[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 17





Wendy’s pregnant am kind of surprised but not so much, okay scratch that I am actually surprised, I didn’t think she was with any one, like dating anyone..
“well actually I don’t know what to say” I replied and she sighed
“you’re right, I should just forget about him and move on” she said,
“wait! I didn’t say that” I quickly said and she sighed..
“oh Selene what should I do?” Wendy said and hugged me tightly, I pat her back and suddenly I felt something wet drop on my neck and Wendy sniffed, oh geez she’s in tears, her boyfriend is a two nothing but,… Ugh I don’t even know what to call him..
Endy walked into the living room, but slowly walked to us seeing Wendy crying on my shoulder.
“w..hat’s wrong..?” he slowly asked and Wendy suddenly sit up straight, she gave me a “should-i-tell-him-look?” and I nod.
Wendy cleaned her over flowing tears and turned to Endy
“it’s Oscar..” she sniffed
“Oscar? What the.. what did he do?” Endy asked with a concerned face.
Wendy sighed and told him everything without living any single details out..
When Wendy told him about her being pregnant I could feel his face suddenly went blue..

“Oscar’s an idiot Wendy, I’ve known him since the day I met him but don’t worry too much he’ll come around just don’t worry about it” Endy said and Wendy smiled and walked up to him and gave him a hug
“if what you wanted was to comfort me with your words I think it worked” Wendy said and sniffed.
“I wasn’t trying to comfort you, I mean I am, but trust me that goofball will come around as long as you’re carrying his child he can’t leave you, you’ve got him wrapped under your finger if he tries to leave you the guilt will eat him up and he’ll end up crawling back to you” Endy said sternly and Wendy smiled..
“thanks” she said and they both Disengage their hug.
“well thanks for making me feel okay, now I can go rest I didn’t have a good sleep last night” she said and went upstairs..
“I mean can you believe that” Endy suddenly said
“believe what?” I asked
“that Wendy’s pregnant” he said and I shrugged
“it took me by surprise too” I said and he smiled
“if I was the one dating that Oscar and I got pregnant for him, I’ll make sure he–
“Oh please guys like Oscar never listens to what people says but they do listen to their mistakes and that’s one thing I like about him” Endy interrupted me and I rolled my eyes,
“and what’s the other thing?” I asked.
“he’s nice and playful” Endy replied..
“NICE? if he’s nice then why did he act like a Douchebag and told Wendy she should give her baby up for adoption or abort It” I asked
“maybe he just freaked out and said that, many guys aren’t strong to take that news”
“oh like you” I asked teasingly but I also meant it.
“oh.. Selene I’m the stronger of ‘them all” he said and walked up to where I stood.. I rolled my eyes holding back my smile..
“you, the strongest? I saw your face turn pale blue when Wendy told you about the baby, so don’t gimme crap, I think girls are more stronger then boys” I said and he smiled, that heart melting smile where he’ll close his eyes along with it..
“so you’re saying you’re stronger than me!” he asked still with a smile
“yep, pretty much” I primped and he got closer to me and swayed me off my feet, carrying me bridal style and spinning me around playfully..
“who’s the strongest now” he asked playfully but I couldn’t reply cause I was busy laughing and trying to get down from his arms.. And I was getting dizzy
“you or me” he asked again and I mange to breathe out “you’re the strongest”.. He smiled and dropped me down gently , I moved my hair back cause it was all over my face and I tried to catch my breath.
“you big baby!, I could have died” I half yelled and he laughed
“sorry, I just had to prove to you that I’m stronger, but you’re stronger too. You said you almost died but you didn’t and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” he said and I rolled my eyes..
“stop rolling those awful eyes at me” he and moved closer to me, removing some strands of hair on my face..
“awful eyes?” I asked with a smirk as we both stared at each other
“yes awful, ’cause awful is the new gorgeous, so those gorgeous eyes I meant to say” Endy said and I smiled
“you have awful eyes too” I said
“thanks babe” he said and smiled, I reached forward to his lips and gave him a light peck.
“I don’t do pecks on lips, I do kissing on lips” he said
I backed away a little and said,
“sorry Endy but I have to go make breakfast grandma might be hungry” I said with a shrug.
And he rolled his eyes..
And he’s complaining about me.
I was already walking straight to the kitchen when he pulled me making me turn swiftly and he kissed me, those kisses where you loose your breath.
After enjoying the kiss a little bit, I lazily pushed him away.
“stop Endy I have to cook” I said and sighed
“whatever but I’m not done yet” he said, I was about to walk away when he held my hand and turned me swiftly again, but this time I used my palm to cover his mouth.
“don’t even think about it” I warned and he kissed my palm while I sighed.
“goddammit endy” I said and walked straight to the kitchen ..
I could hear him Laugh behind me but I just smiled.
I cooked breakfast that morning, and Endy, Mrs Ginger and I ate together whilst Wendy was fast asleep..
After eating I cleaned the table while Endy went out, I had no idea where he went to but I just cleaned the table and did the dishes, Mrs Ginger was seated on the couch watching TV, while I went upstairs to her room to get her medicines.. On my way out I bumped into Wendy who was coming out of her room and rubbing her templates..
“oh sorry” I said apologetically to Wendy..
“oh whatever no need to apologize I needed that anyway” she replied with a smile and I smiled back.
“still, I’m sorry” I said and she shrugged..
“is breakfast ready?” she asked
“it’s past breakfast” I replied and she sighed..
“are you hungry?” I asked and she nods like a five year old girl who wanted candy..
“I can quickly go downstairs and make tea for you” I said,
“don’t worry I have hands I can do it” she said showing me her hands and smiling, I nod and walked ahead of her..
I gave Mrs Ginger her medicine and she thanked me and that freaked me out Cause she said.
“thank you Diana.” I mean who the hell is Diana.. I just replied Her a simple, “you’re welcome” cause maybe she’s just getting old and getting my name make mixed.
I went back to drop her medicine and I had nothing to do again but luckily I got a text from Endy, I smiled reading the text.
*come to the garden* he texted and I smiled and went outside and head straight to the garden..
What Is he upto, I thought as I walked around the maze-like garden looking for Endy..
I got deep down in the garden where I’ve never entered before still looking for Endy, where the hell could he be. I was starting to get scared cause the garden was now unfamiliar and strangely quiet, it was just the sound of trees controlled by the wind that was echoing through the garden..
“oh.. God” I breathed out when I heard a small squeak but I breathed out when I found out it was a baby bird ..
“Endy.. Where the hell are you” I whisperers to myself not being able to yell.
“boo!” Endy said behind me and I froze,
“what the hell!!” I yell when I turned and saw Endy smiling ..
“where were you I was looking everywhere for you but I couldn’t find you, I haven’t got to this part of the garden before and walking alone around here gives me the creep” I said and he laughed,
“good thing you didn’t get eaten by trees and flowers” he teased and I rolled my eyes. He placed his arms around my shoulder and I rested my head on his shoulder, and we started walking, “where are you even taking me?” I asked.. And suddenly before my eyes I saw a picnic mat lying on the grass, two drinks and a picnic basket,
“a picnic? Really?” I said like I didn’t like the idea of a picnic together with Endy,
“if you don’t like it I could just roll off the mat and we can both head inside” he said almost sadly,
“yeah rap it up” I said and he was about picking up the picnic basket when I burst into laughter.
“what?” he asked, his forest green curiously on me..
“I can’t believe you bought that, I was just kidding I love the idea of a picnic” I said and he gave me a fierce-y look..
“your jokes are getting out of hand, you scared the shits out of me and I actually thought you hated picnics with the way you acted, I was like, gosh I messed up” he said and I shrugged
“what can I say I’m a great actress”
“yeah whatever I kind of figured you were lying” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“try telling a five year old, that” I said and sat down gently on the picnic mat and he sat down next to making me rest my body on his.
“so what’s on the menu?” I asked peeking at the picnic basket..
“sandwiches, what else.” Endy replied and I laughed.
“why do people always assume sandwiches are best for picnics” I asked .
“I don’t know it’s like a tradition, I guess” Endy replied and I sighed and took one of the drinks that stood beside the basket and gulped it down my throat heavily..
“easy there, you might choke” Endy said but I ignored him and finished the whole bottle.
“all done” I said with a smile staring at the empty bottle In my hand.
“whoa your throat Is wider than I thought” Endy chuckled
“what is that supposed to mean” I asked and he shrugged and quickly said “nothing.”
I yawned lightly and rested my weight in his body even more, the cool breeze is spiraling around giving my body the sweet sleepy weakness no one could ever resist .. And what can I say I’m a goddess of sleeps..
“sleepy?” Endy asked and I nod
“too bad, and we just got here, you always ruin everything with your sleeps” Endy blurted out..
“shut up Endymion” I seethe with my eyes half closed and he laughed.
His arms suddenly wrapped around me making me trapped in an unbreatheable Endy’s hug. But I didn’t mind, he buried his face in my neck and kissed it.
“don’t fall asleep Selene, let’s talk a bit more” he said but it was kind of too lost, I was already lost with the smell of his cologne and the trees around us, including the cool breeze, I started to doze off and before I knew it I fell asleep.

I woke up to notice I was in my room and at my house and that it was nighttime, I looked at the edge of the bed and found Endy sleeping, he suddenly woke up and turned to me.
“oh finally, you’re awake I was starting to get worried”…
T. B. C


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