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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 14





I pulled away from the sudden kiss I just had with Endy and stood properly cause I was actually standing on my toe, I removed my hand around his neck and faced the floor
“why?. ” Endy suddenly asked , placing his forefinger under my chin to bring my head up and look at him
What does he mean by why!
I just kissed him and he’s asking me why and yeah why did I just kiss him ..
“i-i don’t know..” I said looking at his forest green eyes..
He smiled and also got me smiling too even though I didn’t know why I would smile..
“you don’t know?” he asked but I didn’t give him a reply cause I don’t know what to say but I think the only answer is that “I love him too”… I am sure about it but something’s still bothering me and I don’t know what it is.. …
Endy sighed and pulled me in a warm and tight hug, “you don’t know, but I do.. Selene you might not know but we’re actually the same person, I don’t know if you know this but I do feel something special when our palms get into contact, strange right?.. And having the same dream with you, isn’t that enough to tell you we’re meant to be.. I love you Selene.. So much” Endy breathed on my neck and tightened his hands around me..
A tear dropped from my eyes cause that five words opened a sweet heavenly portal in my heart ““I love you so much Selene””
I’ve heard words like this before but this one just made me emotional cause I believed it was true and it just wasn’t because of my beauty, he truly meant it, I could feel it..
“I love you too” I said under my breath but I doubt he heard any of it.. We disengaged from the hug and he smiled but suddenly wore a worried look when he saw tears in my eyes..
“what’s wrong” he asked,
“nothing.. Just feeling happy? I guess” I said and he cleaned them for me..
“happy! doesn’t mean you should cry” he said and I huffed..
“haven’t you heard of tears of joy” I said cleaning my tears properly
“yeah well.. Whatever” he said and smiled at me..
“so what do we do now?” I asked, cause I’m lost.. I mean we kissed, he confessed I’ve realised I love him, nothing’s lost but something’s missing..
“what do you mean?” he asked and held my hand clutching our palms together and entangling our fingers..
I embraced the amazing feeling cause it feels like I was absorbing a sweet irresistible energy..
“what I mean is.. I just accept the fact that i’m in love with you and we just kissed and well you love me too we’re meant for each other and… You know, where’s this leading us. Did it change anything?” I asked and he smiled ..
“of course it did we’re in a relationship now” he said and raised our clutched hand to my face while I smiled..
“tch.. So what! I’m like your girlfriend now?” I said with a smile staring at him .
“nope girlfriend’s a little to, teenage-ish and common” he said and I laughed
“so if you don’t call me your girlfriend, what am I, am I your fiancee, or your wife?” I said sarcastically and he laughed and so did that and the tension between us was calm and strong..
For years I thought I wasn’t going to meet “the one” for me, even though I didn’t even meet the one for me, I couldn’t date Anyone and I still don’t know why, but Endy’s different he’s special and he’s the one for me and I just know it, finally I can breathe and live like any human and I kiss him without him choking to death..
I hugged him all of a sudden and he smiled
“what’s this for” he asked
“thank you” I breathed out, for making me feel alive and well making me have hope that I’ll not die having that raging feeling that I didn’t date anyone in my past..
“what’s the thank you for?” he asked as he wrapped his hands around me back..
“just a simple thank you, nothing else” I said drowning my self in his manly cologne..
“okay then.. You’re welcome” he said.
I was in the living room sitting quietly on the couch alone, while Endy was… Yeah I didn’t know where he was but I still can’t believe we’re dating I mean it’s too good to be true..
The TV was on and even though I was watching a comedy show I wasn’t paying attention cause I was already engrossed in my beautiful thoughts..
“hey juilet” I heard Wendy’s voice in my ear and flinched.
“what?..” I asked and turned to her..
“oh nothing just enjoying this warm afternoon” she yelled and lied down on the couch putting her head on my thigh..
“oh. Okay?” I said and turned to the TV..
“so where’s your boyfriend?” Wendy asked and I almost choked on nothing..
“b-boyfriend?, what are you talking about?” I asked, you could tell I’m shaking, I’m such a bad actor.
“oh Selene, you’re always trying to play pretence and innocence, but your pretty eyes always tells me you’re lying” Wendy said and sat up properly..
Why am I even scared!
“Look I saw the whole show you and Endy had in the kitchen and trust me I didn’t miss a thing” she said and I sighed..
“so..?” I said with a slow shrug..
“but is it true, you and endy had the same dream?” she asked and I nod..
“wow, that is the strangest thing I’ve heard in my entire life, but anyway I’m so happy for you guys.. Ah finally I can sleep well tonight, I’ve been so busy watching you two and trying to make you two fall in love and all, but what can I say my hard work really paid off” she said and I almost rolled my eyes, her hardwork? Endy and I fell in love because we’re meant to be not because of your hardwork; I wanted to say but I just let it slide cause Wendy isn’t someone you’ll like to argue with since she’s a talkative she’ll never give up..
“oh well if you’ll excuse me I’ll go continue what I was doing” Wendy suddenly said with a squeaky voice, she stood up moved her purple and black hair back before heading back to her room..
I heard her talking to someone on the stairs and I know who she was talking to already ’cause she sounded rude, it was Mrs Ginger

Mrs Ginger walked to the living room couch and saw me and I quickly stood up and gave her a polite greeting while she smiled and sat down and so did, she stared at the television for a while before she looked back at me..
“so Selene.. She said and I fully turned to her “yes” I replied and she smiled .. Okay this is the first time she called me Selene..
“where’s Endymion?” she asked
“i-i don’t kno– I think he’s in the garden” I replied and she nods
“is something going on between the two of you?” she asked and I suddenly became quiet staring at the floor..
Should I tell her? Or not?
I remained quiet for a while, until Mrs. Ginger spoke up
“anyway, you know I just woke up from my afternoon siesta.. I had a dream, a conception dream” she said and my mouth fell open as I suddenly stared at her..
“a conception dream!” I repeated and she nods.. And we both became quiet again

“well grandma the truth is, Endy and I are dating” I said and she smiled..
“well I’m not surprised” she said
“you’re not?” I asked to be sure.. This family’s kind of..
“why would I be when everyone’s already saw something between you too” she said and I shrugged
Was it that obvious.. Or was Endy to obvious..
“oh” I breathed out and she smiled..
“you both have so much in common and also you’re both soulmate com– well look at the time isn’t it time to make dinner” Mrs Ginger said Changing the subject..
“uhm no.. Just a few minutes more” I said and she nods and stood up..
“please can you please bring dinner to my room when you’re done cooking cause I don’t think my old butt can handle those dining chairs anymore” she said and I nod with a smile..
“sure” I said and she went back upstairs..
I didn’t see Endy until after I made dinner, I made a simple homemade pasta and went to give Mrs Ginger hers like she ordered and I went back downstairs to join Wendy and Endy in the dining room .
The three of us ate dinner quietly and it was nothing like when the triplets were around it was awkwardly quiet.. But wasn’t that awkward since Endy just kept throwing me his charming smile whenever our eyes met, and I’ll do the honour of catching the smile and giving him back, we did that for a while and I could swear I thought it was only Endy and I in the dining room, until when Wendy stood up and coughed drawing both our attention..
“I’ll be.. Upstairs in my room, you guys are making me. I’ll just be in my room” she said and took her food to her room

“guess it’s just you and me” Endy said and I smiled and drank my glass water..
“so.. Does she know?” he asked referring to Wendy, about us dating
“yeah, she was there during the whole scene” I said and he nods slowly.
“your grandma knows too” I said and he looked at me and smiled, “well I’m not surprised cause grandma sure knows everything!” he said and we both laughed.
After dinner I cleared the table and did the dishes, and while doing all of this I didn’t just do it once and for all, I was being distracted by Endy’s sweet words and charming smile, okay scratch the first one, Endy isn’t good with sweet words.
He said my skin is as smooth as the body of a pineapple, I mean pineapple!!!?? Gosh.
But the two of us just laughed anyways when he found out what he said was a complete non-sense
It was time for me to go home and Endy was the one who gave me a ride home, arguing with me that if he doesn’t give me a ride he’ll die.. But I just laughed it off and let him drive me home. And it was getting dark anyway
Endy’s car pulled up in our driveway, I opened the door myself before Endy could he groaned when he saw that I was already out..
“stop trying too hard, you’re acting like I’ll break up with you if you don’t do anything responsible” I said as both stood in front of his car..
“so I should act irresponsible?” he asked..
“no.. That’s not what I mean, stop trying to hard to please me, I’ll love you any ways” I said and he looked down at me and gave me a light peck on my lips..
“thanks” he said and we hugged and, and I comfortably placed my head on his chest, his hug felt so warm from the cold breeze and as I closed my eyes, I could smell nothing but him and my eyes began to throb, I didn’t know I was falling asleep until he gently shook me and laughed out loud when he found out I was half asleep..
“oh my god, Selene are you sleeping?” he asked in a laughing tone..
“I’m not” I grumbled upending my eyes slowly,
“you definitely were” he said and I rolled my sleepy eyes..
“yeah, whatever” I said and start to walk inside. But he held my arm and said “I’ll walk you to bed so you don’t trip and fall”
I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder as we walk inside my house, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.. Even though we just started dating it feels like we’ve been dating forever and all this feeling, the love, kisses, feels so familiar and at the same time new to me.. …
“where’s yoนr room” he asked as we got inside my living room
“up” I said and pointed lazily while he laughed and carried me up, bridal style, while I giggled and circled my hands around his neck as he gently carried me through the stairs and to my room..
He dropped me on my single-person bed and I couldn’t help but think which one was more comfortable, Endy’s arm, or my bed?.
“thanks” I mumbled as my eyes were going half closed
“not yet” he said, bent down, and started removing my shoes.. I sat down properly and sighed..
“it’s okay Endy, I can take off my own shoes” I said while he just smiled..
“yeah, right how can I believe you when you fell right asleep when I gave you a simple hug” he said and I rolled my eyes but in a girlish playful “oh-stop” way..
He sat on the edge of the bed and I scoot closer to him not feeling like letting him go, just be honest with your feelings and go with the flow I was honest with me feelings and now look at me, drowning in my love’s planet..
“Selene.. He called
“hmm.. I answered my head rested on his shoulder, my eyes closed..
“you have to sleep and I have to go” he said,
“don’t.. go” I mumbled and he huffed ..
“I have to even though I don’t want to go” he said calmly..
“then don’t!” I half yelled and pulled him towards me, but pulling him too much caused him to fall on me and now I’m lying on the bed facing him, and well he’s on top of me and even though his weight is killing me, I didn’t mind cause, he’s here smiling at me and he’s the one I love..
T. B. C

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