Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 70

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 70 (finial)

Written By Zeeman

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Days later.


“The defendant attorney may begin your plea” The judge said breaking the court silence.

Today is the court hearing and i could see the look of fear in Mia’s eyes as she stood with her Attorney, Mrs Maxine Daniels.

Looks like Mia isn’t the only scared one, I’m scared too but i tried not to make it written on my face,i need to keep on a reassuring face for Mia, she needs it now.
A lot of people are waiting to know the Mia’s judgement but just few are in the courtroom..

The cops,few CIA agents including Katy, Nath,Boss and also my boss from California, Miss Simone’s adopted daughter and the Attorneys.
Her face hasn’t been revealed yet and I’ll make sure the public doesn’t get to see her face.

I’m glad we found her mum’s diary.
It will really help cause she also confirmed to the sexual abuse of Mia by her father.
Turns out the Man is not her biological father, he’s a drug addicted step father who ties the mum to the bed anytime he’s going to have his way with the daughter and he even beats up the woman without the children’s knowledge.
She couldn’t leave the marriage cause her children biological father’s last wish was to make sure the children are well educated, they were both illiterate before their father’s death.

And when a man showed up after few years offering to take care of the children, sponsor their education and legally adopt them.
The woman had no job then,it was difficult to get a job due to her illiteracy,not wanting her children to end up like her, she quickly accepted the marriage offer without getting to know the man real well.

She revealed in the diary that she kept mute over the tortures she got from Mr Cunnanne just to see her children complete their education,she planned to leave after that but unfortunately the plan didn’t work out.
She was killed.

So much was revealed in the diary, which shows the family went through a lot. It even made Katy cried.

What if Mia gets prosecuted? Then the whole family will be wiped out .
Not Mia! I’ll do all i can to stop it.

I planned to quit being a CIA agent after today.
I don’t deserve to be one again, i’ve broken so many rules.
I’ll just go manage my father’s companies like he always wanted.

My life after now will depend on Mia’s judgement though.

“My honor” Attorney Maxine began.
“This is not just any murder case, this case is different.”
“Different in what aspect?” The second Attorney asked
“Mia Cunnanne,who has been an assassin for several years turned herself in…”
“I think you’ll be wasting your time here. Mia Cunnanne has been killing over the years and she’ll be killed too” The second attorney interjected and I’ve never felt like punching anyone’s face this badly.

“You are wrong attorney Harlow, if that’s how it should be then we shouldn’t be here, she should have been prosecuted immediately she was apprehended and she wasn’t even apprehended,she turned herself in which according to the article and protocol of the enforcement decree, if a person known to have bad records turns him or herself in, the punishment automatically reduces so attorney Harlow, Mia Cunnanne won’t be prosecuted!” Attorney Maxine stated.

“But she’ll probably spend her last days in jail” Attorney Harlow said.
“We shall see and that’s for my honor to decide” Attorney Maxine smiled calmly.


“You may continue attorney Maxine” The judge said .
“Thanks my honor, there’s always a story behind everything…”
“No story justifies assassination of over a hundred of people” Attorney Harlow.
“Until you hear hers” Attorney Maxine said.

“Attorney Harlow,you’re not allowed object again without having my permission” The judge said sternly.


“I’m sorry my Lord” She bowed a little before sitting her ass down.
“Go ahead attorney Maxine”
“Okay my honor. Mia Cunnanne was sexually abused by her stepfather from the age of eight till she was eighteen,he abused her for ten years my honor” Attorney Maxine said and there were gasps in the courtroom.
“He threatened to kill her brother if she ever told anyone, she was helpless and naive then,she didn’t want her brother dead so she kept mute. The abuse went on every night except on rainy nights,he doesn’t even spare her while she’s on her menstrual cycle and of course he deflowered her when she was fifteen”

The court went silent and everyone stared at Mia who stared down at her legs.
Tears dropped from her eyes and i shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

I hate to see her cry, it breaks my heart.
The rage i felt towards her father intensified immediately.
How could he hurt her so much?
I wish he was alive, i would have made him lick his ass!

“Permission to object my Lord” Attorney Harlow said.
“Permission granted” The judge said.
“Mia Cunnanne is an assassin, a cruel one at that so i believe she would tell any story just to be freed which is not gonna happen!”
“If that is the case! She wouldn’t have turned herself in in the first place and i wouldn’t say anything before my honor without evidence. My honor, there are evidences here but before i can present them to you,can you please permit me to continue…” Attorney Maxine bowed.

“Continue Attorney Maxine” the judge said.
“Thank you my honor…As i said earlier,the abuse went on till she was eighteen and on a fateful day , her stepfather tried to have his way with her as usual but she hesitated this time and screamed,her mother on hearing her scream ran into the room, she challenged the man as any woman would but she ended up meeting her own death as Mr Cunnanne who angrily left the room returned only to stab her to death in the presence of her daughter, Mia.”

“He injected Mia after that and she opened her eyes to find herself locked up in a room with her elder brother. They cried over the incidence and her brother thought it’s wise to leave before their stepfather comes back.
They didn’t even know he was their stepfather then,they thought he was their biological father.

They escaped by breaking through the door.
Having nowhere to go, they decided to stay on the streets,they mourned their mother and consoled each other, Mia told her brother about the abuse she suffered from her stepfather. He was furious, he loved his sister so much and knowing their father made her go through that much pain made him mad.
He tried to go back home to confront their father but Mia persuaded him and they both decided to go to the cops in the morning.

Unknowingly to Mia, their stepfather found them and was already approaching them with a gun. Her brother already saw him but it was too late, he only got to push his sister away and he didn’t get to move away before he received the bullets meant for his sister. Mia.
My honor, Mia lost the two people she loved most in a day”

Everyone stared at Mia in pity including the judge and i know if judges are to judge according to how pathetic stories are, Mia would be released without hesitation but that’s not how it works.

“Permission to object my Lord” Attorney Harlow said and i imagined hitting her face on a hard plank.
“Permission granted” The judge said.
“Attorney Maxine, that doesn’t justify her actions” she said.
“Do you think she just decided to be an assassin out of the blues, she also never had that thought but she collapsed after knowing her brother was dead and she was saved by someone, not just anyone but an assassin” Attorney Maxine said, allowing the words to sink in before she continued.

“She’s good right?” Katy whispered to me.
“Very good” I whispered back.

“Mia was taken to the hospital by the assassin and she suffered from a temporary mental disorder for four months and during those four months,the assassin never left her side”
“The medical reports” Attorney Harlow butted in.
“It’s right here with me! And it’s the judge’s order to ask for it. Not you!” Attorney Maxine said calmly but her tone depicted anger.
“Attorney Harlow,you just objected without my permission. One more violation of my order and you’ll be dismissed” The judge said.
“I’m so sorry my Lord” Attorney Harlow quickly apologized.

“Go ahead Attorney Maxine” The judge said.
“Thank you my honor, after Mia recovered she was said to need a psychologist but she was never taken to one after the assassin who saved her witnessed her skills. He thought she’ll be of great use to him and knowing that she probably had no other option at the time, he decided to make use of her”.

“He suggested the job to her. She was just recovering from the disorder and her brain cells were still weak, she was likely to agree to anything. She felt she was indebted to him and thinking she would at least be able to revenge her mother and brother by teaching her stepfather some lessons, she accepted the offer not even knowing that her father,the main reason she became an assassin was dead. She was already into the job before getting to know. It was too late to pull out.

My honor, i want you to know that if Mia had been saved by a more decent person and if she had been taken to a psychologist,she wouldn’t have turned this way.
Her mother made her know in her last minutes to get her diary which she gave to a neighbor,due to the situation of things then. Mia was unable to get the diary but we have it here with us and this diary confirmed everything…”

“Permission to object my Lord” Attorney Harlow said.
” Permission granted”
“How are we sure the diary isn’t made up”
“I have a witness here, Eryn the adopted daughter of Miss Simone whom Mia’s mother gave the diary to”
“Call on your witness” The judge said.

“Miss Eryn,can you please come forward”
Eryn stepped into the witness box.

“I solemnly swear that I’ll tell the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth, if i commit perjury, i swear that I’ll face the punishment” She said following the first procedure of a being a witness.
“So, can you tell us how this diary came about?”
“My mum gave me this diary in her sick bed, she told me it’s for Mrs Cunnanne and she knows that her daughter will come for it soon, she told me to give her whenever she comes for it and I’ve kept it safe since then”
“Attorney Harlow,do you have anything to say to that?” The judge asked.
“No, my Lord”

“Thank you Miss Eryn , you can return to your seat”

“My honor I’ll like you to go through these evidences, the letter, medical report, diary and Mia’s story and please my honor, Mia Cunnanne story is a pathetic one, she went through a lot. I’ll like you to temper justice with mercy regarding her case” Attorney Maxine said passing the evidences to the judge.
“Any objection Attorney Harlow?” The judge asked.
“Yes my Lord, so many people died through her hands,she shook the whole city and made people tremble with fear, lots of families has been caused great pain,she should be punished according to the law my Lord” Attorney Harlow said.

“Well said Attorneys. Five minutes break and I’ll announce my judgement” the judge said.
I walked up to Mia who was staring into space.
“Everything will be fine” I held her hands.
She nodded.
“Let me hold you till the five minutes is over, i might never get to see you again” She said,her eyes soaked with tears.
I held her tightly trying to hold my own tears.
“Everything will be fine” I repeated trying to reassure her.

I’m freaking worried too!

👁️Five minutes later👁️

⚔️ Mia ⚔️

“Having gone through the evidences” The judge started..

I didn’t know I’ll be this broken, i thought i’ll be able to accept any judgement but now i don’t want to part with Darrel.
‘what will be my fate?’ that thought alone sent shivers down my spine.
Will i be prosecuted?
What if I’m sentenced to life imprisonment?

“I realized Mia Cunnanne went through a lot as a child, she grew into pain and anyone in her shoes will probably do the same but this is a murder case and not just the murder of one person but the fact that she turned herself in and also her Attorney’s plea, she won’t be prosecuted but here is my judgement…”

Everywhere went dead silent and my heart beat faster,my stomach coiled and my hands went cold. I locked my gaze with Darrel’s.
His eyes reassured me and i calmed down a bit.

“Mia Cunnanne is hereby sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment ! ” The judge concluded and his judgement was stamped.

Everything stopped in my eyes for a moment but i quickly recovered.

Just fifteen years!

I’m not gonna be prosecuted nor life imprisoned?

The judge left the room and the cops walked towards me to lead me out to where I’ll begin my judgement.
“Hold on please” Darrel said to them and i glanced up to see them walking towards me.

Nath,Katy and Darrel.

“I..i..i don’t know what to say” Nath said with tears in his eyes before hugging me tightly.
“But I’m glad you won’t be prosecuted. I would at least be seeing you” He said.
Katy pecked me on both cheeks before hugging me too, she cried for a long time in my embrace.
“I’ll make sure i check on you everytime. You’re not alone in this” She said.
They all took turns to hug me and Darrel was the last.

He smiled and kissed me fully on the lips.

I didn’t expect that.

“Knowing you’ll be alive and i’ll be able to see you whenever i want to is just too great. I’m glad i won’t be losing you, I love you baby and i will wait for you” He said before hugging me, bringing tears to my eyes.
I hugged him back tightly and cried not wanting to let him go.

“We need to leave” The cops reminded us and we slowly disengaged from the hug.
Darrel wiped my tears ” it’s not like we’re not gonna be seeing each other again, I’ll visit you tomorrow okay?”
I smiled and kissed him before stretching my hands forward, i was handcuffed.

“Thanks Attorney Maxine” I said and she bowed with a smile.
I was led away and i sobbed as i glanced back at them but knowing someone will be waiting for me made me smile again.
I guess those who think true love does not exist have not come across one.

I’m glad i’ll finally pay for my sins.
I felt glad the people I’ve killed will finally get Justice. And I’m also glad i have someone to return too.

These whole thing made me realize one thing, No matter who you are, you’ll definitely pay for your deeds.

🌺🌺The End🌺🌺

Thank God we’re finally done with SIREN 💃💃

Thanks for reading…and i must commend you guys patience.
Thank you so much for not abandoning the story, thanks for being able to put up with how i post.
Thanks for everything….i love you guys 😍😍


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