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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 7

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 7

Written By Zeeman

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“The flight leaves at two” Boss said to me.
I gat fifteen minutes more.

We were at the airport..
Eric, Katy, Dad, Boss and i.

“You should have told me earlier,you would have used my private jet” Dad said.
“Yeah,i didn’t want to bother you” I said and adjusted face cap.

“I’ll gonna miss you buddy” Eric said.
I smiled. “I’ll miss you more”
“Why didn’t you advise him not to go?” Dad asked Eric.
“Com’on Dad” I said.
“I couldn’t stop him,he already set his mind on it” Eric said.
“Of course i gave birth to one hell of a stubborn son” Dad said.

“No harm must come to my son” Dad said to boss.
“Dad!” I frowned.
“What? You want me to stop you from going right?” He asked.
“I’m sorry” I said.

“No harm will come to him Mr Holden, he’ll be well protected” Boss said and Dad nodded.
I shifted my gaze to Katy who has been quiet all the while. Her eyes were red and watery,the handkerchief in her hand is soaked already.

“Katy com’on” I pulled her to my chest.
She cried loudly, getting me emotional.
“I’ll be back soon” I said to her.
“Boss,can i go with him please?” She asked in tears.
Boss sighed and shook his head.
“No Katy…,they only ordered for a CIA agent. Darrel will have to go alone for now,if he needs a backup I’ll make sure you be the one to go okay?”

Katy nodded and stared into my eyes.
The flight for 2pm was announced.

“I’ll miss you” She said softly.
“I’ll miss you more” I hugged her tightly and kissed her hair .
“I..i..i..” She stammered.
“What?” I asked.
“Never mind” She wiped her face.

I hugged Dad.
“It’s not too late to turn back yunno” He said and i smiled.

I hugged Eric who gave me a friendly pat.
“I know there will be a lot of beauties in New York but remember Katy is waiting for you” He whispered to me and i sighed.
“You never relent,do you?” I said.
“Nah nah” he laughed.

I hugged boss too…
“Good luck Darrel,i know you will make us proud” he said.
I nodded.
“They will be waiting for you, you’ll see them immediately the plane land” Boss said.
“Okay boss” I saluted before him and then turned to hug katy again.
I kissed her wet cheeks this time and I’m glad she smiled.

Eric passed my trunk to me,i took hold of it and waved everyone of them bye.

“I love you son” Dad shouted after me.
“I love you more Dad” I shouted back and hurried to catch my flight.
Minutes later the plane was taking off.

The flight attendant appeared and smiled at me.
“Your seat belt’s on?” She asked.
I gave my seatbelt a tug.
“Yes ma’am” I said..she’s a women in her early fifties.

I swallowed and looked out of the window.
Everything started appearing small that i could no longer recognize them.

I settled back into my seat and my thoughts drifted to New York.
Am i really ready for this?
I guess so…

“There’s some water next to your seat” The flight attendant said to me.
“Okay ma’am. Thanks” I said and reached for a cold bottle and twisted off the cap.
“Do you care for anything else?” She asked.
“No ma’am” I said and gulped down the water.

I sighed and closed my eyes…i could make use of some sleep.

🎇New York…

🎯Make sure your seatbelt is properly clipped,the plane is about to land.

I opened my eyes and sat uptight.
The plane leveled off and came in for a smooth landing. The pilot steered the plane across the tarmac. It stopped and everyone got ready to alight.

I loosened my seatbelt and stood up.
I jogged down a flight of stairs to the ground.
My trunk was passed to me and i started walking away after giving the flight attendant a quick wave.

Three guys walked up to me smiling.
My gaze fell on their ID cards…
Good! They are ones waiting for me.

“Darrel Holden?” One of them asked as they got to me.
“Yeah” I stretched out my ID card. They examined it and showed me theirs too.
We shook hands and it was then i noticed one of them was being cold to me.
Well…I’m not here for that.

“I’m Luke, a CIA agent in one of the quarters in New York. Nice meeting you” One of them shook my hand.
He looks so young.
“Same here” I smiled.

“I’m Edwin,a CIA agent in New York. We’ve heard of your competency and we’re glad you came to help us. Nice meeting you” Edwin shook my hand.
“Same here” I smiled.
Edwin sure looks like a playboy,he has the requirements for it.

“I’m Steve” The cold one said,i stretched my hand for a handshake but got snubbed.

Who told you to do that Darrel.

“We will first lead you to where you’ll be staying. Boss said to give you today to relax and then you’ll go see him tomorrow” Luke said.
“Fine” I said.
“Let me help with your trunk” Edwin said, and took my trunk from me before i could resist.
“Thanks” I smiled.

We started walking out of the airport.
I brought out my phone and placed a call across boss.


📞Darrel, you’re there already?

📞Yes boss,they are leading me to the house.

📞Yeah,their CIA leader just called me now and told me that.. I’ll leave you to rest. Make sure you call me back once you’re fully settled.

📞Okay boss,bye.


I returned my phone back to my pocket and proceeded..

“That’s the car over there” Edwin said, pointing to a red range Rover.
“Ohh..Okay” I said and we all walked towards it.
Steve unlocked the car and got into the driver’s seat, Luke sat beside him and Edwin and i took the backseat.

“Newyork is a beautiful city, you’re gonna enjoy your stay here” Edwin said as Steve drove on .
“Yeah” Luke spoke up. “We won’t mind taking you round the city whenever you’re free” He added.
“I’ll be looking forward to that” I smiled.

‘New York is truly a beautiful city’ I realized as the car moved.


Steve honked before a big brown gate.
I guess this is the house…
The gate was opened by a gatekeeper and Steve drove in immediately.

I was wowed by the building,it’s huge and beautiful.
We all stepped down from from the car, Edwin still carrying my trunk.
“This will be your residence during your stay in New York ” Luke said.
I smiled…”Wow”

“You mean,I’ll be staying here all alone?” I asked.
“Yeah” Edwin said.
“I can’t stay here all alone,I’ll surely need a housekeeper” I said.
“Fine then, we’ll get you one” Luke said.
“Thanks” I said.

“Natalie,come over here” Edwin called the gatekeeper who hurried over after locking the gate.
I glanced round the compound,there are few cars parked.

“Good afternoon sirs” Natalie bowed.
“Good afternoon”
“Well this is Darrel Holden,the one we hired you here for. Darrel, this’ll be your gatekeeper” Luke said.
“Hi Natalie,how are you?” I smiled.
“I’m fine boss” He smiled.
“You don’t have to call me boss,call me by my name okay?”

“What!” They gasped.
“What?” I asked in surprise.
“He can’t call you by your name” Edwin said.
“Why?” I asked.
“He’s just a mere gatekeeper” Luke said.

“Com’on,he should be the same age as me,if he had better opportunities,then he would have gone for it,he wouldn’t be here. We shouldn’t treat him like inhumanly because he’s a gatekeeper. Call me by my name okay” I said to Natalie whose face brightened up.
“Thanks Bo..Darrel” He said and i smiled.

“Wow! Is this how Californians behave?” Luke asked and i shrugged.
“I’m impressed by your attitude” Edwin said.
“Me too,I’ll like to be closer to you” Luke said.
“Fine” I smiled.

Steve was already walking to the door.
“What’s up with him?” I asked Edwin.
“I dunno, Steve is not usually like that. I guess something pissed him off” He said.
“Okay” I said.

“Let’s go in” Luke said and we all walked to the door.

It was already opened by Steve so we just walked in.
Damn! The interior of the house is more beautiful.
I mean…this house is very classy,how could they reserve it for me alone.
I will make sure i do a good job in pulling down the assassin.
They impressed me and i have to impress them too.

“I’ll help you drop this in your bedroom” Edwin said.
“Thanks Edwin” I said.

I glanced round the living room in smiles.
I’m in love with the living room already.
“You can have your seat” I said to Luke and Steve.
“Nah.. we’ll be leaving once Edwin is out” Luke said.

“Agent Darrel, your main bedroom is the first room on the right” Edwin said descending from the stairs.
“Okay but please,I’ll really need a housekeeper” I said.
“A live-in” I added.
“Okay, we’ll help you put up the notice” Edwin said.

“We will be leaving now” Luke said.
“Take your time in checking out the house” Edwin said.
“I will. Thanks so much” I said.
“There are meals in the kitchen”
“Okay thanks”

“Bye” Edwin and Luke chorused.
“Bye.. thanks so much. I appreciate your help” I waved at them.
They both started walking out of the door.

“Steve, aren’t you leaving?” Luke asked.
“I want to drop the key” Steve said.
“Okay” They both walked out of the door.

I stretched my palm to receive the key from Steve.

“Don’t think you’re a hero just because you’re transferred from California to help fishing out the assassin. I can do the job better than you if i was given the chance!” He yelled.
“Now i get what’s your problem” I said.
“I’ll make sure you don’t get to do what you’re sent here for, cause you just made the CIA agents in New York look incompetent!” He said.

“Wow,i can’t believe i gat an enemy on my first day in New York” I laughed.
“You’re laughing right? I’ll make sure you cry in the end” He threatened and threw the key on my chest before walking out of the door.

This guy is surely a psychopath..

I picked the key from the floor and locked the door.
I walked into the living room and inspected every furniture,i checked out everything and was left satisfied..

This is amazing…

I proceeded to the stairs and started climbing it..
I got the edge and saw a passage filled with rooms.
Edwin said my room is the first on the right.

I opened the door and walked in.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
Cozy as i like..
It’s beautiful and well decorated,do they know my best color is white?

I love this…

My trunk was sitting beside the king sized bed.
I need to unpack first, freshen up,eat and then proceed my tour round the house.

I placed my trunk on the comfy bed and started unpacking with smiles on my face.
I’m glad to be here.


I walked out of the bathroom with my towel draped round my waist after freshening up.
I already laid out fresh wears on the bed before going to shower.

I got dressed in minutes and picked my footwear from the shoe rack,i slide my feet into it and stood before the large mirror.
I should go eat first.
I picked my phone up from the bed and powered it.

Oh.. Katy called me already.
I’ll return her call after I’m done eating.
She’s surely gonna bombard me with questions and i need enough strength to answer her questions.

I walked out of my room…


Its night already,i sat in the living room with my laptop on my laps.
I was checking my mails,Katy and i just finished talking on the phone.
I’ll go to bed after checking my mail.

I was about exiting when a message popped in.

My mouth dropped open as I read it.



“Have you sent it?” Boss asked Robbie who nodded.
“Yes boss,i sent it now” Robbie said.

I was already clad in my ninja outfit,prepared to go for my mission.
The car I’ll be using is already equipped and i can’t wait to let bullets out of my pistol.

“Mia,you can leave now. You have to get there before that agent” Boss said.
“Okay boss” I bowed and hurried out of the door.

Agent Darrel…i hope you’re prepared..


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