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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 1




“honey! I’m off to work stay put till I get back okay?” my mom yelled from the living room
“okay!” I yelled back from my room and heard as the door opened and closed shut.. I sighed and got down from the bed I went to the bathroom took a bath and brushed my teeth, I changed into some nice clothes, cooked ate and sat down at the living room staring at the blank television..
Most youths get up every morning after taking their baths and eating they leave for work, but here I am sitting and staring at a TV that’s not even turned on.. I hate my life.. Like so much.. I went back to my room and got back on my bed picking at my fingers cause it was a habit I suddenly picked from my mom and I do that when I’m bored, nervous, and scared
If only I could just get a job that my problem won’t be involved in.. I glanced at my small desk beside my bed and grabbed the mirror on top of it and when I looked at my pretty reflection I sighed..
“why are you so pretty” I said to my reflection
“why?” I asked myself like it was another person , I angrily dropped the mirror cause I was making a fool out of myself..
I mean if it was true that the moon brought me back to life, why did it bring me back to life and let m suffer this, I attract everybody, and I can’t fall in love cause I kill them and it’s like I lure men.. I don’t want to be “that” girl, I want to be like any normal girl would.. I don’t even have a silk of resemblance from both my mom or my dad, that people assume they adopted me.. While some people believed no mother would ever put such an angel like me for adoption, but I don’t care what they believe I just want a normal life..
I decided to wonder around the neighborhood a bit and just as I got to the living room and was about to open the front door the doorbell ringed, I suddenly open the door and saw my mom’s best friend, Anita..
She knows about my tragic life and you know everything about us, how I was born, you know the stuff..
“hi aunt Anita” I said with a small smile
“oh Selene, how are you doing” she said and pull me in a sudden embrace, she’s so caring.. And kind
“I’m good” I replied and she disengage the hug with me and walked inside..
She sat down on one of our couches and I sat down opposite her, I first of all moved my hair in front of me, being careful of not sitting on it, yeah another problem with me is my hair it’s ebony black it’s thick, straight, too straight and stopped under my buttocks, I’ve never even dreamed of cutting it cause it would be a total waste of time, I’ve tried cutting it once, me and my mom we went to the best saloon and they gave it the best shoulder length hair cut and I was as happy as ever, but the strangest thing happened , the next day when I woke up my hair was back to its normal length, that freaked me out like so much but my mom was there to calm me down telling it’s nothing to get worked up about that getting this kind of beautiful hair was my luck “maybe God didn’t want you to get some part rid off” she said that day.. . I calmed down that day and didn’t try to cut it again, my hair being long didn’t bother me though, cause it never gets tangled even when I sleep bath or do anything that involves contact with my hair, it’s just still shinny and straight, that’s my weird life for you..
“so what brings you here aunt Anita, mom’s at work you know” I said and she smiled and nod
“I know I came here to see you actually” she said, “well okay” I said and take my bottom lip in between my teeth
“you know how you’ve been looking for a job and all but–
“I haven’t been looking for a job” I cut her off and she sighed
“oh well whatever. Even if you have been haven’t been looking for a job, I’ve finally found the perfect one for you” she said and my eyes suddenly lit up
“really?” I blurted out and she smiled and nod…. Remember when I said she’s so caring,
“yeah, how would you like to be a house keeper” she said and my face suddenly changed, that was not what I was expecting
“a house keeper?” I said lowly and she nods,
“what. don’t you like it?” she asked
“well technically it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it wasn’t what I was expecting, a house keeper? I mean it sounds way off” I said truthfully and she smiled
“it’s not like you’ll be taking care of a house but an old lady, ever heard of the Blossoms?” Anita asked and I nod
The blossoms are one of the most richest family in like the whole world, their house is at the ending of this town, and it’s very big and rumour has it that it’s made out of Gold..
“you know the Blossoms are a very busy people they travel from places to places like every single day and they left their huge house alone with their grandma and they suddenly need someone to look after the house and also the old lady and the pay is $54 (₦20,000) everyday” Anita said and i suddenly stood up
“fifty four dollars everyday??” I repeated the amount and she smiled and nod. . Just to look after an old woman and a big house, fifty four dollars, well I shouldn’t be surprised cause they’re like stinking rich..
“well I’m getting that job, cause it won’t only just help at home maybe my dreams of going to college will come true after all” I said and I couldn’t help the smile that laid on my face…
“then if you want to get the job we have to leave now cause they’ll be a lot of people too who would want to get that job” Anita said and i agreed, I grabbed my phone and Anita and I took the bus and head straight down town… Oh mom would be glad to hear that I got a job.. If I get the job..cause it would Be the perfect job for me, no one would be at home, no male to fall in love with me just me and a strange old lady .. Oh I hope I do get the job…
While we were in the bus everyone kept looking at me and whisper filled the whole bus
*who’s she?* *she’s so pretty* *wow she looks like a goddess* *is that even her real hair* I just sit back quietly waiting to reach my destination I get this kind of looks every single day so there’s actually nothing to get worked up about..
Finally we got to the last part of town which is called thorn-hill and the bus stopped at the last bus stop and most of the people got down including me and aunt Anita.. We walked briskly to the Blossoms house and while we got there they were three other ladies there too, a girl about my age and two other ladies.. Damn it.. I don’t think I’m getting this job..
There was another lady there who was fat and I think she was the interviewer.. Aunt Anita and I approach them and the interviewer suddenly said,
“let me guess you’re both here for the job”.
“no actually I’m the only one” I replied and she nods.. “well then you four, come with me” she said and we all followed her inside expect aunt Anita who waited outside for me..
“okay I’m Josephine but please call me Jose and just so you know I’ll be the one asking the question here” the “interviewer” lady said and we all nodded
“okay what makes you think you have what it takes to get this job” she asked like she wasn’t interested in knowing the answer..
“because I can clean” the first lady said and Jose gave her a weird look
“because you can clean, really? Or because of the blossoms are rich, step aside please” Jose said rudely, and wow I did not see that coming, Jose’s way too rude, she moved to the next person
“and you what makes you think you have what it takes to get this job?” Jose asked the second lady rudely and she replied with a smile…
“because to be a house keeper you have to keep the house safe and clean and I can do that” she said and Jose laughed
“miss, I use to be the house keeper of this house but now that I’m going to be gone I don’t need someone like you to fill in for me cause I don’t think you have what it takes”
The lady looked at Jose angrily and walked away, Jose smirked and walked towards the third person which was me.. Honestly I don’t know anything about being a house keeper but I know it’s to keep the house clean! Till the owners gets back..
“okay.. you! pretty face, what makes you think you can get this job” she asked me and a small smile formed on my face it was a fake actually “cause I can take care of a whole house clean it manage it and also have full time to take care of an old lady” I said and the girl beside me suddenly looked at me
“an old lady?” she repeated
“what old lady” the first lady asked and Jose laughed and said , “so you’re both here to get this jobs and you didn’t know you’ll be taking care of the blossoms grandmother you know what, you two out, you.. Got this job” Jose said, wait she just said I got the job the two other ladies she kicked out angrily walked away and she sighed and turned to me
“I don’t think you have what it takes for this job, but since you’re the only one here come sign this contract” she said and shoved a paper in my palm and a pen
“make sure you add your phone number , bank account number and your email address” she added and I nod
I can’t believe I’m getting this job, I rejoiced inside me as I filled the paper and handed it to her and she gave me her phone number , after showing me the whole house which was splendid and was actually kind of made out of Gold like the rumour said.. she took me to a room and there was a an old elderly woman who was on the bed knitting her room was wow and had ancient pictures of people on the wall..
“Mrs Ginger? How are you doing” Jose asked politely and the woman smiled seeing Jose
“Josephine, oh it’s you oh I’m doing great I haven’t seen you all morning we were you?” she asked and Jose frowned
“but Mrs Ginger I’m afraid I won’t be able to come here anymore I have some things I need to do I need to be gone for a while and while I’m gone she’ll be incharged” Jose explained to the old lady and she nods slowly and said “I understand” Jose smiled and gave her a “careful” hug, you know not to break anything.. . After introducing myself to Mrs Ginger , Jose took me outside and explained what and how I need to take of Mrs Ginger..
“she’s just an old lady, but she’s strong healthy, and a very happy person but the only thing is she forget things a lot so please take good care of her cause if anything goes wrong you’ll be in prison the blossoms aren’t people you laugh with they’re strict I’ve met them once and don’t wish to run into them again, it’s a good thing they travel so much, well now that you know everything Selene you’re starting your work tomorrow I leave you in good hands” Jose said and I smiled and released a simple thank you,
I went outside and told aunt Anita about it and she was so happy for me, I was happy myself.
I went home feelings joyous, thankfully and finally I have a job a well paid job…
Well my days of working at the blossoms house as a house keeper and taking care of Mrs Ginger won’t be a problem..
Well thats what I thought until..
“He” came..
T. B. C

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