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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 16





It was the next day I woke up cause the sun was directly shining at my face, I opened my eyes and found out Endy and I were in the spoon position.. I sat properly and walked up to the window to close the curtains cause the sun’s rays were shining too much.. I went back to bed and smiled as I stared at Endy slept so cutely.. I remembered last night and how magical it was, the kisses, his touch, everything felt like a good dream but yet it was real, I’m glad it’s real..
I put my clothes back on cause I was in my undergarments… I feel bad already cause I’m planning to leave with him still sleeping.. I kissed his forehead and walked out of his room, it was pretty early and grandma was still asleep.. I can’t believe I called her grandma.. This is all just happening so fast,
Wendy didn’t come home last night and it’s not my business to be all nosy about it. Even though she’s my friend or someone I know, is she even my friend, we’re close but not that close..
I took the bus which I had to wait for like almost an hour to get to the bus stop, finally I reached my destination and got home safely.. I grabbed my house key from my purse and ready to slide the key inside the key hole when the door opened and I bumped into my mother
“Selene?” she said and I gave nervous grin as she opened the door widely for me to walk inside.
“where are you coming from young lady?” she asked as we both stood in the centre of our small living room.
“from the blossom’s” I replied and she sighed.
“you mean to say you’re coming back from work, or did you sleep there overnight” she asked calmly
“I slept there” I replied truthfully and she sighed
“sorry mom I should have called” I said but she just looked at me and sat down.
“you should have called? Baby I called you almost eleven times, I was worried sick when I didn’t see you last night in your room but I just didn’t let my worrisome get over board cause I know wherever you are, you’ve got angels among you guiding you” she said and I smiled
“aww thanks mom” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“don’t thank mom’ me, that still doesn’t give you the right to go places and never tell me!!” she half yelled
“wait! You’re not gonna ground me are you, cause I’m not sixteen anymore!” I half yelled back
“who said anything about grounding you” she yelled.
“oh” I breathed out.
“look honey just because you slept at your workplace overnight, you’d think I’m vexed, but I’m not, I kind of am cause you didn’t call me, but promise me you’ll not do that again?” she asked and I nod
“I promise” I said and she smiled and I went to her and hugged her tightly..
“thanks mom you’re the best” I said and she slowly pushed me away..
“go brush, you teeth you have morning breath” she said and I rolled my eyes, she’s lying, I never have morning breaths and I don’t know why, likewise normal people my mouth breath just stays the same, like I never slept but who cares I just brush my teeth anyways..
I went upstairs and took a warm bath and brushed my teeth, after that I came downstairs and my mom’s already prepared Lasagna, I smiled staring at our breakfast..
“you know it’s been so long since you’ve had a taste of my own food, so I thought I should run a little late just for you to have mom’s homemade” my mom said and I gave her that “thanks-i-love-you-mom” look and she replied with a smile..
We both had breakfast chatting and laughing until we got to a topic of love’ and she started telling me of when and how she and dad met, it wasn’t that kind of a romantic story to me but it was to mom, her eyes lit up in love war and amusement as she talked about she and dad.
“oh dear, I do hope you find your someone too” she said giving me a sad look and giving me a small soothing squeeze on the back of my hand.. My mom knows about my horrific love life (Jonah, and David) I mean she’s my mom she knows everything about me.
But she doesn’t know that I’m dating Endy, and I think I should let her know,
“actually mom.. I am dating someone now” I said and her brows arched up..
“you are?” she said in a high pitch voice..
I nod and told her everything, how endy and I started, I told her about the dream and the weird dream we both had but didn’t tell her the details..
“and yesterday was my our first date and I was too tired to come home so I stayed there” I said and she nods..
“honey this is wonderful I thought you’ll never be able to get married or worse date” she said buy I just gave her a plain look..
She quickly glance at the wall clock and stood up immediately
“holy crap, I’m late” she said tucking her blonde hair behind her ears, “yes you are” I said as I glance at the clock too..
“anyway hon, take care and I’ll like to see this Endy someday” she said with a smile
“he’s the first son of the blossoms family like I said earlier so just use the internet you’ll see him.. You do know how to use the internet right?” I teased and she rolled her eyes and smiled..
“anyway see you when I get back” she said and I nod and smiled,
I stood up and cleared the table we just ate, and while doing the dishes I got a call from Endy. I was smiling from ear to ear when I picked the call..
“hey” I said with a smile
“don’t ‘hey’ me, how could you just leave, I didn’t even get a chance to see your face or hear you say good morning” Endy said from the phone, his voice a little horsey I think he just woke up
“okay well, good morning, you heard my voice. Happy?” I said and he sighed,
“you’re too late and you’re not even here and how do I know it’s you talking” he asked playfully aggressively
“cause you’re not an idiot” I replied
“ouch, Selene,.. Anyway I’m just missing that’s all” he said and his husky voice through the phone made my heart beat start to beat faster than normal..
“yeah, me too” I said with a smile
“but don’t worry I’ll be there soon and you get over your.. Whatever you’re feeling right now” I added and I heard his small chuckle from the phone..
“okay then I’ll see you soon, bye” he said
“bye..” I replied.
“I love you” he said and I smiled as my heart and head melted in his words.. Those three words can never get old no matter how many times I hear them..

“hello? Selene? You still there?” Endy suddenly said through the phone and I suddenly realise my self not knowing what I was lost into..
“yeah..yeah I am” I replied
“you stopped talking when I said I love you, is everything okay or were you melted by those three words I said” he said in almost a teasing tone.
“melted?.. You wish, if you could have seen my face I was rolling my eyes at those dumb things you said” I said with a smile..
“I’ll try to believe that, even though I want to real bad, I still can’t believe that.. Anyway Selene.. I’ll see you soon” he said and I smiled..
“Endy?” I said before he could hang up
“yes?” he replied softly
“I love you” I said and I heard as a soft breath sounded though the phone and I know he smiled
“well that was also dumb thing you just said” he said, trying to get me back.
“oh grow up” I said rolling my eyes even though he can’t See Me, and I could hear his loud Laughs from the phone..
We both hang up and I smiled and continued washing the dishes..
After that I grabbed my purse, locked the house and went to the bus stop.
Finally I reached the blossoms mansion and I walked in quietly,.. I met Wendy in the living room sitting on the couch, looks like she came back this morning,
“hey, good morning” I greeted but she didn’t reply me.
She was watching TV but was lost in thoughts..
“hey! Wendy?” I tapped her and she suddenly flinched..
“oh it’s just you” she breathed out and I know something is bothering her..
“what wrong? Are you okay?” I asked and she nods,
I know I said being nosy about Wendy’s business is not my thing, but hey I care about people too..
“okay” I said and was about to go when she stopped me by holding my hand..
“can I talk to you?” she asked and I nod. .. I sat down beside her on the couch and she took my hands in mine..
“okay.. Normally if something’s bothering me I’ll just tell Endymion cause he’s the only reasonable, understanding and also a great listener and also not judgemental… But I don’t think I can tell him this .. I can but it’s too awkward to say it to him, so I hope you won’t be judge-y” she said and I nod .
“well recently there’s this guy I’ve been dating Oscar,” she said and I smiled and nod..
“don’t smile he’s not a nice guy” Wendy said and I stopped smiling
“at first he was nice and sweet and amazing, he called me everyday to know about my health and how I’m doing cause you know he loves me and I do too, and then the before yesterday I found out something that kind of freaked me out, and yesterday Oscar and I went on our fifth date and then I break the news to him that I’m pregnant, that was what I found out the day before yesterday.. I mean being pregnant isn’t a bad thing I almost freaked out but I was happy, but when I told Oscar he told me he wasn’t ready to be a father, that I should either abort the baby or give birth and give “the baby” up for adoption…” Wendy explained and I gasped..
Okay..first of all.. holy crap! She’s pregnant!!!??..
T. B. C

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