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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 15





Endy stood properly and smiled, “I have to go Selene” he said while I just nod.
Truth be told my sleepiness is getting heavier than I thought.
“okay” I said lowly and he kissed my forehead before walking out..
The next morning my alarm woke me up and I jilted up happy cause well it’s a beautiful day and.. Scratch that, it’s not that beautiful the clould is covering the sun and making everywhere gloomy, and a boring or sad weather makes people bored and sad. But I ain’t sad.
Cause I I’m with my perfect match now.. Endy, oh I can’t wait to see him.
I hurriedly took my bath and didn’t bother to brush my hair ’cause it never gets tangled or rough.. I think I’m starting to like it now. I grabbed my purse and hurried out the door,
I closed the outside door slowly and throw the keys in my purse and when I turned I saw Endy, with his car..
“lemme guess if you didn’t do this you’ll die again..?” I asked sarcastically while he just smiled
“just good morning would do, you know” he said, approached me and gave me a warm light peck on my cheeks..
“come-on get in let’s go” he said and opened his car door for me while I walked in grinning from ear to ear, isn’t this life. ..
During the car drive Endy and I just kept talking about movies we’ve watched, I wasn’t a fan of movies but the little one’s my friend made me when we were in middle school counts, and Endy and I talked about it.. I told him about not being a movie fan when he asked me about so many movies I haven’t watch and he just kept quiet since there was nothing more to talk about..
“so about today.. Take a day off” Endy said and I swiftly turned to him..
“why?” I asked
“we should go on our first date today” he said and I gasped happily..
“but.. If we go on a date, who’ll cook, clean the house a–”
“Selene, it’s okay Wendy can cook and clean and also grandma doesn’t mind you taking a day off” Endy interrupted me..
“but who’ll wash the–
“Selene please.. It’s okay, even the idea of you now being the housekeeper of my house give me the creeps. It would be best if you’d quit” he said and I sighed
He doesn’t mean it.

“anyy way.. Where are we going?” I said excitedly.. While Endy looked at me from the corner of hi eyes and smiled nervously ..
“uh.. Uh.. It’s i-it’s a surprise?” he grinned lightly and I nod.
The drive took a while before we got to our destination which was his house..
“I thought you said it was a surprise, so you mean to tell me the surprise is your house and we’re both having our date here” I asked to be sure. This dude is weirder than I thought..
“what? Of course no, we’re not having our date here. I forgot my credit card and I need to get it quickly..” he said and I breathed a sigh of relief
Phew. I almost thought he was weird, but no matter where he takes me as long as he’s there it’s a special place..
Endy and I walked in and he went ahead of me and went to his room while I slowly walked in the living room and saw Lance and a girl about my age seated with him and both of them hammering on a pizza..
They both noticed me and turned and I waved to Lance.. And the girl..
“Selene.. Oh you’re here.” Lance said standing up. The girl beside Lange just stared at me, checking me out, she had dark brown straight hair and a small fringe on her forehead her eyes were pretty and sharp and her lips was pink and full.. She’s pretty..
“good morning” I said to the girl but she just rolled her eyes and looked away,
Okay I’ll remember this later, ‘never act nice towards bitches”
“so Selene, I heard you and Endy has taken a submarine to love ocean 5” he said with a wink but I just stared at him plainly.. Not being surprised of him finding out cause Wendy’s around..
“anyway, Selene meet Alyssa my girlfriend” Lance said
Oh so the bitch’s his girlfriend.. Too bad.
“hi” I waved politely at her but she just gave me a smile, I couldn’t tell if it was real or fake.
“Alyssa this is Selene, our hou— Endy’s girlfriend” Lance said and I raised my eyes at him he should have just introduced me as the house keeper I don’t have a problem with that.
“so she’s the one dating Endy?” Alyssa blurted out and I smiled and nod.. Got a problem with that.
“yeah she is, she’s the town’s golden angel and an Angel to Endy” Lance said and Alyssa rolled her eyes and looked away..

“okay I’ve got it, let’s go” Endy yelled from the stairs and I smiled hearing his voice..
“about time” I said and he laughed and put his hand around my shoulder when he got close to me.. And we both turned towards the door..
“Endy! You’re gonna pretend you didn’t See Me?!” Alyssa suddenly yelled seeing me..
“I saw you Alyssa, don’t yell” Endy said and she primped,
“but why didn’t you say anything, not even a hi or a good morning” she asked and fold her arms.. She has a problem.. Lance didn’t care about all this, he just continued eating the pizza..
“I would have said hi or good morning but I just didn’t want to” Endy replied and her eyes widen
“so you ignored me on purpose” she asked and Endy nod with a small smile and she huffed..
“look just enjoy your pizza with your boyfriend okay!” Endy said and we both walked out,

“she should known by now that I don’t like her” Endy said as we walked out
“me too!.. But why the dislike” I asked
“she’s a phony, and a bitch, she wants everyone in the family to like her, Mom and dad’s already in love with her, Wendy doesn’t like her, but the triplets, I don’t really know about them” Endy said and I giggled.
“well she’s got some serious issues” I said
“whatever, as long as Lance’s happy, she’s welcome to stay” Endy said and I smiled..
He first drove us to a small diner saying we need to eat first. As we walked in the diner all eyes were on us but what could we do.. We were just an attractive couple..
“okay, so you said where were going later Is a surprise, can you give me a hint?” I said cutely so he’ll give me a hint but he just smiled nervously..
“a-actually.. T-there is no surprise, I’m clueless Of where we’re supposed to hang out today, I wanted our date to be today but I didn’t know anything about dates, sorry for getting your hopes up on surprises that didn’t exist” he said apologetically and I was touched
“it’s okay, the places we go doesn’t matter no matter how beautiful it is, it’s the moment that matters” I said and his smile beamed
“when did you get all smart” he teased and I rolled my eyes
“when you were being a man” I whined and we both laughed.. “you know I could totally kiss you right now” he said in a flirting tone and I Laughed,
“what are you waiting for” I replied flirty back and he laughed, such a sweet laugh.. Even though I said that I wasn’t the kind of person who shows affections in public and neither do Endy too cause he didn’t make any move to kiss me and I was glad we’re on the same page..
“so can I decided where we’re going now?” I said as we both walked out of his diner and entered his car..
“yeah sure” he said with a smile..
“an amusement park!!.. I’ve never been there before, cause I was kind of homeschooling when I was the twelve grade and the entire school had to go without me, so can we go?” I asked with excitement in my voice..
“sure, and maybe after that we can both climb the statue of liberty” he teased and I gave him a playful but hurtful slap on his bicep,
“ouch!” he said rubbing his arm.
“can you not be a baby and drive” I said and he rolled his eyes and turned on the ignition..
It was 8:30pm Endy and I were in his car, we’ve both had a long day and the date was amazing, and I couldn’t love him less.. I was focused on the cotton candy we bought, it was filled with sugar and sugar’s kind of my thing..
“you’re going to get a tooth ache, if you keep eating that” Endy said and i scoffed
“what am I, like five?” I said sarcastically but he just laughed, just as I finished my cotton candy, the car stopped..
“and we’re home.” Endy said and walked out of the car, he come to passenger seat, door and tried to open the door for me but I beat him to it.
I suddenly wore a bewildered face, cause I thought Endy was taking me home to my house but we’re actually at his house.
“I thought you were taking me home” I said
“oh.. I thought you wouldn’t want to go home yet..” he said and I sighed and shook my head negatively..
“oh don’t worry, I can take you home anytime you want” he said and I smiled,
“now let’s get this inside” he said as he brought out a huge teddy bear we won at a game we played, which I didn’t want to take home with me cause it was creeping me out and well I don’t like dolls. And stuffed toys..
Instead of grabbing the teddy bear, I took the piles of pictures Endy and I took from a couple’s photo booth and a big size box of chocolates..
“I hope Alyssa’s gone” Endy muttered under his breath before we both walked inside and thankfully she was gone, we met no one in the living room, and while taking the teddy bear and other things to Endy’s room we Met Wendy at the stairs who excitedly grabbed the huge bear from Endy telling me she’s keeping this and I’m also telling her about my date with Endy when she gets back that she needs to see someone..
And with the way she was dressed that “someone” was pretty “important”… I promised to tell her about it and she left after dropping the bear in her room and naming it Endlene.. It’s good she took it away, cause one more gaze from that bear, and I am out.
I dropped the chocolate box on Endy’s huge bed and sighed while he took the pictures from me and placed it on his desk..
“I should maybe rest a bit before leaving, I’m exhausted” I said sitting on his bed..
“you’re not a good liar you don’t look exhausted.. At all” he said and I laughed.. He’s right I’m not tired at all I just don’t want to go home yet, the idea of being alone crossed my mind and I cringe..
“alright you got me I ain’t tired but seriously I have to rest” I said and he smiled and sat down beside me but the chocolate box was in our middle separating us ..
We both remained quiet while I just slowly remove my heavy boots and after that I started digging in the chocolates, I just don’t get me and sweets..
“okay.. So what’s your favorite colour?” Endy suddenly asked and I gave him a “really?” look..
“hey I have to know everything about my girlfriend” he said defensively
“I thought you said, you didn’t like the term girlfriend” I said with my mouth full of chocolates and he smiled and said,
“well let’s just stick with that for now..” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“I like the colour white” I replied and he gave a surprise look.
“what?” I asked
“mine too” he said and I smiled
I love that we have so much in common.
“okay your favourite animal” he asked
“snake” I said and his brows suddenly arched
“SNAKES?!!” he repeated and I laughed
“I was just kidding I love feline family” I said..
“seriously cats? Tigers? You’re stranger than I thought” he said amd I chuckled ..
“anyway, I like squirrels.. They’re the most cutest animal I’ve ever seen and also the cutest” Endy said and his words suddenly felt familiar..
“I remember one time, my brothers and I..
“Endy;” I stopped him from talking and he turned to me. I just realise he’s repeating every single thing in the dream.. We both had together
“what?” he asked
“do you realise what you’re saying” I asked but he gave a clueless face
“you’re saying the exact same time you said in the “dream” we both had” I said and he nods and said
“you’re right”
This is a case of “Deja Vu”..seriously..

“okay well, since it’s just us and it seems like nature wants to repeat it’s self let give it a taste of its own medicine, and this time let’s keep it real” Endy said but I didn’t understand what he said
“be specific Endymion” I said and he smiled
“I love it when you call my full name it’s like it’s only you who gets the pronunciation right” he said and I smiled, “awwn thanks” I said and pecked him on his cheek.
“too bad I don’t do cheeks, I do lips” he said and I smiled,
“good for you, I do lips too” I said and we both start to kiss..
Okay what just happened, it’s like we’re acting a scene from our dream, it all weird and strange but in the meantime, I better enjoy the moment since its not a dream but actually reality,
the chocolate box was already on the floor as Endy was on top of me kissing me passionately..
“sure you want to do this?” he asked
“hell yeah” I replied and he smiled through the kiss and started to unbutton my shirt, he removed my top and kissed my neck, and the sensations were out of this world,, before I knew it his clothes were off too, and the kiss hot hotter and ..
I don’t really have to tell you the full details..
T. B. C

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