Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 8

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 8

Written By Zeeman

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I parked right in front of Jasper Smythe house.
I wore my mask and took hold of my fully loaded pistol,i tucked it in my ninja outfit before stepping out of the car.

I locked my car and slowly walked to the gate, surveying the environment.
Damn quiet!
I can deal with the gate keeper then..instead of climbing the building.

I rang the bell and the gatekeeper came to open the gate.
He was one huge man but no match for me.
He gasped when he saw me and he was about shouting when i pointed my gun at him.

I hit him with the butt of my pistol and he was down in seconds, laying unconscious.

I hissed and stepped inside the gate.
How can a gatekeeper,the one expected to guard the house collapse this easily.

I left the gate open for Agent Darrel,so it’ll be easy for him to come in.
I started walking towards Jasper Smythe apartment,I’m not gonna knock cause that’s gonna alert him of my presence.
He doesn’t accept visitors at night.

I got to his door and tried to pull it open.
I expected that.

I brought out the skeleton key from the pocket of my ninja outfit and then inserted it into the lock .
The door swung open and i stepped in and closed the door behind me.

I saw him seated on the couch sipping a drink with an iPod in his hand,i guess he’s about to blog.
He’s yet to notice my presence though.

I surveyed the well furnished living room,there was no hidden camera else Robbie would have alerted me.

“Nice living room” I said loudly.
Jasper screamed in fear dropping his iPod and glass cup of juice which shattered on the tiled floor.
He went on his knees, shivering with sweat covering his entire face.

What a weakling..

“Please…I’m sorry” his voice shook terribly.
“Sorry for what?” I asked, sitting opposite him.
“I..i..i..” He stammered.
“You can sit” I placed my legs on the table,my pistol on my laps.
“I promise not to release any news you tell me not to. Please” He pleaded.

“I’m not here for that” i said and adjusted my white wig.
I’m not used to talking this long with people I’m supposed to kill but i just have to while away time. I’m expecting Darrel soon.
“Okay,i have some dollars in my room. I’ll give it all to you, please don’t kill me” He pleaded.

“Well…i don’t need your money either” I said.
“W..what do you want?” He asked.
“Your life” I laughed and picked the remote control. I changed the channel to my favorite.
“Please” He cried.

I ignored him and fixed my gaze on the TV.
If only he knew i was looking at him,he wouldn’t start moving towards me slowly, thinking i can’t see him.

Haha…i don’t let down my guard easily.
He’s probably thinking I’m preoccupied with the movie.

He grabbed the pistol from my laps and pointed it at me.
I laughed hard, dropping the remote control.
“Go ahead and shoot me dear” I said.
He stood up,still pointing the gun at me.

“Daughter of a bitch! You think you can just come into my house to murder me? You’re the assassin right? Good! I’m gonna kill you and call the cops” He said and pulled the trigger.

Two bullets landed on my bulletproof ninja outfit.
“Fool” I laughed and stood up.
He shifted back in fear,the pistol nearly dropping from his hand.
“Why are you afraid? You’re with the pistol,so go ahead and shoot me” i said.

“Y..’re wearing a bulletproof right,I’ll shoot you on the head instead” He said.
“Go ahead but i don’t think you’ve ever heard of a bulletproof mask?” I asked.
He gasped in shock..

“Please I’m so sorry” He started pleading again.
“Well…drop the gun,let’s have a battle of fist” i said.
“I’m not good at it , please pardon me” He pleaded.
“I should kill you already but i gotta wait for someone” I said.

“You know Agent Darrel right? Who was transferred from California?”
“Yeah” He nodded slowly.
“Ohh…I’ve forgotten you’re a blogger. Well,he’s the one I’m waiting for” i smiled and went to sit back on the couch.

“Mind you,your couch is soft and comfortable” I said.
He was pleading in tears and i saw him slowly reaching for his phone.
“You’re just gonna make me kill you sooner,drop that phone!” I ordered and he did.
“Good boy” I smiled.

“But do you know you’re so dumb to be a blogger?” I asked and he nodded.
“How can you not have any means of security? Your gatekeeper is a weakling as you are” I said.

He inhaled and rubbed his forehead.
“Try to kill me and i promise your face will be exposed,i gat CCTV in my house” He threatened and i laughed hard.
“You don’t have to tell lies,there’s no CCTV in your house and even if there was one,it would have been blocked before i got here” I smirked and turned back to the movie, fully alerted.

He started shooting at me furiously..
“You’re not even a good shooter, you can go ahead and shoot I’m only worried about my bullets being wasted even though i gat more in my pocket” I said.
“You are so cruel, how can you go about and take people lives” He cried.
“Go ahead and preach dear” I smiled and blew him kisses.

🎫 Mia, Agent Darrel is in the compound already” Robbie alerted me through out ear connection.
🎫 Okay.

I stood up and kicked the pistol off Jasper’s hand,i picked it up and shot him twice in the chest.
He laid in the pool of his own blood while i waited for Agent Darrel.

I turned when the door opened and there was agent Darrel looking incredibly handsome.
I couldn’t avoid admiring the perfection of his looks,his eyes were so black and beautiful,his hair in the form of tousled curls,it glinted like white gold,his lips were neither too thin not too full,his skin was a shade of rose.

I was lost staring at him for a while but quickly jolted out of my fantasy when he pointed his pistol at me.
I pointed mine at him too.

He didn’t say a word but there was a look of hurt in his eyes when he saw the dead Jasper.
I know his vest is bullet proofed but his trouser is not. I can kill him right here if i want to but boss didn’t ordered me to.

“Hey! Nice to meet you” He said.
A strange feeling ran over me after hearing his voice. His voice is as beautiful as his face.
“You here with someone?” I asked,my pistol still pointed to him.
“Nah! I don’t need someone with me before blowing off your head” He snickered.

Shouldn’t he be scared of me?
I can shoot him right here!

“Then go ahead and do that” I said.
“Like i don’t know you’re wearing a bulletproof mask” He said.

Why did he have to be this cute and intelligent at the same time.

“Good thing you know,i hope you also know i can blow off your brain instead” I said.
“And I’ll train you on how to dodge bullets” He smiled and i nearly gasped.

He knows how to dodge bullets?
I’ve been learning that for so long!

I pulled the trigger and truly he dodged the bullet,the bullet hit the wall instead of his head.

A pro indeed!
Dodging bullets requires great expertise..
This guy is a big threat,we need to assassinate him soon.

“See” He smiled.
“I can’t believe I’ll be seeing the infamous assassin on my first night in New York,seems you knew about my coming” He said.
“Of course and get ready to die in cold blood like others” I said.

“Well…you’re wrong this time, I’ll make sure i bring you to book” He said.
I laughed..”you’ve been dreaming about doing that right,it’s high time you knew that not all dreams come true”
“Mine will” He said.
“Then i guess you’ll keep on dreaming” I said.

“I know you’re here to test my strength” He laughed and i was shocked.
“Well… you’re wrong” I lied. “I’m here to kill you” I added and steadied my pistol.
“Then go ahead” He said.
I tightened my hands round my pistol, resisting the urge to pull the trigger.

He’ll dodge it anyways but boss already warned me not to kill him.

“I know you’re here to test my strength,that’s why i won’t display the strength i possess” he said.

Smart ass!

“Even from your mask,i can tell you’re beautiful” He said and did my cheeks just went hot.

You must be crazy Mia!!!

“May i ask why you are an assassin? Why do you kill people for pleasure, haven’t you feel bad for once about your work. Do you think it’s right?” He asked.
“It is! Who the hell are you to question me!” I yelled.
“I’m Darrel Holden!!” He yelled back,his face turning furious.

“You kill people like you’re playing games,you’ve been on this non-stop for years,do you even have a heart? Are you sure you’re not a robot? Cause you definitely don’t have human feelings. How will you feel if your loved ones is being killed this way!” He shouted.
“You’re here to put a stop to that right?” I asked.
“Of course and i will”
“I bet,you won’t have the chance to, cause you’ll be long gone even before you embark on it” I said.

“You’re the one who will be long gone even before i begin cause I’m capturing you tonight” He said and i laughed.
“Easier said than done” I said.
“That is not in my case” He said.

I tucked my gun in my ninja outfit.
“Leave the way. I gotta go” I said.
“You’re not leaving” He said.
“I guess you’re good with your fist?” I asked before rushing to him.

I sent two hard punches on his face and tried pushing him aside but he grabbed hold of my hands and twisted it behind my back.
I leaned forward a little and kicked him his groin.

He groaned and released me instantly.
He was still blocking the door though.

I crouched when he was about hitting me with his fist and his fist collided with the air.
I punched him in the stomach and pulled him away from the door with all my strength.

He started coming after me but i made my boot collided with his face.
“Ow!” He groaned.
I took hold of the door and turned back to him.
“You need to learn more about fist battle” I mocked before walking out of the door.
He won’t be able to see clearly for some minutes.

I hurried to the gate and realized the gate keeper was starting to regain consciousness.
I kicked his head with my boot before walking out of the gate.

I got to my car and unlocked it,i slide into the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition immediately.
I started driving away, pulling away my mask and wig in the process.

Tonight is one hell of a night!


I drove into the gate and didn’t parked properly before getting down from the car.
I picked my wig and mask and started walking to the door.

My hand was aching …
To hell with you Darrel Holden..

The door opened before i could open it.
I met a smiling Joel by the door,i couldn’t return his smile,i walked in and heard him close the door behind me.

I got to the living room and they were all waiting for me as usual.
“Is anything wrong?” Boss asked.
“Yes boss,so much is wrong” i said.
“Did you fail the mission?” He asked.
“No boss. Jasper Smythe is long gone” I said.

“I trust you” Joel said.
Robbie gave me thumbs up and Anne smiled at me.
“Good job. Then what’s wrong?” Boss asked.
“Boss,that guy is a big threat. He’s damn intelligent,he figures things out easily and guess what? He’s so good in dodging bullets” I said and they all gasped.
“Really?” Boss asked.
“Yes Boss. I should have killed him instantly but i remembered your order” I said.

“I knew the guy was good but i never knew he was that good. You need to kill him fast,he’s a threat” Boss said.
“Yes Boss”
“I’ll be back” He said and walked away.

“For Mia to say agent Darrel is a threat then he’s surely one” Robbie said.
“Is he really handsome?” Carla popped the question.
“He’s damn cute,cuter than in the pictures” I said.
“” Carla and Anne chorused.
“I’ll be going to my room” I said and started walking away, wallowing in my thoughts.


I sat on the couch dabbing my face with icecube pack.
It’s hurting seriously…

How could a lady be so good with her fist.
She beat me up badly,i should have retorted but I’m not used to hitting females.
She’s just so good.

I was such a fool to think i will capture her this night.
She looked so perfect in that ninja outfit and mask,her hair was pure white like she dyed it.
I couldn’t detect the true color of her eyes through the mask she was putting on but i can tell she’s beautiful.

I can’t believe i saw the infamous assassin tonight,i thought it will take weeks for me to see her,i thought i might never even see her but i did,just the night i got to New York.
Isn’t that good sign?

I can’t wait to capture her and return to California.
I need to start practicing cause she’s gonna hunt me soon and try to kill me.
She already discover my strength.

I don’t think i should inform the CIA agents about tonight.
I’m gonna keep it to myself cause it might ruin my stay here.

I’m not safe any more.
I run my mouth too much,why the hell did i tell her that I’m capable of dodging bullets.
I should have kept that to myself and not rant about it.

Now,she knows!

I knew she was there to test my strength,yet i allowed her discover almost all my strength.

I kept massaging my face wondering what kind of boot she used in hitting my face.
My face hurts terribly and my….

To hell with you girl!



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