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[Story] The Angel In The Dark part 3

The Angel In The Dark 3

By sardonyx

If you miss any episode read it here



It didn’t take much to know that Clint Westmoreland was one angry man, Alyssa thought,glancing over at him. They had lef Frank’s office over twenty minutes ago, and now Clint was driving her to a place where she assumed they would grab a bite to eat. But he hasn’t said a word to her. Not one. However, that didn’t take into consideration the number of times he’d mumbled the word ‘damn’ under his breath.
The next thing was for them to decide who will accommodate the other.
If she thought he was mad before then it was quite obvious he was madder now. “Look,lady. I have a ranch to run and I won’t be doing it from your house .”
“You’re not the only one who owns a business, Clint. I’m not going to drop everything that’s going on in my life just to come to live with you. ”
” And neither will I drop everything I’ve got going on here to move to Waco, even temporarily. That’s as stupid as stupid can get. ”
She had to agree with him there, but still didn’t solve their problem.According to Frank, they needed to live under the same roof for thirty days.
They picked up the menu on the table, checked through but non of the itemized food caught her fancy. Clint waved to the waiter and ordered coffee for both of them.
Alyssa could feel Clint checking her out the same way she was checking him out, which only solidified her belief that living under the same roof with him wouldn’t work. There was a strong sexual attraction between them, she could feel it. The thought that she drew his interest was something she couldn’t ignore.
“What sort of business do you own? ”
She glanced up from studying the contents in her coffee cup to stare into Clint’s cool, dark eyes. “I design web sites.”
Oh. Fine .she needed not to ask of his occupation because he has mentioned it earlier. Clint is a man of few words, since he said nothing more, she took away her focus to the coffee.
” I noticed you only brought an overnight bag”, he said ,leaning back in his chair.
” Yes. I thought that ending our marriage wouldn’t take more than a day at the most. I planned to fly home in the morning. ”
“you’re welcome to stay at my place tonight. I have plenty of room”
She appreciated the invitation but didn’t think it was a good idea, she preferred staying in an hotel…..

Twila received a call from wade, telling her to meet him in the state hospital. Wade has been informed by the police officers that faith has been admitted in the hospital. The police saw her lying dead by the road side during their search. Twila hurried down to the hospital,she couldn’t bear the Vibrations that rushed through her veins. Her long lost cousin has been found. During the period of interrogation, Twila has gotten the information from Faith’s parents that Faith’s father Mr Alis mark and Twila’s late father Mr Alis Fredrick were brothers. Fedrick died while Twila was six months, her mother Mary was sent out of the family house to an unknown country,she believed this because her mother has told her every hidden truth at the point of giving up. Twila was glad to know she had a relative who cares to know her.
Faith has been in a coma for months. But now she has done what her doctor never believed….
Faith opened her eyes like someone waking from a nightmare,she couldn’t remember the dream,but her shaking body told her it had been a bad one. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling.
It wasn’t her room.
Her other senses began waking up then. She heard distant sounds of activities just beyond the door. She smelled sickness and medicine, she was on the hospital bed. She heard footsteps closer that before. Then, The doctors and her family walked in …..
“Can you ride a horse?”
Alyssa glanced over at Clint whose work was taming horses. He stood in front of her and now, everything male about him was out in the forefront again. She moved her gaze from his face to his strong,sturdy hands and then lower to his lap where the denim of his jeans stretched tight across muscular things.
She nearly jumped when he said her name again, reminding her that she hadn’t answered his question.
She glanced back over at him. He was staring straight ahead and she thought that was good.Everytime he looked at her, sensations she hadn’t felt in a long time, seemed to unleash inside her.
She moved to take a step back and his hands reached out to her waist, to assist her. But his hand stayed there. Her gaze left his eyes and moved to his lips, the one part of him that has always fascinated her.
She wasn’t a forward person, but one thing her friend has always taught her was that sometimes, if it was something you really wanted, you just had to take the bull by the horns. Well, she intended to just do that.
He was bending his head towards her, she leaned forward and slid her hands over his chest. The kiss was incredible, she thought, sinking deeper into it…………
And They never return for the annulment

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