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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 20





“okay I’m so confused on what is going on here” Endy said as we’re both in my room..
“I have no idea too” I said and he smiled
“don’t worry nothing’s going to happen while I’m around okay?” he said in a comforting tone and I smiled and placed my head on his thigh.. Suddenly lying down
“can we go over to your place?” I asked
“why, don’t tell me you want to go there to cook, clean or..
“I’m not.. I’m just missing there, I just feel weird in my own house and feeling like I have claustrophobia” I said and he looked at me strangely..
“you are awkwardly acting strange Selene”
“I know and can’t help it something’s so wrong with me” I said and he laughed and moved my hair back.. “whatever is wrong with you we’ll both figure it out” he said and I nod and sat down properly..
“so just rest a bit before we leave for my house, since your so called claustrophobia is acting up” he teased and I rolled my eyes..
“don’t make fun of me Endy” I warned and he nods with smile and was about to kiss my forehead but I held his face and brought it down so he could kiss my lips.
“happy?” he said as we both ended our kiss.
“more than” I smiled, just then I started to get sleepy and I rested my head on his shoulder and slowly I fell asleep..
:: ::
*** Endy’s pov ***
Selene fell asleep while I carried her and laid her on the bed properly.. I kissed her forehead and sat down beside her, I feel really sorry for her she’s been going through a lot, I don’t understand what’s wrong with her..
Minutes ago I just couldn’t bare the sight of her wincing and bearing the pain she feels in her head, we’ve already checked with a doctor, doctor Daniel for that matter who’s the best doctor in town and he said she was perfectly fine but I don’t understand what’s still wrong with her.. She’s not sick.. But still she acts and looks sick to me and worst of all, her eyes are blue, and out of all cases the blue eyes is the most freakishly mind scaring thing I’ve ever witnessed..
I sighed and glance at her sleeping self and she was sleeping so quietly and beautifully.
I looked away and suddenly heard her voice called.
I quickly turned to her side but she was still asleep and it didn’t seem as if she was the one who called me.
“Endy.” I heard her voice again, and what the hell. She’s in front of me sleeping and I’m hearing her voice.. And I think I’m hearing her inside of me.
I held her hand and sighed, this is all just freaking crazy. I sighed again and rested my head on the wall, closing my eyes, maybe if I rest too all this hearing of her voices would go away too. I’m just too worried about her that I hear her inside my head,. Classic
Unfortunately I heard call me again this time it sounded so clear and real,
“Endy it’s ours..” I heard her say and I suddenly opened my eyes, I don’t think I’m hearing her inside of me, I think she’s actually talking to me.. Not from the outside but from inside. I glance at her but she was still asleep, I didn’t know I was still holding her hand until she tightened her grip on me and move a little bit.. She began to have bead sweats on her forehead,
“maybe she’s just having a bad dream” I thought, I decided to turn on the ceiling fan cause with a cool temperature around the room it can change the scene of the dream, if.. She’s actually having a bad dream..
I was about to stand up but her grip tightened even more on my hand..
“don’t leave Endy you have to see this” I heard her voice again, I sat down slowly staring at her sleeping body not knowing what to do, god I’m so confuse right now. What does she want me to see and how is she saying all this, where the hell is she talking to me from.
I rested my head on the wall again and Closed my eyes. . And then I saw her standing in front me.. I quickly opened my eyes, to see if I’m really seeing things well or have I eaten the wrong medicine.. Selene was still lying down but how come I saw her standing in front of me just now. I needed to get to the bottom of this so I rested my head back on the wall but my phone suddenly ringed and I grabbed my phone and checked the caller and it was my mom.. It’s been so long since I talked her, but why did she suddenly called.
“hey mom” I said into the phone
“hello dear, how are you” she asked
“I’m great” I lied, my girlfriend’s not okay, and that makes me not okay too.. So I’m actually not great
“good to hear, but where the hell are you? Your father, your brothers and I are all at home now, we just came home a few minutes ago but we couldn’t find you, your father is worried and so am I and Wendy said you’ve been gone since yesterday” my mom blurts and I sighed.
“I’m at…
((he’s at his girlfriend’s house))
I heard Lance Voice from behind but my mom shunned him.
“don’t mind Lance honey, you were saying?” my mom continued on the phone
“no actually Lance is right am at my girlfriend’s house” I said and my mom suddenly became quiet..
“don’t play jokes with me.. But anyway come home now” she said and hang up.. Yeah she definitely did not believe I have a girlfriend..
I turned to “Selene” and her sweating increase.. I couldn’t stand up to turn the ceiling fan cause she was still gripping my hand.
I wish she’ll just wake up, I don’t feel too good seeing her this way and besides my mom’s home and I can’t leave her here alone.
Immediately I wished that her eyes fluttered open, she breathed in and out slowly before sitting down.. She glance at me and sighed removing her hands from mine and placing it on her forehead..
“what’s wrong?” I asked but she just shook her head negatively which means, nothing’s-wrong but why do I feel there is.
“do you want me to get you water?” I asked standing up but she held my arm, stopping me from walking any further.
“endy it’s okay, I’m okay, everything’s fine” she said and I nod.
“anyway my parents are home and I need to get home and I can’t leave you here, do you want to come with me”
“yeah sure” she said not looking at me but at her fingers..
“Selene.. Look at me” I tell her and she slowly looked at me..
“if anything, anything’s wrong just tell me okay, don’t keep it to yourself” I said and tuck her hair behind her ear..
She smiled, but it wasn’t more of a Selene smile.. I know .
“Endy if anything at all is bothering I promise to let you know okay?” she said and I smiled in return..
We both stayed like that for some minutes before she stood up to take a shower, and I waited for her downstairs, she got ready and the both of us went out and got into my car..
During the car drive to my house, Selene just kept quiet without saying a single word and she just kept sighing.. And it kept bothering me..

Finally we were at my house and at the front porch, I could already hear the voices of my family from inside and it gave my heart a warm feeling.. I held Selene’s hand and she smiled at me and I pushed the doorbell with my index finger, the door opened and Lance was the one who opened it..
“finally you’re home..” Lance said
He turned to Selene and smiled “oh Selene nice to meet you again” he said it and Selene gave him a heart warming smile..
Selene, Lance and I all walked in together and everyone turned.. To us
“oh Endymion” my mom squeak and ran up to me to give me a hug … “hey mom” I said and hugged her back and slowly we both pulled away from the hug..
She slowly turned and saw Selene beside me.. “Who’s th–
“that’s his girlfriend” Lance suddenly said and I gave him a glance..
“h-hey there” my mom said to Selene nervously, everyone think I’ll grow old without having a partner in life, cause I know everyone knows me as, “Endy the boy who doesn’t have anything to do with girls” .. I know she’s happy about me having a girlfriend, and besides an Angel,
“hi mrs.. Rita” Selene said with a smile and I suddenly looked her at her, how did she know my mom’s name ..
“hi there, wow you’re so beautiful” my mom said and Selene blushed and smiled shyly
“thank you, Endy’s told me a lot about you” Selene blurted out and my eyebrows arched, what the hell Selene is such a good liar, I haven’t even tell her anything about my mom and here she is already capturing my mom’s house with her too good lies and amazing smile..

“It’s Selene” Selene and my mom smiled holding her hands..
“such a beautiful name” my mom said and Selene thanked her..
“I hope you take care of my Endy okay, he’s been suffering from loneliness enough” my mom said and I rolled my eyes while Selene, looked at me, smiled, and nodded at my mom..
“where’s dad?” I asked
“oh he went out but he’ll be back pretty soon” mom replied and I nodded and entangled Selene’s arm and my arm together..
“so we’re going to my room, Selene needs to rest” I said and started to walk away
“what I don’t need to re–
“you do” I interrupted her and she tried to remove her hand from mine but my elbow was closed so tightly..
“Endy!!.. I haven’t even said hi to everyone yet” she whispered as I dragged her upstairs.
“you don’t have to” I tell and she huffed and gave up, and we both walked in my room.

She was suddenly quiet as it was just the two of us in my room, I just wanted us to be together alone, not together alone and quiet like this..
“so.. I gotta ask, how the hell did you know my mom’s name I never mentioned her to you” I asked breaking the awkward silence..
“oh.. You told me” she replied
“no I didn’t” I defended and she wore a confused look “yes you did when she said hi to me you told me her name’s Rita” she said calmly.. But I shook my head negativelike
I remembered not telling her anything.. About my mom
“that’s strange, I know I heard your voice saying your mom’s Rita” she said and I shrugged
“anyway it’s good we’re alone actually, you noticed I wasn’t my self a while ago but your happy family distracted that sour mood I was in” Selene said and I looked at her..
“yeah I was wondering why you became suddenly quiet when you woke up” I said and she shrugged and laid on my bed bringing out a heavy sigh..
“Endy am pregnant.” she said.
T. B. C

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