Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 44

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 44

Written By Zeeman

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We don’t need to do that Katy” Darrel said.
“We need to,cause everyone is a suspect” She said, deliberately focusing her gaze on me.


“Alright go ahead” Darrel said and my heart skipped a beat.
He’s allowing this thing to interrogate me!

“Okay” She smiled “Go get the gatekeeper. I’ll start with Mia” She said.
“First,show me to your office”
“Mia will. Mia show her to my office while i go get Nath” Darrel said and i nodded.

I walked to his office with Katy walking behind me.
If she provokes me with her questions I’m just gonna slap the hell out of her face.

I opened the door and stepped in.
“Here is his office” I said and was about to walk out.
“Okay, but where are you going to?” She asked, checking out the office.
“The living room” I answered.
“Nah! This is where we will be having the interrogation.”She said and went to sit on Darrel’s main chair.

She dropped her laptop and opened Darrel’s.
She powered it and i was surprised she knew his password, she typed it so fast.

Are they that close?

“Sit” She said pointing to a sit opposite hers.
Why is she acting like she owns this office and why the hell is she operating Darrel’s laptop like it’s hers.
I breathed out before going to sit where she asked me to.

“Damn! Darrel have not gotten anywhere with this case,what the hell is he thinking!” She said to herself.
She started checking out the files on the desk, shaking her head and muttering to herself.

The door opened and Darrel came in with Nath.

“Darrel,I’m disappointed with your progress so far. It’s just like you haven’t done anything” Katy said.
“I’m trying Katy” he said.
“You’re not trying enough!” She said.

Nath sat beside me while Darrel went to stand beside Katy.
“Just look, someone kept sending mail to you about this assassin whenever she has a mission. Don’t you know you should track down the mail. It’ll give you a clue” She said.
“The mail is blocked” Darrel said.
“We can unblock it! Darrel,you weren’t like this. What went wrong?” She asked and Darrel sighed.

She stood up and surprisingly she hugged him…
What the heck!
“We can do this okay?” She said to him and he nodded.

“Okay,let’s start with the interrogation” She said and sat down.
“You’ve not started yet?” Darrel asked.
“Yeah, i was waiting for you” she said and picked a pen. A notepad is already in front of her.

She faced me..” So, your name?”
“You know that already” I said.
“Do i need to remind you that this is an interrogation” She said.
“Mia Cunnane” I said and she scribbled it down.
“Where do you stay?”
“Here” I said.
“I mean,where you lived before resuming here” She said.

“Yetim street, block 4” I said.

Does such street even exist?

“Do you stay with your parents? And do you have any siblings?” She asked.
“I don’t stay with my parents and yes i have an elder brother” I said.
“Okay, so are you’re a citizen of New York City?”
“No, I’m a Californian” I said.
“Yeah” I said.
“Your parents and sibling stay in California then?”

“Your home address in California?” She asked and i searched for what to say.
If i should mention any fake address, she’ll definitely find out it’s fake.
“The thing is, i left California when i was a teen and my family already relocated to a new place which i don’t know the address yet” I said.
“Really? What’s the old home address then?”
“It has been long,i can’t remember it” I said.
“Ohh” She said tapping her finger on the desk.

She glanced at Darrel before glancing back at me.

“May i see the pictures of your families?” She asked.
“No, i do not have any of their pictures” I said.
“Really?, Their contact then” She said, pissing me off already.
“What do you need it for?” I asked.
“I need to confirm the authenticity of what you’re telling me” She said.
“ can’t have their contact” I said.
“Why?” She asked.

“Can you move to the next question already? I have things to do!” I snapped.
“Ohh” She drawled before turning to Nath.

“Hey, you can leave. You’re not a female are you?” She said.
“Obviously I’m not. Why did you requested to see me then?” Nath asked.
“I’m sorry about that” She said.

Nath nodded before standing up .
He walked out of the door leaving us in strain silence.

Darrel cleared his throat and turned to Katy.
“Do you have more questions to ask her?” He asked Katy who shook her head.
“But do you mind me going through your things?”
“For what!” I hit the desk in anger, standing up in the process.
“Katy you can’t do that” Darrel said.
“Why?” She asked.

“You don’t have the right to go through my things even as the CIA agent that you’re . That’s invading of privacy, you should know the law better” I said.
“Ohh… okay you can leave then”
She said.
“Don’t you dare go through my things behind my back, if you do. I promise you you won’t find it funny” I snarled.

“You don’t have to get worked up over this” She said.
“I don’t have to get worked up over this? When you kept treating me like I’m the freaking assassin you’re here to capture?” I said.
“You might be” She said and i won’t deny that my heart raced in what seems like fear.
“What! I might be?” I asked.
“Yeah, every grown up lady in this city is a suspect” She said.
“Including you!”
“I’m a Californian” She smiled, irking me further.

“Darrel sit, let’s dig into this case” She said.
“You can leave” She added and i glanced at Darrel who gave me a pleading gaze.

I walked out of the office and hurried to my room.
I need to hide my costumes, that lady is a fucking smartass!
If she had tried this with me when i was still hot blooded,i bet she would have died overnight.

I’m not in good terms with boss, i would have informed him of Katy.
Well…it’s better i don’t, cause he’s gonna order me to kill her immediately.

I wonder why she’s behaving that way towards me?
Does she know already that I’m the assassin?
Nah! She doesn’t or she would have ordered my arrest immediately.

I opened the door to my room and walked in.
I hope she had not gone through my things when i was out with Darrel.

I walked to the drawer my costumes were and it was still locked.


I need to start keeping it in the bathroom cabinet from now on.
I walked out of my room after i was done keeping my costumes safely in the bathroom cabinet.

She might be smart but not smarter than i am.

I wondered what they were doing in there as i passed by the door.
Why the hell did she have to come here!
Darrel would have been with me in the living room now,we would either be watching movie or chatting.
The moment she arrived,i knew she was gonna divert Darrel’s attention from me.

Well…thank God there’s Nath to talk to.


“Darrel,what do you mean by you don’t like the way I’m treating her?” I asked.
“Katy,i know you. You were never mean to anyone but why are you this way to mia?” He asked.
“You mean I’m treating her wrongly by interrogating her? I’m only trying to help you”
“No! But you’re a bit mean to her, you didn’t even gave her out of the lunch you prepared. You were never like that Katy” Darrel said.

“Thank goodness you know i was never like that and for me to act that way to a particular person,you should know she might not be who you think she is” I said.

Ever since i made a background check on Mia Cunnane,I’ve been restless.
There’s this strange thing about her that i can’t just place my finger on.

I should accept the fact that I’m not bit jealous of her.
She’s way prettier that i am and it looks like she caught Darrel’s attention already.
But i still insist on the fact that she’s not who we think she is.

She was trying to avoid some questions and i knew most of her answers weren’t genuine.
For someone who was trying to dodge answers,for someone who most of her information are hidden,for someone who couldn’t provide the pictures nor contact of her family. Then there must be something behind it and i promise to dig it out.

But first,i should concentrate on what brought me here.
I miss Darrel so much and yesternight i knew i might fall sick if i didn’t set my eyes on him today. I longed to feel the warmth of his perfect body.

I need to feel those succulent lips on mine.
I need him to love me back.
I need him to do all ive imagined him to do.
I’ve never loved a guy as i loved Darrel.
My world revolves around him alone.
I love him so much that sometimes,i wish i never loved him this much.

My feelings for him never decrease,it increases instead and I’m here to make him realise how much i love him.

But, seeing how he looks at his housekeeper is giving me some concern.
I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.
Normally,i know Darrel is a friendly person but he’s way too friendly to his housekeeper.
The way he steals glances at her and the way he brightens up whenever she’s beside him.

Well,they must have gotten along since they lived together for days.
Could they have done anything naughty?

Darrel won’t do that.

“Katy” Darrel called, bringing me out of my thought.
“You see, Mia is a private person,i guess that’s the reason you might think she’s hiding something. Trust me, she’s pure” He said.
“Are you defending her?”
“No,I’m not” He said.
“Those questions i asked her,you should have done that before employing her” I said.
“Let’s keep that aside Katy and concentrate on the case” He said and i sighed.



We all sat round the dining table, eating the dinner i prepared.
I already served Nath his and i made sure i gave him a large portion tonight.
He impressed me in the afternoon.

“Delicious” Darrel said.
“Thanks” I smiled.
He smiled back at me and i felt butterflies.

This guy has total control over my heart and soul.
He makes my heart move just with a glance.

“Darrel” Katy said.
I noticed she’s picking at her meal.
Well…she can starve,to hell i care!

“So, we need an IT genius for the blocked mail right?” She said.

Why’s she discussing it over dinner,I’m damn sure they would have discussed about it in the office.
Is she doing this to watch my reaction?
She must be joking then cause i won’t give any reaction to whatever she says.

“Yeah, there’s a guy in the police department. Tony,I’ll call him over tomorrow” Darrel said.

Tony is one of us, he’s in the police force simply because of our team. boss actually sent him there to work as a cop to oversee the affairs and always get back to us and to always inform us before hand.

“No, i don’t want Tony to do the job, there’s another guy from California” Katy said.




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