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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 48

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 48

Written By Zeeman

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I walked in fully and headed to her bed to examine whatever it is.


My phone startled me.

I stopped when my phone vibrated in my pocket.
I got it out and checked the screen.

It’s a message from Mark…I hissed.
He should just go find his partner else where.
I have Darrel already.

Did Mia heard me earlier? She should have responded and I’m not hearing sounds of shower or any movement in the bathroom.
Is the bathroom soundproofed?

I almost forgot my plan.
Well…i gotta go!

I turned and headed out of the door, i closed it firmly before walking to my room.

My outfit is okay, i just need to take my pistol.
I opened my drawer and brought out a brown paper bag.
In it is my pistol and lot of bullets.

I arranged enough bullets into my pistol before tucking it in my khaki shorts.
I took extra bullets too.
I need to pack my hair,i don’t want anything getting in the way.

I plan on splashing her brain like she splashed others.
I won’t spare her tonight!

I quickly packed my hair into a tight ponytail before walking out of my room.

I made straight for the stairs.
Darrel is gonna get pissed at me though but I’m doing this for him.

I don’t know where his sudden weakness came from..
This city is so full of shit! And i won’t let it pull me down.

I opened the door and stepped outside.
Nath is still at the gate.


“Hey Nath” I walked up to him.
“Hi” He said.
“Can i catch a cab here?”
“Yes you can, cabs work till the late hours of the night, it isn’t very late yet” He said.
“Okay thanks” I smiled.

I kinda like him, i wonder why i don’t like Mia.

He opened the gate and i stepped out.
I should have worn a long sleeve, the cold is… arrrrgh.

I can’t go in to change now, not now that a cab is approaching.
I waved it to a stop and it did in front me.

“Lakeview street” I said opening the cab Door.
“Okay” He responded.
“Please,you just have to drop me at the end of the street, you won’t have to go in at all” I said and he nodded.
“Okay ma’am”


I paced block 3 with Luke…

We’ve been here an hour ago and i haven’t heard anything from the other cops i assigned to other buildings.

There are five buildings in Lakeview street and each of them has cops there right now.
I told them to call my attention if they notice any slightest movement.

“Are you sure she is not playing prank on us?” Luke asked.
“I don’t think she is…let’s wait more okay?”
“Of course” He said.

I just hope I’ll be able to capture her tonight, I need to focus on other things too.
She’s preventing me from dating Mia.
I want everything to be over before making my move.

🚏A lady is walking down the street now” a cop said through the mouthpiece.


Luke and rushed out of the building, holding our pistols tightly.
“We must not make her aware that we’re coming at her. We need to walk stealthily” I said and Luke nodded.

We decreased out walking pace…
Truly,we saw her. She was backing us.

I’m surprised she didn’t put on her ninja outfit and when did she got this skinny?
Damn! Darrel, is that what you should be thinking of!

“Your freaking hands up” Luke shouted pointing his pistol at her back.
🚏 Everyone come out now” I said through the mouthpiece and in seconds,the cops rushed out of the buildings.

She’s even having a blonde wig on today.

“Chill Darrel, it’s Katy” the supposed assassin said before facing us.


“Katy!” I gritted my teeth in anger.
“What the hell are you doing here!” I yelled.
“I’m sorry, i came to help you” She said.
“I told you not to come!”

By now, the cops have surrounded us.

“You all should return to the building you were assigned to. It’s a friend” I said, and they all obeyed, leaving Luke and i with Katy.

“I’m sorry Darrel, i wanna and i promise we’ll capture the assassin tonight.
“Katy! I don’t want you involved in this. You’re not officially sighed as my assistant. You can’t just join me here, it’s unruly. You know” I said.
“Yes i do, we can do this without anyone knowing” She said.

“Like seriously, Katy?”
“Yeah, don’t you wanna solve this case and go back to California”
“I do, but Katy you need to go back home now” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
“It’s unprofessional and you might get hurt”
“I don’t mind! I know that before coming here” She said.

“Isn’t she Katy,the one you told me about?” Luke asked and i nodded.
“Then let her help” He said.
“She’s not signed along with me Luke”
“Yeah, but she has been helping you with other things. Why can’t she help you with this?”
“She might get hurt!”

“I promise i won’t” Katy said and i sighed before running my hand through my hair.
“Welcome to the squad Katy” Luke beamed.
“Thanks” Katy smiled and i watched them shook hands.

I shook my head and wonder where i got this people from.

We all turned when we heard some cops groaning in pain.
“It’s in building 5!” Luke said and we rushed towards the gate, the gate opened before we got there and as she stepped out,my heart beat accelerated.
Something that happens only when I’m with Mia.

Could it be fear that made my heart beat that way cause this isn’t the first time this will be happening.
It should be fear!

She’s on a green wig today, I’ll like to know the real colour of her hair.

“Hey! If you make any more move, i swear down. You’re gonna pay with your life” Katy said and surprisingly the assassin laughed.

A familiar laughter but i guess I’m mistaken.


I parked my car at the end of Lakeview street before walking into the street.
I sighted building 5 immediately and i walked towards it.

It’s still 8pm though.

I held the silencer in my hand tightly, i saw it in the car and it means boss wants me to use it.
I can’t go into this house through the gate,it’s gonna alert them.

Is there a verandah….

There is.

I got to the wall facing the veranda, looked around before starting my climbing.
It was a bit difficult for me, the wall is damn smooth, i can climb perfectly on rough walls but this…

“Arrrrgh” I groaned as i slide down back on my feet.

I should turn on the climbing device on my boots.
I don’t really make use of it.

I turned it on and started climbing the wall again and it was easier this time.
I finally jumped inside the verandah.

I held the knob and turned it,
Of course the door will be locked…
I inserted my skeleton key into the lock. The door opened immediately.

I looked carefully around before walking in.

The living room is exquisite.

“Goodnight Daddy. I love you” I heard two girls chorus before hearing the sound of closed doors.
He has children?… oh god!

And I’m about to kill him?
How are the kids gonna cope?
From their voices,i know they are kids.

I’m sorry kids, this is my job and i have to do it.
I heard another door close and i walked fully into the living room.
I don’t have to climb the stairs, Jude Thompson room is downstairs,it’s the third room on the right, as i was informed.

I walked to the room and sighed before twisting the door knob.
“Lina, Delia do you need anything?” He asked.
“It’s not Lina, neither is it Delia” I said walking in.

His room is simply decorated yet beautiful.

He rushed to the far edge of the bed in fear.
“W..hat do y..ou want.?” He stammered.
” Please don’t hurt my kids” He said making me pity him the more.
“I’m not hurting your kids but you.” I said. “I’m killing you” I added in a whisper.

“Please don’t” He pleaded, sweating.
“I don’t want to also” I said.


“But i have to” I said.
“Why? What have i done? ” He asked.
“I don’t know” I said.
“The cops are outside, you’re also gonna be killed after killing me” He said.
“Really? Well…just so you know, i always meet the cops at every mission i gat. They are no match for me” I said.

Darrel will be the one leading of course and i won’t want to hurt him tonight.
He should better steer clear of me.

His eyes widened..”You’re that assassin?”

“Please don’t kill me, there’ll be no one left for my kids” He cried and my heart grew heavier.

“I’m sorry” I said and shot him once on the chest.

I know if i should wait any longer,i won’t be able to kill him anymore.

“I’m sorry” I muttered again and slowly walked out of the room…
I heard the kids giggle as i passed their room.
Tears filled up in my eyes and i quickly wiped it off.

I shouldn’t do this!

I’m not crying because i just killed a man right?
I’m crying because of his kids… Yeah !

I got to the living room and peered out of the window.

“Really!” I exclaimed when i saw Katy.
Ohh…she came to help?

I now have the chance to give her a scar.
I might now be weak in killing but my fighting skills still remains the best.

I smiled as i walked out of the door.
Two cops were standing foolishly by the gate.

I walked closer to them before they noticed my presence, and before they could raise their pistols, I had punched one in the face and made the other go down by sending him a flying kick.

Why are this cops always so weak.

I opened the gate and stepped out and behold i saw Darrel,Katy and Luke pointing their pistols at me.

“Hey! If you make any more move, i swear down. You’re gonna pay with your life” Katy said and i laughed.
They all look surprised except Katy who looked angry.
She pulled her trigger and i smiled inwardly.

They love wasting bullets.

“Don’t shoot Katy, it’s not gonna have effect on her” Darrel said.
“Ohh, she’s putting on bulletproof right? Let’s fight it out then” Katy said and dropped her pistol.

She suddenly rushed at me but i guess i was faster,i pushed out my leg and kicked her in the stomach.
She landed on the floor with a groan.

So flexible.

Darrel rushed to her while Luke faced me.
Other cops stood back watching…
What sort of cops are these.

“I’m fine Darrel” Katy said standing up.
“You’ll be captured tonight,no matter what you do. Everyone surround her” Katy shouted and the cops hesitated.

She quickly made to remove my wig but i grabbed her hand and slapped her hard on the face.
The slap blinded her for some seconds and before she could recover from it. I scratched her on the face with my skeleton key.
She screamed in pain, holding her blood stained face.

Darrel advanced towards me but i quickly pointed my pistol at him.
He stopped, looking furious.

I watch Luke attend to Katy and on turning back to Darrel,he has gotten to my front about to grab my pistol.
I don’t know how my finger pulled the trigger.
Everything happened so fast, the next thing I heard was gunshot and Darrel laying on the floor in the pool of his own blood.



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