hand.
Eric glanced at me and i sighed.
“You won’t want our junior colleagues to see you cry right?” I asked and she nodded.

“Draw her close” Eric whispered to me and i sent him a look.
“We should get back to work..i need to go see boss” I said and nearly laughed while avoiding Eric’s glare.


“How did you get here?” Dad asked in surprise as i walked into the study.
I actually headed to dad’s house Immediately i was done at work.

I sat on the chair opposite him.

“I told my bodyguards not to let you out of your house” He said.
“Here i am” I said and picked his glass cup of juice.
I gulped it down my throat and dropped the cup back on the table.

“Christiana” I called on house,who hurried into the study.
“Darrel,when did you come in?” She asked and i grinned.
“You sneaked in again?” She asked and i nodded.
“Ah” She laughed.

“How have you been?” I asked.
“Fine” She said.
“Didn’t you miss me?” I asked.
“Of course.. there was no one to disturb the hell outta me since you left” She said and we both laughed.

“Actually I’m starving” i said.
“Ohh..ok, I’ll be right back” She winked before walking away.

I smiled and turned back to dad.
“Poppy why will you order your bodyguards not to let me out of my own house knowing well that i can beat up everyone of them” I said.
“You beat ’em up?” He asked.
“Nah!” I said.
“Then how did you get out? Cause i strictly warned them not to allow you out” He frowned.

“I gat a back door poppy” I said and his eyes widened.
“Damn!” He picked a book and hit it on my forehead.
“You’re a bastard” He laughed and i quickly joined in the laughter.

“Those fools. How could they allow you slip off their fingers”He said.
“I used the back door dad” I said still rubbing my forehead.
“Matthew” He called on the bodyguard standing by the door of the study.
“Yes Mr Holden” Matthew walked in.

“Call those incompetent elephants back” He said and i bursted into laughter.
Matthew bowed before walking out of the study.

Tiana walked in next with a tray,dunno what’s in it yet.
She placed it in front of me and my cheeks started smiling by itself.
Macroons with spiced chicken..

“Thanks T” I said.
“Are you staying for the night?” She asked and i looked at dad.
I think it might take the whole night to convince him.
“Yeah” I said and she smiled.
“Okay,I’ll go clean up your room then. Enjoy your meal” She said before walking out.
“Thank you” I said.

“Don’t think you’ll be able to convince me” He said.
“Yeah,that’s the reason i need to eat cause i might end up using all my strength” I said and started eating.
“I’m not allowing you go to New York” He said sternly.
“You will Dad. Just hold on,i need to be done with this meal” I said.

🎆New York City…


“Get out of my room!” I yelled at Carla.
“You think you’re already boss favorite right. Hell no! I will make sure you leave” She threatened and i laughed.
“You act like a kid” I said.
“A kid?” Her face grew furious.
“Yeah.. how can you just come into my room to say thrash” I said.

“You’re the kid here, acting like you know better than everyone” She said.

“Just leave,i don’t want to hurt you” I said.
“Freaking idiot” She spat before walking out of my room.

I sighed and laid back on my bed.
She actually woke me up just to threaten me. This isn’t her first time though.

I glanced at my bedside clock….
It’s 9am already.

This is the first time in the month that I’ll be having such a long sleep.
I use most of my nights to train but boss said we’re free for the weekend and this nincompoop came to disrupt my sleep!
I won’t be able to sleep anymore.

I heard a knock on my door and shifted my blanket aside before sitting up on the bed.
“Come in” I said, adjusting my nightie.
Anne walked in and closed the door behind her.
I actually thought it was Joel.

“Good morning Mia” She smiled.
“Morning Anne, how’re you?”
“I’m fine” She said.
“Do you need anything?” I asked.
“No,i saw Carla walked out of your room angrily. Is anything wrong?” She asked.
“Nah! She only came to threaten me” I said.
“Threaten you?” She asked in surprise.

“Yeah…this isn’t the first time. Everyone knows,i guess it’s because you’re a newbie” I smiled.
“Ohh..i noticed she doesn’t really like you” She said.
“She doesn’t, right from the start” I said.
“What made her dislike you?” Anne asked.
“I don’t know,i asked her severally but she did not have a reasonable thing to say” I said.

“Ohh” Anne said, repacking her ponytail.
“I heard from Robbie that your pink hair is natural” I said.
“No. It’s not” She laughed.
“Yeah… actually,i grew up to find my hair pink. My granny told me it was actually dyed when i was four” She said.
“Ohh…i was always thinking it’s natural” She said.
“It’s not but i wish it was” She said and chuckled.

“I will go help Joel with breakfast” She said.
“Okay and thanks for caring” I said.
“It’s fine” She smiled before walking out of my room.

She’s such a sweet girl.

I should go bath…i don’t like my breakfast cold or warm,i love it hot and fresh.


“I will do the dishes” Anne said, immediately we all finished having our breakfast.
Boss already went to his room, leaving us behind.
“Of course you should” Carla stood up.
“And what’s wrong if you do?” Joel asked Carla.
“Shut the hell up,lover boy” She said before walking away.
“Lover boy?” Anne asked.

Robbie shook his head and sighed.
“Such a pain in the ass” Joel said.

“You can all go ahead and gossip about me” Carla shouted from her room.

“Anne and i will do the dishes” I said.
“Okay,Joel and i will go play chess” Robbie said.


“Com’on Joel,you can do this” I rooted for Joel who was loosing in the game.
Robbie laughed…”I’m gonna beat down his ass”
“Joel is gonna win this time” I said, watching the game sternly with Anne beside me.

He’s close to winning.

“He won!” I cheered in excitement and we all laughed.
“You and Anne should go next” Robbie said.
“I’m not really good at it” Anne said.
“Com’on I’m gonna teach you” I said.

“Everyone assemble” Boss suddenly called from the dark room where we normally assemble whenever there’s an important issue.

We all rushed into the dark room..
It’s a wide room with dim light, our weapons are kept in a corner while other things, including computers are kept in the open.

“Robbie” Boss called.
“Yes boss” Robbie bowed.
“Find out who Darrel Holden is” He said and Robbie quickly walked to a computer.

Is anything wrong?

“Darrel Holden is a competent CIA agent who works in one of the quarter of California, he’s the only son of his father, who’s a business tycoon and also counted among the wealthiest in California.
He’s known to have never failed on any task assigned to him and he just got promoted recently,his home address is…” Robbie was saying.

“Stop!” Boss ordered and he did .
“What’s the matter boss?” I asked but received silence as answer.
Carla smirked and i nearly hit her.

“Darrel Holden is to be transferred from California to New York to hunt you. Mia” He said and for the first time,my heart skipped a beat.


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