Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 42

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 42

Written By Zeeman

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“Call him now!” I screamed.
“What’s going on?” He asked.


“Darrel i had a dream that your father got killed!” I said.
“A dream?” He laughed.
“I’m serious Darrel” I said.
“But you are just coming in now”
“Save your father’s life first,I’ll explain later” I said.
“Okay” He said and picked his phone.

I stood impatiently while he put a call across his dad.

“He’s not picking up” He said.
“OMG!” I exclaimed.
“Call him again. Call him again” I said and he did.

📞Dad” He said into the phone and i sighed in relief.

📞Dad,you need to leave the hotel right now. Come to my house.

📞No questions Dad,I’m gonna explain everything when you arrive.

“He’s on his way” Darrel said and i nodded.
“Or should we go get him?” I asked.
“Com’on relax, it’s just a dream. It shouldn’t be taken seriously” He said.
“Darrel, my dreams do come true. I swear” I said.
“Yeah, i take my dreams serious” I said.

“But, you’re just coming from the grocery store. When did you had the dream?” He asked.
“In the cab” I said.
“You slept off in the cab?” He asked.
“Huh… yeah” I said.
“Now I’m getting worried” He said.
“We should go get him fast” I said.
“He’s on his way here already” He said.
“I’m gonna make sure he leaves New York today” He added.


We both walked outside when we heard a car horn.

He’s here.

“Don’t turn off the ignition” Darrel said to the one of the bodyguards behind the wheel.
“We’re going to the airport now” He said and opened the car door.
He got in beside his dad and i heard his dad asking what’s wrong.

“You need to go back to California Dad” He said.
“Why?” Mr Holden asked.
“You’re not safe here anymore” Darrel said.
“OMG! Is it that assassin” Mr Holden panicked.
“No Dad, I’ll explain everything later”
“Well,I’m done with the business i came here for. Bye Mia” Mr Holden said.
“Bye Mr Holden” I said.
“Take good care of him okay?” He said and i nodded.

“Mia,get me my pistol.” Darrel said.
“Yeah, i need to be with it . It’s in the drawer ” He said and i nodded slowly.

I quickly walked back into the house.
I got to his room and picked his pistol from the drawer before heading outside.

I feel like I’m betraying boss but this innocent man can not be killed just because of me.
He came here for a business, and not to be killed.

“Here is it” I stretched the pistol to Darrel.
“Thanks” He closed the car door and ordered the driver to drive.

Nath opened the gate and i prayed silently for them to get to the airport before boss realises.
They drove out and i walked back to the living room, feeling bad.

I just betrayed boss.

When did i start caring about innocent lives being taken.
I’ve killed innocent people all my life and i never cared this way.
And to think i just betrayed my boss is making me feel terrible.
But i had no choice than to save Darrel’s dad too, i know how much he loves his father and how much he’ll be hurt if his father is killed.

I plopped on the couch with a sigh.

I should be expecting boss call any moment from now.
He’ll have gotten a wind of mr Holden escape.

My heart skipped a beat when my phone started ringing.
I slowly brought it out of my pocket and stared at the screen.


I swiped to the receiver and placed it on my ear.

📞 Mia, what has come over you. How dare you allow that man escape!

📞Boss I’m so sorry about that but i can’t just let that man be killed cause of me.

📞I can’t believe you’re doing this! You even walked out on me.

📞 I’m sorry boss, i don’t know what came over me.

📞I cant believe you could betray me. You didn’t even considered the years we’ve spent together.
Well…you might think Mr Holden escape death today but you should trust me Mia. He’ll be dead soon.

📞Boss, please you shouldn’t hurt anyone for another person’s sin.

📞Ohh, you’re more changed than i thought. You know if it was another person trying this with me,i would make the person go through the three stages of pain before finally killing the person.

📞Boss, I’m sorry” I said but he already disconnected the call.

Tears blinded my eye as i dropped my phone.
I’m not been fair.
I’m a big time betrayal, how could i betray the people I’ve lived with for years just for a guy i met a month and some weeks ago .

I should just kill Darrel and make peace return but i can’t bring myself to do that.
Darrel is the first guy I’ve ever loved.
I detest guys after what happened to me but meeting Darrel changed everything.

Even though i hate to admit it but i had liked him the first day i set my eyes on him.
I wish he can just quit this freaking job and return to California but he would never heed.

Who could ever thought I’d quarrel with boss.
I’ve accomplished several mission for him and none has ever turned out this way.
Why did everything about Darrel have to be difficult.

My freaking heart caused it..
If i hadn’t fallen for Darrel,i wouldn’t have think twice before killing him.

I wiped my eyes and laid on the couch rubbing my aching forehead.

I must admit I’m torn between boss and Darrel.


“Mia” I heard Darrel’s voice from my sleep.
I popped my eyes open.
My gaze was blur for some seconds but several blinking unblurred my gaze.
I saw him crouched in front of me, looking worried.

‘What?’ I thought.
My mouth felt dry and i swallowed painfully.

“Mia, you’re burning hot. You have a fever” Darrel said worriedly holding my hand.
“Help me sit up” i said and he did.

“Is your dad back to California?” I asked.
“So fast?”
“Yeah, his private jet flew him” he said.

“Let’s leave that for now and go to the hospital ” He said.
“Nah, I’m fine” I said even though I’m not.
My whole body is weak and numb, this is the first time i has fallen sick in years.

“You’re not fine Mia, let’s go to the hospital please” He said touching my forehead.
“I don’t want to, I’ll be fine. I just need a cold bath and a good sleep” I said.
“Arrrgh!” He sighed softly.

“Get on my back,I’ll take you to your room” He said shifting his back to me.
“Huh? Com’on i can walk” I said.
“Nah, i insist”
“Com’on D” I said.
“Get on my back or you go to the hospital” He said and i managed to grumble which made him laugh.

I got on his back and I’ve never feel so comfortable.
‘How come his hard looking back feels like bed” I thought as he climbed the stairs to my room.


I laid on my bed while Darrel dabbed my forehead with a wet piece of clothe.

“But you were perfectly fine before i went to the airport with Dad” He said.
“Yeah. I slept immediately after you left and i woke up to a fever. I guess it’s stress” I said.

“Sorry huh?” He said and i nodded.
“Seems my body is less hot now” I said.
“Yeah but not completely, I’ll need to keep doing this” He said and continued dabbing my forehead with the wet piece of clothe.
“I think you need to drink some chilled water, that will help too” He said and i nodded.

“I’ll be right back. Do you need anything else?” he asked and i shook my head.
I watched him walked out of my room.

💢“How dare you let emotions in? You don’t need emotion,It makes you weak” 💢 I recalled boss words.

Truly, i don’t need emotion but it can’t be controlled.
I never believed i could ever get this soft.
I was a mean and cruel lady.

Darrel walked in with a glass cup of chilled water.
I sat up on the bed and took it from him.
I gulped it down my throat and it felt so good that i requested for more.
He quickly went to get it for me.

He came back and i gulped down the second glass cup of water.

🍭Two days later🍭

I started doing my chores after i rinsed my mouth and face.

I don’t want Darrel to wake up yet, else he’s gonna stop me from doing the chores.
I’m okay now and i can continue my work but he won’t hear any of that.

I finished scrubbing and cleaning the floor and i proceeded downstairs.
I hurried with the remaining work and then headed to my room to have my bath.


“You shouldn’t have done the chores Mia” I heard Darrel said behind me.
I’m preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

“Darrel,you need to understand that I’m fine now” I said.
“Okay,go sit in the living room,I’ll continue with the breakfast” He said.
“Hell no! Go have your bath instead so we could eat our breakfast together” I said.
“No objection” I interrupted him and he nodded and turned back involuntarily.

I smiled.


We both sat in the living room after breakfast engrossed in a kdrama.
The door opened and Nath walked in.
“Agent D. Someone is here to see you” Nath said, interrupting our breakfast.
“Who?” Darrel asked.
“From California” He said.

“Is your father here again?” I asked, alarmed.
He shouldn’t be here again. It’s risky.

“Nah. She said she’s Katy” Nath said and cold chill ran down my spine.




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