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Have you ever been a beauty?, have you ever been so beautiful? have you ever been so pretty that each and every day different boys and men fight to have you as theirs… If you haven’t then I have, I didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse to be this beautiful.. I was born in a family of two, just me my mom and my dad. We weren’t rich or poor just, you know the normal class..
My name is Selene Murray, am twenty-two and my story isn’t like everyone else’s story , the story of how I was born.. That sometimes I wonder if I’m human ..
According to my mother I was born on July 23rd, at exactly 12:00am.. There was a full moon that night my mom went into labour but while she was about to put to bed, her contractions stopped and she didn’t feel pain anymore in her abdomen, the doctors and nurses started another process of checking what went wrong and later found out that I was dead in my mom’s stomach.. That they’ll have to use operation to get me out, and you know throw me away.. My mom was in thick tears and so was my dad, that he walked out of the hospital, looked at the sky, all hope was lost for him of having a child cause it’s been six years, he looked as the full moon laid beautifully in the sky and with the last drop of hope left in him he prayed to the moon..
Back in the hospital just as the operation of me being removed from my mom’s stomach was about to begin one of the nurses opened the curtains of a small window when my mom glanced at the window and saw the moon she started having contractions again, and yelling in pain, and somehow I was alive again, the surprised doctors and nurses suddenly helped delivered the awoken dead baby… My mom and dad were the most happiest, not only because I came out alive but because I turned out to be a living angel, I was so beautiful that the nurses who carried me didn’t want to let me go my parents believed the moon brought me back so they named me “Selene” which means “the moon” . “the goddess of the moon”..
While I was growing up I was becoming more beautiful, and each night of my birthday every year my parents always tells me the story of how I was born,, and while I was getting older I always believe they’re just making up stories of how I was born but it does feel weird of how I feel stronger during nighttime and especially during full moons..
Well my life was going smoothly with me growing up and become more beautiful day by day, I was the talk of the whole neighborhood and everyone loved me… Well my life hasn’t been a living hell until I entered High school.. Like they say high school is a living hell itself but it was like I made it worse..
My first day of school was nice for me I made a lot, and by that I mean a lot of friends, and you would have guessed right that it was because of my beauty..
After a week in high school different boys started to meet me and started to tell me how they feel about me but since I didn’t like any of them I just nicely turn them down..
Until I fell in love with this boy in my class Jonah, he was tall dreamy and smart but ignorant and that made me fall for him more.. I wasn’t planning on telling him how I feel about him but one day I decided to, and immediately I tell him “I like you” he started to choke, and I watched as he coughed out blood and died in front of me, I was as shocked as fuck.. . .
That incident caused chaos around the whole school and around the neighborhood, somepeople thought I did something to Jonah but some people who saw us together, came as witness to tell others that I did nothing to Jonah, and people believed them cause everyone knows me as “the good girl” .
It took me a week to recover from that shocking incident, that I started to wonder if it was my confession that killed him or if he was sick before, but according to his parent nothing was ever wrong with him, he was a healthy child, and since then I started to feel guilty..
Nothing like that ever happened until my final year in school well boys were still clustering me but I just didn’t give any of them a chance cause I never liked them.. Well David was another boy I liked in my final year but I didn’t dare to even approach, but it seems like it was also like David liked me too..
One day David confessed how he felt to me but I didn’t give him a reply I just walked away from him leaving him heart-broken, even though I wasn’t the cause of Jonah’s death, I don’t want it to happen again.. Cause i was kind of feeling that it was my fault..
Giving David a broken heart didn’t stop him from trying to win me over, he kept hanging out with me and we started talked like friends do, he didn’t talk about being in a relationship with me for a while until one he day he brought out the topic and I tried to cut him off but he yelled “I love you at me” and kissed me and before I knew it he fell to the ground with blood in his mouth, I fainted to cause the sight of it again was shocking, and after that day I was being homeschooled my mom kept assuring me it wasn’t my fault and I believed her
I mean just because I loved someone doesn’t mean they have to die because I confessed my love or just because I kissed them, that’s absorb,
Being homeschooled, was the best until I graduated and received my high school certificate.. My parents started helping save for college but then my dad passed away, sleeping without waking up mom and I were so shocked cause it was a sudden and unexpected death, and my dreams of going to college was ruined and my mom and I just had to move on and live a normal life.. With me also working to help in the house..
But it wasn’t normal at all, first I worked at a coffee shop, the coffee shop gets customers everyday, mostly men and I realise it was because of me, I didn’t bother to act nice to any of them cause if I act nice they’ll want to get in my skin, everything was going smoothly until my boss fired me one afternoon, she was pissed of because she said her husband isn’t focusing on her anymore because of me, I didn’t know what to do anymore so I just took the chances and went home… I took another job and this time my boss was a male he ended up falling in love with me and one night during a full moon and during my shift he tried to take advantage of me but ended being paralyzed and then died, I ran home that night crying, is it a curse to be beautiful.. Why me?
Why!!. .
I didn’t bother to look for jobs anymore cause it seems like I cause chaos everywhere I go, so everyday I just stay at home doing nothing, waiting for my life to change cause my life isn’t a blessing but a curse!.
But not until one day…

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