Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 49

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 49

Written By Zeeman

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Everything happened so fast, the next thing I heard was gunshot and Darrel laying on the floor in the pool of his own blood.

I stood in shock, the dream i had came rushing back to me.
Oh no.
My pistol nearly dropped from my hand as my whole body grew weak .

If I’m to be captured at that moment, they’d succeed but they were all on Darrel.
Tears filled my eyes and i had to restrict the urge to touch him.

“Call the ambulance” Katy screamed in tears and slowly i walked away without any of them noticing.
I removed my mask and wig, once i got into the car.
I placed my head on the steering wheel and cried for a long time.

My heart is in pain.
I shot him!
How could i do that!
He shouldn’t have tried to take the pistol from me.
the silencer is still tucked in my outfit. I guess it was my pistol i used in shooting Darrel cause it sounded so loud.
I’m never gonna forgive myself if anything happens to him.

The sound of ambulance in the distance made me raise up my head.
I cleaned my tears and turned the key in the ignition.

I hope he’ll be fine.
I love him so much.

I started driving away and till i got home, all i thought of was Darrel.

📞Come pick the car” I said to Anne on the phone after i got to the the estate.
I parked.

📞Mia, how have you bee…” She was saying but i already disconnected the call.

I’m definitely not in the mood for such.
I left the key in the ignition and picked my wig and mask, looked around before stepping down from the car.

I started walking numbly towards our estate.
I’m glad everywhere is damn dark.

I’ve not recovered from what i did to Darrel,my legs felt numb as i imagined the worst.

What if he dies?

I stopped walking for a while, staring into the darkness.
Darrel must not die.
No, he mustn’t.

He mustn’t,that thought alone is almost making me go crazy.
Now I’m wishing he had used his dodging skills but i guess it was too late.
The range of the pistol was so close.

I should leave now, no one must see me in this ninja outfit..
I walked faster till i got to the wall near to my window.
I climbed carefully and jumped in.

My eyes sighted my second mask on the bed.
How could i have left it there and i even forgot to close the door.

Well…no one was home.

I closed my window and pulled down the curtain…

“Oh.. God,let Darrel be okay” I prayed as i stepped out of my ninja outfit.
I threw on my nightie and returned my costumes to the cabinet.

I walked out of my room and headed down the stairs.
I can’t even think of the word “Sleep”
My eyes keep getting teary every minute.

I got to the living room and sat down, staring at the blank TV.
Tears streamed down my face knowing the bullets in my pistol kill almost immediately.
I hope Darrel will be able to survive it.
He should, he’s a fighter.

I don’t want to lose him now.
I vowed not to kill him and now….

I badly need a drink.
A strong drink.

I wiped my face and stood up.
entered the kitchen and grabbed a glass cup.
I picked a Brandy from the fridge and then returned back to the living room.

I sat down and poured myself a drink.
I killed a man today, a father of two innocent kids and Darrel too,whom i don’t know his state now.

What’s wrong with me?

I’ve been killing for years,i once kill a woman with a new born. Why do i start regretting now?
When do i start feeling for the families of my victims.
Why do i feel like stopping all these!

This job doesn’t give me pleasure anymore.
I don’t like this job anymore.

I wanna stop!

I sighed and gulped down the whole Brandy in my glass cup.

I should know there was no stopping when i started.
I can’t stop!
I can’t repay boss this way.

I gulped more Brandy and in minutes i started feeling tipsy.

I shut my eyes and laid on the couch.

Oh…my Darrel😭

Next morning ⚔️⚔️

“Mia, Mia” I heard my name in echoes and felt a hand tapping my arm.
I stirred.
“Mia, Mia” I heard again and my eyes opened accompanied by a banging headache.


“Why did you slept in the living room?” I heard and opened my eyes clearly.


I rubbed my forehead as i sat up on the couch.
The thought of Darrel made my entire body go weak.
I blinked back tears and pushed my disheveled hair back.

“Nath” I said.
“Good morning” He said and i noticed his sad expression.
“Your eyes look so red. Have you heard from Katy?” He asked.
“No, yes.. no what happened?” I asked.
“You mean you haven’t been informed that agent D got shot.?”
“I know” I said.
“You know? How?” He asked.

“No..i don’t. Did you just said Darrel got shot?” I asked feigning surprise.
“Yeah,katy called me just now that he was shot yesternight by that assassin who would perish wherever she is!” Nath said furiously.


I swallowed hard before talking “How is he now?”
“He’s still unconscious”


“Name of the hospital?” I asked.
“The one you were admitted into,the other time”
“Okay,I’ll go change” I said and rushed up the stairs.


Minutes later,we were in a cab,on our way to the hospital.
I rubbed my palms together nervously.

Darrel is still unconscious…

“That assassin should be killed already!” Nath muttered to himself.
I breathed out and buried my face in my palms.
“Yeah, she should be” I said slowly.

The cabman parked in front of the hospital and we both opened the door and started running towards the gate.

“You haven’t paid me” The cabman shouted after us, making us stop.
“Arrrrgh” I quickly turned and handed him his pay before running off again.

We walked in at the moment the incompetent CIA leader and some cops walked out.
Luke was among and he greeted me with his eyes, i did the same.

“Fools!” I said inwardly as i watched them go.
“Mia come on” Nath said and i quickly joined him.

We entered the reception together and i was about going to a nurse when i sighted Katy.
She was pacing the hospital hall, her forehead down to her nose is covered in plaster.

Did i scratched her that much?

We walked up to her and on getting close,her face looked so funny that i would have laughed if not for the present situation.

She looked at me closely,focused exactly on my eyes.
I saw an undefined look cross her face but she quickly waved it off .

What was that?

“How’s agent D?” Nath asked me.
“He’s still unconscious” She replied shakily and i could see how deeply she cared for Darrel.

We all rushed to doc Mart when we saw him approaching.
“Hi, how’s Darrel?” I asked him but he ignored me and turned to Katy.

Oh… really?
He still hates me?

“How’s he?” She asked.
“Well,you need to come with me to my office,both of you alone” He said pointing to Nath and Katy.
I got enraged at that moment that i almost dragged him back.

“Get the fuck back here dunderhead!” I yelled so loud that everyone around turned in our direction.
“What do you mean by both of them alone should come with you! Aren’t we here together. Why are you disobeying the rules of your profession just because of the hatred you have for someone. I’m gonna sue your ass! If you keep behaving like a membrane! Now tell me the state of Darrel’s health! ” I shouted angrily shocking everyone.

I breathed in and out trying to calm my nerves.

Doc Mart looked around in embarrassment while Nath tried to calm me down.
Katy gave me an unbelievable look.

“I’m sorry, you can come with them ” He said and started walking away.
We matched after him .

“Why do you have to create a scene?” Katy asked when we got to the hallway leading to doc Mart’s office.
“Hey! Keep quiet okay. Just keep acting like you’re not aware of my presence. That’ll be the best thing for now” I snapped and her face grew angry and surprised at the same time .


“Well … Darrel has fallen into coma with no hope of coming out of it any time soon and even if he does,i don’t think he’ll be…normal as he was ” doc Mart dropped the bomb.



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