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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 18





“oh.. For how long did I sleep?” I asked and he smiled
“for eight years” he teased and I sighed
“sorry I just can’t help with the joking part, you’ve been asleep since 10:7am and now it’s 7:00pm I thought you were going to sleep and never wake up I got scared, you slept during our little picnic but I took you inside and laid you on my bed thinking you’ll wake up after a little bit of your siesta, but I was wrong, so later I brought you home and surprisingly you slept through the whole drive and luckily I found your house key in your purse and unlocked the door, some neighbors who saw me bringing you out of the car thought you were dead and that I killed you and was trying to clean the evidence but they didn’t know I was actually the victim no matter how many time I tried waking you up, you just breathe in heavily but show no sign of waking up so I just left you here on you bed and stayed to see you wake up and now look at the time you’re waking up” he said showing me his wrist when he was wearing no watch.
“there’s no watch in your wrist” I said and he sighed
“that’s not what we’re talking about here Selene, are you okay? Are you sure you’re not sick?” he asked with a concerned pretty face and I smiled, gosh I love this boy..
“no I’m not sick” I said gently, I feel great but truth be told this is the longest sleep I’ve gotten so far.. I don’t even know If I should be worried about myself..
“good” he said and sighed, a sigh of relief..
I was suddenly thirsty and Endy turned to me.. “do you want me to get you water, you must be thirsty” he said, like he read my mind, I happily nod and he walked out of my room..
Like thirty minutes later he came back with a glass of water and placed it in my hand..
“what took you so long..” I asked as I gulped down the water.
“this would be the first time for me to be moving around your house, so everything was new to me I didn’t even know where the glass cups were,” he Complained and I smiled…
“anyway thanks.” i said and he smiles back.
“so since you’re okay and you’re awake I guess I better get going” he said in a way that actually means he wants to stay and actually wants me to say it..
“okay well goodbye then.” I said and he stood straight and sighed.
“okay well then good bye” he said but still haven’t made any attempt to move..
“are you sure you want me to leave? Will you be fine alone?” he asked while I just smiled, “Endy? Do you want to stay” I asked. He definitely wants to stay
“so you want me to?” he asked back and I sighed and rolled my eyes.
“stop answering my questions with questions you dork” I cuss and he laughed,
“fine you got me, I do want to stay” he said and sat down beside me.. I knew it.
“But you also wanted me to stay right?” he asked and I wrapped my hands around his neck..
“of course I do” I replied softly and he chuckles
“and besides we didn’t get to finish our picnic, so let’s just continue that anyways and after that we can just moon-bathe.. It’s going to be a crescent moon tonight” he said and I smiled.
“there is no such thing as moon-bathe” I said and he shrugged.
“if people sunbathe why can’t they moonbathe” he replied and was about to kiss me when suddenly my forehead started throbbing, I winced and moved back a bit, it was like fifty handy hammers were hitting on my forehead, I removed my hands from Endy’s neck and place them on my forehead to ease the pain, I guess.
But I was wrong the pain got worse that I had to bury my head in my palms..
“Selene.. What’s wrong?” Endy suddenly asked..
I wanted to reply with a simple “I don’t know but I couldn’t even speak, one was because my palm was covering my face and two was because the pain was getting worse I couldn’t bare it I didn’t know what the hell it was..
“Selene” Endy called but his voice sounded so faraway.. I heard sounds different kind of sounds that freaked me out but I wasn’t focused on that but I was focused to get rid of the pains in my head. The more the sounds became louder the more my head hurts.
“Selene!!” Endy yelled and held my hand removing it from my face and immediately the pain stropped and so did the strange sounds.. I slowly lift my head to look at me..
What the hell was that?!!
I quickly hugged him because “that” was scary and I sniffed behind his shoulders..
“what happened?” he asked as I slowly pulled away from the hug..
“I-i don’t know,” I breathed out.
And he cleaned the tears on my face. And I had no idea I was in tears..
“it.. I-it felt like my head.. My forehead was in pains and I keep hearing differed kinds of sounds. And the more I hear those sounds the more my head hurt, it was scary” I breathed out and hugged him again burying my face in his neck..
“it’s okay.. Everything’s okay.. I’m here” he said and I hugged him tighter, he’s here so I’m okay .
That was the most scary thing I have ever encountered in my life..
We stayed like that for some minutes before he let’s go of me and pat my back a little..
“so that means.. I’m staying over tonight?” he said and I nod.
“definitely” I replied and he smiled, hell no I can’t be alone what if it happens again who’ll be here to comfort me and it kind of looks like it was Endy who made the pain go away, cause immediately he touched me, I felt better ..
“I knew you wanted to stay so that means we’re on the same page” I said and he smiled and nods..
We both remained quiet and I sighed and placed my head on his shoulder placing my arms around his bicep.. His lips reached for my forehead and he kissed It, I smiled and closed my eyes.. I’m with the right person.. He’s the one.
Few minutes later I could hear faintly snores I looked up and found out Endy was asleep.. I smiled which turned into laughs cause he’s supposed to be watching me..
My laugh woke him up but I told him to go back to sleep, which he disagreed and also defended himself that he didn’t sleep a minute ago. He later fell asleep on my bed and I just stared at him, as he slept peacefully..
That night I couldn’t sleep, I was feeling hot and I was sweating pretty bad, I couldn’t even feel a little breeze the ceiling fan was producing..
I opened the door to my small balcony and a gust of wind blew making me breathe in heavily, I stood at my balcony staring at the sky, and then the moon.. Looking at it made me felt at ease and alive, my body slowly went to its Normal temperature and I sighed,
I closed the balcony door and walked back inside sighing, I glance at Endy on the bed and went to sit down beside him..
No matter how hard I tried to sleep I couldn’t, I tried staring at the ceiling fan but still it didn’t work..
So that night I stayed awake while Endy slept peacefully,
The next day immediately my alarm started ringing, I fell asleep.. But I was suddenly woken up by Endy.
Just when I was just about to sleep.
“hey” he said with a smile
“what is it?” I asked lowly my eyes closing little by little
“your clock kept ringing so I wanted to wake you up just in case you didn’t hear it” he replied
Oh goodness, he doesn’t know how rough last night was for me and how I couldn’t sleep.
I sighed heavily cause the sleep that was about to walk into me suddenly walked away..
“it’s okay I heard it” I said sitting properly on the bed.
“okay?.. Wow I slept like a baby.. How was your night?” he asked
“you don’t even want to know” I said and he suddenly wore a confuse face.
“why.. What happened,” he blurted. I was about to reply when I started to cough..
Endy tried to calm the cough by rubbing my back but it didn’t work and it seemed like it was an endless cough.
Finally it stopped after Endy rushed downstairs to get me a glass of water,
I dropped the glass on the bed and sighed, God, I’m I sick?
What Is happening to me?
I haven’t been sick, since the day my mom gave birth to me, not for once have I ever catch a simple cold.. or cough like this… This is all just so freaking strange.
“you okay?” Endy asked worriedly and I nod.
I slowly stood up from the bed but felt heavy, I quickly sit down cause I suddenly lost balance..
What the hell is wrong with me!
T. B. C

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