Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 64

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 64

Written By Zeeman

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We all went to bed after having dinner and here i am, on my bed, not being able to sleep a wink.

Knowing tommorow will be my last day in this house, saddens me.
Knowing tomorrow might be the last time i would set my eyes on Darrel saddens me more.

I wish tomorrow will never come.
I wipe a tear from my face.
I should just stop crying, my tears won’t even help a thing.
But the more i kept thinking,the more my eyes kept building more tears.

Looking back to the years I’ve assassinated people without mercy.
The years i feel fulfilled after killing.
Killing was my joy and i never thought it’d be my downfall.

I regret that night…

The night i was shivering in the cold, the night i thought my life would end, the night i trembled on the street cold floor,the night my heart turned to rock,the night i met boss!

I’ve never for once regretted meeting boss but now i do.

Where was my good heart all these years.
Where was the Mia Cunnane who laughed heartily and played with her mother’s hair in the hot noon.
Where was the Mia Cunnane whom everyone loved.

She’s not me right?
She’s now a different person.

I got up from the bed and walk out of my room.
I descend the stairs stealthily, i won’t like to wake Darrel.

I walked into the kitchen and grab a drink from the fridge, i took a glass cup with it before walking to the living room.
I switch on the light and settle on the couch, drop the drink on the table and sigh.

Can i just disappear from this earth?

‘No you’ve not paid for your sins’ my subconsciousness told me.

If not for the fact that i wanna pay for my sins, i would have just committed suicide, there’s nothing to live for…except Darrel though.
He’s the main reason all these is freaking me out.
I don’t think I’ll be able to face him after he finds out who i really am.

Just thinking about it alone is sending goosebumps all over my body.
I’m scared.

This time, i allowed my tears flow freely.
I wish all my pains and worries will flow along with the tears but they all remained with me.

I shift closer to the table and poured myself some drink.
I gulp it down my throat and felt kinda relieved.
I sigh as i poured more drink into the glass cup.
I kept drinking till my gaze started going hazy, i couldn’t even point out where my drink is and i think i need more.


I blink my eyes severally trying to make my gaze stable but it didn’t work.

I yawn and lay on my back, that’s the only thing i could do at the moment, or am just gonna fall off the couch.
I know I’m drunk. Yeah.

I’ll finally be able to get some sleep.


“It’s today” I thought, laying still on the couch even though I’m awake.
It’s morning already and by night, everything would have gotten messy.

Real messy.

I don’t even care about the pounding headache I’m feeling right now.
All i wish for right now is for the night not to come.

I should get up and clear the table before Darrel wakes.
I sit up on the couch and realised a throw pillow was beneath my neck.
Did i ?…
How would i know?… i was drunk.

And the drink and glass cup is gone too.

I don’t remember packing it back to the kitchen yesternight or did i?
My eyes went to the wall clock and i let out a small gasp.


Damn! I slept this long?

Aaarg. Darrel would have waken up long ago.

“Mia” He called and appeared in front of me just like he heard my thoughts.
He looks freshened up, clad in black jean and light blue t-shirt, his hair is neatly packed too.
I smile, admiring him.

“Looks like you are ready for the day”
“Yeah and are you okay?” He ask.
“Yeah, i am”
“You don’t look so to me. Mia, what’s going on?”
“Nothing. I’m fine Darrel. Do not worry” I said.

“Why did you sleep in the living room drunk?”
“I couldn’t get any sleep in my room so i came to the living room to get a drink. I guess i slept off while at it”
“Ohh…you should have called me then or rather come to my room,you were looking so uncomfortable that i had to place a throw pillow beneath your neck”

Ohh…he did that?
And I’m sure he cleared the drink too.

“Next time, come to my room instead okay?” He said.
“Okay” I said and felt sad cause there won’t be a next time.

“I should get on with my chores” I said.
“Well…I’ve done everything”Darrel said.
“Yeah, I’ve done it”
“You shouldn’t have, it’s my job and I’m getting paid for it”
“You’re no longer my employee Mia, you’re my love, my fiancee to be. Don’t count yourself as an housekeeper anymore” He said leaving me speechless.

His fiancee to be?
Of course i know he has plans on marrying me but he shouldn’t have said this now.
Not when I’ll be out of his life this night.

Tears burn the back of my throat and i quickly stood up.

“I need to go have my bath” I said to him.
“Okay babe” He pecked my cheeks and i hurried to my room to cry my heart out.


I sat on the dressing chair in my room after breakfast.

My eyes soaked in another round of tears.
I pick my phone and started typing a message to Robbie.

💬I hope you are still gonna do what i asked of you tonight?


The reply came almost immediately.

💬Of course i did not forget and we’re all glad to be having you back.


I laughed sardonically after reading the message.

Well…I still have one last message to send but not now.


It’s 7:45pm.

I’m already clad in my ninja outfit ready to set out.
The adrenaline i do feel whenever I’m disguised in this outfit is no longer there.
That burst of energy whenever I’m holding a gun has disappeared.

I feel empty.

I stood by the window and sighted my mission car.
I connected my rope to the gate and took one last glance at my room.

And for the first time, tears drop from my eyes as i slide down the rope.


What a long drive.

I parked just in front of the house and then checked the time.


I put on my mask and wig before stepping out of the car..
I should enter by the gate but i won’t wanna scare the hell out of the gatekeeper.

I walk to the back of the house and found a rough wall.



I glanced at Greg Thayer as he shook terribly pleading me not to take his life.
I had entered his room minutes ago, he was about going to bed and i could see how he nearly died at the sight of me.

“Chill, I’m not killing you” I said, settling down on the two-seater couch.
“B..but you’re w..ith a gun” He said.
“Yes, but I’m not killing you”
“Is that what assassins say before killing, please spare my life” He plead in tears.

“Relax on your bed” I said.
“Please, my family will be in great sorrow if you kill me,they love me as much as i love them”
“Just shut up! If i wanted to kill you, i would have done so without hesitation so keep quiet and get your ass on your bed!” I yelled and he quickly did so.

I glance at the wall clock.

It’s 8:30.
Darrel would have recieved the message and I’m sure he’s on the way already.
Time to send the last message.
I collected my phone from my pocket and started typing, keeping an eye on Greg Thayer at the same time.

💬I’m going to surrender myself to the cops and you know that means you’ll all be captured too.
Y’all should leave New York and start a new life. I’ll pay for all we did, i guess that’s my price for betraying you all.

I’m ready to face whatever consequence.
Please leave before it’s too late.
This will be my last contact with you all.
Till we meet again…in the future.


💌Mia Cunnane.

I hesitated before clicking on send.


My heart race and i really hope Boss would heed to my words.

I smashed my phone on Greg Thayer’s bedroom wall.

He gasp but quickly held his mouth when i glanced at him .

The phone shattered and i stood up to destroy it further,i was smashing it with my boot when i heard some movement and i quickly moved to the window.

My heart skipped a beat.

Darrel is here.
With cops.

I turned back to Greg.

“Yunno what you’ll do now?” I ask and he shook his head in fear.
“I’m gonna shoot into the air now and move out . You must only get out of this room an hour later okay? Or you’ll be dead for real okay?”

He nodded.

I shot twice in the air and glanced at him.
He might have a convulsion from this shaking.

I walked out of the room to execute my next plan.


⚔️ Darrel ⚔️

We arrived the scene and immediately heard gunshot.
The cops were trying to rush in but i stopped them.

“Do not go in! Surround the building. Do not go in!” I said and they all obeyed.
I can tell her plan is to make the cops go in so she could escape and that isn’t happening!

The burst of energy rushing in me right now can’t be compared to anyone’s.
I’ve been waiting for this moment and immediately i received that message from the assassin.

I sent for the cops that have been under training, the cops that are ready to sacrifice their lives.

I waited, surveying the building,
waiting for her to come out.

I can’t wait to get done with her and face my life.
I can’t just wait!

I’ll make sure her brain falls out of her head tonight.
I gritted my teeth, getting impatient.

The gate opened and we at the front building cocked our gun.
She stepped out like she always do but it’ll be different tonight cause she’ll be getting killed.

My heart started feeling funny and i almost cursed at myself.

I still wonder why my heart feels this way whenever I’m meeting with this assassin.

I already ordered the cops not to shoot cause it’ll be pointless, her outfit is bullet proofed.
I’m just gonna apply my first strategy on her.

She surprisingly dropped her gun.

Everyone looked shocked.

We’ve not recovered from the shock of her dropping her gun when she gave us another shocker.

She pulled off her wig.

My gun nearly dropped from my hand and my heart raced b
The hair…her hair looks like;




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