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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 41

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 41

Written By Zeeman

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“What the hell are you guys doing here!” I yelled at them.

“Mia,chill” Anne said.
“Don’t freaking tell me to chill! Joel,how dare you introduce yourself to Darrel as my boyfriend” I said angrily.
“Why can’t i? Does being a housekeeper restricts you from having a boyfriend?” He asked pissing me off more.

“And who told you you are my boyfriend!”
“That was the reason he walked out angrily right? What the hell is going on between you two!” Joel yelled.

“What the hell are you both doing here!” I yelled back.
“You both should stop yelling at each other! Mia,boss sent us here” Anne said.

“Boss sent you here? He told you to come in formally?” I asked.
“Yeah,he wants Darrel to see us” She said and i calmed down a bit.

“I’ll be back, i need to check if he’s gone” Anne said walking to the window.
“So,how was the dinner party you both went to last night? Going to party with a dunderhead you’re to kill is not among boss rules” Joel said.

“He’s not a dunderhead! And the party was the most amazing I’ve ever attended.” I said clearly.
“Ohh…and did you just say he’s not a dunderhead? He’s not? Yet he has not realised he’s staying in the same house with an assassin he’s toiling to capture”
“That’s none of your business. What are you here for?” I asked..

“He’s gone” Anne said walking back into the living room.
“How dare you both step in the living room last night? What if he had caught you guys!” I said.
” We really needed to deliver boss message,that was the reason we did that” Anne said.

“If he had caught us? i would have killed him Immediately” Joel said and i laughed.
“Kill him,you say? Trust me, Darrel would kill you like you weigh nothing” I said and watched his face expression turned sour.

“What exactly are you here for?” I asked.
“Boss told us to tell you its time you killed Darrel?” Anne asked.
“I’m not killing him” I said.
“What!” They exclaimed.
“Yeah, i can’t kill him, someone who has been so nice to me,i won’t be an ingrate” I said.

“What the heck are you saying! Do you think he will treat you nicely if he knows who you truly are” Joel said.
“No one would treat an assassin nicely if they know who they truly are. Not Darrel alone” I said.

“Mia,like seriously?” Anne asked.
“Yeah” I said.
“What has come over you!” She said and i shrugged.
“Boss should send one of you to come kill him but i can’t kill Darrel with my own hands” I said.

Can i even watch Darrel killed?

Joel stood up..

“Let’s leave, Anne” He said.
“Yeah, leave. And don’t you ever introduce yourself as my boyfriend anymore cause you’re not!” I said.

They both walked out of the door.
I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, loosening my ponytail in the process.

I can’t kill Darrel.
I can’t!

I walked to the door and stepped out, closing it behind me.
I saw Joel driving out of the opened gate with Anne on the front passenger seat.
She was still looking at me with disbelief.

I walked to Nath after they were gone.
He was locking the gate.
“Do you know where Darrel is?” I asked.
“He walked out in a rush, did something happened?” He asked.
“Not really, do you know where he went to?” I asked.
“No, is everything okay?” Nath asked.

I nodded and walked to the door.

I pushed the door opened and stepped in.
I sat on a couch immediately i got to the living room.

They pissed me off honestly!
They shouldn’t have come.
They just made Darrel annoyed..

How will i explain to him?

Just then, i heard the door opened.

“Nath, is he back?” I asked without turning to the door.
“Yeah,I’m back” I heard Darrel’s voice and quickly jumped to my feet.

“Darrel…I can explain” I said facing him.
“Go ahead” He said.
“You should have waited and not left angrily” I said.
“I’m sorry” He said.

“You should believe me Darrel,that guy is a pesterer and that lady is the one who accommodated me before i started working as a live-in housekeeper here” I said wondering how my lie came out smoothly.
“Yeah,he went to meet that lady so she could persuade me” I said.

“What! So that lady came to persuade you?”
“Yeah, you should have waited” I said.
“Have you told that guy not to ever come here again?” He asked.
“Of course, i warned him. You shouldn’t have allowed them in in the first place” I said.
“Nath allowed them in” He said.

“So where did you went to?” I asked.
“I just walked down the street to cool off my anger.” He said.
“You got extra angry” I chuckled.
“I thought you lied to me, i hate being lied to by people i trust so much” He said.


“Our plan have been ruined, i just got a call from Luke,i need to go work in my office now” He said.
“Ohh..fine, I also need to take a nap” I said.
“I’ll be fast with what i wanna do so we can still go ahead with our”
“Okay” I said.

“Will be back soon” He pecked me on the cheeks before walking towards his office.
I smiled and also made for my room.

I walked into my room,glad Darrel believed me.

For how long will i keep lieing to him and to think he’ll be killed soon is breaking my heart .
I know boss is gonna take a drastic step after Joel and Anne delivers my message to him.
I can’t watch Darrel die.

I jolted out of my thoughts when my phone started ringing.
I walked to drawer and picked it up.

I’ve been expecting his call.


📞Come to Pine estate right now! ” He shouted angrily before disconnecting the call.

I sighed.


I walked into Darrel’s office and met him engrossed in whatever he was doing.
“Darrel,i need to go get some things at the grocery store” I said.
“Ohh.. okay, i can go with you if you will wait for just few minutes” He said.
“No,you don’t need to. You need to concentrate on your work okay. I’ll be back soon” I said.

“Alright. Are you with enough cash?” He asked .
“Yeah,i took some from your drawer”

I walked out of his office and hurried to the door.
I know boss is damn angry right now.

I got outside and told Nath I’m gonna get some things at the grocery store.
He opened the gate and i stepped out.

He seems happy, the news he got from Carol’s dad is enough to keep him happy all day.

I waved a cab to a stop.

“Pine estate” I said before hopping in.


I got to the door and breathed in before pulling it open.
It has been long i came here and everything seems weird to me.

I walked into the living room and met everyone seated.

Boss was facing the floor and i didn’t get to see his face.
It would have gone red with rage,i guess.
I miss Robbie and i kinda miss Carla’s glare too.

“Hi” I said slowly.
“Did you really told them you’re not gonna kill that agent!” Boss thundered, getting on his feet.
The rest followed suit.

My guess was right, his whole face depicted fury.

“Yes boss, i said that” I said.
“Have you gone crazy? Was that our plan. You were sent into that house to assassinate that agent after three months!” He said.
“Boss, he has been so nice to me” I said.
“Shut up!” He shouted and i swallowed.

“How dare you let emotions in? You don’t need emotion,It’s makes you weak” He said.
“Boss,I’m so sorry but i can’t just bring myself to kill him. Please boss,send another person to do the job” I said.
“You’ll be the one to do it! You’ll kill him with your hands” He said.
“I can’t, boss” I said and they gasped.
I realised this will be the first time I’ll disobey boss.

Because of Darrel.

“How dare you disregard my order” He raged.
“I’m sorry boss” I bowed.
“If i hadn’t picked you up then, you would have been long gone by now, i gave you life! I took care of you to this stage and you dare go against my order?” He said and words refuse to come out of my mouth.

Truly,boss made a great impact in my life.
I would have died.
Is this how I’ll repay him?
How can i let my feelings cloud my sense of reasoning.
I should have kept to the rules from the beginning.

I promised to always follow boss order.
I shouldn’t break that promise now.

“Okay,I’ll kill him” I managed to say,with my heart filled with pain.
“But it’s not three months yet” I said.
“You’ll kill him before three months and that’s now! Today” He said.
“What! Now?”
“I can’t kill him now,we agreed it’s after three months stated the rules” I said.
“I have the right to change my rules, don’t I?”

“If it’s not up to three months as it is in the rule,then I’m not killing him!” I yelled and walked out angrily.


I alighted from the cab and paid the cab man before walking to the gate.
I knocked and waited for Nath..
I’m still a bit shaken by what happened.

I can’t believe i walked out on boss.
He would have shot me if he didn’t like me.

Nath opened the gate.

“Where are the things you went to get?” He asked.
“You said you were gonna get some things at the grocery store” He said.
“Ohh…they are not available. I’ll just place an order for them” I said walking in.
“Okay then” He said.

I walked to the door and was about pulling it open when my phone buzzed in my pocket.
I brought it out.
It’s s message.

💬For going against my order,his father will be the one to pay for it.
He’s at Lugold hotel and suite. Trust me, you’ll hear his death news soon.


I rushed inside and met Darrel sipping juice in the living room.

“Darrel call your dad to leave that hotel immediately” I said catching my breath.
“What?” He asked.
“Call him now Darrel, please!” I said.
“Why?” He asked.
“He’s gonna get killed!” I said and he sprang to his feet.
“How?..what are you saying Mia?” He asked.

“Call him!” I screamed.


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