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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 63

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 63

Written By Zeeman

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I yawn and open my eyes to a New day.
A bright morning.

Sun glisten through the window down to the bed and i move away a bit to avoid the sun contacting my face.

I yawn again and notice this bed seems comfier than mine, and this was not how my bedside table was placed.
I widen my eyes to look round the room properly.
My cheeks went hot when memories replayed in my head..

About last night.

I smile, wondering where Darrel is?
How am i gonna face him?
I’m so embarrassed.

The door open and i quickly close my eyes, pretending to be asleep, i hope my heavy breathing won’t give me out and my cheeks!
They feel hot and I’m sure they’ll have gone incredibly pink!

I heard Darrel chuckle and i almost open my eyes.
I feel him close to me and i think I’m perceiving coffee too.

He brought me coffee?

I felt his lips on my cheeks,my forehead,my lips and then the whole of my face.
“You still won’t open your eyes huh? I know you’re awake” He laugh and i was almost forced to laugh too.
“Com’on babe, you shouldn’t be shy” He ask.
“And embarrassed too” I said before i could stop myself.

He laugh ” I knew you were awake, should i excuse you so you can have your coffee before it gets cold?”
I nod in response and i felt him get up.
Few seconds later, i heard the door close.
I sigh and open my eyes, he’s nowhere in the room.

I stare at the coffee and it looks inviting, it looks good and it’s gonna taste good.
Darrel might not be good at making meals but he’s super dope at making coffees.

I smile and was about picking the coffee cup.
“Got ya!!!” I heard before the bathroom door burst open.
Darrel came out laughing hard ..

I buried my head in the pillow and couldn’t help but laugh too.

He’s a crook.


“You add the onions before anything” I said to Darrel.
We are in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
“Okay” He said, staring at me instead of the pot.
He has been doing that since, making me feel uneasy.

“Mia” He called.
“Huh?” I ask.
He turned off the gas cooker and faced me.
“Do you have anything to tell me?” He ask.
“No, i don’t” I said breathing nervously.

Has he found out anything?

“Are you sure you are not keeping anything from me?” He asked and my heart pounded in my chest.

“I..i am not, what made you think so?” I asked.
“I observed you since you regained consciousness, it looks like you have something to say”

“Well..i think i do”
“I knew it! Spill it then” He said.
“Not now Darrel ”
“When?” He ask.
“Why tomorrow?
“Just wait, tomorrow is almost here” I said.
“Okay, but just know i’ll always love you, don’t be afraid to tell me anything okay?” He said and i nod.

I hope you’ll keep to your words .

“So, should we resume our cooking?” I ask.
“Of course but i think your lips look inviting” He smile before placing a feather-like kiss on my lips.
And then i remembered how we had another round of love making session this morning.
My cheeks flushed and i sigh.

“You’re blushing already” He grinned.
“No, I’m not” i denied.
“Then what’s that color on your cheeks?” He ask.
“T.. the tomato paste” I lied.

Obvious lie!

“Com’on we’ve not even opened the tomato paste”


“Well…okay, let’s continue cooking”
“I love how flushed you look, i feel like kissing you over and over again” He said.
“The beef in the refrigerator please” I said and he laughed.
“That won’t stop me from stealing a kiss though” He said.
“Da..” I was saying but he already stole the kiss.

He winked before moving to the refrigerator.

“I’m gonna smack your head with this spatula” I threatened playfully.

“Please do” He laugh and ran off as i advance towards him.
I smile and shook my head.

“If you keep doing this, you’ll never learn how to make dishes” i shout after him.
“There are still plenty of days to learn it” He shouted back..

My excitement died down, remembering i have just tomorrow left in this house.
I glanced round the kitchen and felt tears rush to my eyes, i throw back my head to stop it from pouring.

“Mia, are you okay?” I heard Darrel ask from a distance.
He’s approaching the kitchen.
I quickly moved to the gas cooker and turn it on.

“Ohh…you are turning on the gas cooker, i wondered why you suddenly went silent” He said.
“Yeah” I said, not facing him. My emotions do show clearly on my face and i don’t want Darrel knowing i almost cried, he won’t let go of me until i tell him what’s bothering me.

But i guess the caring will stop after he knows the real me.

“Please the beef, i said when i noticed he’s close to me”
“Okay” He said and walked back to get it.

I sigh.
I should have just distanced myself from Darrel so i wouldn’t miss his absence in my life.

I should have avoided him so i would have gotten used to not having him around cause i won’t be having him around for years.

Or even forever…


“Katy said to greet you” Darrel said while we were having our breakfast.
“Huh?” I ask in surprise.
“You mean Katy?” Nath ask.

“Yeah, i settled things out with her yesterday, while i was in my office. She was calling me persistently and i kept ignoring the call, i felt like I’m treating her wrongly, i felt somewhat guilty,Katy has been my friend for years and i shouldn’t treat her that way. I called her back and then we settled it out” Darrel narrated.
“Ohh…but i hope you made her know what she did was wrong?” Nath ask.
“Not really, cause i could tell she was in tears when she answered the call, i don’t want to add to her sadness, i only gave her some advises”

“Did she said anything about me?” I ask.
“No, she only sent her regards”
“Okay” I sigh, picking at my breakfast.
“You aren’t eating” Darrel said.
“Did you ate at dawn again?” He asked, winking.

My cheeks flushed immediately, realising we were together since yesternight till this morning.

He winked again and he looked so cute that my stomach coiled.
I felt like crying cause i won’t be seeing this cute face again.

“Is there anything going on?” Nath asked.
“Nothing!” I quickly shouted, startling the both of them.

Did i just shouted?

“I mean nothing” I replied more calmly, covering my nervousness with a smile.
“You startled me” Nath said.
“I’m sorry about that, i didn’t know it came out as a shout” I said and he nod.

I glance at Darrel and caught him hiding a grin.



I relax on my bed after breakfast.
Darrel is in his office while Nath is at his duty post.

I pick my phone and place a call across Robbie.

📞Hi Robbie.

📞Mia, i hope you’re fine?” He asked.

📞Yes Robbie and I’m sorry about the recent happenings. I know i disappointed you all.

📞I understand Mia. You got to have a life of your own, you can’t be with boss forever.

📞Yeah. Please i want you to do something for me.

📞What is that?

📞You’re aware my mission is tomorrow night right?


📞Can you help me send the information to Darrel once it’s 8:30 pm tomorrow.

📞What? You want me to send your mission information to Darrel. That CIA agent. Does boss knows about it?

📞, he does not.

📞Then I’m sorry, i can’t do it.

📞 Com’on Robbie, you can tell boss before doing it, I’m sure he won’t refuse.

📞Okay, but why do you wanna do that? What if he captures you?”

📞Well…i only want to test his strength cause I’ll be joining you guys back soon.

📞OMG! Really? Boss will be so happy to hear that. I’ll gladly do what you asked of me.

📞Thank you, remember you should send the information to him by 8:30 when I’m already at the location.

📞 Okay Mia, I’ll do just that. I’m so glad we will he having you back.

📞 Yeah, i gotta go now.


I drop my phone and sigh deeply.
I just hope my plan works out.


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