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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 45

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 45

Written By Zeeman

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“No, i don’t want Tony to do the job, there’s another guy from California” Katy said.


“No, why do you want another person from California” Darrel asked.
“We shouldn’t trust New York citizens in this case, especially the cops. For them not to have captured the assassin all this years,that means one or two of them works for her.” She said and my heart beat faster.
“That’s my thought though” She added.

How dare she think so correctly.
Does she know everything already?

“Well…Our cops aren’t corrupted” I said.
“I wasn’t talking to you” she said.
“Neither was i talking to you, you should see i was facing Darrel.” I said and she scoffed.

“Well,i don’t think so. Let’s just call Tony and stop bothering the other guy from California” Darrel said.


“Darrel,this is a tough case and you need to handle it toughly. What’s wrong with you? I know you go extra mile to solve cases. You are capable of solving a case within a month. It’s two months already, you’ve not done anything” She said.
Darrel sighed. “Okay,call the other guy then”

The funny thing is,i don’t also know who sends my mission information to Darrel.
Could it be boss?

I remember boss telling Robbie to fish out the unknown person.
Who could it be?
Could it be one of us?

“Darrel,you believe New York cops are corrupt?” I asked.
“Hey! You shouldn’t interfere,you’re nothing but a housekeeper” Katy spat.
“Katy!” Darrel warned.
“And you’re nothing but an ugly annoying bitch!” I yelled and stood up angrily.
“What!” She exclaimed. “Did you just call me ugly?”
“Deal with it” I said before stomping to my room.

“Mia” Darrel called after me but i didn’t stop nor answer.
I walked into my room and banged the door after me.

I fumed as i paced my room.. I swear,she should just thank her stars,that i don’t feel the urge to kill anymore.

“Mia” Darrel called walking into my room.
“What?” I asked with a frown.
“Com’on,you don’t have to get angry over what she said”
“That was so rude of her” I said..
“She’s only concerned about how we’re gonna get this case done” He said.
“Even at that, she shouldn’t be so rude”
“I’m sorry” He patted my shoulder.

“Darrel you didn’t do anything wrong, you’re not the one that pissed me off” I said.
“Yeah but I’m sorry on her behalf” He said.
“It’s fine, go meet her before she bursts into my room” I said and he laughed.
“What’s so funny?” I rolled my eyes and he laughed more.

I smiled as i watch him laugh.
I feel like hugging him tightly and kissing those wet lips.

He stopped laughing and stared hard at me.
“Wanna kiss?” He suddenly asked.
“Wanna kiss?” He asked again, smiling.
I nodded shyly and he kissed me or rather we kissed.

His lips tasted heavenly like it always does.
The kiss was so intense that i didn’t even knew when i parted my lips widely.
Who would believe i will be kissing Darrel willingly and passionately.

“Darrel” we heard Katy call.


I quickly disengaged myself from the kiss but Darrel pulled me back.

“Darrel stop!” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“She’s gonna see us” I said.
“And so? I was not planning to hide you” He said.
“Go out, she’s calling you” I said.
“Please” I added and he sighed..

He walked out of my room and i bolted the door.
I don’t know why I’m doing this?
Am i trying to hide what we feel for each other from Katy?
We’re not even dating yet.

How come this girl is giving me so much headache on her first day here.
I sat on the bed.

Well … I’ll just go freshen up for the night and sleep.

I stood up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe to bring out my nightwear.

“Hey, you’ve not washed the dishes” I heard Katy said outside the door.

Like seriously?

Well…that’s my job here.

“Okay” I said and closed my wardrobe.
I walked to the door and pulled it open.

“You should know you’ll wash the dishes after meal” Katy confronted me.
“I know” I said and walked out, shutting the door behind me.
“Then why are you in your room?”
“Hey! Don’t bother me okay?” I said and walked down the stairs ignoring her further talk.

I got downstairs and walked straight into the kitchen.
“Darrel,stop. I’m gonna do the dishes” I said when i saw him already washing the dishes.
“Go back to your room” He said.
“Com’on D. It’s my work,you shouldn’t help me” I said.
“Says who?” He asked.
I sighed…”Okay, I’ll do the remaining dishes” I said.
“I’m done already” He said and i glanced at the sink.

He was rinsing the last piece of dish.


“Don’t help me again with my work, im getting paid for it” I said.
“And so? Aren’t you even supposed to thank me” He grinned and i rolled my eyes.
“Like i asked you to help me”
“Really? I’m not gonna help you again” He said.
“I’ll be glad” I smiled and he made to knock my head before i ran out of the kitchen laughing.

“Are you done with the dishes?” Katy asked, stopping my laughter halfway.
“Yeah” I said.
“So soon?” She asked.
“I helped her with it ” Darrel said behind me.
“What!” Katy exclaimed.
“What?” Darrel asked.

“You helped your housekeeper to wash dishes?”
“She’s my friend Katy” Darrel said.
“Goodnight Darrel” i said cutting her short.
“Goodnight” He replied and i climbed the stairs to my room.

I sat on the bed and picked my phone.
I need to message Robbie.

💬 Darrel wants to find out the person sending the mails to him, tomorrow. I think you should do that before he does.


***Next Morning***

I started the chores immediately i finished brushing my teeth and rinsing my face.

I’m disturbed over the thought of that IT genius coming from California.
Robbie haven’t replied my message.

I walked down the stairs to continue my chores and i was surprised to see Katy in the living room,busy with her laptop.

What’s she doing up so early?

“Good morning” I said.
“Yeah” She answered without sparing me a glance.


I continued my chores,with my mind filled with different thought.
I really need to apologise to Boss.
I’ve offended him greatly.
But apologising to him means I’m ready to kill Darrel which I’m not.

I can’t kill Darrel.
I just can’t.

I finished my chores and walked back to my room.
I had my bath and got dressed before going to make breakfast.


“How about the guy you talked about?” Darrel asked Katy over breakfast.
“I messaged him already,he should be here today. ” She said.
“Really?” Darrel asked.
“Good then” He said.

“I discovered some new things that will help us with the case” She said and Darrel smiled.
“Thanks babe” He said and fondled her cheeks.

She’s even grinning.

How could Darrel fondle her palm while I’m here!
I deliberately shifted noisily in my seat to distract them.
They both glanced at me and i frowned hard at Darrel who chuckled.


I sat alone in the living room, planning to go join Nath outside once I’m done with the movie.

Darrel and Katy are in his office trying to solve the case they won’t be able to,even in years to come.

I heard the door open. I turned to see Nath walking in.

“Hey! Wanna join me?” I asked.
“Mia, you need to come see something” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“I’m so surprised” He said.
“About what?” I asked.
“Just come” He said walking to the door and i rushed after him…


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