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[Story] The Angel In The Dark part 2

The Angel In The Dark

By sardonyx

If you miss any episode read it here

As soon as the thought of Twila was disclosed to her she became wild and uncontrollable Twila was taken to the staff room to avoid attention from her pupils. She has much love for faith who had suddenly disappeared without any trace,inside of her she was sure the child was alive somewhere unknown she vouched to search for faith, her dream child . The unawared absence of the young child in the class gave her so much sorrow she therefore decided to know the depth of the Atrocity.
The day was longer than other days , memories of faith rushed through twila’s mind,she had no idea of where the child was and whatever was happening to her, she hoped faith was in a better condition .Twila managed to get herself home, she opened the door sluggishly and dumped herself on the chair. During school hours, she had engaged in the thought of faith and had no time for herself, She picked up her phone and saw divers missed call of her friend she then dialed Alyssa’s number,their conversation lasted for hours. Alyssa comforted her friend and also told her she was leaving for Rangers headquarters the next day, with a promise to keep in touch with her and never stay long.
Clint westmoreland glanced around the airport and silently cursed. It was the middle of the day, he had a lot of work to do back at his ranch and here he stood waiting to meet a wife he didn’t know he’d had until a few days ago.
His chest tightened as he recalled the contents of the letter he’d received from the Texas state Bureau of investigations. He’d learned from the Letter that when he’d gotten married while working on an undercover string operation five years ago as a Texas Ranger,the marriage had never been nullified by the agency. That meant he and Alyssa Parker,the woman who had been his female partner, were still legally married .
Not quite longer,Alyssa arrived and they exchanged greetings, with no prolonged decision, they headed to the car and proceeded to Mr Frank’s office at the Rangers head quarters. Their arrival was no surprise to Mr Frank,He offered his warm greetings and instructed them to sit.
It’s been twelve years they left the company and nothing has changed, the rooms still had the same scent,the chairs we’re well arranged as always and Mr Frank reminded prim and proper as ever before. Clint wasn’t surprised at was he saw because he wasn’t expecting anything before of, he knew what he was their for and wished it could be done as fast as possible.
“what hell do you mean we can’t get the marriage annulled ? ” Clint roared.
Faith!!!.Get her, get her.
She stumbled forward, coming to a stop when she hit the wall Of the dark ,silent house.
She stood up, took a walk round the room and saw nobody, the doors were shut the light that came into the room only stole it way in from the old, small window beside the door, She listened for any sound of movement from inside.
She heard nothing
Tears burned her aching eyes, but she blinked them back, telling herself it was only the rains. She’s a child of faith and needed not to cry.
She banged her hand against the door again with a sobbing gasp.
No answer
She turned away from the door post and sat on the ground, then memories of what happened earlier rushed through her mind……
She was running happily to school because it was her 10th birthday. What happened to her? Had she entered the school gate? Had anyone stopped her on her way?. She couldn’t answer those questions, she became helpless and started sobbing.
Three heifty men had stopped her on her way to school, they didn’t disclose their identity to her, she screamed aloud several times but no one came to her rescue. While trying to escape she had fallen and hit the back part of her head on a stone. There she lost her memories. The only thing she could remember now was that she was on her way to school.
How I get her?.. She couldn’t answer these questions, there was no one to supply her answers ….
At school, Twila never remained herself. She couldn’t do anything without remembering faith. She hasn’t heard from Alyssa since she left and she has been worried. The only thing that gave her satisfaction right now was that the police have been informed of the sudden disappearance of faith and wade was always there for her in all the steps she planned to take.
Wade a friendly man of about 32 years old had come into Twila’s life few days after the incident, Twila didn’t know much about him but she was satisfied that he was always there for her, to make her feel comfortable and happy, wade had never disclosed his work to him and she never taught of asking. At least she needed someone to console her which he was passionately doing at this very time. Wade was involved in every step Twila takes, they visit the police station often to receive news on the search for faith.Wade wasn’t just a friend but in him Twila found a soulmate.
Twila checked her wrist and the clock read 12pm. She hasn’t heard from wade that day and decided to call him.
“Hello, he’s not around ” a harsh female voice informed her.
“when do you expect him back? ” Twila asked.
A lengthy pause followed, and Twila could hear the rustle of paper in the background. She must be his receptionist, Twila muttered. “He didn’t inform me of his arrival ” she said sharply.
After the call ended, Twila sat up like she meant business and checked through the register to know if all her pupils were in school. .
“New procedures are in place, Westmoreland, “Clint heard mr frank say. “I don’t like them nor do I understand them.’Thirty days.’ The agency has agreed to grant an anullment to your and Barkley’s marriage in thirty days.”
Neither Clint nor Alyssa said anything for a long moment, both figuring it was best not to, otherwise they would say the wrong thing. Instead they decided to keep the anger they felt inside. Frank put an end to the silence,he hasn’t finished what he wanted to say he’d only paused to see their reactions,Then he said, “during these days, you must live together under the same roof “.It sounded like a blunder to Clint. “The same roof?” He said out of temper.
To be continue

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