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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 65

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 65

Written By Zeeman

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California….* *


“If he does not capture the damn assassin tonight,then I’ll fire him immediately he comes back to California” Boss said sternly.
“Boss, you can’t do that” I said, getting up slowly from my chair.
“This is going to four months Katy! Four freaking months!. Darrel does not even spend one month on a case before solving it”.

“This case is different boss!” I sigh.
“Why is it different? Darrel once captured a serial killer here within a week. So why the hell is this case different?” He barked.

I don’t like all these.
It’s obvious boss has gotten frustrated.
He sent Darrel there, hoping he’ll be able to capture the assassin and give our department a good name but it isn’t as easy as he thinks.
I know how difficult the case is, the assassin is just too perfect, i couldn’t also capture her when i was there.

“He keeps allowing her slip off his fingers. If it happens again tonight,then that’ll be the end of him being a CIA agent”
“Boss,this case is not as easy as you think. Even when i was there, we were not able not to capture her together. Seems like she’s highly trained. As much as i hate to say; she’s just too perfect in what she does”
“Is Darrel not highly trained too? He’s the most trained CIA agent here, Darrel was trained to the extent of dodging bullets so what the fuck is going on!”

“Boss even dozens of cops couldn’t capture her”
“You mean dozens of incompetent cops? I believe only Darrel should be able to capture her and if he does not tonight…”
“Boss, there are times in life where people fail too, everyone can’t keep winning, if Darrel is not successful with this case,then you shouldn’t blame him,he has solved more than hundred cases before this one, so failing this one does not make him incompetent and it does not warrant him getting fired. Please boss”

He blinked severally and sigh softly before moving to his office.
Looks like i convinced him.

I smiled happily and was sitting when Mark rushed to my chair.

“Goodness, he was so pissed right now.” He said and i nodded.
“Why do you keep defending that guy? It hurts me you know.” He said, making a face.

I laughed.

“Com’on Darrel is my buddy and friends should defend and support one another”
“So what do think of me Katy?” Mark asked solemnly.
“You’re my friend” I reply nonchalantly.

“I’m glad i’ve become your friend, considering those times you hate the sight of me” He said and i laughed.

Mark is a very cool guy, he looks handsome in his spiky brown hair,deep black eyes,poised nose and perfect lips.
I can tell the ladies in our department are crushing on him though not as hard as they crushed on Darrel.
Everyone is waiting to have Darrel back.

Mark is lovable and just within days of getting close to him, i think i like him.

“Katy, you know i want more than friendship” He said.
“Yeah, i know”
“So what do you think?”
“I think i need more time” I said.
“To think”
“Do you still like this Darrel guy? Is he that good looking?” Mark asked, jealousy sparking in his eyes.

I smile “I don’t like people based on their looks, i like people according to my heart. I follow my heart in love”
“Has your heart not directed you to me yet?” He said, staring intently at my chest that i almost laugh.
“Ah, I’m starting to stare at something else” He said rubbing his eyes and this time i laughed.
“Com’on Mark, stop being funny”
“I love seeing you laugh, you don’t know what it does to my heart” He said and i think some color crept into my cheeks.


“Do you still love that guy?” He asked.
“Maybe” I shrug.
“Maybe?” He ask, with a look of hurt.
“Mark, i said maybe not “yes” and the reason i need more time is to make sure i completely get rid of my feelings for Darrel. I can’t be in a relationship when my heart is still beating for another guy”

“Yeah, you’re right. That means i still get a chance” He smiled.
“So,how are you gonna know if your feelings for him is completely gone?”
“Till i see him again” I said and for the first time hoped my heart won’t beat for Darrel again.
“So that means…”
“We’ll have to wait” I completed his sentence.

“Well.. waiting is nothing,if it’s for you” He said and my cheeks betrayed me the second time.



The moment i stepped out of the gate, they all pointed their pistol at me, looking determined as ever.
My heart broke when i saw Darrel too and he looked the most determined.

It’ll all end this night.

I dropped my pistol and got a shocking look from every one of them.

My plan is working.

I held my wig and started pulling it slowly till it finally revealed my hair .
My gaze was on Darrel all the while and i could see how he opened his mouth in shock when he saw my hair.

Well…time to go, i threw the wig high in the air and watched their eyes follow it except Darrel’s though who was still staring at me or rather my air.
I prepared my feet and before they could recover from the shock .
I had ran towards my car.

They started shooting at me but i was fast enough to get into my car.
I hesitated a bit before turning on the ignition.

I started driving away at a full speed but waited at the end of the street to make sure their car is following me.
Well … It is.


I parked my car in front of Darrel’s house and hurriedly stepped down.
I saw their car fast approaching.
They are really determined this night but i know if i don’t wanna be caught, i won’t be caught.

I quickly moved to the wall and started climbing towards my room window,they’ve parked behind my car and they all fled out.
I was almost at my window but i waited and made sure they saw me.

“She’s moving to Mia’s room! She must not hurt her!” Darrel yelled banging the gate.
Other cops started shooting at me.
Tears slid down my face and i finally hopped into my room.
I removed my mask and held it in my hand.

I glanced round my room and cried knowing this will be my last time here.
I didn’t waste more time before getting out of my room.
I descended down the stairs and i was almost wrapped in another burst of emotion but i ignored it.

I got to the living room and sat on the floor, waiting for Darrel.

This is the end .

⚔️Darrel ⚔️

My heart raced when i saw the assassin climbing towards Mia’s window.!
She mustn’t hurt her.

“She’s moving to Mia’s room! She must not hurt her!” I yelled, and banged the gate.

Why the hell is she climbing it like she have been doing it for long?!
Have she been threatening Mia?
Does that explains Mia’s worried looks lately?

If it’s so, then i bet I’ll rip off her neck tonight.

The moment the assassin revealed her hair flashed back in mind now.
The hair .. just like Mia’s.
Well… it’s just similar to Mia’s but the way if fell down her back and bounced.
That’s exactly how Mia’s hair…

Snap out of it Darrel!

Concentrate more on capturing this assassin tonight.

“Nath! Open this damn gate” I shouted.
I can’t just bear the thought of that thing hurting Mia.

“Five of you should stay right here. She might come out of the window anytime soon and the remaining five should follow me in” I ordered.

Nath opened the gate, looking like he just woke up.
“Agent D, what’s wrong?” He asked.
“That assassin is in Mia’s room” I said, almost pushing him aside as i rushed into the house with my heart racing.


The door burst open and i saw how Darrel rushed in.
He nearly missed me cause he was so focused on getting to the stairs.

The shock in his eyes was obvious when he saw me.
He didn’t utter anything for a while.
The cops behind him pointed their pistols at me.

“Drop those damn things!” Darrel ordered and they kinda hesitated before they obeyed.

“Damn! She made you wear her forsaken outfit right? Where the hell is she?” He shouted in anger.

Even with this huge proof, Darrel still trusted me.
My heart ache in my chest, and i felt weak.
If i had been standing, i would have fell.

My eyes grew heavy with tears..
“No” i shook my head, my tears pouring out.

“I.. i am the assassin” I said, finally letting out my dark secret.
There was silence and i couldn’t glance at Darrel’s face for a while but the moment i did.

My heart shattered.

This is not Darrel anymore….


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