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[Story] BEAUTY CALLS (Selene) part 3





The food I was preparing got ready and I served Mrs Ginger hers and was ready to go give Endy his meal but I didn’t know where his room was..
Since Mrs Ginger’s nice I asked her politely for Endy’s room and she gave me directions, I had to climb the stairs with his meal in my hand and then corner the left hallway before seeing a room with brown door, which Mrs Ginger had already assured me that it was Endy’s room, cause they were so many rooms, all the doors were shinny and Gold, except for Endy’s room door which was just plain brown..
I got there and knocked slowly but I could barely hear my self knocking so I knocked harder and the door suddenly opened..
“i-i brought your meal” I said pushing the tray towards him, he looked back and forth between his food and I and he laughed,
Such a sweet laugh, for a mean person..
“you’re actually giving me the food in my hand” he said and I nod..
What is wrong with this airhead..
“yeah, you’re nothing like Jose” he said..
And so what?
I wanted to say out loud, but I need to be “the good girl” here.. The good girl that everybody knows
“go drop it on my desk” he said and I nod and walked inside his room, his room wasn’t so bad like him, it was normal, like any grown rich person room would be.. I dropped his food on the bed and walked out.. But he called me back..
“yes” I replied and turned quickly and my hair followed
“I said dropped the food on my desk, not my bed, that bed-sheet and blankets cost ninety million dollars each,” he said and I gasped
Ninety million dollars, I could buy my mom a house with that kind of money..
“oh my God I’m so sorry” I said and quickly went inside his room and grabbed the tray and placed it on his desk.. Oh my God that was close..
I must not ruin my job here and get fired!
“I’m sorry” I said as I walked out of the room and meet him in front of his door..
“yeah, you should be, now leave I’d like to be alone now” he said and I nod and turned to leave but he called my name
What again now,
“yes” I turned and faked a smile
“oh nothing just leave” he said and I sighed, so he just called me for nothing..
As I walked away I hear him say my name, but it was like he was saying it to himself.. What a weirdo..
I went back to the living room and sat down on a single chair and just stare at the blank TV, Mrs Ginger had already gone to take her afternoon siesta..
And I just can’t turn on the TV since its not my house and I don’t want to end up destroying anything cause maybe the TV can pay two years of my college tuition fees, so I just stared at the blankness of the TV..
I started to pick at my fingers since I’m bored and I have nothing to do.. And I’m madly hungry. .. Just then mr annoying came downstairs.
I mean Endymion..
“I’m done eating..” he said and I understood and stood up, I went to take the dishes he ate from and I washed them.. After washing the dishes I didn’t even go outside of the kitchen I just stood beside the kitchen counter and stared at the floor… If only Mrs Ginger would wake up and tell me to eat something I wouldn’t be scared of what Endy would say when I cook for myself..
“what are you doing?” I suddenly heard this voice and I flinched and quickly looked up but my hair covered my face and I suddenly moved it away. . And I saw him standing at the kitchen entrance
“n-nothing” I said and he nods and walked in…
“nothing?” he asked and I nod.. He walked closer to me. Like real close and leaned his face closer to meet mine..
“have..we met before?” he asked
“n-no i-i don’t know.. I mean I don’t think s-so” I stammer and he straightened up and nods, goodness why am I scared of him..
“okay.. Then I’ll like to let you know some important rules of the house since Jose didn’t give you all the details” he said and I nod slowly..
“first of all, don’t you cut that hair of yours at least make it a shoulder length hair, cause while cooking some strands of hair may fall into the food and I might eat it and die.. Do you want me dead? Or did someone sent you here to kill me?” he asked and I immediately shook my head negatively
His he crazy where is he getting all this crazy ideas from. Even when I.. Sometimes. Brush my hair I never see strands of hair on the brush, my hair doesn’t pull From my head, even the tiniest of them all..
“no.. No one sent me here to kill.. Neither do I have any intention to kill you..” I quickly say, defending myself..
“then do something about those hairs of yours,” he said and I almost gave him a glare but he was staring at me..
How can I possibly tell him I can’t cut my hair, cause it will probably grow back to the way it was the next day, he’ll think I’m a freak..
Well I am actually a freak. .
“I c-ca-can’t” I said and broke the eye contact he suddenly had with me..
“what do you mean you can’t” he said, faking his anger, I could see it
“cause it will be no use, if I cut it, it will gro– oh just forget it” I said and rolled my eyes.. Uh-oh did I just rolled my eyes at him. “did you just talk to me rudely?” he asked but immediately I apologized..
“don’t try to test my patience Selene” he warned and I nod
Like I would ever want to get on his bad side..
He walked out of the kitchen while I just sighed and walked out too, he head to his room while I just went back to the living room to sit, on the single cushion chair like I always do… And before I knew it, I fell asleep..
/she’s asleep don’t wake her up you big baby/
/what the hell grandma how can she peacefully fall asleep, and how can she sleep for so long that it’s passed dinner time already/
/leave her alone Endy, she must be really tired that’s why she fell asleep/
/no way, Jose didn’t act like that what’s the point of working here if she doesn’t get tired/
/okay I was wrong look here Endy, people like Selene never gets tired because each day, they wake up something big always come their way and that’s what makes them stronger, so she either fell asleep because she was bored or hungry, did she eat lunch with you?/
/eat lunch with me, why the hell would she eat lunch with me, she’s not supposed to even have a thirst of water Here/
/oh my God so you starved the poor girl..
I woke up by the sound of those voices and immediately the voices stopped talking..
I stood up from the single chair I was sitting or should I say sleeping on, and turned to see Mrs Ginger and Endy staring at me.. Mrs Ginger wore a smile while Endy as always is staring at me.. What’s his problem he just got back today from his world travelling he should at least get some rest not glare at me..
“are you done sleeping now? Do you know what time is it?” Endy half yelled and I turned around to look at the big golden wall clock on the wall and unfortunately I gasped.. It was 7:05pm .. And of course I slept too much.. Damn it.. Curse my hunger.. I just happen to sleep too much when I’m hungry and now Mr airhead is angry,
“i-I’m sorry” I said bowing my head
“that’s how it is, you’re always sorry, I came back home to have a wonderful time and enjoy my spare time but you just had to ruin that right?” he said and I looked up to meet his fury eyes on me.. The eyes contact we made was deep and he sighed and looked away
“don’t look at me when I’m talking to you” he said and I rolled my eyes cause he wasn’t looking at me and said “yes of course I’m sorry”..
He sighed and turned to Mrs Ginger, “come-on grandma, your food will be getting cold” Endy said and held his grandmother’s arm and walked her to the dining room..
What food?
I know I didn’t cook!
Then who did?
Goodness I can’t believe I slept foolishly and forget to make dinner.. Darn it!
“stop, if I’m eating dinner then she is too” Mrs Ginger said and turned to me..
“what the hell grandma, eat dinner with us? I was planing to get her fired” he said with anger and Mrs Ginger smiled
“don’t be whiny son, you can’t fire her I won’t allow it. Just because she slept and forgot to make dinner doesn’t mean you have to fire her, everybody makes mistakes and besides you’ve already made dinner so just leave the past okay!” Mrs Ginger said,. Wow! So he cooked dinner..
Endy sighed and said to Mrs Ginger “okay well you can go and start eating dinner I’ll be there to join you, go ahead first” .
“okay dear, and Luna dear you’ll be having dinner with us before you leave okay!” Mrs Ginger said to me and I slowly nod afraid to look at Endy.. Mrs Ginger walked off to the dining room and Endy walked up to me and the sounds of his heavy boots now creep me out..
“Selene” he called and I looked up at him and he looked away
“I told you don’t look at me in the eye when I’m talking to you” he said and I looked down
“sorry” I whimpered
“I don’t know why my grandma likes you, but I know I don’t, you do everything wrong and you don’t even realise it, it’s not about being only pretty, it’s about being thoughtful too” he said
Like I enjoy being pretty, it’s a burden to me
“I’m sorry, I promise to never make a mistake like that again” I apologize.. Even if I apologize a thousand times, I don’t care I just don’t need to get fired..
“don’t worry like grandma said lets leave the past, do you know we have a garden?” Endy said and I replied with a simple “no”
“well now you know, by tomorrow I want you to not only clean the house but also the Garden okay!” he said and I nod. Okay When I got this job I didn’t know I have to meet lunatics like this but just a little Gardeb can’t make me quit this wonderful job
“I’m off to eat dinner, you better be there since my grandma can’t do without you,” Endy said and walked to the dining room.. And I took enough breath before trailing behind him..
Eating dinner with Endy and Mrs Ginger was so weird I had to eat slowly cause, well I was pretty uncomfortable with them.. After eating dinner I did the dishes, cleaned the dining room and also the kitchen before grabbing my bag, biding Mrs Ginger goodbye and heading home..
I got home and met my mom at home, she asked me why was I late but I just told her I had to stop at a small restaurant before coming,.. Cause she’d flip if she heard that someone’s (Endy) giving me a hard time, cause she always say that I’m her world her golden medal, her everything or whatever..
I got to my room and plopped down right on my small bed and sighed, it was nighttime already so I just went to take my shower.. I changed into my pajamas and got back on my bed.. I didn’t feel tired or sleepy at all I just stared at the ceiling and watched as my ceiling fan roll rapidly.. Like my mom away say, that if I can’t find myself to fall asleep I should just look at the ceiling fan till my eyelids starts to get heavy, and it actually worked but I woke up later that night and went to my little balcony to gaze at the stars and that helped me fall asleep..
The next day I got ready for work again, I grabbed my bag and head to work..
I got to the blossoms mansion and when I got in the first person I met was no other than Endy,
“G-good morning” I said staring at the floor. Since I found out he doesn’t like making eye contacts with me.. Weirdo!
“morning, hope you know what you’re doing today” he said with a mischievous smile which I saw as I looked at him a and I nod and smiled too.. I don’t want him to think I’m getting intimidated by him. “well get to work” he said,
I was about to walk to my right and he was about to walk to his left and we ended hiting each other, I almost fell but he caught me, by my waist.. And I gasped and looked up at him to see him looking at me like he’s about to make me his breakfast..
He was looking at me deep and so was I.. It was one mighty eye contact..
“no matter how hard I try to look away from these eyes of yours, it keeps calling me to look at them and.. An–
He suddenly let’s go of me and backed away “just ignore everything I just said” he said and walked away briskly.
Huh? That feeling.. I just felt.. It was weird.. But i better get to work anyway, before “HE” gets annoying..
T. B. C
next episode: Endy’s pov*

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