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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 19





are you okay?” Endy asked as I suddenly lost balance and sat down back on the bed like something forceful pushed me..
Am I okay?
I don’t think I am.
“I-i don’t think I am” I said with a worried face..
“huh?” Endy asked bewilderingly
“last night I couldn’t sleep, I felt strange and well now I can’t even get on my feet, Endy I think something’s wrong with me” I complained tucking my hair behind both of my ears..
“okay uhm.. Let’s go see a doctor then, come-on I’ll help you get up” Endy said and I nod.
I definitely want to see a doctor I can’t be like this. I have to know what’s wrong with me.
Endy got down from the bed and held my hand and I clutched our fingers together and tightly… “okay now slowly get on your feet” Endy said calmly like he’s my therapist,
Not my therapist
Like he was a therapist..
I got on my feet slowly but unfortunately I didn’t feel heavy anymore, I sighed, a sigh of relief and happiness..
“what?” Endy asked
“I feel fine I can walk on my own now” I tell him and removed my hands from his
“well that’s great news but we’re still seeing a doctor” he said and I nod.
No argument in the case.
I head downstairs cause I felt hungry and met my mom preparing for work.
“hey goodmorning mom” I greeted.
“oh morning dear,” she replied
I was about to enter the kitchen when she stopped me and I turned to her swiftly.
“I saw a man in our house, he didn’t See Me but I saw him taking a glass of water upstairs, can you kindly explain who that was, to me?” she said with a curious and serious look
“that was Endy, Endymion” I replied,
She know Endy, I’ve told her about him but she hasn’t really seen him in real life but only heard about him from me.
“oh.. My goodness I had no idea that was your boyfriend I could have said hi, I thought that was some kind of gangster keeping you hostage in your room” she said and I giggled.
“mom.. You joke with everything” I said and she smiled
“well anyway honey I’m off to work, I hope Endy will still be around when I come back cause I’ll like to have a word with him” my mom said with a cheeky smile
“I hope he will” I replied and my mom shook her head negativelike and blew me a kiss before going out.
I walked in the kitchen and I glance at everywhere, I was suddenly craving for broccoli and cheese, then pizza, and then I wanted eat my favourite cereals, cheerios.. I started craving for different type of food but didn’t know where to start with.. I decided to make them all but who am I kidding I can’t do that..
But I managed to make myself spaghetti tacos and order a pizza and making hot chocolate with toasted bread.
I put all my food on the dining table, proud of myself for making such wonderful delicacy.. Endy walked in but immediately stopped on his tracks.
“I know I was getting a little smell of spaghetti but then hot chocolate covered it up and then toasted breads took over. What are all these for I can’t eat all this and I know you can’t too” Endy said and I smiled
“it’s cute of how you think this is for the both of us..” I said
“what do you mean.?” he asked
“it means I’m eating this alone” I said gesturing my hand around the food(s)
“what?. Selene I th–
“shhh..” I shunned and he flinched
“I can eat this alone okay?” I said and he shrugged and watched me..
He stood still and watched me eat breakfast Alone.. After eating the spaghetti I moved on to the pizza which has actually gotten cold but who cared I ate them it was my first time eating pizza, the pizza really did all cause I actually finish a medium sized pizza by myself and it made me full..
I gulped down a huge bottled water and stood up happily
“ahh.. I’m full” I said tapping my stomach which didn’t show any sign that I just ate cause it was still as flat as ever.

“okay now I’m afraid of you” Endy suddenly said and I turned to him.
“what is that supposed to mean” I asked
“how the hell did someone so petite like you finish all that in just ten minutes” he asked still looking at me surprisingly..
“truth be told Endy, I have no idea” I said with a simple shrug.
“anyway did you wanted to join me?” I asked
“yes I did, but you were so caught up your little ‘feast’ to even know I was standing here watching” he said almost angrily and did air quotation around the “feast”
“don’t be such a baby Endy, I haven’t touch the cheerios, hot chocolate and the toasted bread, so you can still eat them” I said with a simple smile but he didn’t reply, he just at me strangely, the way he was looking at me seemed different, like he was seeing something he’s never seen before in me.
And truth be told I got scared.
“Endy?” I called softly and he snapped out of his reverie and his gaze went from me to my food

“Er.. Don’t worry I’ll eat them” he said and walked up to me grabbing one of the toast bread and shoving it in his mouth, I knew the toasted breads would be mouth watering cause the way his eyes lit up when he chewed it shows that he’s really enjoying it.
He grabbed the mug filled with hot chocolate and started to drink it but stopped when my hands snaked around his waist.
“are you mad at me Endy?” I asked and he chuckled and removed my hands from his waist and turned to face me.
“why the hell would I be mad at you” he asked and placed his palm on my cheeks and it felt warm.
“I don’t know cause you seem kind of mad that I ate alone and you were looking at me strangely seconds ago” I said honestly
“gosh, you’re so cute” Endy laughed.
“that was a joke Selene, I was acting that anger, and the reason why I was looking at you was because..
he didn’t complete his words but moved his head close to mine like he was about to kiss me, but he wasn’t he was looking at my eyes, his gaze was fixed perfect on them piercing straightly in them..
“your eyes..
he said still looking at them. “I knew it” he breathed out and moved back a little.
“what’s wrong” I asked .
“you tell me… Your eyes are blue” he said
Blue? My eyes are golden brown like any normal person.
“I know those eyes of yours they’re golden brown.. Like when the sun sets but I do not understand why they’re blue” Endy said and I quickly Walked to the standing mirror in a living room and I was astonished to see my eyes sparkling blue..
This is definitely not okay. I am not okay.
Endy walked behind me and I turned and hugged him..
“seriously I don’t know what to say or do” I tell him and he sighed.
“me too” he replied and his grip tightened on me..
I called though his chest and he replied.
“I have to get to work” I said
“you say work like it’s a big company or something when It’s just my house” he reprimanded
“well your house is big enough to be a company” I tell him and he laughed..
“well too bad you’re not going anywhere today, but the doctor” he said and I sighed-smiled
He’s just too caring and I’m just so lucky..
That morning I took my bath and so did Endy, but it wasn’t together, even though it almost close that we both bath together, but I scolded Endy that’s it not proper..
After changing something into more casual and more me.. My daily dressing, jean shorts and plain T-shirts, I packed my hair in ponytail for the first time, not until that formal with Endy.
Endy drove me down town, to the only hospital in town, Cassdale isn’t a big place, it’s a small town which doesn’t have much, there are other hospitals but they are not as official and rich as cassdale hospital… Which hands are in the blossoms family.
Endy parked in front of the huge hospital and we both walked in with him holding my hand, and believe me stares were coming from no where I could feel it.
“you know what I really think this blue eyes suits you better” Endy said as we got into a room..
“don’t make it a joke Endy, it’s creeping me out” I said and he gave me an apologetic look and I smiled in return.
We turned and there was a doctor seated in a black uncomfortable chair starubf at some files in his hands..
“doctor D?” Endy called and the doctor looked up..
“oh! Endymion” the doctor exclaimed and stood up
The both gave each other a not so close hug with both of them smiling from ear to ear,
After waiting for what seems like eternity the test results came out we’ve done the test like two hours ago, or less. I guess.
“Endy.. Miss…
“Selene” I helped him and he nods
“okay well according to this results, you are… Perfectly fine nothing is wrong with you, you have no sickness nor will any sickness or disease come in the future you are perfectly healthy, and I don’t know how or why you had that headache last night like you explained but you are fine.. Perfectly fine.” doctor D said and I nod.
“okay thank you then.” endy said and I smiled to the doctor too.
“no problem” he replied with a smile
“is there any other thing we should know?” Endy asked
“the only thing you should know Is that you both should always stay healthy” the doctor said and I nod.
“thank you” Endy said with a smile.
“no problem, you have a beautiful wife by the way” the doctor suddenly blurts out.
“pardon?” Endy asked
“nothing, just go on” he said and Endy nods, and held my hand And we both walked out.
Nothing’s wrong with me, I’m perfectly fine, that’s what doctor D said, who I just learned his full name is Daniel..
He said I’m perfectly fine but I know I’m not. Something’s wrong with me, something’s wrong in me.. Something’s going on in me.. I can feel it.
“finally we’re home” I said as Endy and I walked into our small living room
“yeah” Endy breathed out and sat on the couch,
And all of a sudden the pain, that horrific goddamned pain started on my forehead again and I lost balance and fell down.
“Selene..” I heard Endy’s voice again but he sounded so far again.. I covered my ears when I heard those sound again..
My eyes opened slowly to see a blurry Endy in front of me who suddenly touched my face with his palms and then the pain stopped
“are you okay?” he asked and sat on the floor and I slowly wrapped my body into his breathing heavily..
I think Endy’s my cure, the reason the pain stopped the first time was because of his touch and now it worked again.
But what is actually wrong with me.
T. B. C

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