Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 69

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 69

Written By Zeeman

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Zeemah writes📝

{I’m so sorry for the late post 😭😭}

Darrel” I called and he turned.
“Mia, i found something” He said almost breathlessly.
“What?” I ask, my heart racing.

“Your medical report when you were eighteen and a letter from your boss which explains it all”

“Yeah, let’s sit” He said and i dragged my feet to the chair.
The cop handcuffed my hands to the table as i sat.
Darrel sat opposite me.

“Where’s Nath?” I asked.
“He went to get what you’re gonna eat”
“Aren’t you guys gonna eat too? You said we’ll eat together when you get back” I said.
“We will Mia but there’s a lot to discuss now” Darrel said almost impatiently.
“Okay” I sigh.

“Your crew had left when we got to pine estate, everywhere was dark and empty and they even left a note for the cops not to find them cause they can never be found” Darrel said and i sigh in relief,glad they left already.
“But a strange thing happened” Darrel said cutting my thoughts short.
“What?” I asked anxiously.

“Just as we were leaving the house,we saw a file by the door which we didn’t see when we were going in”
“Really?” I said thoughtfully.
“I immediately knew someone was around so i ordered some cops to survey the entire place but they find nothing. It’s just like the person has disappeared as he came”

Boss is still around!
He definitely knew the cops will come, he waited around for the so he could drop the file.
But what sort of file could boss drop?
Is it something i don’t know about?

“So, what’s in the file. My medical report only?” I asked.
“Mia” Darrel sigh and i knew what he’s gonna say next will be bad.
“What?” I asked.
“You had a temporary mental disorder after the death of your brother”
“What!” I screamed .
“Th.. that’s not true. No” I shook my head in disbelief .
” It’s true Mia, you can check your medical report yourself and on our way here,we even went to confirm your records in the same hospital”

I stare at Darrel, starting to take in his words.
Seems all he’s saying is….true.
But how come i don’t remember anything.
How come?

He handed the reports to me and i checked it out.
It’s true.
“How come i don’t remember anything” I said starting to tear up.
“It’s normal for one not to remember having brain disorder,after having brain disorder you’ll only believe what you’re made to believe. Now read your boss’s letter. Well, it’s more like a story”
“H..have you guys gone through it?” I asked and he nodded.
“I’m sorry but we had to”

‘What does boss has to say to me’ I thought as i pick up the piece of paper.
I opened it with a deep sigh.


°°Mia, there are some things concealed from you since you’ve been with me and I’m so sorry it took this long for you to know about it.

I met you unconscious by the road side on a cold night.
I noticed you were still breathing and i wondered if to help you or just leave.
I was an assassin then and was heartless but i don’t know what drew me to you. I carried you and took you to the hospital in my car.

I paid the bills after you were admitted and then left.
I had decided not to check back on you, i told the doctor to make sure you’re fine and then discharge you when you’re well but he called me three days later and said you’re now conscious but you’re suffering from a temporary mental disorder.

I was worried cause the position i met you that night shows you had no one to care for you.
I returned to the hospital and made further payments.
I kept checking on you, days turn weeks and weeks turn months.
You finally got stable after four months of waiting and i was the most excited person when i got the call that you were now mentally stable cause i had been looking forward to talking to you.

And when i got to you , the first question you asked was ;
‘You saved me right’
You remembered i saved you!
I nod and the moment you hugged me, i decided i wasn’t going to let you go.
You told me your story and i was touched but then i realised you didn’t even remember your mental disorder.

You remembered i helped you but you didn’t remembered what happened to you.
You kept asking and after hearing your story,i realised you’ve gone through a lot to be told that you just survived a mental disorder.

You thought all happened was just a week ago.
I was determined to let things be and i also told the doctor not to make you aware.

The day you were to be discharged, he told me you needed a psychologist and directed me to one.
I got you in my car and we both headed to the doctor’s direction.
You didn’t even knew we were going to a psychologist. All i told you was that i was taking you to my home.
You were withdrawn all the way and i felt raw pity for you.
You went through a lot.

I hadn’t told my crew about you then cause i never even thought you’d join us.
I only planned to help you and let you go.

But you did something that made me thought you’ll be very useful to me.
While we were on our way, remember we stopped by at a restaurant to have lunch and i had not even finished parking when you jumped out of the car .
I wondered what was going on until i saw you approaching a guy who was harassing a lady on the street.

The way you had beat him up amazed me and i wondered where you got those skills from.
At that moment, i knew you’ll be useful to me.

I remembered what the doctor said, your brain cells are still weak and you’re likely to do or agree to anything.
I concluded in my mind and drove you to pine estate instead of psychologist’s. I introduced you to the crew.
But it took some time for me to introduce you to the job when i finally did,you didn’t hesitate to agree.

You said ” I can at least have the opportunity to kill the man that murdered the two people i loved most”
I knew your brain cells were weak,you were craving revenge at that moment and that was why i used you.
I know you wouldn’t have made those decision as a normal person.

I know i used you and I’m so sorry about that .
You started working with us and you surprised everyone with your outstanding skills. I decided i was never gonna let you go.
Your brain recovered fully and by then you knew what you were doing but you didn’t stop cause you always said anytime you kill anyone,it feels like you’re killing your father and it gives you great satisfaction.

Mia, I know you’re emotionally hurt..
You are still hurt by the past.
The pain i saw in your eyes years ago is still there.

I never mean for things to turn out this way. I had wanted to give you the perfect life your father denied you of but you quitted so soon.
I knew you’d quit but not so soon.

I’m sorry i never took you to the psychologist. If i had, you wouldn’t have turned this way, It’s all my fault.

Please forgive me.


I wiped my tears as i passed the piece of paper back to Darrel.
I never knew i suffered from a temporary mental disorder.
For four months?
How couldn’t i have known?

And boss used me when i was down?
But i also loved killing then cause it truly made me feel like I’m killing my father. I never got to kill him with my hands! So anyone i kill made me feel like i finally strangled that hell of a father.

I sniffed as Darrel wiped my tears.
“It’s fine and you should be happy cause this is a huge evidence that you made the decision of killing under the influence of something. You didn’t do it willingly”
“Darrel, you don’t have to bother yourself on my case any longer. Just let me get the death sentence i deserve. What if the assassin wasn’t me. Would you have tried to help her?” I asked.

“Com’on, I’d do what I’m doing for you for anyone. Your story is pathetic and if it had been another person,i would go this length too maybe not this much though but Mia you’re special to me and everyone should protect whatever is special to them. I’ll protect you to the very end. Trust me” He said solemnly.
Tears filled my eyes knowing i don’t deserve all this.
I’m just a killer who should be killed too.

“Thank you” I breathed.
“Promise me you’ll eat when Nath comes with the meal”
“I..i don’t want to eat..i shouldn’t eat, i don’t deserve to eat” I said.
“Well.. Nath and i are gonna starve too then” He said, blinking his eyes rapidly.

Nath walked into the room with his hands full.
Different aroma oozed out as he approached us and i felt my stomach rumble.
“I think all that should go into the thrash can” Darrel said.


“Why?” Nath asked.
“Mia said she doesn’t deserve to eat and i told her we’d starve too”
“Ohh..well then. Where’s the thrash can?” Nath asked scanning the room.
He found it and started heading towards it.

“No..Wa..wait” I said.
“What?” They both asked.
“I deserve to eat” I said slowly and they both glanced at each other before laughing out loud.


🎉Next day🎉

“How’re you?” Darrel gave me a light hug after i was led out of my cell.
“I’m fine” I said.

I felt actually lonely and had cried all night.

“Katy is here, she arrived in the morning” Darrel said.
“Yes, do you want to see her?”
“Of course” I sigh and waited as she was called to come in.

I felt ashamed when she walked in and i kept staring at my feet.
I was forced to look at her when she called my name.
“Mia” She called with a sad look and then hugged me.

Katy hugged me?

“I’m so sorry about what happened, I’m sorry about the situation of things now” she said and i could see she was sincerely worried.
She wasn’t faking it .

Tears welled up in my eyes as we all had our seats and my hands were handcuffed to the table as usual.
“Com’on Mia, you don’t need to cry or feel ashamed around me. Darrel already filled me in on everything and i perfectly understand. You’re not at fault okay?” Katy comforted me and i some how felt comforted.

“And I’m so sorry for been mean to you then..I don’t hate you, i was jealous you were always getting Darrel’s attention but not anymore after i realised what you both had for each other is real love, you guys are just inseparable. Please forgive me Mia”
“Com’on i was mean to you too and I’m also sorry” I said.
“So..are we cool now?” She smiled.
“Of course” I smiled back.
“I’ve always wanted to touch your hair, it looks natural, so full and silky” She said, feeling my hair.
“Wow !” She exclaimed.

“And I’ve always wanted to ask which perfume you wear, you always smell nice” I said.
“Really?” She smiled.
“Yes” I smiled.
“Geez! We really wanted to know more about each other but i guess our pride wouldn’t let us” she said and we laughed.
“We would have been great friends though” I said.
“But i guess it’s too late. I might be stuck here forever” I said.

“Com’on,stop being negative. Everything will be fine. I’ve got a very competent lawyer with me”
“Yes and Darrel and i will be visiting Miss Simone immediately we leave here”
“But you just arrived today, you should rest” I said.
“There’ll be a lot of time to rest when everything is finally settled.”
“Thanks Katy”
“It’s fine”

“Wow! I guess I’ve been forgotten here” Darrel spoke up.
“Huh? You were here? I never knew” Katy rolled her eyes and i laughed.
Darrel shook his head and pressed his lips together.

“So how’s mark?” Darrel asked Katy.
“He’s fine” She said.
“You need to tell him to stop sending those dagger looks at me during video call, I’m not hijacking his girlfriend”
“Hey! I’m not his girlfriend yet” Katy pouted.

Now, i know who Mark is.

“Really? And he’s that jealous? I can’t wait to punch him in the face” Darrel said and Katy’s eyes widened.
“Com’on i was just joking” He laughed. “I didn’t know you also cared for him that much. Chemistry matched..So, have you guys kissed yet or…” Darrel winked.
“I’m gonna stone you with this purse if you don’t keep shut” Katy threatened.

“Well… before you do so i have one more thing to say”
“Aaaaargh. For goodness sake what?” Katy asked.
“I think i saw this sweatshirt on Mark the last time we…”
“’s his! And one more word about Mark” She said and completed her statement by raising up her purse and Darrel indeed kept shut.

I laughed.

Looks like Katy finally got over Darrel and I’m so glad about it.

“So, Mia back to our discussion. You know the government is really against sexual abuse and with this evidences and your story, im damn sure you won’t be jailed or prosecuted”


I sat in the cell reading an article Darrel got for me, he got novels too but I’m not too much of a fan.
I chew on the baguette Katy bought from California.
It tastes so nice.

They are both on their way to my old home address.
I hope they find Mrs Simone and most importantly my mum’s diary.

Mia, what will be your fate?


Hours later, Darrel and Katy arrived and i was brought out.

My heart rose anxiously as i saw them.

“Miss Simone is dead”


“But..” Katy smiled.

“We found your mum’s diary”



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